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You Are What You Eat… Kinda

I know, I know. You hear the soothing songs of Enya and all of a sudden carrots really do look like eyes and it is sort of weird that avocados are important for reproductive health and take nine months to mature (plus, it was kind of cute when they superimposed those little avocado babies, right?)

But the whole theory is well…a little gimmicky, don’t you think? Because really, if you sat there long enough, you could probably make any food resemble a part of the body. Tic-Tacs, for instance, look just like teeth, you consume them using your mouth and they freshen breath. Genius! And hamburger buns…they look like butts and when you eat them (hundreds of them), they make your butt gain weight. Coincidence? We think not.

The bottom line is that you (well, not you, but the general public) don’t need these gimmicks to know that eating vegetables is important for overall health, nor is it sensible to silo vegetables based on their one main purpose or health benefit. After all, we all know that a healthy heart can only function effectively – and therefore be classified as healthy – if the other organs of the body are happy, healthy and functioning.

But that little Enya ditty sure was relaxing!

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