What Will Happen with Mark’s Daily Apple?

desktop tablet web designThis year, my team and I spent a significant amount of time revamping the PrimalBlueprint.com website. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over there after you read today’s blog post. It’s streamlined, fresh, and easy to navigate. As we look ahead to 2016, we have another big website overhaul…this time of Mark’s Daily Apple.

Some of you may remember the original version of the site. It had a good run from 2006 to 2009, but boy does it look dated now:

MDA circa 2007

I haven’t done any major remodeling of the blog since we made the jump to the current version of the site, and I think it’s time to renovate. But I don’t want to do it alone! I’d love the advice of the people that make Mark’s Daily Apple such a success. That breathe life into its veins on a daily basis. I need YOU to help me bring MDA into the future, because we’re on this primal path together.

I want to know how I can make Mark’s Daily Apple better for you. What can I give you in terms of articles, features, functionality…how specifically would you like to see MDA improved? More videos, daily fitness tips, weekly health challenges? And feel free to share anything that drives you crazy about the current site. For instance, if there’s a regular column you’d like nixed from the mix, let me know. Hate how the comment board works? I’m all ears. Can’t stand the mobile version of MDA? Tell me what you dislike. Any color schemes or design elements you’d like to see implemented? Toss them in the bag for consideration! And don’t be shy about your requests.

Just click here to take a short survey and let me know how you’d like Mark’s Daily Apple to be upgraded and redesigned. Please, don’t leave me hanging! I can’t wait to see how MDA evolves in the new year.

UPDATE: A big thanks to everyone that completed the survey. The survey is now closed, but feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you for being part of this ongoing story with me. Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. What happened to the T-shirts? You still have the link to post “Grok in the Wild” sightings, but no place to actually buy the shirts. I always liked them, although they were kind of expensive by the time you paid shipping.

    1. +1. I LOVE my black “Get Primal” t-shirt. It is so high-quality. I never find t-shirts like that anymore. Fits perfectly, so soft, and maintains its shape after multiple washes. I would love to buy one in red but can’t figure out where to buy it on your current site.

      1. Also, I gave the t-shirt a rave review last year but it never showed up.

  2. Although sometimes efficient technology is more of an industrial than paleo thing, you could consider tags on blog posts and success stories, so it would be easier to find a success story related to, e.g., rheumatoid arthritis.

    Other than that, I like how there’s “Dear Mark…” on mondays, success stories on fridays, etc.

    1. Actually, I have never had a problem with the site search – it works great. And you can always type “Sisson topic phrase” right into Google, and find posts. No real need for tags….

    2. Tags are a great idea! They’d be so cool! I’ve had poor experiences with the search function

    1. Agreed. Link Love posts are the best.

      As for the site design, as long as it’s easy to read I dont’ really care what it looks like. This is a very text-heavy website so readability should be the primary focus — that means no distracting graphics or animations, no popups, fast load times, etc. Tags for posts would be helpful although adding them to the massive archive would be a chore. Best of luck.

      1. Regarding the design, I completely agree.

        I suggest keeping any changes to a minimum. Keep in mind that the owner of a website cares more what it looks like than the readers do. We’re just here for the information. There’s a lot to be said for the easy, quick navigation that comes with familiarity.

        Actually, the only change I’d like to see is an edit function for the comment section. If there already is one I haven’t found it.

        1. I agree, no big changes necessary…I really like the pic of Mark and his paddle board in the top banner as I’m a fellow paddle boarder and it serves as a visual reminder for me to ditch the “too busy” excuse and get out there on it, and on days when I really can’t get out there, that pic brings a small smile to my lips for the anticipation of next time I’m out there. I understand you’ve got to advertise, but if that picture when the full width of the screen that would be cool…something relaxing about seeing a picture of the waves 🙂

        2. “Keep in mind that the owner of a website cares more what it looks like than the readers do. We’re just here for the information.”

          ^ Agreed, we’re not in it for a Tech Fashion competition or anything. 🙂

          Would like the ability to edit comments because a typo can really undermine something where you feel strongly, and yet a single typo makes the whole comment look dumb, that’s horrible.

          I almost never have time for podcasts or video, you can skim text all the way and get an idea whether you’re interested in the content, but audios/videos take up exactly as much time as the recording, no options available, and it’s always quicker to read 1000 words than listen to someone speaking them, so even 100% great content is more of a time-suck delivered this way.

          Also, you can walk away from a text article and thewn come back to it and do a quick recap by skimming the earlier bits – again, not possible with recordings.

      2. +1 on the Weekend Link Love. It’s weird that almost nobody posts comments on there. Maybe because people are out and about on weekends or people don’t have the time to peruse all the great stuff. Either way, I hope you keep it in the new format.

        1. Agreed, I don’t listen to audios, I prefer transcripts (like in chriskesser’ website)

      3. I agree with this. WLL is the best part of this blog. It should be twice weekly. And the site loads extremely slowly. It should be a little lighter.

        1. I also love WLL. I think most websites just don’t receive the same amount of traffic on weekends, surprisingly.

  3. please don’t go too high-tech or clever – I just really enjoy a good read.
    (never bother with podcasts or videos – too hard)

    1. Agreed, rarely bother with podcasts and vids. When you do these, please always give the transcripts, like Kresser. He does a VG job with that. Much prefer the transcript to the podcast/vid

    2. Agreed also. I never have time or patience for podcasts, and most never watch videos. Not enough time, and uses data on my phone.

      1. Same here. The trend towards shifting media format to video and audio makes me sad; the implication seems to be that no one can be bothered to read anymore. Yet I personally I find it much faster and easier to read text than sit through someone speaking the same words. And not only do you get more bang for your buck because you get more information, faster, but reading is a more satisfying process in itself.

        1. Ditto, I like reading too and when you have limited internet connections it’s by far the most reliable.

          Reference said connections I tried to do the survey but lost connection, came back today to complete and it’s gone 🙁

  4. I really like the Monday Dear Mark posts…and also the longer posts that take on “big, complex” topics relating to our patterns and how to change them (I think they are usually listed under “Personal Improvement” in the archives).

  5. As bizarre as this may sound, I would like to see paleo failure stories. More accurately, hear from people who tried paleo and didn’t have overwhelmingly life changing effects. All too often, I see this site filled with Primal fan boys (and girls) who attribute every positive change in their life to the change in diet. It’s called confirmation bias and it can be a problem.

    1. Kirk, yes, right with you on that. Let’s see Paleo failure stories, what happened, why they may have failed.

    2. Kirk, true, but failure can be often be attributed to numerous factors. I think more often than not it’s due to a lack of dedication; i.e. too many cheat meals, food addictions, nutritional ignorance (not knowing a rutabaga from a Baby Ruth). But prescription meds that slow the metabolism can cause failure. So can an unhealthy gut microbiome or even just a lack of patience. Still, it might be helpful to publish failure stories on the website now and then, along with advice for people who are doing everything right but making little or no progress.

    3. Yes, I second this, but with information on why it failed. Chris Kresser mentions on his website that he gets the patients who didn’t improve, or got worse on a paleo diet, and I think that information is just as valuable as the overall paleo diet and lifestyle information. What would also be extremely helpful for the paleo failure stories is what did eventually work to bring someone into a state of good health.

    4. I’d agree. It hasn’t been a failure for me; my overall health’s improved out of sight compared to what it was, but I wasn’t losing weight at the rate I’d hoped for, until pains in me knees forced my hand a couple of months ago and I went to early phase Atkins level (under 50 grams daily) carb restrictions. My weight loss has accelerated since then.
      We do need to go into this a bit more, as to why it doesn’t work as well for some people as it should, or not at all.

    5. 100 % agreed with you Kirk on the failure stories. I love reading marksdailyapple, I’ve been reading it for 4 years, I’d like to share my primal failure story (I.e the diet has been a really massive failure, but I’m very grateful for the other aspects of Primal)

  6. I hadn’t been on Primalblueprint.com in a while. Nice new look. As for the Mark’s Daily Apple website, I love the format – I like knowing that Mondays you will tackle reader questions, Saturdays – recipes, Sundays – Love links, Fridays – Success Stories, Tues thru Thurs – topics of your choosing. Very organized and easy to navigate (which is also very important to me as I am not that tech savvy.) As for the aesthetics, font and color seem well balanced. Good luck with the remodel.

  7. Considering how long this site has been going, I’d like to see the years added to the top level dates of each article. Yeah, you can check the comments to guess at what year an article was written, but it’s that one extra few seconds of work.

      1. Me three! Since Mark’s philosophy has evolved over time, it is a bummer not to be able to know when an article came out when I do a search on a particular topic. So in addition to putting the date at the top of the article, make it show up in a search as well.

    1. I agree with the date suggestion. I’m always going to the comments to find the year.

    2. +1! The lack of year on the date has always driven me nuts!! (Otherwise, I love the site!)

    3. Hear, Hear! Please add the year…

      Also, ahem, might we imagine we’re someone *other* than George Clooney for a change? Please…

      Otherwise, MDA is my go-to site for Paleo/general up-to-date nutritional information. Keep on keepin’ on!

    4. I disagree on that one, I think the lack of date is deliberate and aims at giving a sense of ‘definitveness’ to articles and increase traffic as a result. I think it’s a good idea

  8. I’d like to see things a bit more simplified & slow. There is too much information on the side bar and I find it is distracting form the article. I think it would be more ‘primal’ to be more focused, and not have to block out the temptations to click on something different.
    When I want to read the post, I want to read the post. Simple. I don’t want to listen to podcasts, start the 21 day challenge, or contact with Mark through 6 different social media sites.

    1. i love this comment. at the very least, I’d say please don’t make it *more” complicated, with lots of hyperlinks, etc.

      1. Not to say get rid of the hyperlinks inside the articles, right? I really like those; they’re helpful if you want to get deeper into a topic that is not prominent in the article you’re reading. Other than that I agree.

        1. @Kieran no I guess you’re right; I wasn’t thinking about the existing hyperlinks that link to articles within Mark’s site and yes, I agree those links are helpful. I think maybe I wasn’t exactly clear in my own mind on what I was objecting to; I just know that there are some sites out there with all kinds of distracting visuals, etc. and that, as the OP suggests, I prefer a more traditional approach to absorbing information–read thoughtfully, reflect on a single well-written article, think critically, etc. before moving onto a new topic. But there is surely a sweet spot with the hyperlinks; after all they can be ignored, like footnotes, if the reader wants to ignore them.

  9. When I visit MDA it often happens that I get a message “a script on this page has stopped working” and my computer hangs . Very irritating! (Note that I have a slow internet connection.)

    Also, simplify. There are too many bitty icons and adverts which distract from the paleo message. It is starting to resemble some hard-sell scam product website.

    1. What browser do you use? I get that message often when I use Internet Explorer, which I have given up on as a massive fail, and it is riddled with problems. Google Chrome and Firefox never give me that message, so if you are using Internet Explorer, you might consider making a switch. It can be really annoying, I’m sure.

  10. Forgot to add, I agree with Joooolia that you should show the year as well as the month and day of posting. It’s one of the weirdest features of MDA. I’ve often wondered why you would suppress the year of publication. Trying to throw the hi-carb guys off the scent?

  11. You need to moderate comments more. I joined under another name and this bitch attacked me constantly, and others, and irrationally. Nasty, vindictive and more to the point wrong. I decided my expertise was better placed elsewhere. So I do comment here now and then under this name but I stopped contributing in any significant way because you don’t rein in the insane.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Tuba. Mark’s Daily Apple readers are a very respectful and intelligent crowd on the whole. We have a great community here. Little moderation is needed, really, and I do try to allow everyone to give their opinions, whether I or most readers agree with them or not. Additionally, too much moderation and I get the opposite response: “you censor comments”. We are always on the lookout out for trolls, however—people that just want to pick a fight and aren’t really here to add anything to discussion. Feel free to to email me with the name of the commenter and I’d be happy to take a look. In the meantime, I hope you will continue commenting. This blog is nothing without the discourse. Thanks.

      1. Mark, I’d like to see you comment more often too, if you can squeeze it in.

  12. I’d like to see a better archiving of your articles especially with the year it was written.

    Given that there’s a wealth of information on your site Mark, and with new scientific studies which further enhance and refine our understanding of the Paleo lifestyle, some of the older articles would be superceded by fresher articles and it’s not always clear what’s cutting edge on your site.

    Also, I’d like to see more podcasts (in the style of Tim Ferriss) where you talk with thought leaders and even those that oppose Paleo to get a balanced perspective, and interesting debate.

  13. San Serif fonts are much harder to read
    than Serif fonts. Just sayin’

    1. Not necessarily. I much prefer San Serif fonts. I have a visual problem that causes me to see multiple images, if you add the doo-hickies of the serif fonts it makes it VERY difficult for me to read. And Chrome doesn’t do a good job of overriding the font styles – that’s one thing IE has going for it… Accessibility options work.

  14. I want a Grok t-shirt, too! It would make the perfect Christmas present for my husband. 🙂

    1. I’m sure that your husband would absolutely love that! 🙂

  15. There are always little rumblings in the comments, a voice here and there, and an acknowledgement from time to time that, yes, things may need to be modified for the post menopausal woman, but I’m still waiting for our needs to truly be addressed. We really do matter: we are growing in number, but more importantly we’ve been loyal participants and eager tellers of the paleo tale since the beginning, physical examples of the success of the lifestyle…. and then menopause ends, and so many of us are left out in the cold, wondering what’s happening, whats going wrong, how do we need to adapt.

    I don’t want to feel like I’m too old to matter to the MDA site. If there’s ANY way to address the questions and concerns of the post menopausal woman, I’d continue to feel like part of the tribe. I would love to be able to come here and find real answers and guidelines.

    1. Amen sista’ !!!
      It would be helpful to us “posties” to have more information about our issues. I have trouble sleeping past 4 to 6 hours a night, eat well and not a huge amount, move around and try to not sweat the small stuff and have gained 10 pounds for NO APPARENT reason so I know just where to start on that front.
      I love the general articles on getting more sleep, I do all the tricks, suggestions, etc but I still wake up after 4 hours typically and often do not fall back to sleep after that. (imagine a photo of me laying in bed with my blue blocker glasses on….. hurts my nose just thinking about it) Sigh.

      1. I’m up almost 15 lbs., after getting lean and fit and maintaining that body effortlessly for a good 6 years. I would have died without paleo to get me through menopause, it turned a turbulent time into a breeze (seriously, they should just prescribe this lifestyle instead of hormones). Now the program seems to be working against me, but I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

      2. For me, white noise in the form of a fan helps with sleep. I’m pretty much a night owl who does most things “wrong” before sleep; e.g., stream Netflix while in bed (yeah, yeah, I know we’re not supposed to have a TV in the bedroom–but as a single post-menopausal woman, it’s the best entertainment I’ve got at that hour!). I set the timer, then lie down, put on my eye mask, turn the TV down low so I can barely hear it, and I drift off.

        Also (and I’m not a doctor, thank goodness), I’ll often take a 300 mcg. melatonin capsule — NOTE microgram (I can’t believe the high dosages some folks have been led to believe are necessary–quite the opposite with melatonin; less IS more). If my mind just won’t shut down, I’ll take about half a dropper of lemon balm extract, and bye bye — average about 7 hours sleep. It goes without saying that herbals (or melatonin) should not be taken indiscriminately and many factors must be considered (my own private disclaimer here).

        It’s unfortunate that many of us bought into that, “Older folks just don’t need that much sleep” myth. Oh yeah? Then why do you think we get so grumpy, lol! Ahh, we are awash with so much misinformation…

        Sweet dreams…

    2. Hell yes!! This one links with the ‘primal failures’ comment above – it’s NOT a one-size fits all deal, and as a post-menopausal woman I get really fed up with it sometimes. I just don’t get the same results, and haven’t come to this lifestyle from an atheletic, lean past so I don’t have the healthy body as a baseline. I skip the success stories most weeks.

      1. Me, too. I used to love to read them, now not so much… and I know we aren’t alone!

        1. I skip the testimonials too, even though I keep enjoying success on Paleo LCHF–almost nine years now and 55yo. At this point, I’d like to read on the failures, esp the challenging ones in which people appear to be doing everything right. It’s like when researching a product to buy, e.g. a laptop computer, I’m much more interested in the criticisms than the praises.

      2. I agree this is an area that needs more exploration. Maybe post-menopausal aren’t supposed to get the same results; maybe the body knows best to put the weight on or is something negative occurring, maybe we have the wrong expectations. Maybe it’s harder to find the information on this. I am heading into this and a low carb primal approach appears to benefit me (minimizes hot flashes). I agree, get some focus, articles on this, podcast, etc. Find some older women who have practiced studied primal/real food diet whatever you want to call it in this category of women to give more input.

        1. Yeesh! A bit negative here, womenfolks! I am post-menopausal also, and I have to say that the info I found here with Mark is what brought me through menopause successfully! I was gaining weight like crazy after menopause until I went primal! And tips I found here have helped me with sleeping. Sure, incorporating sprints into my exercise program made my plantar fasciitis flare up, but I still understand the point of high intensity intervals.

          EVERYBODY (not just post-menopausal women) has to find the particular way that they can derive benefit from nutrient-dense food, and a lifestyle more in touch with nature and the natural human. There is no one size fits all!

    3. Christiane Northrup once mentioned on her Hayhouse podcast that the demographic with the most purchasing power, in terms of money and decision making, was women in their 50’s!!! Don’t know where she got that info, but assuming it is correct, it is surprising how that group gets ignored. Or maybe it’s not really surprising, sadly.

    4. Rendan,

      I’m so glad you raised this issue. Despite all the improvements Paleo has made in my life (thank you, thank you Mark!), as a post-menopausal woman, I’ve sensed there was a piece of the puzzle missing, and I’m now thinking, Eureka! We, as a demographic, *are* a huge piece of that puzzle and deserve equal time.
      Great post!

      1. Thank you, Maggie! I’m grateful to know I’m not the only long-term devotee who has hit a wall. I really don’t like the vision of this beautiful, vital group of women standing behind this wall, while the rest of the tribe continues on without us; we are valuable, and equally deserving of advice and information, and I know Mark can do it!

        1. Once more re menopause/post-menopause, it just occurred to me while considering how each of us at this stage (and I would guess, given individual physiologies, most any stage) experiences Paleo differently, that it would seem – from all I’ve been reading on the subject lately – that each of us might benefit from considering our microbiota (and not referring simply to our so-called friendly gut bacteria).
          One excellent, eye-opening book I’m currently reading is “10% Human – How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness” by Alanna Collen. Such a fascinating topic and, in my opinion, one that deserves serious consideration. Gives new meaning to the concept of individuality.

          And all this time, I thought we were fully human! Humbling…

  16. Plus one more on the year along with the month and date. I’m satisfied with the format now, works. However, there was one thing that I liked that has been discontinued, it was on the side and when a person made a comment on a post it would show up, it was linked to the article and comment. I liked it since it helped me to see other posts quickly when I first started reading here. I appreciate what you do here Mark, a LOT of good information and recipes.

  17. Lots of great feedback here, folks. Keep it coming! Looking forward to seeing what can be done to make your overall experience better.

  18. Add another vote for post-menopausal info, tips, advice, explanations, and success stories.
    No weight problems here, and my energy levels and joint pain are way better now that I eat primal, but lack of proper sleep is killing me! I hit the sack around 8:30 each night…. it doesn’t matter how exhausted I am, I awaken around 1 am, and just doze and toss and turn until I get up at 4 am for work. On weekends, I finally get back to sleep around 5 am, but only for another 90 minutes or so. Hot flashes still rule my days and crazy dry skin is the new normal. HELP!!

    1. Totally with you there – most everything else in my life is working beautifully now that I eat well, walk lots etc – but getting a good nights sleep is still only on the wish list, despite applying all the various suggestions.
      I thought I was the only post-menopausal gal suffering from this, so glad to hear I am not alone…..Mark – help us!!!

      1. Although I generally HATE customer feedback surveys for all sorts of reasons that are probably too obvious to mention, the idea occurs to me that with this site, it just might be useful to have some sort of survey we could opt into to give Mark our demographic info so that he might be better able to address our needs. Nothing too invasive of course, and I’m not convinced that this is a good idea (cuz as I mentioned, surveys in general are pretty odious), but it seems worth mentioning at least. What prompts me to think this is all the menopausal women asking for more posts that pertain to their needs. How many of you are there? If it’s a large portion of the readership, then that suggests a shift in focus might be in order, with the converse also true. Just a thought.

  19. I would like to see more articles about the latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge research about the micro biome.

    1. ++1 Jen. Microbiome and epigenetics are fast moving and fascinating areas. Carl Zimmer write a lot of interesting stuff on that, and even Pollan’s getting down with the microbiome. He wrote a huge NYT Mag story about it a few years ago.

  20. I love your blog and all information they provide. I really like to put the latest scientific research and references, it gives you credibility. I also like the fact that your articles are long and deeper into the issues. I like to read, so I like that your items are in written format, if there is any video or podcast I wish there was a written transcript, because as I mentioned, I prefer to read.

    There is one thing I’d like añadieras blog, I think come within the party for personal improvement, and often know what we have to do, that is, we know what we have to eat, the sport that we have to and yet not do what we do. I would like you to give blog tools to achieve to carry out the goals that are so often prevent us from getting achievements.

    I love your guides are very complete.

    I would also like blog were the subject of body image and self-esteem in women is a very heavy burden and causes many problems.

    And there’s something I notice always needed everywhere engaged in training, it is that in most cases focus on training for people who really are already fit, but there is little training for people who want to start get fit and play sports. An article or guide with tips on how to start doing sport and get fit step by step and that habit can be incorporated in life forever without leave.

    A greeting and thank you very much.

      1. +1 for transcripts of podcasts…. i like to read instead, means i can easily go over the discussion if i don’t understand it the first time.

  21. I turned 55 this year and had been primal since turning 51. I have not changed my primal paleo eating at all and have increased my weight workouts and I feel as if I continue to loss muscle each month. I have gained weight and developed a belly which I never had the past four years. I am in menopause, with daily hot flashes especially at night. Lack of sleep, who has time to sleep when every hour you throw covers off then pull them back on, and continue this process the entire night. I’m beginning to now look at what I eat as the contributor to my new found weight issues and muffin top. The radical changes in women during and after menopause may potentially not thrive on this type of diet (idk) and am searching for answers like others. I found MDA and incorporated it through a process of what works and does and doesn’t work for me and was thrilled with the results. But now, I find myself looking for alternatives and solutions that hopefully help, since I can’t find any answers or help here with MDA.

    1. MDA never claims that everyone should do the same thing. Try various things and find what works best for YOU. Personally, I found that a primal diet and lifestyle saved me from the encroaching muffin top that I began building before I found it…

  22. I love the site, and I love the post-article discourse of comments – it’s a great mix of intelligent input and humour – I notice it if I haven’t seen some of you for a while!

    I’d like to ditto the idea of tagging articles for specific searches. I’ve done searches for, say, hypothyroidism, and when the articles come up, I’m overwhelmed and can’t quite identify which article is going to answer my question, but I don’t have time to read through them all. So some thorough categorization would be useful – though a daunting task, to be sure.

    And, yes, the girls have hit on a strong point. If you look at the Paleo Approach group on FB, you’ll see that more than 90% of the contributors are women. Auto-immunity issues strike women much, much more than men, and so many of our issues kick into play as the hormones change through pregnancy or menopause.

    I appreciate that no blog or website can serve all of the people all of the time, and there are amazing sites out there which address autoimmunity such as The Paleo Mom and Auto-Immune Paleo, but… we obviously keep returning to MDA for a reason – the quality of the information, the voice, the comments… so, yes, I think a regular weekly column for the girls would be a much appreciated move.

    Great work, Everyone – MDA team and commentators. Yay for us!

    1. +1 for this! Perhaps a ‘relevance’ indicator when running a search to show how suitable/accurate an article is. Definitely date articles accurately. But love the success stories, dear mark and weekend love links. I come to this site to read well written and researched articles and thoughtful forum opinions. (Although i find the forum is a bit of a nightmare to navigate) ????

    2. Amen!
      I’m impressed by the quality of the comments. This is in fact the only website I know with good (I.e smart and hate-free) comments.

      1. You read my mind. I was just thinking that I often learn as much from my fellow “Groksters” here as I do from Mark’s superb blog. I, too, feel grateful to be among folks who do not find it necessary to flame others just to get their own point of view across.

        Happy to be part of the “family.”

  23. People come here for the great content, so keeping that up to standard should stay the priority of course!

    As for the site itself, the navigation and search functions could use some updates. Categorizing articles (using tags for example) would be a great start. There’s a ton of information to be found on this site, so being able to efficiently get access to it is important.

    As others have already said; something that might look small but is definitely missing is the year next to the date of each article. I can still figure out how old an article is by going to the comments, but it should really be up top.

  24. Mark –

    With a longstanding blog like this, an interesting content concept would be follow up posts from you and previous Primal Success Story stars. Maybe an annual feature about what you and your wife are doing with your diet, training, play, etc. Likewise checking back in with success stories would be illuminating over the longer haul.

    Also, could you make it simpler to find you site’s Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy in the mobile version? I might be the only one nerdy enough to read it, but I’d like to see how you are tracking me and what you do with the information you gather about me. Burying it under “Disclaimer” isn’t easy, friendly, or transparent.

  25. I read MDA everyday I love it. I don’t really enjoy the weekend reading but that’s cool.
    I would like an app that works on android.
    The search feature could be better, I don’t want it to go out to google and show outside links, Just want it to search MDA.
    Thank you Mark and keep up the good work.

  26. This may have already been said but I would like an easier way to navigate old posts. There is so much wonderful information in the archives and I like to browse it from time to time but I would like it even more if it was catagorized differently maybe by major topic (diet, fitness etc) and by type of post (dear mark, link love etc). Also agree with earlier comments regarding tagging articles for better searching and dating posts. Thanks Mark the work out put into this site is truly appreciated!!!

  27. I would appreciate more daily health fitness and for people +50 too. Also health challenges are great.

  28. I like the adding dates idea. Take it farther and update some articles and add an “updated” when date.

    I wouldn’t want plain failures, but who did you work with having an issue and what did you do to fix it, and then a long term follow up.

    I don’t like too much busy-ness on pages, either. Too many graphics, links, ads on one page is unneeded and treats me like I’m just a future source of revenue. Let’s keep it personal and real.

    Love the success stories, questions and answers, and weekend link love! Starting to pay more attention to the recipes now. More paleo lunch ideas easy to send to school for the kids would be cool – as a matter of fact, what about a kid corner with articles rewritten for young kids learning about healthy food, and a subcatagory for middle schoolers and high schoolers? If you want to use graphics, they might appreciate that.

    1. I agree with you on the busy-ness. Also, the ‘deals’ like “buy 100 paleo books worth 1000$” make me feel uncomfortable, I think they look a bit tacky..

  29. oh, and for other ladies in the perimenopause phase – traditional chinese medicine is very primalish and really helps with hormone, temperature, and sleep issues! One of the best “primal” moves I ever made!

  30. First of all I am gratefull for the immense body of knowledge on your site Mark. For me there is no site as complete as yours. Sometimes the posts are a bit too much technical but I think you do a favour to people that want scientific explenations so this can be usefull. There are for me just one big and one small suggestions. I am a great fan of the succes stories, so please continue Friday success stories. As I have relapses all the time they inspire me! The minor thing is the George Cloony remark, can you come up with something new? Well, no big changes on my part 🙂

  31. Before you re-design your web site, here’s the best advice I’ve ever seen: please search for “The Oatmeal” and “Website design.” His 2 cartoons present what NOT to do in a hilarious manner!

    Mark, MDA isn’t guilty of either, but I just want to make sure I don’t have a crappy website listed as one of my home pages! 🙂

    Thanks for the great content so far!

    1. Good steer! I just read The Oatmeal’s “How a web design goes straight to hell”, and am still snorting. It’s true!! Too many cooks WILL spoil the soup. I love the site as it is.

  32. I would just say to please never give up on text. Videos are annoying to load.

    Plus there are many times when (ie at work in the morning when I’m eating breakfast, just sayin’) when I can read your great articles but could not watch a video.

  33. I have always felt the concept of, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken, made sense. It’s a great site with a great community of followers. The Monday questions, link love, recipes and personal stories are worth visiting on a daily basis. I see some posters were asking where to get the Grok in the Wild shirt. Perhaps you could make them an occasional contest give away item? I would think anyone who submits a personal story deserves one. Is there a way to filter or set the web page background to counter the blue light of these telescreens we read on?

  34. Totally in agreement with those who say to keep the weekly format the same. My personal favorite is the success stories on Friday. I love that they are not just about weight loss, but showcase all kinds of improvement in health, including mental and emotional. Love the site…don’t change it too much!

    1. I agree. I love reading the success stories! And please don’t go too far with any changes. Let’s keep the emphasis on the content!

  35. I would appreciate the text being a little darker. (It seems even many books are printing their text in grey tones these days.). Other web sites have almost invisible print to my aging eyes – please make yours have a greater contrast between background and type.

    The content is what keeps me coming back to your site; do keep up the good work!

  36. Thank you so much for this website! It has helped me improve my health and well being in so many ways. I wanted to add my vote to lean towards text rather than video or podcasts. I have young kids and do most of my MDA reading while I’m sitting with them as they fall asleep, so no videos for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the life-saving info on your site. And for the lighthearted way it is presented!

  37. +1 for all the votes for more women’s health articles. I’d even be willing to share time with the men, say on alternating weeks. I deal with hot flashes and poor sleep (often awakened by, yup, hot flashes). My daughter deals with what I believe is estrogen dominance. Sooo many women’s issues, even for those of us doing things primally. One commenter mentioned Chinese medicine. Sure, Why not? But I’d like to hear your take first, of course. Thanks for all you do!

  38. I would like to have the ability to like, thumbs-up, or some-other-how affirm a post. If I wanted to thumbs-down the post, I would think I should actually reply to it…

  39. You want to keep it simple and straightforward to navigate. The banner shouldn’t be so big that you have to scroll down to see any updates. Any new content should be visible directly beneath the banner, so viewers can tell at a glance whether a new article has been published. The internal search functions should be the best they can be.

    I’ve seen so many website revamps go wrong before, where a straightforward if slightly basic design was replaced by a needless complicated and annoying one. The old Richard Dawkins website was immeasurably better than the current version, and this is shown in the dramatic drop in comments after each article. The old Wheat Belly website was easy to use, then it was replaced by a more professional-looking but annoyingly non-intuitive design, though I think this has been remedied to some extent now.

  40. Now that folks have been doing PB for a while, I’d like to see more longer-term PB stories, such as followups of early success stories, say 5 years later. Also, stories about folks who struggled for many months or years on PB who eventually found success. I don’t read all the stories, so maybe I missed them, in which case, maybe there could be a search tag to find them.

    1. Yes, I too would love to see follow-ups of these, with emphasis on what challenges people faced and how they handled long-term potential “threats” to their lifestyle.

      1. Agree, follow ups on previous success stories etc would be interesting and informative.

  41. I agree with many of the who have posted that:
    1 the basic design of the site is fine.
    2 adding the year to the date would be useful
    3 success story follow-ups would be great
    4 text more than video/podcast and transcripts of podcasts

    Things I would love to see in the future include more posts on doing primal with/for children and child friendly resources.

    Thanks for all you do

  42. Above all, PLEASE don’t ever remove pagination in favour of “infinite scrolling” – for one thing, it means you can’t use the slider to navigate, it also means you’re consuming bandwidth unnecessarily as your browser loads material you already saw, and the smallest delay in loading images means the page jumps around all over the place as something you scrolled past way back suddently loads an image and pushes everything back “down”…

    But the very WORST thing is you can’t bookmark where you were at, walk away, and then come back another day, because with infinite scrolling you need to scroll down through all that content again to get to where you left before, it’s a total flippin’ NIGHTMARE!

    (Yeah, I feel pretty strongly about it! lol)

  43. More on how primal can help with pre/post menopause would be fantastic.

    Wasn’t there a book on the way on this subject?

  44. On the Forum, I just addressed the frequency of spam posts on the Forum. I also invited others to review this blog posting and weigh in on it if they agree that the spam posts, mostly links to live-streaming sports events leading up to weekends, is of concern to them. On a recent weekend, one page of “Today’s Posts” were such.

    Other than that, I wouldn’t change much. I hope you don’t make wholesale changes just for the sake of change. When I’m browsing a site, familiar elements on different pages are my sign-posts or way-marks. I dislike looking for familiar things on redesigned pages that are not longer familiar.

  45. Lots of good ideas here, many I can get fully behind.
    I hope all of you filled out the survey, there’s plenty of room to put your ideas in. If you haven’t, please do so so your ideas are consistently presented through the feedback device.
    This is a great site, we don’t want it to be “enhanced” to the point it is no longer fun, informative, and easy to navigate.

  46. No changes. It’s perfect the way it is! (Ok, put the year on the archived article dates. But don’t change a good thing. )

  47. Thanks again, everyone, for your feedback. I hear you loud and clear. And thanks to the many hundreds of you that filled out the survey. My team and I will be taking everything into consideration.

    1. wait a minute, what survey? I just posted a survey as a suggestion and now I feel foolish 🙂

  48. Search function really doesn’t work that well! Every time I try to search something through MDA it really doesn’t get me what I’m looking for! I have to google marks daily apple + whatever I’m searching for!

  49. I’d like it if the date stamps at the top of the articles had the year. From time to time you change your opinion and recommendations based on new evidence, and so there is some conflicting info on some topics. Including the year would make it easier to work out what your most recent and thus informed opinion is on a given subject when one is looking through multiple articles.

  50. An important topic to me is sleep, particularly what you have learned about bi-phasic sleep and other wierd fringy sleep stuff, as well as dealing with blue light/orange light, etc.

  51. I’m getting to this late, but a couple of requests for the redesign.

    1) Please no light print on light backgrounds. I often struggle with sites that use minimal contrast between the color of the font and the color of the background. Why does anyone think light gray on white is a good option?
    2) No incredibly small fonts and allow the browser to increase the font sizes based on parameters. Review the W3 Consortium standards for web accessibility.
    3) I agree in principle with there being too many distractions (the right hand bar for example) it’s distracting and very obvious to others when I want to read at work. But, I’ve found that I can shrink the size of the window and get the right bar to disappear. The web design seems to think I’ve become a mobile device. Don’t lose this feature.

  52. I would love to see more blog articles on female-specific issues: maybe some guest posts from female paleo pros. Since I’ve been going through menopause (something the average cave girl didn’t live long enough to experience) I don’t lose weight like I used to and have been a bit discouraged. Most research is done on males, so a little more female-focused topics would be nice.
    Also, what about exercise for elderly people or those with disabilities or arthritis? I can’t put much pressure on my hands, so much of the bodyweight exercises are not useful for me. Some of us are total beginners and don’t know how to do all the gym stuff you guys take for granted!
    I love the site though, and really love it like it is set up now. Don’t change too much!

  53. I would like to see a sidebar listing just the recent interview podcasts, including primal endurance. For the regular posts I prefer text, but I enjoy the interviews and would like to see the list without having to go to iTunes.

    Like many, I really like the weekly format. I also would like to be able to see the year when I am looking something up.

    I love reading MDA as it is, but look forward to seeing the new design.

  54. Would love to see the year as well with the date.

    Would love a more accurate “index” or search thingy as have often given up on finding info as it takes so long to go through so many possibilities.

    Otherwise, I (and my health) love MDA as it is! x

  55. Most of the changes I’d like are small things.

    As others said above, put the year as well as day and month on each post.

    Please increase the number of posts displayed per ‘page’ – 5 is not enough especially since it takes a while to load a new page – increase to about 10 posts per page.

    I’ve been on the email list now for just over 3 years. These days I get very few email notifications when new posts go up and it makes me feel like I’m out of the loop. I’m not talking about the regular weekly posts like WLL, recipes, and Success Stories, I want to get notified when an ‘article post’ goes up.

    At the moment I get more emails urging me to buy stuff than read stuff and that … annoys me a bit. I’m guessing that Thrive doesn’t deliver overseas (like Australia) and if that is the case then I don’t want to see the emails urging me to buy. That may be a great business move for some time in the future, having agents in different countries to sell Thrive products, and I will be a customer when that happens, but until then …

    But I will finish by saying thank you for MDA, you have changed my life for the better and I really appreciate that.