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May 30 2011

WOW: Your Turn

By Mark Sisson

Post one of the following in the comment section of this blog post:

Your favorite, regular, go-to workout, be it an existing WOW, or WOD from another source


A Primal workout of your own creation


Warmup: Ten lateral/anterior/posterior phalange swings, each digit, each direction.

I’m doing something a little different this week. Instead of me giving you a workout to complete, I want you to do it. I want to know what you guys are doing on your own time, what resources you’re drawing on for fitness inspiration, and what you’re able to put together yourself. I want to know how you work out, and I would love for you to tell everyone else who reads this website by submitting your workout to the comment section of this post.

Get creative here, folks, but not at the cost of effectiveness. I want to see WOWs that wow me while also providing an intense full-body workout. Choose a workout that you picked up elsewhere or one that you came up with and find yourself returning to over and over again. Or, conjure one up from your own brain on the spot. Include equipment or don’t. If you prescribe complex movements, include instruction or a (link to a) video that inexperienced people can watch to learn the movement. Don’t be afraid to push people – this is a tough bunch – but don’t kill anyone, either. Whatever you submit, tell us why you like it and what it can do for those who attempt it.

I’ll choose a winner at random from all submissions, and that person will receive a Primal gift pack, including the new “Live Long. Drop Dead.” t-shirt and other goodies. In case that phrase weirds you out, check out the recent post on compression of morbidity.

You have 72 hours to post your WOW to the comment section, so get to it! A winner will be announced in next week’s Workout of the Week.

What Are WOWs?

  • Workouts of the Week (WOWs) are an optional component of Primal Blueprint Fitness that add a fractal and often fun and playful quality to the basic PBF protocol.
  • In most cases WOWs should only be completed by those that have mastered Level 4 of each Lift Heavy Things Essential Movement. Also, it’s recommended that WOWs replace one or both Lift Heavy Things workouts or the Sprint workout (depending on the WOW) each week instead of being done in addition to the Lift Heavy Things and Sprint workouts.
  • Learn more about WOWs and Primal Blueprint Fitness by getting the free eBook. And access all Workouts of the Week in the WOW Archive.

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  1. Dynamic bodyweight warm up: 10 minutes. squats, lunges with a twist, step overs, duck unders, planks, butt kicks, some jumps or leaps, push ups, grok crawls, and a few stick ups.

    Easy paced jumping rope for 2 minutes (optional)

    Workout: 10-12 Hill sprints. Max sprint uphill ~30 yards, walk back 2x length of sprint for recovery. Repeat 8-12 times.

    Cool down: Walking around, light stretching, hydration, and a dose of sunshine!

    You can opt in carrying a heavy stone or logs between the rest period if you are more conditioned.

  2. Warm up: Walk down to the river. About 10 minutes.

    1. Max hill sprints
    2. Max pull ups on a tree
    3. Climb the tree

    Cool down: Walk over to the coffee shop and get some work done.

  3. Here is my own WOW creation!

    Warm up: jump rope for about 2 minutes

    1. 50 yard sprint
    2. 7 burpees at the end of each sprint
    3. Bear crawl back to the starting point

    Repeat as many times as you would like. Aim for at least 10 sets. Go for more if you can! Hope you guys like it πŸ™‚

  4. Wakeup / Warmup Yoga: sun salutations to get moving interspersing triangle pose, warrior 2, tree pose and some wide forward bends to wake up the body and stretch the spine.

    Best part of the workout: Getting my boys 9 & 14) out to do a no-equipment WOW with me:

    3 rounds for time:
    400 m run (around our cul-de-sac)
    50 squats
    25 pushups

    9 yr old modified to 15 pushups and finished first, the 14 yr old outruns me by a ridiculous amount but gets slowed up on the squats where I shine … I had to do rounds 2 & 3 pushups on my knees and we finished in about 16.

    They were surprised by how hard it was. We walked the cul-de-sac to cool down and a team of F-16’s flew over for a perfect Memorial Day WOW.

    Our deepest gratitude to all the men & women who have served our country.

    Enjoy the holiday everyone!

    1. Love it! I used yours (hope you don’t mind:) ), but substituted the run for 3 min. of jumping rope. I made it through the first 2 rounds pretty strong, but the 3 round was not my fave. Thanks!

  5. MY WOW
    I did two rounds as fast as I could

    Warm-up 8 minute jog

    15 Burpee Box-Jump Complex (using a stump)
    15 Lunges carrying a 45lb log
    15 Clapping push-ups
    2x Backwards bear Crawls UP HILL (about 15-20 steps)

    Cool-down: 5 minutes of walking around and drinking water

    try it out!

  6. Morning: Run 3 to 6 miles five days a week

    Afternoon: alternate between the following

    incline barbell bench press 7-10 sets
    Hammerstrength incline press 5 sets
    Hammerstrength shoulder press 10 sets
    Hammerstrength military press 5 sets
    a few sets of dips


    Alternating sets of pullups/chinups 12-20 sets
    Hammerstrength low row 6-10 sets
    Hammerstrength high row 6-10 sets
    Hammerstrength lat pulldown a few sets


    twice a week dumbell curls, 140-200 reps

  7. Here’s my workout at my best.
    Part 1:Outside
    ~ Uphill Sprints, 2 min run/2 min walk

    Part 2: Gym.. all supersets and combos
    ~ Smith machine squat/one legged deadlifts
    ~ Miltary press while doing a wall ball squat
    ~ Bench steps ups while doing a bicep curl
    ~ Bent over dumbbell row/Bosu ball push ups
    ~Standing calf raises on platform reverse lunges

    Cool down 10 minutes on treadmill

  8. I work on a college campus and can do this workout on a variety of grassy surfaces with my shirt and shoes off.
    100 Burpee Walk
    Do a set of 10 Burpeee, walk to a new location to recover, 10 more Burpees, etc.
    Make it harder by adding Burpees to the set and trotting during the recovery.
    Simplicity itself

  9. I have been LOVING one of the previous wows. A very simple one.

    Warm up: Grok hang and squat, 50 knees to chest

    1. Do as many pull-ups as I can in 5 minutes. I switch between wide grip and close grip.
    2. Do as many push-ups as I can in 5 minutes. I will soon be adding different styles.
    3. Do as many squats or jumping squats as I can in 5 minutes.

    **I take a 2-3 minute break between each exercise. I also pace myself.

    Cool Down: Grok squat and hang. Walk one lap around the block – 7 minutes for me.

    * I did this just a few hours ago with these results:

    Pull-Ups: 28
    Push-Ups: 62
    Squats: 120

    1. I have been meaning to try this as well. Just curious PT what did you use for the squats? Barbell, dumbells or weightless?

  10. Heavy Log WOW:

    Find a log that is heavy enough to do the listed exercises for several reps (preferably no more than 8 or 10 reps maximum for each exercise). If you need help figuring out how to do the cleans with a thick log, look up “axle cleans” on YouTube (seen in strongman competitions)).

    5 Rounds of:

    5 Heavy Log Complexes:
    – Clean and jerk, followed by a back squat, followed by a lunge with each leg

    10 Lateral Log Jumps

  11. Dynamic Warmup – 10x each:
    Hip Circles, Neck Circles, Shoulder Circles, Arm Circles, Wrist Circles, Deck Squats, Dive Bomber

    10 Rounds of 1 Turkish Getup per arm using your choice of Kettlebell, Dumbell or Barbell – Holding perfect form and tension throughout the entire body is the focus NOT speed

    Mobility Finish – 3 x 5 single leg deadlift holding a single kettlebell or dumbell

  12. Bear crawl backwards up a hill then Bear crawl down the hill face forward. Then pick up a 30 to 50 pound rock and carry it for 50 feet and back another 50 feet. and climb a tree and then get down. Do this 8 times with no rest between.

  13. I Have three I like to do:

    1.) When I have to work on the weekend, I do the Automotion WOW. It’s fun pushing my car across the parking lot at work.

    2). This is my variation of the primal 5.

    Equipment needed:
    Pull up Bar
    Dip Bar
    Resistance band

    2 cycles of:
    Max Pullups
    resistance band squats (with dumbdells as needed:

    As I come to the top of my squat I do a shoulder press. When I finish the
    shoulder press, I go into my squat

    Plank of some sort

    3). My play ground workout. (barefooted)

    Warmup by walking 1/3 mile to park.
    10 Jumps over a two foot concrete block into the playground. (Basically a squat jump, but I pull me knees up to my chest (my heels hit my bottom) as I jump).

    Quick jog around the kids soccer field.
    ~ 8 Sprints the length of the kids soccer field (some times I race my son) πŸ™‚
    2 – 3x Monkey bars Forward and backward
    10 Squat jumps over the concrete block/curb

    Play with my 5 year old.

    Walk home.

  14. My WOW:

    Swim in a pond, climb a tree, jump in pond. Repeat!

    Ill add in some chin ups!

  15. Warm up with some Grok squats, general stretching, and some light kettlebell swings.

    Tabata of Burpees
    2 minute rest
    Tabata Sledghammer
    2 minute rest
    Tabata kettlebell snatch
    2 minute rest
    Tabata kettlebell swings
    2 minute rest
    Tabata kettlebell cleans
    2 minute rest
    Tabata Bulgarian bag cleans into a front squat

    Cool down with some stretching and a cold shower.

  16. My WOW after some weekend warrior carpentry work:

    Warm up – Grok Squat, Grok hang, jumping jacks for 1 minute

    Max rep plyo push ups
    Max rep wide pull ups on the kids playset
    30 rep squats
    1 minute planks
    45 sec side plank
    Farmers walk carrying 5 gal. water jugs

    Rest 2-3 minutes

    Max rep burpees with push ups
    Max rep underhand pull ups
    1 minute planks
    45 sec side planks
    Max rep lunges carrying 5 gal. water jugs

    Cool down – 10 minute stroll on the treadmill (it’s 90 degrees outside)

  17. Warm-up: Grok Squat and Grok Hang, at least 30 seconds each, but till you feel loose
    3 sets of 25 reps, Kettle-bell swing, pick a weight where you can get to 25 but not too far beyond. (if you don’t own a kettlebell, get a sturdy backpack and fill it with books: which is what I do.)
    5 sets of 5 reps, Hanging leg raises (if you don’t have a bar, find a counter about hip height and raise yourself up like you’re about to do a dip)
    1 set to failure, Hip bridges (or back bridges if you’re super flexible)
    1 minute plank
    1 minute side plank each side

  18. *****The KBWWK Workout****
    (KettleBell Beach Workout Without Kettlebell)

    Warm up:
    Drag to the beach in a two wheeler cart a single dumbell with 50 pounds (4 disks 10 pounds, 2 of 5 pounds)

    With the full weight do 8 minutes of kettlebell style lift ups (back straight, legs slightly angled), with perfect form.

    Rest two minutes

    Next 8 minutes
    With the same grab you used before, when you go up continue elevating the dumbell higher than shoulder height (this is the classic kettlebell two handed lift). Aim for the full 50 pounds, reduce weight as needed.

    Next 8 minutes:
    Take out two disks of the dumbell so that it weights 30 pounds and do one hand kettlebell pull ups (where you start with the dumbell on the floor, straight back, extend dumbell up when you get up). Do sets of 10 with each arm

    When you complete this, if you have still some energy left, continue to the beach and do 80 meter buttelfly swim

    Believe me, this really works.
    I just did it today.

    1. I missed the snatchs, which come after the two handed lifts:

      Do 8 minutes:
      Do kettlebell snatchs with dumbell setup for 30 pounds, sets of 10 with each hand (go up to 40 pounds if you are brave enough)

      rest two minutes

  19. Out in the Paleo gym…Log land only…no stones or handles or bars..
    Warm up…you can do the log round hop and skip from one to the other for 5 minutes first its boulder hopping on stumps..I have 5 rounds scattered about in a small area I use for this…Agility Groks..
    Lift the 70 lb round of wood and carry it 40 feet(20 out and 20 back) and put it down(as fast as you can)..climb onto the lower side of the tree limb with your legs around it and pull yourself (hug)up to that limb 10 times…get a hold of the end of that inclined log and lift and hold it to your chest..full squat 10 times… grab your free 8″x 10 foot log clean it and press it full extension 10 times..repeat this all 3-4 times without stopping..should be around 20 mins. max time>>>..GROk ON>>>

  20. 3x
    25 Double Unders
    8 Rolling Pistols
    25 Double Unders
    12 Toes to Bar
    25 Double Unders
    16 Box Jumps (24″)
    25 Double Unders

  21. friends house, used his ceiling set point to hang gymnastics rings and we all played on those till we were tired and sore all over. lots of upside down stuff, “sit ups” while hanging from knees, horrible attempts at a muscle ups (yea, were all weak), whatever else we could come up with. it was great.

    sometimes im tempted to join a gym just for access to the rings.

  22. The Earthshaker
    What you will need: A sledgehammer, a medium sized rock and something to hit.
    In rapid succession, perform…
    20 Hammer swings,
    20 Front throws (with the rock),
    10 One handed hammer swings (each arm),
    10 Backwards overhead throws (the rock),
    30 Stomps (each leg),
    50 Jumping stomps,
    20 Rock slams (think medicine ball slam but with a rock)

    You’ll need a softer surface for this workout (like a lawn). You can make things easier by using a regular hammer for the one handed things or decreasing the amount of repetitions you do. For more advanced people a bigger rock or more repetitions will bring it up to your level.

  23. This is my fave primal workout:
    Log circuit
    – log shoulder carry uphill and back down
    – heavy rock farmers walk 10m
    – heavy log rotates x3
    – climb uphill, tree pullups x5
    – log clean & squat x5
    – rock deadlift, clean, hurl (over fallen tree trunk)x2
    – log clean then overheads x5

    I get about 4 cycles done in 30 minutes, but whatever.

  24. One might call this a tree-climbing/descending workout but done indoors. Do pyramids of dips and pull-ups; 1 of each, then 2, all the way up until your max. Then, descend from that number. Rest a few minutes, then do it again… repeat for a given number of pyramids, but I like to go until I reach 30-40 reps per exercise. So, a 1-2-3-3-2-1 needs three pyramids to get to 36 reps.

    Finish out with a few sets of pistol squats and hanging leg raises, rotated.

  25. Warm-up: 5 min walk.Grok squat/hang.
    -Tree limb pull-ups to failure x 2.
    -Box jumps onto picnic table. 6 x 2.
    -Rapid “Stair climb” using picnic table. Step onto bench, stutter-step across top, step down other bench to the ground. Turn and repeat. You will know when to quit!
    Cool-down: Grok hang, 5 min walk.

  26. I chase children out of and around McDonald’s until they drop from exhaustion, then share with them why a 56 year old man just out did them at thier own play. Once they are interested why, I begin recruiting new members to the Primal Blueprint…and saving little lives. as well as my own.

  27. My indoor “lift heavy things” workouts are all bodyweight because my spine is messed up from 25 years of following the masses. I rotate through these three workouts, one every 3 days.
    1. 30 minutes, non-stop.
    5 body rows; heels on bench
    5 push-ups; toes on bench
    10 Grok squats; big breaths

    2. 25 minutes, non-stop.
    2 dips; knees raised
    3 chin-ups; knees raised
    4 reverse lunges; hands on head

    3. 20 minutes, non-stop.
    1 handstand press; heels on wall
    2 opposing hands pull-ups; 1 palm forward, 1 toward you, then switch while hanging.
    3 pistol squats; alternate legs

    Adjust the times and reps to your conditioning level. Have fun.

  28. Nahh…just kidding. I’m a big brother volunteer to a 12 year old. He’s always a WOW!

    1. I did 100 burpess once. … Thought I was going to die! … Probably only will do it once, unless some silliness comes over mee. .. πŸ™‚

  29. This is the primal workout that I enjoy the most. It’s pretty idiosyncratic so it might not make much sense – basically it’s an “avatar workout”

    The Grid
    1.Once inside “the grid”, move to left; log crawl the “start line”
    2. left again lower, under log & muscle up long branch & walk/crawl balance to tree base
    3. drop down & crawl through “root tunnel” on right. Then straight into muscle up over big branch hurdle
    4. got to stone table and muscle up that, then straight across and thru the big tree
    5. carry on up to “the cave” and go thru, then descend left, crawl under log
    6. from there; blindfolded clamber uphill to top tree line
    7. pull up thru the fork on the leftmost tree, balance walk along and drop thru other branches
    8. go to next big tree, hang a right(cliffside) and climb up & thru the tree
    9. pull up and thru the smaller tree on left, drop down other side
    10. go around right to back of big tree; “rock climb” the right tree cliffside up, onto rock, onto big tree, walk balance down big branches
    11. finish on last big tree – climb thru and down root side
    12. complete 3 longitudinal parts of the grid (touch rocks/trees only);
    1. log start UP (by big balance branch)
    2. DOWN – from the big tree at the top, pick a line down to the stone table & continue down to last rock
    3. UP – get to “stuck in the hole” and pick a line to the top of the hill

    -Set up 4 heavy kettlebells at 10 yard intervals. Sprint from the starting point to grab the first, then suitcase walk it back at a quick speed. Sprint to the next, walk it back. When all four kettlebells are at the starting point, take a 60 to 90 sec breather and then start returning the kettlebells to their original positions, sprinting back to the starting point after dropping each.

    -Get on all fours and crawl to a set point around 20 yards away. Turn and squat low, walking back while trying to remain at your squatted height.

    -Take a fifty pound sandbag, clean it overhead, and slam it onto the ground. You can also grab one end and swing it over your shoulders, alternating sides between swings, and slamming it into the ground like a sledgehammer. Do these Tabata style, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 4 minutes.

    -Load a sled with 100lbs. Sprint 30 yards with it. At the end of the 30 yards, remove the harness, grab the rope or chain, and sprint backwards back to the starting point while dragging the sled. Take a breather and then repeat.

  31. Workout of the Week: Bushido, The Way of the Grok

    Inspiration: The idea comes from Ori Hofmekler’s The Warrior Diet and a take on the concept of Controlled Fatigue Training. As well as modifications from the ideas of Pavel Tsatsouline.

    Duration: 15 to 45 Minutes (not including warmup and cooldown and depends on your conditioning)


    Endurance Exercise Unit:

    1. Any taxing exercise of your choice. Infuse this exercise with a Tabata protocol. Do the exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat until you get 4 minutes. Rest a minute and repeat the process for 2 more rounds. An exercise preference of mine is kickboxing and working the heavy bag. Full bodyweight exercises are free and they’re a great choice like jumping jacks, burpees, etc.

    Strength Exercise Unit:

    2. You can choose between the three:

    Kettlebell Swings and Kettlebell Snatches. Do as many as you can in 15 minutes (alternate the moves)

    Barbell Overhead Squat and Deadlift. Do as many as you can in 15 minutes (alternate the moves)

    Hindu Pushup and Hindu Squat. Do as many as you can in 15 minutes (alternate the moves)

    Coordination Exercise Unit:

    3. Front Plank. Hold the pushup position (without the actual pushup) for 15 minutes (if tired, then move on to side plank/traditional plank with elbows)

    Closing Thoughts: This workout is not just for the body but really for the soul. The primal soul is no different from a samurai’s soul. In the sense that life is what you make of it. This workout is what you make of it too. In the mind of the samurai, life is precious and meant to be savored. A workout out like this uses “time” instead of “reps” for life is similar to that (what you do in the time that you have) and so focus is needed and you are challenged. Life, like this workout, is not tough, it is merely being life, yet once the organism (the primal being) is against the natural sense of things, it becomes tough. So it is with this that I say, in great hopes that the community enjoys this workout as much as it has lead me to follow this path with joy as well. God Bless always guys.

    – Kyle Matthew Santelices from the Philippines –

  32. Get a dog that plays “fetch”. Go out to the park and throw a baseball as far as you can. RUN! You are fleeing from a vicious predator. Peek back every so often for suspense.

    I want to see the video of a huge dude running from a pekingese poodle.

  33. warm up: 20 minute light bike ride

    in a court or smooth surface wrap a 25lb weight plate in a towel. push the towel the length of the gym (sort of like bear crawl) ((you will feel like you are mopping the floor because you are collecting all the dust with the towel)). do 5 burpies. push weight the length again. do 5 burpies. repeat 5 more times.

    push up position with feet on weighted towel. bring knees up to chest. this will be heavy and hard because of the 25 lb weight. do this 25 times.

    20 squat jumps. (repeat 2 times)

    cool down: dance to your favorite song.

  34. Outdoor workout:
    Find a tree with lots of branches thick enough to take your weight. Radiating out in all directions, preferably between knee and twice your height. The game is to use only your arms to grasp and your legs to swing you. no touching the ground. How many times can you circumnavigate the tree? Great upperbody and grip strength work out. from 0.50 to 1.42 on this video-

    indoor workout #1.
    Full Deadlifts. 6×8, 2 med weight, 2 max weight, 2 med weight
    Chin ups. 6×8,
    Plate lifts (shoulder work, arms fully extended through entire movement) 6×8, 2 medium, 2 max, 2 medium.

    indoor workout #2.
    Squat-press. 6×8 2med, 2max, 2med
    Stiff Legged Deadlift. 6×8, 2med, 2max, 2med.
    alternate upright and bent over rows, same 6×8, 2,2,2 paradigm

    All movements for indoor workouts should be done explosive lift, controlled descent.

  35. Drive to Joplin, MO. Lift or drag and stack cut tree limbs. Pick up boards and shingles and stack. Team lift pieces of house frame and roof and stack. Pick up random pieces of metal window frames, pipes, and siding, and stack. Rake small pieces of shingles and insulation to said piles. Dodge copious nails sticking out of everything in order to avoid injury and tetanus. Walk one house over; repeat for four hours.

    That was my workout yesterday. Functional fitness indeed.

  36. go surfing, bodyboarding, SUP or bodysurfing.

    1. sprint across the sand from your car to the water.
    2. play in the water with equipment of choice.
    3. sprint back across the sand to the car.
    4. go home and lift up your wife a few times; how is completely up to you and your imagination. this is a good time to make an addition to the family.

    repeat as necessary for me a morning and evening session is a good day.

  37. Here’s one of my personal favorites.

    WU of choice

    10 KB swing
    9 KB swing
    2 burpee
    8 KB
    3 burpee
    7 KB
    4 burpee
    6 KB
    5 burpee
    5 KB
    6 burpee
    4 KB
    7 burpee
    3 KB
    8 burpee
    2 KB
    9 burpee
    1 KB
    10 burpee

    Recover. Enjoy

  38. WOW: The Hot Momma

    The point of this exercise is to get a good workout in on a day you’re stuck indoors WHILE bonding with your kid.

    What you will need: A young child and bad weather.

    The workout:Complete 20 minutes each of ‘hunting’ and dancing.

    Warm up:Do the dishes or fold some laundry.

    Directions: Get down and chase your child (playfully) around the house. Alternate from ‘crab crawling’ to ‘bear crawling’ running and even skipping. Play around with the speed. Make it exciting! Growl, pretend that the child is too fast for you, be silly, anything to make the child have fun. Leap over chairs, stools, across beds during your pursuit. This should work your whole body. Tip: Keep your abs pulled in strong, especially during the ‘crawls’. When 20 minutes is up, snatch up your prey (child), it’s time to dance! (The key to the dance is to hold your child the entire time, he/she is going to act as your weight during this part of the exercise.)Turn up the music and make it fun! Hop from side to side, kick your legs high in the air, lift your child high up, do squats to the music, twirl around. Just move! And don’t drop your weight (child).
    Cool down: Rock your kid to sleep-they need a nap! πŸ™‚

    How to do a ‘crab crawl’ and ‘bear crawl’:

  39. my ‘favorite’ (a lose term, more of a love hate relationship):

    requires squat rack or cage and two olympic bars, prep each bar with a minimum of approx 110% x Current Body Weight in lbs., I.e. if you weight in at 180 then math will put you at 198, so just put 195 to make it easy with standard easily /commonly available plates. one bar will be racked at the appropriate height to front squat it, the other is next to the cage/rack for a deadlift.

    using a wide, i.e. snatch grip and full hip motion with only as much knee flex as necessary to keep form do 5 deadlifts. immedidate go to the rack and do 5 front squats ‘ass to the grass’, repeat 5 times for a total of 25 reps of each movement.

    penalty, 1 burpee for every rep missed (i.e. 45 total of 50 requires a payback of 5 burpees).

  40. I like to keep it simple:

    10 push ups
    20 squats
    pull ups (as many as I can, which isn’t many!)

    repeat for 2 sets, 3 if I have time (I work out before going to work) and/or the energy.

    when I work out in the park at the weekend, I add burpees and/or lunges plus a sprint after each round.

    it’s simple, easy to remember, you can do it anywhere, provides a full body workout, it’s efficient and effective, and you can scale it to make it harder very easily.

  41. Warmup:
    2×2 minute circuit: 15 sec each of
    High knee run
    Skip in place
    Side to side hops
    Jumping jacks
    Mountain climbers

    Then 2 rounds of:
    25 burpees
    50 pushups
    75 situps
    100 squats

    Rest 3-5 min between each round and use as many sets as needed for each exercise.

  42. Personal Favorite:

    1 Mile Run

    100 Pull-ups

    200 Push-ups

    300 Squats

    1 Mile Run

  43. this is my go-to workout when my normal crossfit gym is closed for the day, or if the location permits, when i’m travelling. thankfully, i live about a mile away from a set of pull-up bars of various heights set up along a running trail. not fair, right?

    Floor to Sky:
    -Jog 1.2 miles to pull-up area
    -Complete as many burpee-pullups as possible in 15 minutes (a burpee-pullup is a burpee followed by jumping straight up to hang from the pullup bar and complete a pullup. that’s one.)
    -If you still have grip left, for 5 more minutes, hold yourself up on the bar in an L-sit for 5 1-minute rounds. For whatever portion of the minute you can’t hold an L-sit, drop to the ground and hold a plank (front or side) for the remainder of the minute.
    -Finally, take a hard run .7 miles to the water fountain. Take a sip and then walk and curse your way back home to cool down and complete the workout.

    Guaranteed to give a good sweat (and make you hate both burpees and pullups with a newfound passion πŸ˜‰ )

  44. Warm-up: Grok squat, hip swings (20 each direction), shoulder rotations (forward and back)

    Workout: Complete 10 cycles of the following movements. Try your best to adhere to the time.

    10 Burpee-Pullup Complex (include pushup)

    10 Kettlebell Snatches (alternate sides with each new workout cycle)

    30-second rest

    Cooldown: Combination of pacing back and forth, drinking water, and wiggling your arms and legs around until your heart rate and breath are back to normal.


  45. My WOW creation designed to shock your system and leave you drenched/wanting to throw up

    Warmup: 5-7 minute light dumbbell warmup of curls, squats, deads, and shoulder presses.

    4 exercise Circuit. 4 sets of 12
    1 minute rest between sets

    1. Squat (About 40% Max Weight)
    2. Cleans (About 60% Max weight)
    3. Wide-Grip Pushups
    4. Bent over row (About 60% Max Weight)

  46. My favorite WOW is rock climbing – I do that a couple of times a week. We have a rock gym on campus.

  47. I like this workout because it’s simple and uses fundamental moves/muscle groups. It can also be done in a fairly short time and, if done with the right intensity, will leave you feeling like you got a great workout:


    Warmup with a minute or two of jumping rope or light jogging followed by 60 sec. Grok Squat and 60 sec. Grok Hang.

    -(5 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups) x 5
    -60 second Plank hold
    -40 Two-Handed Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings
    -10 Knees to Elbows
    -12 Shoulder Press
    -10 Dips
    -10 weighted squats
    –Do this sequence 1-3 times–

    *Knees to elbows is when you hang from the pull-up bar and literally bring your knees as close to your elbows as you can, contracting the core as you go.

    *Alternate hand grip/position on each set of push-up/pull-up for some variety

  48. This is a great work-out I did today, short but intense, and hits all major muscle movements.

    Warm-up, including Grok squat, hang

    4 Rounds as fast as possible of:

    20 kettlebell swings (40 pounds)
    15 push-ups
    10 burpees
    5 pull-ups

    Time to complete was 14:52.
    Totally spent but felt great!

  49. it always works out great when my MSF, LHT and sprint all fall on the same day.

  50. Warm up with an easy five or so minutes uphill (road) cycle.

    Sprint from one power to the next.

    Rest same.

    Sprint the lenght of two power poles.

    Rest same.

    Ladder up to four or five poles, whatever, ladder down.

    Repeat, if you’re feeling your oats.

    Check your Polar once in a while (if your brain allows) and try to follow the appropriate road rules.

    Warm down on the way home.

    Best done in a nice rural area with considerate drivers!

  51. Due to no transportation & very restricted finances, I use what I have & do constant simple mini workouts throughout the day. When I wake up, I roll over & do 2 or 3 10 second planks before getting up, then stretch. Every time I walk through my bedroom door I stop & do 5 pushups against the door frame. Every time I go to the kitchen sink I do 5 pushups against that & every time I go into the bathroom I do 5 off the side of the tub. Couple more planks here & there when I get bored. I “sprint” up to the road when I take the dog out. I sprint when I take the trash up to the road, I wait until I have 2 bags so I have weight for each hand. I walk down to the river every day then back up a big hill. When I can get a ride, I go do hikes, mostly uphill. Sometimes I grab a couple of 8 lb dumbbells & do a couple arm & chest exercises. When watching TV or reading Mark’s Daily Apple I suck in my stomach, exhale out all my air & create a vacuum & hold til a certain point. So although I never technically workout with a routine or go to a gym, my simple little habits add up to quite a work out throughout the day I guess without much effort at all. It’s working! πŸ™‚

  52. Exercise 1- 2 sets with reps ability appropriate.:

    Assume a elevated wall pushup position. Hands on the floor feet flat against the wall. Do one pushup then walk your hands closer to the wall and walk you feet up the wall until you assume a handstand position. Do one handstand press up. Then walk your hands away from the wall and your feet down the wall until you are back in the elevated pushup position. Repeat as many times as your are able but not to failure.

    Exercise 2- 2 sets reps ability appropriate:

    Position yourself under something you can perform pullups on. Eight jump split lunges in place followed by four pullups. Repeat as many times as you are able but not to failure.

    Warmup: A few bodyweight squats and pullups.

    Cooldown: A short walk and mild stretching of anything that feels tight.

  53. Good morning, world.

    Warm up: Place both feet on ground and move into a squatting position. While squatting, raise arms, bending slightly at waist to stretch muscles under arms on back and ribcage. Crawl hands out until in a push up position and lower body to ground. Push arms up, leaving hips on the ground. Drop back down to ‘gravitationally inert plank’ and breathe deeply. Walk your hands backwards, lifting your body in a pike position until you can push yourself to a stand.

    Now it’s time for some movement. Start with a series of high-knee walks and exaggerated saddle walking (knees way out to the side, stretching the connective tissues in the groin). While doing the high knee walks and saddle walk, work your shoulders and elbows, rotating them in both forwards and backwards directions. Increase movement to a normal jog (on the toes, people!) and get the blood flowing through your body.

    Now let’s get started. Lift something heavy up to your shoulders (placing it behind your neck atop your traps). Weight will vary depending on your physical capabilities, but it should be heavy enough to strain, but not so heavy that you can’t do the motion – 20 stationary lunges (10 each leg). Focus on quality form over quantity of weight – we ultimately want everything as neutral as possible. I will be using around fifty pounds.

    From there, drop the weight (I’m using a sandbag) and drop your body into a plank.
    Begin 50 pushups, focusing on chaining as many as you can together. Again, focus on full range of motion, making sure to touch your chest to the ground. Keep a consistent pace, but you don’t have to time yourself (you can – and I think should for an added challenge/metric).
    Now do 15 burpees, again focusing on quality over speed.
    Finally, 50 situps.
    Ideally this should all be timed, so you can go back in 3 months and test yourself again.

    1. Sorry, forgot to add: Walk a quarter mile to cool down. On stretching and recovery, focus on legs, particularly hip flexors, back, quads, and hamstrings. Some attention should be put on the shoulders, arms, and core because 50 is a good amount of pushups and situps.

  54. Take a 15 lb barbell or whatever weight u can handle.

    practice spear thrusts, throws, swings, any other movement that comes to mind.

    If it helps pretend you’re goin up against a wild pig or something. The fact that a wild pig stands between me and all the pork I want is enough motivation for me!!

  55. The Ghetto Beach workout. When all the life guard towers are up in the summer.

    Sprint between the towers, stopping at the towers for

    10 pullups-25 pushups-25 situps and 10 squats.

    Do it till you feel like dying. You can go down the beach and back or between two towers. Do punk out and cheat by running in tire tracks or wet sand. Soft sand sprints alone kick ass!

  56. Tabata Fly/Free
    500 warm up
    3 sets 8×25 fly/free
    Followed by 50 meter back kick
    25 pushups

  57. 100 squats

    pullups: 100… 99… 98… 97… 82…

    82 squats

    pullups: 81… 80… 79… 78… 64

    64 squats

    pullups: 63… 62… etc to zero

    variable number of squats but always 100 pullups

    or same workout with pushups starting at 150-200

    both for time

    pullups (tree branch, bar, eaves, porch edge, etc)

    pushups (anywhere)

  58. Ok, this is late, but I wanted to share.


    Samson stretch
    Shoulder pass throughs
    25 Wall balls
    25 swings with a moderate weight
    10 standing crunches
    Repeat 3 times

    Use a heavy bag that you use for boxing. Take it down. Start with clean, 5 presses, then throw for distance from the overhead position. You want to do 10 throws. When you can’t press it anymore, do push press/jerk/whatever to get it overhead.

    10 leg raises

    Now, mark off a reasonable distance. Do as many clean-throws as necessary to get there (you can throw from overhead or chest.) Once there, pick it up on a shoulder and walk/run back. Repeat 5 times, switching shoulders.

    10 Samson side bends

    Do a 5X5 front squats with the bag held at chest level.

    10 heavy standing crunches

    Windmills with a light kettlebell
    Gentle stretching