WOW: Grok’s Rock

The response to last week’s inaugural Workout of the Week (WOW) was fantastic. A big thanks to everyone that participated and commented. And a special thanks to Mark’s Daily Apple reader and PBFer Brett Yahnke for submitting the first ever WOW video. If you haven’t seen it yet take a look.

Last week we discussed throwing as an important human movement pattern. This week it’s part of the WOW. Give it a shot and report back with your times. Grok on!

8 cycles for time of:

50 Meter Sprint
25 Meter Grok Crawls
25 Meter Lunges
Weighted Squat Throw

Warmup: A static Grok squat and a few 50 meter runs at moderate effort.

How-to: After a light warmup, jog into a sprint and go all out for 50 meters. Slow down, stop, turn around and Grok Crawl halfway back to the starting line. Stand up and perform lunges for the final 25 meters. Grab a weight and turn around. Perform a full squat with the weight held in both hands at your chest. When you come up throw the weight up and forward, away from your body, using both hands. Any type of weight (medicine ball, sandbag, old bowling ball, large rock, etc.) that you can hold and push from your chest will work. Choose a weight that is suitable for you and err on the lighter side this first time. Approach the weight, pick it up, and repeat the Weighted Squat Throw to the 50 meter mark. That completes one cycle. Repeat 8 cycles for time.

Variations: To make things easier ditch the weight during the Weighted Squat Throw. Replace with Squat Jumps: when coming up out of the squat position leap forward using both feet.

What are WOWs?

  • Workouts of the Week (WOWs) are an optional component of Primal Blueprint Fitness that add a fractal and often fun and playful quality to the basic PBF protocol.
  • In most cases WOWs should only be completed by those that have mastered Level 4 of each Lift Heavy Things Essential Movement. Also, it’s recommended that WOWsreplace one or both Lift Heavy Things workouts or the Sprint workout (depending on the WOW) each week instead of being done in addition to the Lift Heavy Things and Sprint workouts.
  • Learn more about WOWs and Primal Blueprint Fitness by getting the free eBook. And access all Workouts of the Week in the WOW Archive.

Reader-Submitted WOW Video

A big thanks to Mark’s Daily Apple reader and PBFer Sean from Catalyst Conditioning for submitting this WOW video. Grok on!

P.S. When performing the throw attempt to make it part of the upward squat motion. That is, press and release the weight at the top of your squat instead of standing up and then throwing the weight.

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