You Are What You Eat… Kinda

I know, I know. You hear the soothing songs of Enya and all of a sudden carrots really do look like eyes and it is sort of weird that avocados are important for reproductive health and take nine months to mature (plus, it was kind of cute when they superimposed those little avocado babies, right?)

But the whole theory is well…a little gimmicky, don’t you think? Because really, if you sat there long enough, you could probably make any food resemble a part of the body. Tic-Tacs, for instance, look just like teeth, you consume them using your mouth and they freshen breath. Genius! And hamburger buns…they look like butts and when you eat them (hundreds of them), they make your butt gain weight. Coincidence? We think not.

The bottom line is that you (well, not you, but the general public) don’t need these gimmicks to know that eating vegetables is important for overall health, nor is it sensible to silo vegetables based on their one main purpose or health benefit. After all, we all know that a healthy heart can only function effectively – and therefore be classified as healthy – if the other organs of the body are happy, healthy and functioning.

But that little Enya ditty sure was relaxing!

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11 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat… Kinda”

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  1. Oh gosh, I must be terribly unromantic or unimaginative. I had to stop that video before my brain exploded. Too much misinformation. Kidney beans and sweet potatoes do indeed raise my BG too high unless the portion is miniscule (under 1/4 cup).

    And why didn’t they superimpose images of breasts on the citrus fruits? Plus, not all mammals breasts are round.

    Just too silly.

  2. That is hilarious! People have a knack at drawing connections between things. That is sort of what we are built to do – sort of what makes us human. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work so well… Ha! Thanks for lightening up my day!

  3. My reaction:

    1. Shut off the sound after approximately 15 seconds. (The only Enya song I can stand is “Caribbean Blue,” which has an actual rhythm. It’s a waltz.)

    2. Laughed out loud about the grapefruits and mammaries. Anybody remember the 70s TV show “Alice”? There was one episode where Mel referred to Flo’s breasts as tomatoes. She said, “They’re not tomatoes, they’re grapefruits. One squeeze and you get it right in the eye.” (Clearly this line made an impression on me – I’m still quoting it 30 years later.)

    Seriously, though, didn’t our culture move beyond sympathetic magic sometime around the Enlightenment? I’ve got my problems with the way science (and medicine) is done today, but whenever I see something like this, I want to call my doctor up and thank her for actually, you know, spending 8 years getting educated.

    And Aaron, your comment about the Tic Tacs is hilarious!

  4. Honestly, I thought it was kind of nice. The message was to eat more fruits and vegetables.

    In med-school people are taught nothing about nutrition and a lot of what they are taught is laughable. Compared to the silly drug ads that we see on a regular basis, I thought this was refreshing.

  5. There is nothing new about this. It’s based on the “Doctrine of Signatures” — quite an old concept. It is poetic, but nothing more.

  6. I just want the picture (of all the veggies) to use as wallpaper. Anybody have any idea how I can do that? I tried to “clip” it, but I keep getting the whole video clip, rather than just the picture.
    As someone who struggles to eat enough veggies, I could use the visual aid…I don’t care if it was “silly” or not.

  7. It is true that walnuts look a bit like brains. But it strikes me that brains look exactly like brains.

    One wonders why the eat the food that looks like the organ crowd doesn’t eat the food that REALLY looks like the organ?

  8. Erasmus’ comment got me thinking in a circular way (only slightly dangerous):

    Walnuts look like brains. So brains look like walnuts. Are we nuts?

  9. So, not only were there no pictures of mammaries, they also didn’t mention what grapefruits supposedly do for them. Is there a health benefit there? Or did they just know that mentioning the word mammary would get the attention of 49% of the population? 🙂

  10. I don’t care for superstition and magic, even if it is for a good cause. Most people CAN be educated. Knowledge is important. Mumbo-jumbo is dangerous.