The Wonderful World of Coconut Products

Coconut seems to have a special place in Primal hearts. Judging from the forums, people are pretty taken with the fatty pseudo-nut and they’re always interested in new ways to consume the stuff. For some who abstain from dairy completely, coconut products make a great replacement for creams and butters. Others see the evidence from South Pacific traditional groups who thrived on a diet of coconut and fish, and want a bit of that in their lives. The milk makes a great base for smoothies, soups, and curries; the oil is a great source of saturated fat that stands up well to heat; the water beats commercial sports drinks with its impressive electrolyte content; the nut itself can be used as a projectile weapon. It’s just a well-rounded, versatile food with some interesting characteristics and a ton of offshoot products. Unlike most food “products,” however, coconut products are legit. They’re real food, and they’re real good. To help you guys wade through the often-confusing world of coconut products, I’ve put together a little guide to them all. Of course, I’ve probably missed a few things, so share your thoughts with me in the comments section.

Without further ado:

Coconut Oil

We’ve mentioned coconut oil plenty of times before. Tons of our readers eat it. It’s good by the spoonful, with eggs, on your scalp, or as a moisturizer. It can even double as a benign form of suntan lotion. Coconut oil is primarily saturated (over 90%), with the bulk of it coming from lauric acid, a medium chain saturated fatty acid; it’s incredibly heat-stable. Use it for stir-frying and sautéing, or drop a spoonful in your coffee. Makes a good base for an energy bar.

A tablespoon gets you 14 grams of fat, 12 of them saturated.

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is to coconut oil as butter is to ghee; it’s made from whole coconut flesh, with all the delicious fat and the solids included. The oil and flesh meld together to form a creamy texture that spreads well. I wouldn’t use it for any high heat cooking, though, as the bits of flesh will just burn. Spoonfuls of this stuff are delicious, but addictive. Because the flesh is included, it retains a decent amount of sweetness. A big dollop of coconut butter can really finish off a curry nicely, though.

Two tablespoons get you 18 grams fat, 16 saturated.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is made by mixing shredded, fresh coconut meat with water, then squeezing it through a sieve or cheesecloth. The thick, creamy liquid that comes out is coconut milk and can be used for Thai curries and Brazilian seafood stew. Personally, I love drinking a big chilled glass of it by itself. Because people tend to misinterpret the natural separation of coconut milk in the can as spoilage, most canned coconut milk often includes thickening agents like guar gum, especially the stuff sold in Western countries. I wouldn’t worry too much about guar gum.

You could always make your own, of course, if you wanted to avoid any thickeners, preservatives, or BPA from the can lining.

A quarter cup gets you 12 grams of fat, 10 of them saturated.

Coconut Flour

We’ve gone over coconut flour before, so I’ll keep it brief. Use this stuff if you have a hankering for baked items. Ideally, we’d all stick to whole, real foods in their natural state, but there’s nothing wrong with the occasional Primal baked good. If it helps you maintain your eating plan without any major lapses, I’d say using coconut flour is a good compromise.

Two tablespoons get you 1.5 grams fat, 1 gram saturated, along with 10 grams of carbs, 9 of them fiber, and 2 grams protein.

Coconut Cream

Think of coconut cream as coconut milk without all the water. It’s the same stuff – pulverized coconut flesh mixed with water – but coconut cream is thicker and pastier. If you want to make a thicker coconut curry without all the added liquid, use coconut cream in place of milk. Many recipes even specifically call for coconut cream. In case you don’t have access to actual coconut cream, you can skim the thick top layer out of an unshaken, undisturbed can of coconut milk; that’s the cream. Store bought coconut cream is often sweetened, so be vigilant and scan those labels.

Creamed Coconut

Creamed coconut usually comes in a solid block. It may look like shortening or hydrogenated lard, but it’s not, and it may sound like coconut cream, but it isn’t. It’s pure coconut flesh, pulverized and formed into solid blocks that can be broken up into chunks and added to sauces or curries toward the end of cooking. Some claim it makes the best curries, better even than milk or cream-based ones. I haven’t tried, so I can’t verify that statement, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for creamed coconut.

An ounce will get you 20 grams of fat, mostly saturated, along with 6 grams of carbs, mostly fiber.

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut is unsweetened, very finely ground coconut with most of the moisture removed. This is not to be confused with coconut flour, which has the fat removed; desiccated coconut retains all the SFA goodness. Desiccated coconut is used all over for desserts, but PBers might enjoy sprinkling it over a bowl of berries and cream, onto curries, or directly into their mouths. It’s just the coconut flesh only dry, so there’s still a nice bit of subtle sweetness to desiccated coconut.

An ounce will get you 18 grams of fat, 16 grams saturated, 7 grams carbs, with 5 being fiber, and 2 grams of protein.

Shredded Coconut

Shredded coconut is mostly dry, but it usually retains more moisture than full-on desiccated coconut. But really, the main difference between shredded coconut and desiccated coconut (and flaked coconut, too) is the shape of the coconut. Shredded coconut comes shredded; it’s in thin strands or strips. Flaked coconut, meanwhile, comes is flatter, wider pieces. Still dry, though, and still coconut. Use shredded or flaked coconut the same way you’d use desiccated, ground coconut.


Ethnic groceries, especially ones catering to Indian or Southeast Asian clientele, are the best brick-and-mortar spots for the various coconut products. They’ll usually have the most authentic products at the cheapest prices, but not everyone has access to these stores. Whole Foods and other health food spots will generally carry coconut oil, coconut milk, desiccated coconut, as well as shredded and/or flaked coconut. Maybe even coconut butter. Again, though, not everyone has access to a Whole Foods or a health food store. Trader Joe’s carries a coconut milk, but it’s “light.” Avoid these and stick to the full-fat versions.

Another option is an online vendor. There are several good ones:

Tropical Traditions tends to get high marks for its coconut products. Coconut oil gets most of the attention, but their “Organic Food” pull down menu has a section for other coconut stuff: flour, flakes, shredded coconut, and cream.

I hear great things about the Artisana Coconut Butter, available from several different sources, including Amazon and many more.

Simply Coconut is another vendor.

Another good option is to just browse Amazon, which carries a ton of different coconut products, each with user reviews. Find a few, compare the ratings and reviews, read the nutrition facts, and take a chance.

Word of mouth is best, though. I’m interested in hearing from readers. What are your favorite coconut products? Did I leave any out? And where do you buy your creamed coconut? What’s the best online vendor, in your opinion?

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. When I use coconut oil as moisturizer I have to chase my pooch out of the room. He wants to lick it off my ankles. I guess he’s a primal pooch.

    1. LOL My cat does the same thing! He just loves coconut oil – particularly when it’s served on my feet! 😉

  2. Just in case anyone has missed me singing the praises of Tropical Traditions…their Gold Label virgin coconut oil is fit for the gods. It has a delicate coconut flavor that turns an average meal into a sensational one. Fry your eggs in it. Stir-fry your veggies. Throw a spoonful or two into your sauces. Then don’t forget to lick every last delectable molecule off the spoon before you wash it.

    1. I buy from them too for their oil in bulk…but I feel guilty not passing on some information that pulled me up totally in regards to Olive Oil.. if it is heated in any form for even just a limited time or even gets hot, it changes its form and becomes carcinogenic….yes our beautiful healthy olive oil should ONLY be used for salads etc and in its natural state..NO HEAT…google this info so you can be sure It is true… Cheers Roslyn

  3. The most awesome about living in Brazil is that I’m not able to find other coconut products besides milk, water, shredded coconut and oil (which is too expensive).

  4. What a coincidence. Just bought my first bottle of coconut oil @ Whole Foods this weekend. Used it to saute some beef for chili, which turned out amazing. Also, one of my favorite soups is made with pureed butternut squash, coconut milk, and cayenne pepper. One question: I noticed both refined and unrefined coconut oil at the store. Is one preferred over the other?

    1. some get sick of unrefined CO real quick. if you soon find the taste too cloying and insipid, the refined stuff is tastless and acceptable, being mostly saturated and unaffected by processing (oxidation doesn’t occur, for example).

  5. Artisana coconut butter is delicious…I like it by the spoonful 🙂 I’ve never seen it in a butter-esque block like the picture you’ve got up there. I call the “Energy Bars” Coconut Bars instead, because I leave out the protein powder and just use more dessicated coconut! Coconut milk “ice cream” is good too, coco milk/frozen berries/a little vanilla extract all whipped in the food processor then left in the freezer for a few minutes. Yum!

    1. I just found coconut butter at TJMaxx, they have lots of organic, unrefined coconut products and I also got myself some Himalayan pink salt!!

  6. I now cannot imagine how I lived without coconut for such a long time. It is a truly wonderful natural food.

  7. Huh. I just got back from MOM’s Organic market with a jar of Coconut oil to leave in my office. Wada coinky-dink. 🙂

    1. Which MOM’s? if you don’t mind me asking. I know a few of the managers.

  8. I can’t imagine life without butter from a cow. Cococut butter is good though.

  9. Darrin, the refined oil removes the coconut flavor. If you want the health benefits of coconut oil but don’t like the taste (Gasp! I hear there are some crazy people who don’t like the taste.) then get the refined.

    1. I use the refined organic cold pressed coconut for making mayonnaise (do not want the coconut flavor in my mayo) – I also use a wonderful California Olive Oil from Chaffin Family Vineyards. I mix about half refined coconut oil and half of the evoo.

    2. I love the taste of coconut oil, but not with everything (like eggs, gross). I do go with refined when I want to avoid the flavor. Now when I have my occasional cup of coffee, virgin coconut oil makes it taste like a dream. So the coconutty flavor definitely has its place in my hear.

      1. yes that is usually true :)…but they are big enough to make cups to drink your kava in!

  10. Dang, Mark, now you’ve got me craving coconut products. Well, at least it’s not the worst kind of craving to get…

    Wilderness Family Naturals is a great place to shop for coconut products. They have a powdered coconut milk which is excellent if you need coconut milk in a pinch. I also love their raw cacao powder. Mix the two together and you have a smoothie that will rock your world (think Almond Joy in a glass).

  11. The discovery of coconut products is one of the blessings of going primal. I use coconut oil almost exclusively for frying. I love celery dipped into big heaps of coconut butter (Artisana’s is brilliant), or I just lick it off the spoon. I’ve even used creamed coconut to make little chocolates with blue berries inside. Coconut milk makes the best curries. If a curry recipe states how much water to put in, I always substitute the complete amount with coconut milk instead. The wife and I keep a jar of coconut oil in the bedroom for our dry hands during the winter (I’m sure some of you were thinking something else when I wrote “bedroom”! Haven’t tried that….yet.)

    1. It does make an excellent moisturizer,for skin and hair, yes Aaron, you should try “that” 😉

    2. I second this. Coconut oil and coconut products were offlimits in my old life as a lowfat vegan. But I had enormous cravings for them and I was living on Hawaii and avoiding them. What a crime. But I thought I was eating “healthY” by following CW. Such a shame.

    3. I hear coconut oil is one of the best lubricants! It’s antibiotic and anti-fungal and doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that feed candida etc like the commercial ones.

  12. Does anyone know where you can find cocunut water?
    I don’t have too many organic options where I live. I do have a Whole Foods & a local Co-Op, but the Co-Op is very selective in what they shelf. Thank you.

      1. i got O.N.E. and it is VERY good.
        If you sign up for auto-shipping you get a discount AND free shipping, and if you don’t like it as much as you thought you would you can cancel your “subscription.”

      2. Unfortunately, in Australia I cannot get all of these products, just the oil, milk (canned), cream (canned), desiccated and shredded. I was worried about the guar gum though. You say not to worry about it but I was wondering if it had any harmful lectins?

        1. Hi you can get coconut water at woolies, in the drinks section (cold) near the nudie juices and chocolate milks… I know right – madness!

    1. I have found Coconut water at the local Natural Foods store, the co-op and at Safeway (they had the lowest price). At Safeway, it was with the sodas/mixers.

      1. Careful with that supermarket coconut water, I have found that even my high end store has only heavily sweetened (20g sugar/8 oz) types.

        1. Excellent. Thank you! I can’t live without my coconut oil & now I have read about the benifits of the water. Eating & living natural is really just awesome!

        2. So I’m backtracking my previous comment. I just went to my supermarket and found the brands listed above in the Amazon pozt. I think its just Goya brand that adds sugar. Naturally seems that 10g carb / 8 oz is typical.

  13. Love it, love it, love it. Anything coconut, any time, is fine with me.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t eat something coconut-based, and in fact, I love it so much, I named my webdesign company after it.

    And since is the second time in 24 hours that I’m hearing about Artisana’s butter, I’m going to put it on the list for this weekend. Yum!

    1. Artisana’s butter is amazing!

      Free Tip: Don’t eat it while watching TV, or that 1/2 show will cost you $12-$16! 😉

      Mark says, “What are your favorite coconut products?”

      That’s like asking me what’s my favorite way for YOU to deposit money in MY bank account. I don’t care… just hand it over in any form!

      1. Found a cheaper alternative to Artisana today made by Let’s Do…

        Doesn’t seem pureed as fine as the Artisana or Tropical Traditions, but thats fine by me 🙂 I like chunkier and the flavor is wonderful.

  14. Unsweetened coconut butter and vanilla makes the best pie crust – for those who don’t mind converting nonprimal foods.

  15. Coconut oil can also be used as an excellent skin moisturizer and sunscreen. Coconut oil has been used for centuries in many asian countries as a hair and body oil. Apply it before you shower and use a mild soap. Your skin will retain a glow and moisture all day long. Look at the ingredients in your average body lotion, it’s usually mineral oil based and full of chemicals. Never put something on your skin that you would not put in your mouth!

    1. In India there is state called Kerala. Kerala means land of coconut trees. 33,000,000+ people of this place uses coconut for making most of dishes. Local variety of banana chips deep fried in coconut is the best.

    2. Absolutely agree – if you wouldn’t eat it, why put it on your skin??!!

    3. And coconut oil can also be used for a oral rinse or “oil pulling” as the ancients called it. It’s good for treating/preventing many diseases of the mouth and teeth and helps prevent illness when bacteria enters the body via the mouth/cavities etc. Over time oil pulling helps to whiten the teeth, treats bad breath, helps to prevent dry mouth and the “exercise” you get swishing helps to firm the neck and lower face and strengthens the jaw. Do some research on oil pulling and you will see the extensive benefits. And with coconut oil the experience and taste are great.

      1. Hi! Are we supposed to do it daily or weekly?
        Also do we rinse/brush afterwards?

  16. Has anyone used coconut cream for coffee creamer???

    I love me some coconut milk, but I don’t like it much in my coffee…

  17. I LOVE coconuts and esp the young thai coco flesh which can be whipped into a dessert cream, or turned into noodles or ice cream…mmm! But I had no idea there was such a thing as coconut butter that comes in a brick, like dairy butter. All this time I thought coconut butter was just what the oil was called when solidified.
    I also did not know the refined coconut oil was flavorless-good to know-will have to get some asap!
    Thanks everyone.

  18. Another product, desiccated coconut flakes. I’ve made microwave and oven-baked chips with this. You can find the recipe in the forum.

    Toddy, a fermented alcoholic drink available in India, is made from the sap of the coconut tree.

  19. Mark, I used to use instant coconut milk powder, but stopped using it after I turned Primal. They have maltodextrin added to them. Which, in your opinion, is the lesser of the 2 evils – BPA or maltodextrin?

  20. Mark, in your book you discuss staying away from PUFAs, especially sunflower and safflower oils. Would that recommendation also include Sunbutter?

  21. Coconut oil…
    Everyone I know who is not primal hates it.
    Everyone I know who is primal absolutely loves it.

    Must be one of those flavors that changes with your tastebuds? When I ask if someone likes coconut oil, non-primals usually say, “Ewww, pina colada! I hate coconut.”

    Maybe just all the SAD people have had bad drunken experiences?

    …or maybe we need one of those STUPID bumper stickers or t-shirts that say:

    Coconut Oil
    It’s a Primal thing. You wouldn’t understand!


  22. What about coconut water? I know the sugar content is high. But is great for re-hydration and recovery after an intense work out.

    1. REAL coconut water doesn’t have that much sugar… the kind in my grocery store has added sugar though. I ordered O.N.E. brand off and it’s unsweetened…

      I mean, I guess it could be “high” if you drink a ton of it, but in an 11 oz serving, it’s not bad.
      Very good for rehydration.

      1. Hi Mark, I cannot get coconut milk in Australia at all. I also do a lot of martial arts training and need a good sports drink. Would watering down canned coconut milk be just as good?

        1. Hey!
          This is such an incredibly late answer but where in Aus do you live? In Sydney there´s coconut products everywhere now (but I´m new here so that might be new?). Check the asian food isle at any Coles and Woolworths and you will probably find it, maybe some Ghee too. I buy Ayam which is really really thick and creamy 🙂 Also found lots of options of coconut oils in my local health food store. I usually store my milk in a sport drink shaker, when using it in tea I water it down and also if you want to make smoothies etc so would prob work great in a sports drink.
          (Sorry if I´m way too late with this response ;))

        2. You can get coconut milk in both Coles and Woolies and probably every corner store in Australia, its in the tinned milk area I think,or try the asian food aisle.

          YUMMO I buy both weekly!

  23. I just made what I thought was coconut flour in my Vita Mix this morning but I guess it was dessicated coconut. Good to know. Made some great coconut flapjacks though.

  24. I tell people all the time that I think I’m turning into a coconut! I use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer, I use it to stir fry veggies, I bake w/ coconut flour, I use coconut milk in place of cow’s milk and even make a “cereal” using coconut flakes, raw almonds, fruit and of course w/ coconut cream (diluted w/ water). I’ve had many a conversation trying to convince people how healthy coconut is…I suppose my low body fat percentage speaks for itself.

  25. I am currently finishing up a gallon of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. Quite honestly, it was a little disappointing in that it has quite an odor. It’s my understanding that the odor means it is spoiling.

    My next batch will be ordered from I’ve heard good things about their products.

    1. I think this is false. As I understand it from their FAQ, the unrefined oil will smell like a coconut because the smell hasn’t been steamed out of it at high temperature. If you want plain, unsmelling oil you can buy their “Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil”.

  26. I love coconut.

    What about coconut rolled dates? I bought some at the health food store last night. Are those primal, or too sugary? I am new to this.

    1. Sounds like a really easy treat to eat the whole package of! 🙂

      Will shoot up the carbos pretty quickly. If your eating PB for weight loss, I wouldn’t re-buy those for a while.

  27. If you’re buying coconut milk in a can, the only brand that currently uses BPA free cans is Native Forest. The brands at Whole Foods and Trader Joes both have BPA in their cans.

    I’ve been ordering cases of Native Forest online to keep the BPA out of my coconut milk.

    1. Where are you getting Native Forest coconut milk online? It is $2 a can at Stop & Shop (grocery chain found in MA, RI, CT, NY, and NJ), so I’m curious to know if you’ve found it for less online.

  28. Oooh, those photos are making me swoon. I adore coconut. I’ve loved it all my life, even when I was following the bad old SAD diet of yesteryear. I can recall begging mom to buy a coconut at the supermarket when I was kid, and the fun of drilling holes in the ‘eyes’ and draining out the water, and then slamming the coconut down on the sidewalk to smash it open! Then prising out all the delicious meat.

    I do love the lovely taste of virgin coconut oil, and usually put a good dollop into my morning coffee. I just ran out this morning! But the other day I just placed my first order for the Gold Label virgin coconut oil from Tropical Traditions, and it shipped yesterday. Can’t wait. I debated buying some coconut cream when I placed my order too, but decided against it. Now I’m sorry. 🙂

    1. Hey Mark, thanks for all d useful info on coconuts and its products. Pls I’d love to know how much of these: milk, oil, nuts itself will be considered ok per day. thanks and keep d good work going.

  29. Anyone have have a good recipe for making mayonaise with coconut oil?

  30. I’ve been drinking Coconut Chai from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea on a daily basis lately. So good, especially with coconut milk splashed in it.

    I have Artisana coconut butter, but I keep forgetting I have it. I wonder how it tastes with buffalo chicken wings…. Tonight’s a good night to find out. 🙂

  31. Scott, the virgin coconut oils do have a distinctive taste and odor. If you don’t like it, you need to get the expeller pressed, refined coconut oil.

    1. I believe you left out another ingredient in this product: Cane sugar!

  32. I’ve just started going primal about a month ago. Down to 119 from 127 lbs in that time. Just now I blended 2/3 cup chilled coconut milk, 1 frozen banana, and a splash of vanilla extract with about 6 ice cubes. Heaven…like coconut vanilla ice cream, but better! Ate a 1/2 cup of it and the rest is in the freezer for later!

  33. I’m going to make you all jealous. I just returned from a Sunshine Market here on Kauai. After buying all of the wonderful produce I treat myself to a fresh coconut in which the vendor just chops into the middle so you can put a straw in and drink away! If you stay long enough to finish it he will crack open the thing so you can eat the fresh coconut from inside. Yummmmm.

    1. I HATE YOU!

      1.) for being in Kauai (49° raining here)
      2.) for the fresh coconut comment


    2. That. sounds. AWESOME. Mission accomplished, I am incredibly jealous.

  34. On My hair, my skin, my natural protein shakes, cakes, breads, pancakes, hot cocoa, coffee, sauces, homemade yogurt… Coconut is everywhere xD

  35. Anyone have definitive info on the fructose levels and glucose/fructose ratios in Coconut and Coconut products?

  36. I’m a big fan of coconut, having used coconut milk, coconut oil, and dessicated coconut, but not regularly. After all these comments, I’m starting to crave more coconut!

  37. Having grown up in a coconut country(south-western coast of India), coconut was a key ingredient in everything we ate until the anti-coconut reports about it not being good for health came up. But I brought it back to prime time couple of years back and hasn’t looked back since – coconut oil fried fish, fish in coconut sauce etc. etc. We also get fresh tender coconuts all over town which has been a good replacement for all things aerated. Thanks Mark for sharing!

  38. Thanks for all the info and inspiration!!! I have some coconut products, but don’t remember to eat them regularly. It seems to be a bit of a challenge for me to incorporate them into my daily diet.

  39. I love me some coconut products! I use coconut oil in my hair to make it strong and shiny, coconut flour to “flour” my chicken fillets. I’m even eating a fresh coconut as I type this. Yum!

  40. With a family of 5, Nutiva’s 1gallon coldpressed virgin Coconut oil is what’s in my pantry, with a small jar on the kitchen counter and cosmetic compacts in the bathroom and on the nightstand.

    coconut milk/cream poured over frozen berries and banana’s – yummy PWO snack! 😀

  41. what if I could climb up a coconut tree with no aid to get my coconut. that would be a great workout maybe ill train for that.

  42. I’ve been a coconut oil fan for a while now. I eat it straight off the spoon, and blend it 40-40-10 with raw cocoa butter and olive oil for a skin moisturiser. Specially good for in the sun/after sun. But this is the first I’ve heard of coconut butter! Better yet I just found a UK online retailer for the Artisana brand. Thanks for the tip!

  43. I think im allergic to the stuff…. i have an allergic to reaction/ turn red! Its funny…when i was little i hated the stuff…now i have grown to like it and it turns me into a cherry. Any other perfect nuts i dont know about? Or am I stuck with butter?

  44. I´m allergic to coconut + every nuts. Besides it tastes too sweet for me. Even the oil was only fine by the spoon. With meat/fish no way…
    I love real raw butter, ghee and red palm oil. The red stuff is like a creamy sauce. yummy.

    1. You may be allergic to coconut but don’t assume so just because you are allergic to all nuts. Coconut is a fruit.

  45. Hey Mark,
    I loved the coconut info, thanks. Would you consider a follow-up post on a basic how-to make a Thai curry, using simple ingredients? I have thai curry paste, asian fish sauce and coconut milk, but so far I haven’t found a good basic recipe and my attempts have been less than stellar. A simple easy to follow step-by-step process/recipe would be great, can i twist your arm?

  46. I pretty much use coconut oil exclusively when I’m frying something up – olive oil has been relegated almost exclusively to salad dressings now. The only problem I have with coconut oil is that, being solid at room temperature, I can’t really mix it into doughs or batters (like nut-based pizza crust or nut-based pancakes).

    Just a reminder – when buying shredded coconut in stores (or anything else, for that matter!), make sure you read the label. Sugar shows up in a lot of places you don’t expect it to.

  47. I cannot abide coconut. The last year of my military days, back in 1974, I was stationed in Guam. EVERYTHING was fortified with coconut. Cow’s milk tasted had coconut, some foods served in restaurants had a coconut product of some kind, and even the starch used in our dress uniforms had coconut. Upon sweating, the smell of coconut would drift up and out, making us smell like a coconut factory. I haven’t touched a coconut product in almost 40 years.

  48. I will put a plug in for the T.J.’s brand of light milk.Its cheep @ $.99 a can. It has become my default coffee-creamer. The full fat stuff never mixes in that well.I also find that its a good starter product for the unitiated with their usual fear of fat. I love to fry chicken in the oil but that gets expensive. Any tips for filtering and re-using the stuff? Watch out for those So-Delicious products! Most have a lot of sugar added. Any thoughts on coconut-kefir? Where to find ect.

  49. So, I am still having a tough time differentiating between coconut butter and creamed coconut? I recently purchased a ‘pouch’ of CC and could see where the mixed coconut and oil had separated. It mixed wonderfully once I got it moving. The box w/pouch was Let’s Do Organic! Creamed Coconut for about $2.
    Is CButter separated when you first open the jar?

    Other than Artisana’s carrying a ‘raw’ on the label and about $12 more in terms of price, unsure a greater difference. Any help would be appreciated.

  50. I am spending the winter in Mexico surrounded by coconuts and not finding any coconut oil or flour in local stores. Next week we will drive to Tecoman, Colima to buy some products direct from the processing plant. Looking forward to it!

  51. Anyone have any coconut allergies? I’ve been eating coconut milk since I can remember but the other day I made some ‘cookies’ with eggs, coconut milk and almond flour. They came out awesome, but later that afternoon I had some trouble breathing and I could feel my body react in allergy. Stayed off it for a few days and then tried one again, and same thing happened. Oh no!

      1. I was wondering about the same thing. I love coconuts but am not sure whether or not I should be eating them for similar reasons. I am all for the primal diet so I also think that one should eat what their true ancestors ate and I do not think that my true ancestors came from the tropics. As such I have also read quite a bit about the blood type diet and my blood type is O (so I am meant to eat a hunter gathers diet). According to the blood type diet I am not meant to eat coconuts as they are meant to be bad for me.

  52. Does anyone know where I can buy coconut products (especially oil and flour) in Orlando, FL? I live in Costa Rica where coconuts are everywhere, but ironically it’s nearly impossible to find coconut products. Though on a hot day you can get a pipa fria (a coconut with a straw in it). But we are on our way to FL for a quick vacation and I thought I’d stock up.

    1. You can find both oil and flour at Publix grocery stores. You’ll need to look in the organic/health section. There is a Whole Foods on Sandlake Rd if you are going to be in the Universal Studios area. They also carry the coconut aminos.

  53. Nothing better after a long day surfing, than a topped coconut and a straw. Eliminates thirst immediately. Then, crack that bad boy open, use a sliver of skin from the side as a spoon and eat up the soft, white, tasty meat. Life is good!

  54. I have a smoothie every morning with full fat organic coconut milk & a handful of blueberries. I don’t really like food (like eggs) early in the morning but feels this holds me over till lunch. I love it.

  55. I just found coconut vinegar, made from the sap of the tree.. it is yummy!

  56. ARTISANA IS LEGIT!!! You’ll find that you can eat spoon after spoon of the stuff. Whole Foods coconut milk is all so really good (in cans). Tropical Tradiitons gold Label Oil is the best tasting.

    Take a dollop and throw it on any meat just before you eat it. It melts in and tastes really good.

  57. The only coconut milk I can find is imported. Anyone have safety concerns with that? I’ve heard negative reports on imported food and substandard processing conditions so I try to buy USA only, but I would sure love some of these coconut products!

    1. Do coconuts grow in the USA? I would think pretty much all coconut products are imported.

  58. to get my fat intake up: a bit of full fat yogurt, mixed with shredded coconut and lots of coconut oil. mix it well with a scoop of cocoa powder. add some nuts or a few berries for flavor. it’s not sweet but it satisfies that ice cream craving for me.

    1. Ha-ha good to know I’m not the only one who makes this concoction. I’ve had this 4 times in the last week.

      Try it with a nut oil like Mark suggested for a different twist.

  59. This morning for breakfast, we dredged pork cutlets in coconut milk, then in coconut flour with a little fresh pepper, fried in coconut oil. Fried eggs in the coconut oil, topped the pork cutlets with them. Sweet potato hash browns on the side. Delish!

  60. I love Tropical Traditions coconut products – I have tried their dessicated coconut, virgin coconut oil, coconut water vinegar, and coconut butter (which they call cream of concentrate). I even submitted a gluten-free chocolate chip recipe that won me a quart of their virgin coconut oil – considered liquid gold in my home! It’s fairly primal; I have since cut back the honey as my tasted buds have become less sweet. They’re like a scone. Yum!

  61. Coconut oil gets most of the love. Does coconut milk have all the same health benefits?

  62. Had a great trip to ‘Green Cuts’ in Tecoman, Colima yesterday to pick up my coconut oil. They produce the ‘Tropics Best’ brand which is certified organic and ‘Earth Kosher’. I will put photos on my blog next Friday.

  63. I bought a couple of coconuts today [58p in Sainsburys if anyone UK fancies ’em] and also some coconut powder from Taj Supermarket in Brighton in the mistake it was flour. Which it isn’t. Any ideas what to do with the powder?

    And if anyone’s near Brighton UK – where on earth can I buy the flour that doesn’t involve the internet?

  64. I love Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate. I warm the jar to soften the contents then dump out the gooey mess into a square glass dish, mush everything up so the oil is mixed in (at room temp in the jar, the oil is mostly on the top) then refrigerate the container. It makes a very dense, crystalline mildly sweet fudge-like snack/mini meal. Very filling, low carb, high healthy fat and not that potently coconut in taste. Adding a few nuts would be tasty. Toasted walnuts perhaps. Yummy stuff and worth experimenting with. 🙂

  65. New to this. I just bought SO delicious french vanilla coffee creamer. After deciding to give up my fat free half and half when I read your article WTF….Is this a primal alternative?

  66. I highly suggest the most delicious creamer….heavy whipping cream. Nothing extra added and only fat.
    I am a bit confounded by “fat free half and half”.
    Try the simple made by nature products and ENJOY!

    1. Gina~
      Seriously – heavy whipping cream? I have been unable to lose weight since hysterectomy 5 yrs. ago and I have recently discovered that I need more fat in my diet. I have been eating everything low-fat and fat-free to no avail. I am soo tempted to go and buy the heavy cream just to see if it will make the scales move…..

      1. Hi Deborah,
        I had the same problem until I discovered Primal. Now I eat heaps of fat but no carbohydrates (grains). I am now as thin as I was at age 18! I am also starting to build up some good muscle tone. I feel great.
        I have coconut cream as a creamer. My husband and I are both ‘addicted’ to it now. Eating fat took a while to get used to after so many years of the low-fat diets but now I enjoy eating fat and almost crave it.

  67. I use the Coconut Secret brand “coconut aminos” also (Whole Foods), and find it to be a great substitute for soy sauce in stir fry dishes. Not nearly as salty, and slighty sweet. It is made from the coconut tree sap which is gathered from the blossoms of the fruit. It never exceeds the heat of a tropical day as far as processing goes, and is a live food.

    For those of you with excitotoxin concerns, it is not at all the same as Bragg’s Aminos, which seems to have an effect on many MSG senitives. I have two sensitives in my household who have no side affects from it’s addition to foods.

  68. My concerns are the high saturated fat content of coconut, is this healthy?


  69. The gist of the article is when they take out the fat they replace it with sugar. I have been at a weight loss stall for 3 to 4 weeks. Went on the forums and asked for advice. I was drinking full fat half and half and they informed heavy whipping cream is better. Half and half has something in it that is just another form of sugar. Since raising my fat intake just on monday I have dropped 3 pounds. Mostly water weight I’m guessing but the scale moved.

  70. I have just recently added coconut products to my diet and I love it all! Unfortunately, I’m having a problem with coconut milk… When I store it in the fridge, it turns into a solid within a day or 2. It is not the canned coconut milk, it is in a box similar to almond milk. What can I do to refrain it from becoming a total solid?

  71. Went looking for Coconut Powder, grabbed Coconut Powder by mistake. Does anyone know what to do with it?

  72. Good To Know…he who plants a Coconut Tree plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a heat source, habitation for himself and a heritage for his children. It is the most useful tree in the world. Rope, soap, wine, textiles, baskets, cups, bowls, medicines, all are byproducts of the ever versatile Coconut Palm! Source: “The Great Exotic Fruit Book” by Norman Van Aken. Say’s the peak season to buy is Ocotber through December! Yummmmmm, I love everything Coconut!

  73. I love coconut anything. I use coconut oil in my hair as a moisturizer. I am going natural and a lot of the curly community love it for that reason. I eat a teaspoon every other day. I use the oil with coconut milk as a hot oil deep conditioning treatment for my hair.
    Anytime I am dehydrated I get young coconut from the store and chug the water. Young coconut ice cream from the local Asian market is so delicious on a hot day in AZ. I just love coconut period. This article was hello insightful. 🙂

  74. Just recently read an article on virgin coconut oil. It is extensively used in the Indian sub-continent for hair care. It is an excellent conditioner and helps in the re-growth of damaged hair. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair, even when you have bad credit loans.

  75. what exactly is it about coconut that makes it healthy? what vitamins/minerals are in it? can someone elaborate on the health benefits?

  76. Coconut has been a godsend, especially since following pretty much a primal diet (I have a Candida overgrowth in my stomach & intestines, so there’s a lot of food I can’t eat). Coconut flour has meant that I can bake again. I buy Aman Prana’s brand, as it only has 4g of carbs per 100g (my body is heavily intolerant to a high amount of carbs. Anything above 10g/100g & I’m risking enduring a lot of pain), & it’s the only brand of coconut flour I’ve found to have such a low rate of carbs. It also has 20g protein per 100g, so it’s a good source of protein too, & I find it rather filling.

    Coconut milk in coffee – delicious! I find myself eating the cream alone at times, it’s just damn tasty!

  77. Does anyone know if the carton kind (i.e. Silk or 8th Continent’s version) of coconut milk is the same as this creamy concoction being mentioned as coconut milk. I’d really like to give this stuff a try. If I have to I’ll make my own but I want to know if anyone has tried these variations.

  78. Silk isn’t pure coconut milk. Aroy-D makes a 100% coconut only milk/cream.

  79. I love coconut too, but easily addictive.

    I wonder, how much fat is too much?

    I take in about a gram of protein per pound of body weight, and keep my daily carbs in the 50-100 range, but i don’t remember seeing a fat guideline on the primal blueprint.

  80. i freakin’ LOVE coconut oil! i put it in my green smoothies all the time and it just sets it off.

  81. i can’t remember when i last took a spoonful of virgin coconut oil, but one thing is sure, this gave more positive reactions in my system. Only if i have another chance, i’ll buy more bottles with VCO the next time i visit my province…

  82. i can’t remember when was the last time i took a spoonful or 5 ml of VCO and it’s done. honestly i felt so many improvements in me. i’ll never let myself not to find a store for it the next time i visit our province..

    i Love VCO…
    i Love Coconut… it’s a tree of live..

  83. This is really interesting! I’d never thought that there’s already such coconut butter and coconut flour. These are pretty cool! It just proved that there are actually lots of uses of coconut! Thanks for sharing this!

  84. I want mayonaisse but I cant have eggs,milk,and soy so what else can be use with the coconut milk etc. to make something that is good and can be called a subsittute for mayonaisse

  85. coconut butter and creamed coconut is the same thing.
    Dont let marketing gimmicks confuse you

  86. Got to try Nutiva Coconut Manna. It is basically the creamed coconut.

  87. I hate it when people suggest Amazon… That only works for Americanified Americans in America with an American accent and an American hat.

    &^%$ Amazon.

  88. Hi Mark. Just learned about your site. I already have unrefined virgin CO, but I find it too sweet to cook meat…. besides, butter, what do you recommend? do you have a brand of CO that isn’t as ‘tasty’ as what I have now?

  89. Hello,

    I’ve never seen mention of this so I’m curious – I saw a carton of refrigerated coconut milk in the health food section of my grocery store recently. Would this be better or worse than the canned stuff, and why? (I live in Canada, just fyi)

    I would think it would be better, fresher, possibly cheaper too considering our cans are at least $2.99 here… but what’s the difference?


  90. So, in general, I HATE the taste of coconut anything…I can tolerate coconut shrimp (as a breading alternative), but have never tried the butters and oils and such…Do they have a similar taste to raw shredded coconut? Just wondering~don’t wanna waste food because I didn’t like it…

  91. Stick some creamed coconut in a blender & put on fresh berries. Apply to face.

    $%^%$^%%*&*(&*ing AWESOME!

    I’m storing my creamed coconut in the cast-iron safe with massive coded padlock so I don’t devour it all in one go.

    1. that wont work mate;

      one hit with my 20pound sledgehammer will bust that cast iron thingy-ma-gig right open ..and all your coconut cream will be MINE…..

      (and i dont mean to be pedantic….but wouldn’t you allready know the codes to your coded padlock seeing as you are the same person who purchased it then put it on your wizz bang cast iron safe?? )

      but great symbolism all the same….

  92. gyday again…

    strewth…im going bonkers with all this paleo stuff….primal lingo..but its all good…

    i just read a post about coconuts which i reckon are bloody awesome energy source and i agree with all the stuff mark writes about it…

    BUT… i just cant imagine you Yanks eating a bloody kangaroo steak….with coconut cream…ARE YOU BLOODY SERIOUS?

  93. Hi Mark,
    I LOVE ANYTHING COCONUT, but whenever I eat or drink it I get diarrhea, and that can’t be good!
    What’s up with that & is there a way to avoid this happening (by always eating something else along with it)?
    Thanks for all your good advice and tips.

  94. I’m fighting off a chest cold today. My medicine? Ginger Vanilla Coconut Milk Pudding. 1 can low fat coconut milk, 1 tablespoon grated ginger, 1 tablespoon agar agar. Bring to a boil and simmer 5 minutes. Strain; add 1 teaspoon vanilla and 10 drops stevia. Chill. Ginger warms my throat, the coconut milk is antiviral, and yum!

  95. I live in Tonga where coconuts are very plentiful as well as mosquitoes after the rain. Another use for coconut oil is to mix it with Dettol for an insect repellant. I usually mix 60% oil to 40% dettol.

    Not only does it keep the mozzies away but it is wonderful for your skin and doesn’t smell nearly as bad as some very expensive commercial insect repellants filled with some nasty chemicals.

  96. u can get coconut products everywhere in australia. try health food shops. food market have fresh coconuts and if u want canned the supermarket. there are coconut farms allover qld so id say they would distribute products to other states. just have to google

  97. i still prefer dairy (heavy cream, butter/ghee, cheese) vs. coconut milk/cream or oil.

    cause heavy cream tastes _neutral_ in food & drink so more versatile.

    coconut products (even those without added sugar), often taste too _sweet_ to me. (my taste bud has been re-calibrated since my diet switch…)

    also i don’t know, why a lot of times, coconuts give me mild cramps, while dairy does not. (i’m lactose tolerant)

    it is a lot easier to find high quality dairy by _local_ makers.

    most US brands of coconut milk is too watery + they all have additives, e.g.,
    “So Delicious”.

    the only brand of coconut milk/cream i can find that is 100% coconut is Aroy-D in some Asian markets. but then it has no emulsifier so it harder to use. + it is from Thailand; i prefer to support local makers.

    Now, having said these, i do love coconut in certain types of dishes & drinks.

    i’d use it more if only i can find a local maker that does not disagree with my tummy,


  98. You can get canned coconut cream and milk at Woolworths supermarkets, there are no additives whatsoever. It’s the Ayam brand, its usually in the Asian products section.

  99. Does anybody know if the So Delicious coconut milk that comes in a Tetra Pak is equivalent with the canned stuff?

  100. FWIW, my Trader Joe’s sells organic coconut oil now — found it there on my last trip. I’m stoked! Now if only I could find cheap coconut butter….

  101. =( I had a lady tell me today that instead of coconut milk she uses skim milk and coconut essence because it’s less fat. I said, but coconut milk is so good for you! ‘Yeah but this way there’s not as much fat’. Your kidding? What the heck even is ‘coconut essence’? Oh well

  102. In grocery stores here in Canada, they sell something called “Coconut Milk” that looks just like the packages for all those soy milk, almond milk products. most of them have added cane juice to sweeten it, but otherwise it seems like coconut milk plus water.

    Is this the type of coconut milk you are referring to when you talk about good coconut milk?

  103. I am so glad to hear coconut milk is good and primal! I used some for cooking this week and was originally kinda freaked out by the can. then I had a sip and I have been adding to EVERYTHING since! I felt like I was cheating because it is so darn good! It makes much better smoothies than almond milk. Isnt there some that comes in 1/2 gal milk containers, whats the diff b/w that and the cans? is lite better or no?

  104. I live in India and coconuts are a favourite here. The state of Kerela is known for its wide range of coconut dishes and the Malyalis(thats what people from Kerela are called) have ingrained cocnut as part of their culture. I get coconuts for about Rs 12, which is about $0.20. Thats right, coconuts are dirt cheap and you get the most authentic ones here. Whats best is that all the things mark mentions (shredded coconut – its called kopra in india, cocnut oil, coconut milk etc) are all abunduntly available in India. I am truly proud of Indian culture with its emphasis on herbs, spices, and coconuts 🙂

  105. My favorite way to eat coconut (shredded or flaked–all unsweetened) is in my fruit and yogurt in the morning or as a snack anytime. I use 0 fat greek yogurt with the lowest sugar (fage only 7 gms carbs) is my first choice) I top with chia seeds, flax and a few chopped nuts—yummy! My fav fruit is raspberries and loads of coconut!

  106. I live in Hawaii and the best way to eat coconut is “Spoon Meat”, which is the soft flesh of an adolescent coconut. The flesh is the consistency of Avocado flesh and you eat it right from the coconut with a spoon in the same way youd eat a papaya. If you can get your hands on a young spoon meat coconut, I highly recommend it…heaven!!

  107. Costco now has best quality coconut oil. It’s organic Nutiva brand cold pressed oil available in their stores (saw it around Seattle). Better price comparing to Amazon or Trader Joe’s.

  108. Just a quick tip for those who are struggling to find coconut cream, if you put a tin of coconut milk in the fridge it starts to thicken and become a cream.

    I use coconut oil as a moisturiser/sun block, cooking and I sometimes use it on my boots to give them a new lease of life when polish doesn’t work! Coconut cream is great on a nutty granola with fruit for breakfast or as a dip for banana when you need something sweet.

    I am struggling to find coconut flour or butter in South Africa so if anyone can help, please do!

  109. Hey, you might want to edit the post at the bottom about Trader Joe’s coconut milk only being ‘light’. Our Tj’s in Pittsburgh just got full-fat coconut milk (in addition to still stocking the light coconut milk) in August.

    Great post!

  110. I recently finished a gallon of VCO made by Quality First International of Canada. I wasn’t using it consistently, so it was on a shelf at room temperature of 65F-85F in my kitchen for at least five years. In all that time, it never spoiled, in fact hardly changed at all. Obviously, it had melted and cooled a few times, but the flavor and quality were still excellent. Very mild flavor and scent. Local stores in WI no longer stock it, though they do carry Tropical Traditions, so I actually ordered it in bulk directly from Canada. I had tried a cheaper Puritan’s Pride VCO meanwhile, but it just wasn’t the same. Most importantly, it was not as effective for treatment of a not so minor dermatological issue I was dealing with this past year. I had to go with the VCO that worked for me, the one I consider pharmaceutical grade, purest and best. Since then, I started researching why my body betrayed me in the first place, so a study of Paleo Diet eventually led me here. I had already decided to use that bucket of admittedly expensive coconut oil for virtually every form of cooking in my house, as well as for skin treatment, but now I see how it will play a role in a new diet that may solve all my problems. I wish, ha. Going to give this Paleo thing a try.

  111. Hi Does anyone know where I can buy long strand coconut used to be able to buy (shredded coconut as it was called) easily but can not seam to get it now. It made lovely coconut ice.

  112. Hey guys I hope you can help 🙂

    I made coconut milk for the first time last week using hot water and it came out great. When I stored it in the fridge I found the fat rose to the top. I then blended it again but all the fat didn’t blend fully in the water like it did when the water was hot. It was liquidy with small bits. Is there a way I can enjoy cold coconut milk without having bit or does that come with the territory?

  113. I know I’m really late to the party but you all seem to know so much about coconuts that I can’t resist asking…which coconut product has the strongest coconut flavor and is best for Thai curries? Thanks!!

  114. Another vote for raw Artisana coconut butter! I eat it with goji berries. Amazing!

    Use it as a base to make your own protein bars or bliss balls instead of sugary dates. Add superfoods.

    (As I understand it, the coconut digests slower so your body gets more of a chance to assimilate all of the superfood nutrients 🙂

  115. AYAM brand coconut milk (full fat) in the dark blue cans (light blue is the light version–no good) I am looking for a source in the US, I usually get it when working overseas (and sometimes bring a few cans back. They also have coconut cream (green can) and I’ve never tried it but if I find any I will–this stuff is DELICIOUS! And the cans are pop tops, so you can bring on a bike trip and open & drink on the road without any extra fuss. Drinking coconut milk on a long distance ride is an AMAZING source of fuel without carb-ing up, IMHO.

  116. THANK YOU!!!! Finally a clear in depth explanation of all the variations of coconut products! I bake and cook with these all the time, but had never gotten a clear answer to what the difference in some were. Like coconut oil, butter, cream. This helped a lot! Thanks!

  117. Does anyone know where I can buy a good frozen coconut meat product with no added sugar or preservatives online?
    And does anyone know if it’s possible to buy MATURE frozen coconut meat? Or do they only sell young coconut meat? Thanks.

  118. Below are two great websites where I have found great recipes for coconut products. They even show how to make coconut milk, coconut butter, and creamed coconut using dried flakes. Homemade coconut milk is far superior to anything I’ve found in the store.

    The wellnessmama website also has a recipe for coffee with coconut oil emulsified into it. That recipe has replaced my need for raw milk in my morning coffee. (she has 101 Uses for Coconut Oil) (she comes up with all of her recipes in her own kitchen)

  119. i need a business plan for production of coconut chips

  120. I am a little late in the conversation and I didn’t read all the comments, but coconut cream is not pulverized coconut flesh with water – that’s creamed coconut. Creamed coconut has all the fiber of the coconut flesh with its oil content intact, that which is found naturally in the coconut. It is like nut butter and can be used the same way as a nutty spread. But “coconut butter” is often another term for coconut oil, because its thick consistency like butter, which makes it confusing. Coconut cream has zero fiber, all cream from the milk without the water. You can add water to coconut cream to make coconut milk, but you cannot add water to creamed coconut to make coconut cream or coconut milk. Creamed coconut is the only product with coconut fiber.

    Now the question is if desiccated coconut contains all the fat or if it’s the leftovers of the coconut fiber after processing for coconut oil-? How about coconut flour – is that just finely ground up desiccated coconut with or without the fat?

  121. Coconut can be safely added to most everyone’s diet, but to determine which type of coconut is best for you you’ll need.Similarly, protein types will likely enjoy the firm meat and coconut cream from the mature coconut, while carb and mixed types will tend to naturally prefer the juice. I love this blog.

  122. my family owns a decent sized coconut plantation situated in Tanauan city and Sto tomas batangas Philippines.. will meet for tak on possible sales or joint venture or any transaction that would benefit my family and your company

  123. For a person that is allergic to coconut (stomach cramps with diarrhea)…
    What is the best form of coconut to eat??
    Thanks!! ?

  124. Thanks. I’m interested in a coconut product that won’t stick in your teeth, and I think I’ll try that dessicated coconut!

    1. Greetings from the Philippines everyone! Can I ask if you already tried incorporating coconut in dry shampoo? Your answers will be very Mich appreciated!

  125. Yes, I would like to contact whoever can tell me about the process of reducing the coconut to flakes….basically are the flakes/shreds pressed for milk and oil prior to being dried…or….are they just dried. Makes a world of difference in nutrition and taste. Thanks so much.

  126. Hi

    Good Day.
    Kindly advise if you have a machine that can make coconut cream/butter/paste from desiccated coconut powder.