Workout of the Week (WOW)

I am pleased to announce the inaugural Workout of the Week (WOW). Before we get to the workout, first an explanation…

What is a WOW?

In short, WOWs will test your agility, balance, coordination, endurance, speed and strength. They’ll periodically incorporate Sprinting and Moving Slowly, but will usually emphasize Lifting Heavy Things. Expect to see variations of the 4 Essential Movements (e.g. lunges, dips, rows, kippings, burpees etc.), plyometrics, and HIIT (both time and task priority). WOWs will often ask you to use added weight. In most cases, the kind (sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbell, slosh tube, plate, etc.) and amount (5 lbs, 20 lbs, 50 lbs, etc.) will be up to you. Thus, I generally recommend that you master the 4 Essential Movements of PBF Lift Heavy Things before attempting WOWs, and then using WOWs in place of one or both of your regular PBF LHT days each week.

Anything goes for WOWs, including fun, conceptual Grok workouts (if you don’t know what this means stay tuned!), so check back each week for a fractal workout that mixes things up and keep things interesting.

To learn more about how WOWs fit into the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan get the 92 page eBook for free.

The First Ever WOW

For the very first WOW I’m keeping things simple. No story. No complicated rules. No partners or equipment needed. Just you, your bodyweight and a place to move.

Maximum cycles in 12 minutes of:

50 Meter Sprint
10 Squat Jumps*
10 Pushups

*Just like it sounds. Perform a full squat. When you come up leap straight into the air bringing your hands over your head and your feet off the ground. Then drop directly back down into the squat position and repeat.

Warmup: A static Grok squat and a few 50 meter runs at moderate effort.

Variations: If you are unable to do pushups or squat jumps substitute movements from Levels 1-3 of Primal Blueprint Fitness Lift Heavy Things.

Don’t wait to try this WOW. Make time this week to get active and make Grok proud!

Record and Share

Record your workout in your PBF Logbook. The PBF Logbook can be found at the end of the PBF eBook. Be sure to note your state of health, energy level, motivation level, and the degree of difficulty. WOWs will be repeated on MDA, so this information will prove useful in assessing personal improvements and growth.

Also, share your experiences in the comment board. WOWs, and PBF in general, isn’t a competition, but it can be fun and motivating to compare your personal achievements with others.

The First Ever WOW Video Submission

A big thanks to Mark’s Daily Apple reader and PBFer Brett Yahnke for submitting the first ever WOW video. Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Sounds awesome – have torn a ligament in my ankle and cannot do this, which is so unfair. When I get to it – should we rest between cycles?

    1. I would guess do not rest between cycles unless you have to. It says to do as many cycles you can in 12 minutes. If you rest you will not be allowed to stop the time.

      You can actually do whatever the hell you want, lol. But, if you are to follow what the WOW says to do then do as many as you can in 12 minutes with no rest or very little if needed – just keep the time ticking!

    2. AMRAP… As many rounds as possible. If you’re not bleeding or throwing up at the end, you’re not working our. 😉

  2. Talk about simplicity! I love it Mark. I did the full workout from the e-book this morning and loved it! Depending upon when I feel up to it I will be doing this WOW soon. My aim is Thursday but Friday will be fine and if I feel great on Wednesday then sweet!!

    I will record myself and submit when finished. I hope I win!!

  3. Sounds awesome. I still haven’t done any sprints just because I haven’t had the time. I really haven’t. Plus I’ve really hit the kettlebells hard. Like today, I did a variation of the turkish get up, give it a try guys:
    – Perform a turkish get up
    – In the top position, do a negative kb-press (lower the kettlebell slowly to the rack position)
    – Lower the kettlebell to the ground
    – With the other hand, without pre-swing, snatch the kettlebell once and return it to the ground
    – with the other hand (the one performing the rep), clean&press the kettlebell (without pre-swing) to the top position of the turkish get up
    – finish the turkish get up by returning to the lying position

    Repeat with the other hand.

    Do five times.

    Awesome workout. Added in some pistols and dragonflags.

  4. Help – a few questions. Is this every day? Can this replaced with other exercise programs or routines?

    I don’t always have access to running – have access to treadmill though. Is that ok?

      1. I wrote an email – but for some reason it won’t let me access the ebook. It says I’m already joined.

        1. If you are already a subscribing member you received 2 emails last week giving you access to the eBook. And every future Wednesday newsletter will also provide access. Check your inbox. Grok on!

    1. How could you not have access to running? It can be done almost anywhere.

      1. My 2 children go into an hour long day care at the gym when I work out. also – winter isn’t that great around here for running, not that it’s winter yet.

        1. You could do a fifty meter run in front of your house, and do the jumps and pushups in your lawn. Do you have a TV?

        2. Easy: Get on a rowing machine for 75m or so each round, do about 5-10 box jumps each round, do single or double unders (idk, maybe 10 or 20 each round)…the subs are endless, depending on how creative you are.

  5. Fantastic! Can’t wait to give it a whirl. All my friends think I am nuts for going primal. I bet no of them will put down their arm curls and leg extensions to give this a try. 🙂

  6. Dang! That would be so much fun! But my week is already stuffed with dragon boat training and a full cup on Saturday. So, no chance for extra energy expenditure.

  7. Funny… I’ve been primal now for 4 months or so… today I did 5 80 m sprints, 4 sets of 20 pushups, 3 sets of 15 chinups (biceps) … kind of close to this weeks wow.

    I’ll do it tomorrow for sure. And btw, I’ve never been leaner, more fit and had more muscle than now at 32. I was a competitive basketball player… but I’ve never been more fit than now.

    Also, my wife can’t keep her hands off my new abs 🙂 Good deal for a $30 book eh?

    Hello from Canada

  8. Great! Just started the PBF today with some novice sprints up a hill on my property (out of sight of neighbors who might think this 51 year old lady has gone daft). I can get two 50 m sprints in on the same hill with a rest and a walk downhill in between. Wore my KSOs on the soft grass – great feeling. Looking forward to a play/move slowly day tomorrow. I felt worn out immediately after the sprints but about 20 minutes later felt completely energized. I’m starting at the bottom level of everything but that’s fine with me! Again, thanks to Mark for providing all of this for free. The WOWs look like fun!

    1. Laurie, Fantastic to read your post! I’m just getting started on the exercise part of Primal (have been eating mostly primal for some months now). I’m 56 and just did the exact same workout…zig-zagged up and down the woodsy hill in back of my house! Good for BOTH of us!

        1. yeah who cares what the neighbors think it feels good to be female, strong and almost (in my case) 50

      1. Count me in! Just turned 50 & I feel way better than 40, maybe even 30! All thanks to PB & MDA, for over a year now. Jest getting started in the fitness aspect & lovin it! ahhhh
        (Join “council of elders” in groups!)

  9. Keeping it simple… I like it. Going to try this today. Might even test out the HD video on the iPhone 4 for the contest!

  10. Hey, hey, hey I wanna be a Grok Star!
    I started my sprints last night, went bare foot on the local playing field, got some strange looks but loved it. Local kids even raced me! I won.
    Cant wait to try this WOW, but I need a little practice first!

  11. In Crew (rowing) we used to call the squat-jump “jumpies” for short. Those things BURN. That looks like a good workout

  12. I’ve printed the Fitness Book and read through all of it and plan on giving it a try, however, I sure wish some of the workouts like the WOW and the LHT were on a dvd – it’s hard for me to just read the workouts and do them. Have you ever thought about making a fitness dvd program, Mark?

    1. Many of the exercises are already on youtube. Perhaps searching around the internet would be useful to you. 🙂

  13. This is telepathy! Just before getting your post, I had performed the 50 m sprint and squats (OK, not the pushups yet) out of intuition. I felt energized afterwards.
    Thank you, Mark for your encouraging and support.

  14. Mark – I have a suggestion: When prescribing excercises that involve weights it’d be a good idea to to give the weight as a fraction (or multiple) of the person’s body weight. For example:
    – 10 back squats, 1/2 your body weight.

    I thik that doing this will make it more meaningful when people post their results here. Because a good strength-to-body-weight ratio is what we’re after, right?

  15. So with sprints in this wow. Would you still have a day dedicated to just aprints. Maybe a harder set?

  16. If we submit a video, do you want us to film the entire 12 minutes?

  17. Sounds like CrossFit….can you really take credit for a program that you didn’t create?

    1. I’ve been crossfitting for close to 7 years. Here’s my thoughts…

      CF didn’t invent the sprint, squat, clean, push up or rope climb but they have done a wonderful job at packaging workouts into effective programming…so long as it is done properly.

      Mark has been on the CF journal, and many other times has given CF credit for their work. Of course the WOW looks and feels like crossfit, just like the Burger King Whopper is like the McDonald’s Big Mac.

      Coach Glassman is proud to see everyone copying his concept because he knows it works, and Mark is a smart business man, why wouldn’t he follow in the CF foot steps, look at most of the blogs that post workouts, they are all following the same format.

      Also, this is not a CF workout, anyone can put 3 exercises together, give them numbers and set the circuit to a time. No need to worry about this.

      1. You should also take note that this workout is quite a bit less strenuous than the vast majority of crossfit ones. Body squats and push ups are relatively simple exercises and everyone should be able to sprint. If anything, these will be a great stepping stone for people who may have considered CF but feel as if it’s an unrealistic program for them.

        1. I signed up for one of the CF forums, I wanted to start doing CF. But it was all so confusing, and I’m generally not one that can’t figure things out easily, that I just gave up. So far this just seems so much simpler, at least it’s broken down into the basics. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m planning to. Signing up right now…

    2. Yes, with the WOW I knew there would be comparisons made. Of course, PBF is different that CrossFit in numerous ways. Have you read the eBook, leah?

      1. CrossFit is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and I think the PBF fills a very important niche (well done Mark).

        Personally, I follow CF programming, but I actually find myself recommending PB to more people than CF.

  18. @leah Read page 90 of the Primal Fitness PDF. I don’t think Mark is taking credit for anything. He references CrossFit 7 times in the e-book.

  19. WOW Mark! I’m looking forward to the rest of the workouts of the week and, of course, reading your e-book. Also, oft-times the simplest workouts are the most effective. And oft-times the flashiest workouts are the least effective. But hey, it’s all in good fun and fitness and this simple workout sounds like it can be fun!

  20. I’m lucky to live next to the coast and have a trusty terrier to do this workout with me. So my sprints were chasing the dog who was chasing the ball…and of course it was all barefoot.

  21. Tried this WOW just now (after months of being out of shape postpartum from baby #2). It kicked mah bootay in a major way; I only made it a few minutes in! (Ooof!) But it does feel good to get started because I don’t want to be new to be brand new to the concepts come the September Primal Challenge. Looking forward to someday soon being able to complete an entire sprint set as prescribed. 🙂

  22. I’ll be giving this workout to my Airmen tomorrow morning, probably scaled for 15 minutes. Thanks for the simple, group-appropriate workout!

    1. I wish you were my DH’s Sergent, they just make him run. :p It’s bad for his knees.

  23. Mark

    when you say we should do our low level workouts at 55%-75% HR(max) how do you calculate this?

    Assuming HR(max) = 220-age (in the abscence of a test) = 185 for me

    would this be a straight %?
    i.e. HR(max)*55% = 102
    to HR(max)*75% = 139

    or do you calc it like some runners as the % between HR(max) and HR(rest)?
    i.e. HR(rest)+55%*[HR(max)-HR(rest)]
    = 60 + 55%*(185-60) = 129
    to 60 + 75%*(185-60) = 154 (assuming HR(rest)=60)

    maybe I am thinking too much about this…?

    Thank you.

    1. It’s the former of the two calculations. As the eBook details, it can be helpful to use a heart rate monitor to learn what 55-75% max HR feels like. Then you can develop an intuitive sense of when you’re in that zone.

  24. thank you for clarifying that for me.

    fwiw when i was younger i was a typical chronic cardio guy. more recently i trained for a half-marathon whilst not exceeding 135bpm (60% runners’ style – slow enough to hold a conversation). initially it was really difficult to stay below that threshold; as soon as I started to run my HR would spike and I would have to force myself to walk until it returned below 130. my ego took a beating but gradually i was running more and walking less until I could adjust my running pace to keep below threshold. then my times started to improve too. a side benefit was that i also enjoyed the run as opposed to just the completion/after effects.

    from what i have read in PBF, the running is not the problem, just the effort level. therefore I can run long and be primal as long as I just take it easy right?

      1. thank you again for taking the time to respond and also for all the other information you provide here for free. very glad that i have found your website. now i just need to get back to encouraging my wife off the grains…

      2. Mark,
        I have been a subscriber to the newsletter for same time, so how do I get the Ebook on fitness? Did I miss a message with instructions?


        1. The last 2 emails I’ve sent to you as a subscriber explain how to get the eBook. If you don’t have those emails anymore stay tuned for tomorrow’s newsletter.

  25. Just completed this workout. 7 rounds. The sprints were the limiting factor this time.

    Looking forward to many more WOWs.

    1. WOW is very appropriate. just finished a set and WOW that was tough. completed 7 full rounds as well but i don’t think i would have driven myself through the seventh if i hadn’t seen your post earlier, thanks for setting the standard. for me the limiter was the squat jump. going to feel that tomorrow for sure!

  26. Mark, a great first WOW. Managed 14 times through on a lovely summer evening in England (a rarity). Sprints were a killer after the jump squats but sure beats working out in the gym.

    Many thanks.

    1. 14! holy sh1t. I was destroyed doing just half that. guess i will be the one getting eaten for dinner.

  27. Did this WOW last night. Made the 50 yard dash, a 100 yard dash though. Completed 8 in 12 minutes. Great workout. I just started PB eating 16 days ago, and I’m already starting to see a six pack, and have lost 5 pounds. All while working out less, thanks to following the PB fitness plan. I’m sold to say the least.

    ps – The PB book is excellent Mark….and my wife is loving the cookbook!

  28. Gave this one a go today (though I estimated the distance since I didn’t have a track handy) and it was great! I love the short, intense, no equipment workouts so this was right up my alley.

    I finished 10 full rounds +6 jump squats. I’m looking forward to more WOWs in the future.

  29. WOW, finished the workout with 8 cycles. I did have to rest a few times, kept it to less than 30 seconds each time. very good work out i will feel later and thank you many times.

  30. Bonus points for filling out log book using cave drawings instead of the usual numbers and letters.

    Seriously though about four days ago I threw out all my chronic cardio logbooks. For me, part of the beauty is the informality and the fractal aspect and nature of primal/ancestral fitness, eloquently stated by Nassim N Taleb in Black Swan 2d edition. To each his/her own, but put me down as a vote for dedcating as little time and energy to keeping tabs, and instead simply going by feel and intuition. Results will follow either way.

    Grok with a logbook..heh

  31. I am doing this workout today. I lifted by doing all 5 movements on Monday but feel GREAT today!! I will of course create a video as its a hobby of mine.

  32. Mark,

    I did 14 “reps” not great, but this circuit roasted me pretty good.

    Thanks for supplying these WoWs they fit nicely into the workout regiment I have started for myself. (2 Strength Training Days, 1 High Intensity Day , 1 METCON day).

    Thanks again,

  33. Boo not having video equipment to record stuff. Hooray beer! (…okay, not really. I just find the old Red Stripe beer commercials hilarious.) Hooray WOW!

  34. I was looking forward to doing this, until I noticed the pushups. I broke my frigging hand three days ago, so they’re a no go. Maybe I could do scapular pushups on my forearms as a surrogate.

    If nothing else, this will be a hell of a warmup before running a couple miles this afternoon – they’ll feel like a break!

  35. I modified this and went for 35 minutes and about 2 miles:

    I did 400’s instead of 50’s, the 1st couple at a slow jog, then broke out for an 82, 85, and 90… (82 hurt!) Then the last two I slow jogged the 1st 250 or so, and then sprinted 50 on the 2nd to last, and 100 on the last, then jogged it in.

    I did all the squat jump sets at 10-13 reps. The pushups were combos of plyo pushups, regular pushups, or near press ups putting my feet up on a table.

    It was much tougher than I thought it would be!

  36. My only criticism for the Work out of the Week is the abbreviation. WOW makes me think of something else entirely. Punch it into a google search engine. Imagine how confused people will be if they go to a site like ‘wowhead’. Perhaps if you mix in punching some night elves in the face it would be all good. Thanks for the workout Mark, going to do this one today in 95+ 95% humidity! (I keep telling people the humidity is good for the skin!)

    1. Haha yea I know what you are talking about. World of Warcraft. I never played that game but I know what that stands for! So, PWOW might work. Or I just say to keep WOW!

    2. To further confuse matters, I actually co-author a bi-weekly *fitness* column at, “Buffing for Blizzcon.” *laugh*

  37. Oh, followup, I did think of a possible solution without changing the post too much.. what about PWOW or PWW (P.rimal W.orkout of the W.eek)

  38. dang, tweaked my ankle on Saturday playing softball and hasn’t gotten much better… might push it out to next week.. Two WOWs next week? How about that.

    1. Hi Lars – Just did this tonight in front of the house while dinner was cooking – multi tasking – Holy [email protected]* I got 8 rounds and just about died!

      Hey Mark Sisson – Cannot WAIT to get back to my Iron Man training – it’s much easier 😉

  39. This kicked my butt! I’m sore still two days later (not as sore as yesterday, but still). I only did 6 rounds. I think it was partly due to the heat in the 80’s or 90’s. It still felt good.

  40. managed to do 10, although ended up having to do knee push-ups after the 4th or 5th round because the arms just weren’t having it today. ended with a 100m all-out sprint, because my legs were jealous of the jelly-feelings in my arms :). great workout!

  41. Did this today: 6 rounds, plus a sprint.


    Going to self-assess on Monday and roll from there (although I have just completed two cycles of Simplefit Level 4, so I was kinda-sorta prepared for this WOW).

    VERY psyched to hop on PBF after close to two years (!!) following the PB for mostly everything else!

  42. Hi Mark!

    Hope you’re well. I tried to download the book and my computer kept freezing. And in regards to the code, do we need to type it in or can we copy and paste? It doesn’t seemt to give me access to the e-book.



  43. Wow,

    I just completed my first Ironman.
    But, shit – this is tough! Pushups and other LHW activities are knocking me for days…

    Great with a new training program, just when I needed it.

    Thanks all,

    / Lars

  44. Gave the WOW a try this morning. 8 rounds plus one sprint. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective and quick! Looking forward to next week 🙂

  45. I just finished the WOW and I AM TIRED! I tweeked a hamstring after the 7th sprint so that was it for today. I did finish my 7th cycle. Guess I should do a better job of stretching next week. Great workout Mark.

  46. Holy…
    I see people did 7, 8, 10, 14?!

    I did 3. Yeah, 3. Did ’em in 8 minutes and spent the next 4 minutes trying to breath.
    Then I went for a walk. I feel good now, but 3… WOW indeed!

    1. After 8 min, I was dead !! I almost threw up !!! Did 6 rounds. Knee push up and not so high jumps at the end ah ah ah.

      Next time, I’ll try to do it slower but for the entire 12 min.

  47. Team, I want to do this tomorrow at the gym with an ergometer (too hot to run @ lunch in Washington DC), but 50m would come up pretty quick. Any reccs on how long to go instead of 50m? I think I saw a commenter say 75m for a standard rowing machine. I like the erg b/c you can increase the resistance really easily and get the off the thing to recover.

    1. Each 50 meter sprint takes only about 10 seconds or so, so maybe try going for 10 seconds of intense activity hard on the erg, double unders etc.

  48. Too much coulda woulda shoulda I log 6 + 2 sprints…was shooting for the average 7 but with less than 30 secs left, added one more sprint.

    Quick stats: 6’3 46yo diagnosed w/ NHL in 12/08. I ate my way thru chemo and peaked at 274lbs; no weight loss for the big man. Settled around 265 and spent a year gaining perspective. On May 18 2010 found a reference to the Daily Apple and went cold turkey; there is no 20% at this point. Weighed in tonight after this inaugural WOW at 222. My Onc and GP shook their heads 20lbs ago after I took their advice to lose weight. My Onc even referenced the China Study!

    It’s all about CHOICE. Make good ones. Looking forward to future WOWs.

  49. Hi Mark, Ive been folowing the blueprint diet for about 2 months now, Ive never been over weight, but Ive always had a little layer of fat over my muscles that I could not really get rid of. The primal blueprint amazingly stripped that right off, Ive never been so toned! And its great knowing missing a meal in the middle of the day is not gonna make my muscles shrink and disappear. lol

    Ive also been doing a workout “Body By Science” I found a while ago, recommended by “Andrew Byrne” who also recommended your diet.

    This workout has given me the best results, physically and visually than the past 5 years of conventional working out, and I only go to the gym once a week. I was wondering if you had an opinion on this workout if youve looked into it?

  50. Excellent! I did the workout last night at the park. Much, much harder than I anticipated. The squat jumps really nailed me. Took me about 2 hours to recover.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming next week.

  51. Great workout…can’t wait to incorporate it. Really liked the visual effects in the video, esp running with the cam.

    However, I have to say this – I did NOT appreciate the “lyrics” to the accompanying music at all. They are crude, rude, and graphically offensive.

  52. I did 12 rounds. This was MUCH tougher than I thought. I’ve never done this kind of workout before. I actually stopped at 11:30 because I literally could not lift myself up to do another push up. I’m going to shoot for 13 rounds next time. GREAT WORKOUT!!

  53. Just finished the WOW
    I was doing about 1 round per minute for the first 6 minutes, then ditched the squats and pushups and did 4 sprints, then 2 more rounds. Man that was tough!
    Total 8 rounds + 4 extra sprints. It will be interesting to see how I improve next time!

  54. Did 11, but the sprints were not sprints by the end, more like staggers. Those squat jumps are killers. Press ups were fine, almost felt the rest interval.
    This was the hardest workout I have done in a long time. Kind of looking forward to the next one.

  55. Love the concept. CrossFit rules, but without a membership to a box, the specialized exercises and multiple subs make it really difficult to follow.

    This WOW, done barefoot and outside, with 0 equipment, was an AWESOME workout. Shredded me. Beautiful. Keep ’em comin’.

    9 rounds. Tons of fun. Consider me a convert to PB fitness. Only thing missing is a clever primal name and theme for this workout.

  56. I did this Saturday morning at a hotel in Austin while I was waiting for my family to wake up. I did a “50 yard” sprint on the treadmill. I did 6 cycles. It was a great hotel workout!

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  57. I’ve qualified for Boston Marathon, competed in numerous Triathlons, 2 female figure (bodybuilding) competitions and NOTHING I’ve ever done was as hard as those 12 minutes!!! I’ve been eating Primal Nutrition for almost two weeks and started to exercise this way today. What a change!!!

  58. I finally did this, a week late, and it kicked my ass, hahaha.
    I did 8 cycles, although I don’t know if it was 50 yards.
    Also, for my sprints, I gave it all I had, but I’m thinking the last few didn’t look like sprints to onlookers, hahaha.

    I also got my gf to do the pushup/squat jump part of the workout for fun (for 10 mins), and it killed her too.

    I’m loving these short, intense exercises. Looking forward to doing more of these.

  59. Great start to the WOW program… Score = 12
    My target was one round per minute which I managed with 4 seconds remaining. However, my pushups were on the knees from round 7 onward. Hope to have my pushups sorted out for next time.

    Killer workout – can’t wait for the next WOW…

    Thanks Mark!

    1. Does it make you feel good to insult people on a website geared to encouraging people? Fit, weak, strong… Everyone needs to start somewhere. I am extremely fit and did the 12 minute workout and kicked my butt. I did very high intensity, no breaks. My husband did it with me at his level and also had an amazing workout.

      1. Priceless. I just meant that Mark have sort of re-invented the wheel by taking the same movements that are used in crossfit and sprinkled it with “the grok-crawl” etc. Why not call the sprint “caveman run”? I know that Glassman also reinvented the wheel with crossfit. If you looken at how people trained in the 1920’s its obvious that crossfit isn’t completely original. Atleast Glassman reinvented somethibg that was almost forgotten.

        By “weak” i meant that there is little to non weightlifting in the “Wows” so far. Do you agree with that?

        1. Ok, I read the whole thread now and CF vs Blue print have already been discussed. Seems like I am reinventing the wheel here. Sorry about that. Peace!

      1. I did the workout this afternoon and managed 13 rounds + 50m sprint + 10 squat jumps + 2 pushups. How many did you do?

        The workout was, of course, very taxing but I knew it would be. I do this kind of workouts, and harder ones, at my CF box everyday.

  60. I figured since I do 10 x 100-meter sprints every week, this would be a piece of cake. I was wrong. It totally kicked my ass. Completed 6 full rounds. After the sprint portion, doing the jump squats really nails you. You are in anaerobic distress as the whole body has already burned off your quick fuel. Then you hit the pushups. More times than I would care to, I had to pause and a catch my breath. And during sprinting, normally I fly using Vibrams on flat grass. The WOW somehow saps my step form, so I’m fast on the sprint but it’s a real effort and not smooth. Could be the effect of the squat jumps and hardly any rest between exercises. (When doing 100-meter sprints, I take a 2-minute walking break between runs.) This is definitely one workout to keep for testing fitness, and a challenge to get more rounds in. Note to self: Must do more jump squats. The good thing? The pain only last 12 minutes.

  61. Tried it out last night. It was much harder than I thought, as many others here seems to have experienced. Made 15 rounds, but could barely go home afterwards!

  62. My WOW rutine for a month.
    Primal Paddle I call it.
    5 miles paddle using an SUP.
    10 minutes of fast turning practice with the SUP.
    100 push -ups in 3 sets, 20-30 second rest.
    Thank you very much Mr. Mark Sisson .

  63. Just like to share the primal routine I have been doing.

    5 mile SUP
    10 minutes fast turns SUP
    100 push-ups ( complete in 3 sets )

  64. Just did this workout, it is so hard! I would recommend you pace yourself, I barely managed the whole 12mins! The whole video is recorded here if you want to see how tired I got.

  65. My first Primal WOW! this was fun and I hope when it comes around on my rotation again, I can run faster!