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September 30 2010

Yellow Beef Stew and Asparagus Eggs On A Cloud

By Mark Sisson

Mark’s Daily Apple reader Paul submitted this Primal Blueprint meal video as his entry to this year’s Primal Blueprint Recipe Video Contest. This is one in a series of workout videos, recipe videos and other contest submissions that will be published all week long. View them all and vote for your favorites later this week. Grok on!

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9 thoughts on “Yellow Beef Stew and Asparagus Eggs On A Cloud”

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  1. Asparagus “Eggs On A Cloud”
    3-4 egg whites
    3-4 Egg Yolks
    Bacon Strips
    Swiss Cheese
    1/8th tsp Cream of Tartar

    Note: This recipe will yield as many as you care to make… 3 egg whites/yolks will make three clouds, so scale bacon, asparagus and cheese accordingly.

    Yellow Beef Stew
    1lb Stewing Beef
    100g Pecorino / Parm Cheese
    2 Garlic Cloves (minced)
    6 ounce Chicken Stock
    1 Lemon
    Olive Oil


  2. Fancy, but how do you time it so they’re done at the same time?

    1. The Asparagus w/ Eggs will cook for approximately 10-15 minutes and the stew will take around 20 minutes.

      I made the asparagus dish first because it was easier for me that way to film, but in reality the stew would be best to start with as it could be kept warm in a pot/pan over low heat until the asparagus and egg dish is done cooking.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Finally watched this one, oh man it’s on the menu. My wife said “We’ve gotta try that.”

  4. I’m going to use the Asparagus Eggs on a Cloud recipe tonight to go with Pan-seared Skirt steak with french shallot sauce.

    Let’s see how it goes 🙂

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  6. Is the cream of tartar integral to the eggs in a cloud part? I happen to have all the other components on hand 🙂