What Is Your New Year Vision?

New Year HealthNew Year’s: it’s one of my favorite holidays – and not just because it has the best parties. It’s the concept of possibility, of change, of transformation. (You’ve heard me talk about that, right?) You see, in a health culture that seems hell bent on standing by milquetoast moderation, I’ve hung my hat on something bigger. I’d say more hopeful. Although massive change can begin any day, the message of New Year’s, I think, gets all of our attention. Even if we take a somewhat curmudgeonly, skeptical view the rest of the year, it’s hard to not be moved by the collective celebration all focused on the sole theme of conversion. It’s exactly the thrust of my mission here. I know it’s my passion and life’s work – transformation.

Long ago when all this began, I set out to help 10 million people with the message of Primal living. By some measures, I’ve already achieved that, but I’m all about crossing every finish line to be sure. And if a few extra hundred thousand (or more) are helped in the surge toward those alternative metrics, I’ll take it. The fact is, the more change we see, the more motivated we are to keep going. Every success story, every letter, every personal anecdote in the comment board or conversation at a Primal event spurs my interest in continuing. I’ve never been more convinced that people need an alternative path to the conventional wisdom that leads them away from the possibility of genuine health, longevity and vitality. The higher the numbers climb for obesity and lifestyle related illness, the more I believe in the necessity of the message and this community as a model of good Primal sense and truly optimum health and well-being.

The New Year offers, in some sense, capital for personal change. It comes with its own energetic motivation, its own contemplative structure and its own collective momentum. How are you going to use that capital this year? How can it encourage you to reclaim your most vitalized self, your optimum life?

Think for a few minutes… Beyond the geographical conditions of sub-zero temps (Yes, I feel you Upper Midwest – I’m from Maine after all.), where would you love to be at the end of 2014? How could life be better? How could you feel more alive and in control of your health? What would you like the energy and vigor to tackle this year? What do you wish were possible for your body, your blood markers, your life satisfaction? That vision you conjured – you deserve it. Why would you accept anything less? Now grab it. Make it your intention. Make it your resolve. Put it up twenty different places in your house if you have to. Put it here to make a public statement. Make it your motivation each day, and celebrate every day and choice that will get you there.

With all this in mind, let me present the salient question for the day. What can Mark’s Daily Apple do for you? What Primal resources could be of use or interest to you? What communal or personal support do you think can get you where you want to go? It’s exactly what keeps me coming back each day after all. Let’s take a look at a few examples….

If you’re a newbie and just getting started, these free resources can get you going along the Primal path.

If you’re new (or not!) and are looking for a workout plan, I have just the thing.

If you need help with meals, we got ‘em!

  • Get the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan delivered to your inbox
  • Check out one (even better – all!) of the Primal cookbooks. (You save 25% when ordering three or more books, and all domestic orders get free S&H.)
  • Peruse the hundreds of Primal recipes on the MDA site.
  • Print out our Primal “grocery shopping list” found on the shopping list page
  • Give Primal Fuel a try.

If you’re ready to dig deeper and challenge yourself, consider these resources and ideas for your next step.

If you could use more detailed or individual guidance, consider these programs/services.

If a live event is more your speed than reading a book, why not join in?

  • Attend one of the many Primal seminars being held across the country this year. (Check back for added dates/locations in coming months.)

If you want to be inspired, meet your fellow Groks, and have a vacation/retreat to remember for life, I’ve got that, too!

Tell me – am I missing something?? When I look back not too many years when I began this blog, I had no idea where it would lead. I knew I had a message I wanted to share because it had changed my life for the better. These days I look at the enormous and incredible community that has built up around it, the inspiring examples and now Primal Publishing authors who have contributed to the vision, and it never ceases to amaze me. Every element we’ve added has unlocked some new avenue of support – and social connection – for the Primal community, and so many of those ideas begin right here from you, our readers. You’re driven by your own Primal pursuits and the interest you have in deepening the challenge or support in that journey. Whatever your questions or ideas, I want to hear them. The entire MDA team (as well as the outstanding MDA reader community!) are here for you. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us with whatever assistance or answers you’re looking for. As for me and the bees in 2014, we have plenty of big plans for the year. Look for announcements to come in the next few weeks…

For right now, I’m interested in kicking off the New Year here with your thoughts and goals. Tell me about your resolutions. What are you aiming for in 2014? How do you want your life to be different – better (because that’s the point, isn’t it?) – by the end of 2014? How big and bold are you going? What step will you take, and what meaning do you want it to have for your personal health and overall vitality?

In keeping with those interests, what would you like to see from MDA this year? Let us know what ideas would be helpful to you in your process (e.g. new site feature, new product, new book, service or event). I’ll look forward to reading everyone’s resolutions and feedback.

Happy New Year, everyone, and Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    1. Instead of podcasts, how about daily short videos about Primal Living. They don’t all have to be by Mark, he’s got a company behind him after all.

      My reasoning is that people remember things they see 100% better than what they read or hear. That’s why Youtube is the no.1 website for learning anything now.

      Videos could be the rocket fuel to take Primal living to a whole another level, and releasing them daily would be a motivator for people to keep on grinding.

      1. Yeah! But if you make videos, could you PLEASE caption them for us lip readers out there? (also, “automatic” voice recognition captioning is very poor, and usually completely mangles the text.)

  1. MDA has become my daily inspiration and I am
    look forward to getting healthier in this new year with all the site has to offer…. Happy New Year!

  2. Great job….I am grateful for all the work that is done ‘behind the scenes’ to make this site possible and highly recommend it when talking to people about this life and the lifestyle I enjoy. Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014!

  3. I still do not have goals for the end of 2014, but for sure I have goals for my 40yo birthday, which happens to be in June: I am working hard in order to outperform any “previous myself” in some athletic challenges.
    I have been active all my life so it will not be easy to win against my 20yo counterpart but, whatever the outcome, it will be fun trying.

  4. Just keep up the great work. Like many, I share your site and recommend it regularly. A great resource. Thank you.

  5. In the past I have found that New Year’s resolutions usually set me up for failure. I keep at them for only a few days. So for the past years I have not made resolutions at the start of the new year.
    But thanks to this post, I am willing to try again! Although January 1st is almost over for me (it’s already dark outside where I live), I will think of some resolutions. The first will be to clean up my diet a little and maybe do a 21-day challenge. And make and eat more fermented foods!

    Does anyone have an idea as to how I can remind myself of my resolutions on a regular or daily basis? (but not by putting those on the wall in writing please)

    Also, have a happy 2014!

      1. Thanks for the idea, but that won’t work for me, as I am a natural at limiting phone-time 🙂 About 2 days of the week I forget to bring my smartphone to work or school and I love those days.
        The rest of the time I have notifications off and check my phone about 4 times a day (max).

        1. Simone, what about writing them down and posting them on the refrigerator, or someplace that you look at everyday? A post-it note with a couple words on it won’t take up too much space.

    1. @ Simone – I, too, rarely made any New Year’s Resolutions as I figured I was doomed to failure, so why even try? However, several weeks ago I had already decided to make some for myself. Then Mark’s Daily Apple came in my email just now!

      I went paleo about 4 years ago, went to the gym 4 times a week for strenghtening mostly, and lost 20 pounds. I was ecstatic as my goal has been to lose 30 pounds. But then my weight loss plateaued 2 years later and, in addition, my work schedule changed and I was no longer able to fit in going to the gym 4 times a week. I lost my way, if you will, and have regained back those 20 lost pounds.

      this past summer I purchased a used elliptical from a thrift store and it has been sitting, unused ever since, in my living room.

      So, my goals: Back to strict paleo WOE and very low carb. Get on that elipitcal for a mere 4 minutes a day utilizing HIIT. I also am going to incorporate a 5:2 fast … a mere 500 or less calories twice a week. I want to lose those 30 pounds and keep them off!

      Some sort of a buddy system would be so awesome … some accountability to someone other than just myself … maybe some sort of group text setup?

    2. For me, the best “resolution” is to read MDA every day – it has to be the best source of inspiration and reminders.

      Maybe you could even set this site as your home page so it will come up automatically when you open your browser = instant reminder!

      Good luck!

    3. Write out some prepaid postcards with reminders then give them to a trusted friend or family to mail to you at some set or random times.

    4. Hi Simone,

      I don’t use resolutions to create specific goals, but rather I set themes for the year. For example, I remember back in 2004 my resolution was to build a community of friends (I had just moved to a new city). There were many “things” I did to achieve that overall theme, but setting the resolution helped me to look at the big picture. A couple years ago, my theme was “Do Less” – that was a really hard one. Last year, as a result of having gone primal, the theme was “Play More.” Luckily I got a dog last February, so I started playing on a regular basis.

      Maybe rather than a strict resolution, maybe your theme for this year could be “pursue health” or “live more primally.” You may find that you focus on diet for the beginning of the year, but then your experience evolves to encompass other aspects of your health or a primal lifestyle. And when you fall off the wagon, which you inevitably will, you can just remind yourself to focus again on your overall theme. No perfection to achieve, no checklists to cross off…just living your life with intention.

      Just my two cents; I have found this to be a very empowering way of approaching resolutions.

      Happy New Year!

      1. That’s an awesome way to think about resolutions–I like it!

    5. I’ve been primal for 4 years, and I find logging my eating and exercising goes a long way towards keeping me on track. I imagine the same would help for sticking with resolutions. Mark has a 90 Day Journal. I prefer to take advantage of technology, and I actually wrote an App for iPhone and iPad that helps track Primal Activities. It’s free — check it out:


    6. Thanks for all your responses! I truly feel grateful to have access to such an awesome community where people are also trying to help others. You have shown me some very interesting ways to set resolutions.

      My theme for this year will indeed be “pursue health”. For my health the most important thing is to get inflammation under control. Therefore I seth sub themes: “stress less” (which is a big issue because of both work and my upcoming Msc. degree) and “experience new things”.

      For stress less I will start by getting things done way ahead of deadlines. The rest will develop over time, I suppose.

      OK, I made it public now… 🙂

  6. I am looking forward to continue my paleo lifestyle in 2014. Hoping to lose another 20+ lbs as well as feel great and fit as ever! I also would like to learn more about nutrition and hopefully by the end of the year be really able to understand and explain the benefits of Paleo and the cons of conventional eating.

    I would love to see a MDA podcast as well as some retreats or seminars in Orlando, FL.

    Come to the sunshine state Mark!

      1. +1 !! FL is great esp in winter, Mark! How about posting somewhere on the site a map where PBers could show where they live? Had something like that on another forum I was on awhile ago. Would LOVE to get to know other PBers in north FL and get together once in the while. The online MDA community is great, but people in our area would be great to get together with. Sometimes I think I’m the only PBer here but I know that can’t be the case.

        1. Ooooooh – that would be awesome! What if you could put yourself on the map and opt in or out for direct email/message contact by other MDA readers?

  7. Having lost about 65lbs back in 2011 and keeping it all off within about a 7-10lb range to this current time…I think I’m going to get back very serious about my dietary intake and also my physical training, which I never was very focused on even when I lost all my weight. I want a jaw dropping body and I know I can make it happen. I want to make that final jump from “Wow, you look great” to “Dude, you look like an MMA fighter or something”. I’m vain. I guess that’s an acceptable personality trait? 🙂

  8. Seminars in more cities. I think some people learn better this way.

  9. Physical changes are far easier to realize than those of the “psychological” variety. Confidence deficits , anxiety and a lack of direction are among the greatest obstacles to overcome. 2013 was great…..this site and it’s community had so much to do with it…..but it’s time to step forward and allow the progression to seep into other areas of life.

    Thanks again Mark and happy new year to everyone.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Losing weight and getting fit is the easy part. 2014 is the year to get my mind right.

  10. Mark–and fellow Grokers and Grokites– I have woven in an out of Paleo this past year and decided to do the 21 day challenge for the full month of January. It’s 11:07 am and I am still holding forth!
    Seriously– I have been MDA’s biggest advocate but not its best pursuer– that will change

  11. My goal this year is to be able to accept that people I love will not participate in natural ways to improve their health. I want to give information where it’s best used and continue to improve my own health as a way of being a good role model. I want to give myself a schedule of balanced work, exercise, and education. And make this the year of even less waste….and less waist!

  12. Thank you Mark for all that you do for our present version of the human race. You have offered a way for people to regain their lives, health and happiness. I am a health care provider and learned of this website from one of my patients. The more I read the more I knew that primal/paleo lifestyle is the right way to proceed. I have watched obese/diabetic/hypertensive patients progress down a path to a bad outcome for years. I have been seeing more and more people who have discovered this site on their own and are having amazing reversal of chronic health problems. I am happy to offer your site to those who have not heard about it. I feel I have an amazing tool with your site and all it has to offer. In my own life, I have lived mostly primally for well over a year. I have never been healthier. I am confident I will not have to face diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease that my parents had to. Thank you for that 🙂 Thank you!

  13. More interviews / discussions with, and articles by, intelligent skeptics.

  14. I have ADHD, schizoaffective disorder, and borderline personality disorder all mainly caused by food. Anything other than meat, vegetables, & small amounts of fruits (no weed caffeine cigarettes or alcohol eityher) and the symptoms begin to return These symptoms have wrecked much of 2013 and of my life and ive lost many relationships because of them. I’m feeling them a bit now, after indulging for Xmas and NYE. I would finally like this madness to stop. I would like to stick completely to the healthy lifestyle plan I’ve set up for myself. My resolution is to resist temptation.

  15. Mark, Just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration, your positivity and your contribution to this world!

  16. Mark, thank you for how significantly you have impacted my life. I find that primal is not just a ‘diet’ plan for me, but has transformed so much of my thinking in all aspects of life. I am challenged to have a more ‘primal’ unadulterated approach to my marriage, parenting, consuption of media/electronics, relationship and salvation with God, and even my thoughts on economics and government! I know, I’m in pretty deep…but I think your concepts challenge any fad, any pretense and any unwarrented allegience, causing us to think…and THATS what I’m thankful to you and your team for!

  17. In a nutshell, help (advice/tools/anything) for those of us for whom following the plan doesn’t work – strike that, for those of us who do not experience weight loss. I believe with all my heart that primal/paleo is the best lifestyle. And I have followed it off an on for years (well, except for the pullups).

    I lose the initial water weight of about 6lbs. And there I sit. I DO know that I feel better (not completely great, but a bit better) when actually living the primal lifestyle. However, I always end up slipping after several months. Largely because (I believe) I still have those additional 40 or so lbs staring back at me. (Admittedly, having a non-primal family doesn’t help matters).

    I’ve love the success stories, read the articles every chance I get, have devoured the books (yours, Robb’s, and now working on Chris’s) and cookbooks, read several sites. I admit, I don’t get to read the blog as much as I’d like…there’s ultimately only so much time in the day.

    I know that there are folks out there who share the same struggle. And I know that there are various reasons. At present, I’m feeling like a failure…though I will keep trying and trying (yes, I hear Yoda saying there is no ‘try’). Kind of like that shy kid that studies, know the answers, but…

    Are there any tools/suggestions for those of us struggling with little success?

    Thank you.

    1. Mark – thanks for the fantastic site and community you’ve built. I’ve lost about 40 pounds and feel stronger and healthier than I have before as an adult. New Year’s for me: Tough Mudder in June with my 19 year old son (I’ll be 50) and a Polar Bear swim this afternoon.

      Wren – Thanks for your comments. Primal is working great for me but not for my wife. There was some success but she feels more frustration than enthusiasm. She can walk but workouts are difficult because of a back injury, she has a complicated medical history, her weight loss is very limited though she eats less than I do.

      My wife feels as you do but neither of you is a failure. My wife is amazing and I’m sure you are too. We just don’t have all the info yet.

      We solved one serious medical problem by taking charge ourselves, after many years of misdiagnosis by doctors in two countries. I guess we’ll have to do the same with my wife’s plateau with Primal.

      I’ve just read the Chris Kresser post and will look into his approach. (Mark – more posts like this would be great). I don’t know yet if that will help but finding a way to track the clues is is how we’ll move toward solving the mystery.

      Good luck Wren!

      Everyone (Mark, guest posters, commenters) – thank you for so many terrific posts, full of optimism and great information. Happy New Year!

    2. I have the same issue as you! Hard to stay motivated when the weight doesn’t move. But I’ve been doing some research–I have ulcerative colitis which does do well on Primal–but have found some things that mention more is needed. I guess for a lot of us with gut issues, the hormone system also tanks, and a nutrient deficit can also go on (not absorbing things as we should). and the part that got me was that if ANY of these systems are in stress you wont lose weight. Period. I’d say I’m a prime example of that! So…my resolution is health–to get some tests and try to heal on all levels so I can be healthy and lose this weight finally!! The site I listened to the talk is https://scdlifestyle.com/ if you want to listen–they promote Primal diet as well:)
      I love your site Mark. Do you ever come to Canada?

  18. After indulging a bit over Christmas – I do love Christmas cake and it was gluten free, I had a nasty bout of diarrhoea and dreadful pains in my guts yesterday. A reminder to stick to the diet. I’ve taken it gently today with small meals and feel loads better. I’m a Coeliac and have noticed that if I stick to the no grains & beans I don’t get bouts of diarrhoea. I’ve being living the primal way for just over a year and keep to the diet at least 80% of the time. I think its time to sort out my food cupboards and throw away anything thats not primal. I don’t need to loose any more weight, but I would like to loose another inch off my waist and some fat off my stomach. I’m 70, is that why its hard to loose the fat from my stomach?

  19. I’ve been reading this site for a while, and this year, I’m going to apply some of this knowledge. For the month of January, I’m going to be as paleo/primal as possible. If I’m tempted by something, I’ll write it on my list for February 1rst, and hopefully I won’t even want it by then. I have about 30 to 40 lbs to lose, and rosacea that has been flaring up over the holidays, probably due to stress and undesirable choices in food. Later I’ll start using the weights that have been gathering dust in the corner. This is the year I turn 33, and by the end of the year, I’m going to be awesome.

  20. I *just* posted about S.M.A.R.T. goal setting on my blog, and ended with a public announcement of my own goals for 2014. To me, that’s what’s important–setting goals and then achieving them. As for what I’m going to change, I think I’ve finally gotten it right, and my body thanks me for it. Absolutely no grains or legumes, very limited dairy, carbs under 150 grams a day, moderate cardio, lift heavy things, good sleep. But, hey, you know that. It’s been three years (found MDA in January 2011) and I’m still a work in progress, but at 51 I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. 2014 looks to be a very good year!

  21. Come to Canada to do a seminar! I live in Calgary and the Paleo community here is amazing but having the opportunity to hear someone speak about a Priml/Paleo lifestyle would be amazing.

  22. First, thank you for all you do! This site was one of the first resources I used when I was going paleo! My New Years resolutions are to get to my goal weight & to get the rookie of the year award at my gym. I’ve lost 65 pounds so far & have 45 to go! I started crossfit in mid November & I love it. I’ve never liked exercise before in my life, so this is totally new to me. I want to be the best athlete I can be & make the coaches proud. For the first time in a long time, I rang in the new year in a better place than I was last year & I only have better things coming this year. I can feel it in my bones! 🙂

  23. I would like to be inexplicably happy, incredibly positive and above all have amazing physical and mental health for myself, my family and my friends:)
    Happy New Year! All the Best in 2014! Thank you for all you do:)
    Laurie, Canada

  24. Thanks for everything Mark! I started my quest to improve my Health about 18 months ago when I had gotten up to 305. I tried all kinds of crazy things, but only one thing really worked and was sustainable, the Primal Blueprint, which I learned about while reading posts on McDougals site Starch Solution website which I had been trying to follow. I am now very close to my goal weight which is a muscular 210, in fact would be happy if I didn’t lose another pound.

    While Mark and I don’t know each other I am sure we raced against each other back in the day doing Triathalons. I feel much better now than when I weighed 180 and was doing chronic cardio.

    Anyway my resolution is to lose 10 more pounds and keep spreading the word about this lifestyle. I have never had a weight loss goal so small, it actually makes me chuckle, I also know it can be easily done, by just doing what I am doing.

    Anyway, awesome site, keep it up,

    Fit in Oregon

    PS: so dang fit I am doing the Tough Mudder in August.
    PSS: I have also been promoted at work, because everything I do I better since I went Primal.

  25. My goals for 2014 are pretty straightforward. Of course, continuing the experiment for optimal health is on that list (made huge strides in this last year), but I think it is time for me to move on from just that focus. I have an awesome idea for a paleo/primal cookbook that has never been tackled before. (I know, how is that possible?) Sometimes, inspiration comes in the form of something a five-year-old hands you. So, that’s my goal this year – to write that sucker and get a publisher behind it!

  26. One of my personal goals is working on becoming less “frail.” I sustained a rib injury during a martial arts session over the summer, and I continually find ways to re-injure it. My plan is to engage more actively in the Primal Essential Movements in order to build up my body, focus on ridding my body of toxins by eating a clean, Primal diet, and utilize my Primal Blueprint 90-day journal in order to track my progress and tweak my approach. Oh, and allow my body to heal, that’s sort of important as well.

    1. This is one of my goals as well! I injured my elbow in the Fall & it has held me back from many of my usual strength-building activities. I’ve been walking & stretching & trying to be patient, but I feel myself getting weaker & frailer & it’s so frustrating!

  27. Mark,
    Please consider coming to the Atlanta/Greenville or Asheville area!! We need a seminar in this part of the south.

  28. Due to an accident in August I have been on the sidelines. Can’t believe how much muscle I’ve lost. I just got the go-ahead yesterday to start gently stretching my left arm, and I can finally walk without my left knee swelling and hurting. So, my goal right now is to start walking and work up to walking carrying a weighted backpack. The ultimate goal this year is to go to Spain this fall and walk the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage across northern Spain.

  29. Not sure if this already exists on this site, but it would be cool if there was a way to ‘favorite’ articles from MDA that would be saved to our profile on the site. It would be a faster way to have a quick reference tool to things like, say, refreshing our memory on things like CoEnzyme Q10 or Reservatol instead of using the search function.

    This would just be a small convenience so I don’t have to bookmark or try to remember every good article I read and later forget. No idea if this is an addition that would be programmable or desirable for others, so I’d be interested to know if others have a better way to doing this already instead of this idea. Also, if we have profiles, like forum profiles, it’d be nice to be able to see peoples’ favorited MDA articles.

  30. This year I will sit . . and breathe . . and nothing more.
    A daily time of mindfulness/meditation will become part of my life.

  31. My goal is to get more sleep. I have already lost 91 lbs since 2012 and 37 of that 91 since I went primal at the beginning of 2013. I also want to lose at least 40 – 50 lbs by the end of 2014.
    I recently went to a chiropractor and he ran a huge panel of blood markers. I have a lot of things to work on. The most important thing is that I found out the thyroid medication I was taking for the last 4 years is not converting my T4 to T3 (no wonder why my weight has plateaued and I have been tired all the time). I am now on the right medication and moving toward better health. I still have a ways to go, but I truly feel that 2014 is my year! Thank you Mark, Worker Bees, and MDA readers for all the great work you do. May 2014 bring Health, Happiness, Hope, and Harmony to you all! Salud!

  32. Though I think you have done a very good job of showing how diabetes, etc. can be avoided, I would really like to see posts directed to people (like me) who are already overweight, been eating low carb (albeit not to your exact plan), who have to take insulin to control BS (how can you lose weight when injecting insulin?). In other words – we are half way down the spiral and trying to find handle to pull ourselves back up. We may also be a relatively small group now of your membership, but if people keep eating the CW way there should be many more in the not too distant future. Any help appreciated.

  33. My goal is to quit messing around and actually do this thing for more than 10 days at a time. Consistency has always been my problem.

    Had an interesting experience over the holidays, though — I visited family in another state. Their kitchen is nothing but processed junk. I partook in quite a bit of candy and chips, crackers, etc. However, most of my eating fell between 10 am and 7 pm, I was nibbling and not gorging, and I took a slow, hour-long walk in the chilly sunshine every day. I got home and saw I’d lost 2 lbs! Bizarre.

    Just a nitpicky note, Mark: “milk-toast” should be “milquetoast” — coined after a cartoon character from the 1930s.

  34. Intentions of My Highest Good

    I am exquisitely conscious of Spirit as my life!

    I am guided, guarded and blessed in all I do!

    I am expressing the best that is within me!

    I am loving, loved and beloved! I radiate love!

    I am a powerful orchestrator of Good!

    I am happy with myself, with my life and with my world!

    I am lavishly supplied with money, ideas and goods!

    I am expressing Life in a body that is healthy, beautiful,
    vital, vibrant, flexible, whole and free!

    I am manifesting the highest good
    for mySelf and all-that-is!

    And so I am!

  35. I definitely second the idea of a group seminar/ lecture/ retreat outside the US, preferably the UK!

    My resolutions after 4 months of lurking is to really do it; to make the changes to go 80-20 primal I have all the information and I have been waiting for today to start!

    To be able to wear tight tops that I used to wear before my 2 kids, and to start lifting

    To do YOGA more and mostly for our family to complete an international move to a country where we have no jobs or a house yet without turning to chocolate and stodgy carbs to cope!

  36. Mark – I am so thankful for your website and daily posts. Being reminded of our resolutions and our lifestyle is as simple as bookmarking this website and reading regularly. I rarely, if ever, have a topic I am unable to successfully search for here.

    My feedback would be to stay true to your website. Please listen to your own advice and not stretch yourself too thin . . . sure, you could have a fabulous podcast, hundreds of seminars, and even a hit TV show, but this site, your writing, and YOUR health would suffer. This country tends to have a “grow or die” mentality, and I find that unfortunate. You are the best at what you do and as a loyal reader I would love to see your focus remain on your writing, your health, and your family 🙂

    1. What a great reply. Yes, take care of yourself and guard your personal/family well being before anything else. That’s setting the best example.

  37. My goal in 2014 is to be a role model to inspire friends and family to adopt the Primal lifestyle. Experience has taught me that this is the most effective method of persuasion.
    How can MDA improve? Wow, I am hard pressed to answer that…..I am continually amazed and impressed by the variety of subjects presented each day…. the resources available, the activities that occur etc. What really impresses me is that MDA is asking the question, “What else do you want?”. A great example of the old concept of Continuous Quality Improvement!
    Speaking of old…..as a 62 year old reader of MDA, I do have a suggestion…… I’d suggest an occasional post geared towards seniors. Perhaps we MDA readers could then share the post with others in our “young old” cohort as a way of introducing them to the Primal lifestyle. Who knows what might follow….sexta and septuagenarians then become Primal and exceptionally healthy, the demand for Medicare services drops off and as a result, Medicare is solvent until 2152??
    Thanks for all you have done and will do Mark and bees and Happy 2014!

    1. Great idea. As someone who is soon to be 70 years old I’d love to see more write-ups about us old dogs who can learn new tricks!

      I went Primal about 4-5 years ago or so, So there is room for improvement no matter how old we are. Oftentimes I hear from friends that there’s no point in changing now, or I can’t change something I’ve always done, yada, yada, yada. Even tho I try to lead by example, having posts geared toward seniors would be a great way to boost the info available to help educated them about the PB.

      Let’s not forget that LGN is still important even at my age, but I especially value the health benefits even more — the rest will fall into place.

  38. By the end of the year, I want to be the one in control. I no longer want food to control me. I want to be able to pass up the donuts and cookies and not feel like “poor me, I can’t eat that”. Instead, I want to say “why would someone want to eat that? Its poison.” I want to be healthy, to feel good, and to look good. I want the will power to accomplish the PERMANENT changes that need to take place. Its a tall order.

  39. When I really need a boost I look at the Success Stories. I then I type in Dave in the search box and I just get so inspired. I have given out this URL to so many people. I really like to read other’s comments as I find that what they post also melds with my thinking. Not that I love when others fall off the wagon, I just like knowing that I am not the Lone Ranger in this journey.


  40. I love how your article was worded Mark. The questions you posed made me really think. I’ve been a MDA creeper for several months now and I’m finally ready to become a member of the community. I have daily reminders set-up in my phone to remind me to check the site (until it becomes a habit).

    In 2014, I want to take control in my life physically and financially. I want to get healthy and be in control of food and not the other way around.

    I’m looking forward to having MDA help me achieve optimal health.

  41. Mark, I enjoy reading your postings every day. My favorites are the motivational topics! I really have been looking forward to the holidays fading and my focus on health returning. I love the holidays (all of them) and the social and spiritual interaction. The food puts pressure on me, though, especially the homemade sugarbombs with emotional strings. The new year brings freedom and a better attitude. Onward! 🙂

  42. My 2014 starts with my retirement and 65th birthday, happy days !
    I’m beginning a 30day strict paleo regimen in mid January to set the standard if my new life . A daily walk for an hour and a half together with a friend is part of this, too!

    MDA has been a part if my life during 2013 and will continue being so of course ????
    Christina from Sweden

  43. Thank you, everyone, for all your kind words, and happy new year!

    And thank you for your feedback as well. I’ll be taking all of it into consideration as I continue to try to make MDA a valuable resource for millions of people looking to get healthy and fit.

    Grok on!

    1. Go Jill!
      I’m 3 years into remission, I hope you will get through it with much courage! 🙂

  44. Happy New Year to all. I have a lump in my throat and a smile on my face. At times it is somewhat difficult to read about others, their stories/thoughts and of the challenges facing them. Alternatively the messages of those that have had success are so inspirational and motivating. I took on the task of improvement “primally” 27 months ago to the day. The amount of information and quality food I have devoured since then has been well worth it. The trajectory of change continues in that positive direction. The questions I ask and the answers I seek are never ending. What an appetite! It is a lifestyle like nothing I could have imagined. But.. the toughest part is not having pretty much any family members and friends participating in something so incredible; taking charge of your own health. It can be a lonely and strange feeling. That said I am totally committed to lead by example. Yesterday afternoon I experienced something that was so refreshing and heart warming. We were at an open house visiting and met this wonderful 86 year old woman. The conversation began light heartedly about whether we had “gluten” containing food on our plates. “Well we don’t even have any grains on our plates…we’re paleo” I said. Now..what happened next was so cool.This woman was an unbelievable wealth of information and I mean absolutely incredible resource of knowledge in regards to paleo. I was awestruck! It was so much fun to listen to her. Talk about alive and vibrant. Her eyes were so clear, vivid, such depth of color. She had become interested in paleo a little over 2 years ago as well. Her reasons for change were not only for her health but that of her husbands. You see he is experiencing early symptoms of alzheimer’s disease. She makes sure he consumes coconut oil every day, it is helping she said. So we chewed the fat (pardon the weak pun!) for quite a spell. It was beautiful. She experiences probably what a lot of us do, the conventional thinking and dogma of those around us. The resistance to just connect a few dots and wise up. But let me tell you, there is nothing that will get in this womans’ way that I am convinced of. God bless everyone. Day one of 2014

  45. As far as improvements for the MDA site, it’s hard to come up with anything I would change or add. I love the science, recipes, and personal stories. I especially enjoy discovering new elements of “play.” We enjoy the outdoors, and it would be cool to incorporate more outdoor cooking and play ideas. Maybe a primal guide to eating and cooking while hiking or camping? Putting a piece of meat on the fire is, of course, basic, but there’s logistic issues with carrying raw meat on an over-night trip in a pack. Not impossible, just need some tips. Just a thought!!

    1. BTW, I forgot to say that my new year’s resolution is to eat more fish. I have some canned wild-caught salmon in the cupboard that needs to be eaten. I’ve never been good at cooking fresh fish. Baby steps . . . 🙂

  46. The daily posts are a huge inspiration to me! I’m a marathoner, soon to run my 56th and eat/sleep/breath PB. I would love to have a map of where all the Primal people are…I live in Canada and feel like an alien.

  47. Thanks for all the work you put into MDA, Mark! It’s a well researched and reliable source of information!

    It would be nice if the site’s search function was a bit friendlier to use on mobile platforms, and if the forums were formatted for mobile platforms, too.

  48. I live the new year because it’s always a time where I get to reflect and more importantly decide where and what I want to do this year.

    My biggest goal is to work harder at being a good family member and working harder in life at a lot of things.

  49. My theme for the year is to “build better habits.” The first one is less TV. I figure that will free up a lot of time for exercise, cooking, studying, reading, playing, and sleeping. Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make it a great one!

  50. Wonderful post Mark, thank you so much for this site. I really appreciate your generosity of thought and knowledge, sharing with us all.

    Like others I chose to not do any resolutions this year, as my life is so good now, that I don’t feel a need to improve anything. For this I am sincerely grateful! If anything my plan is to continue the primal lifestyle I’ve been playing in for most of 2013.

    I’ve had relatives staying and it was quite frightening to me what they chose to eat on a daily basis. As soon as we dropped them at the airport we came home and prepared a kick-ass salad with chicken. They thought we were weird, focussing on meat and vegies, having cream in coffee and not eating bread, rice or pasta. I realised again that when I stray from primal, I feel sludgy, uncomfortable and tired.

    So back to 2014… I have 3 kilos left to go, having removed 10 kilos this last year. My body is the best its ever felt, and my energy levels are high… My work life is much improved, and I have a new job to move to this month. Like another poster, living this way has made me better at work as well. I cannot thank you Mark and the worker bees enough. You’re an inspiration every day.

    I’m not a fan of podcasts or videos, I find the site easy to read on my phone while travelling to work on the train. Silent is good for me. More technical information is good, re diet and specific problems maybe. But Mark like another poster, I’m cognizant you are one person, take it easy, you’re doing really well!!

  51. Starting a 21 day on January 4th. Start the new year right. My goal for 2014 is to find the sweet spot of living primal with ease and not have it be such a struggle. Experiment with fat/carb/protein ratios & lifestyle things to kick my joy level up a notch.

    What I’d love to see from MDA, beyond a continuation of all the fab things you already do? You know, it seems like Primal for women (especially women over 40) needs individual tweaking more often than Primal for men. It would be nice to have some conversations, feedback, info aimed at that idea of how Primal can work best for them.

    1. Yes, please, more info specific to women over 40. I have been living as primally as possible since a co-worker pointed me to MDA in 2009. The weight refuses to budge despite my best efforts.

      I have Chris Kessler’s book on order, so hoping that will have some insight that I’ve missed.

      1. +1 for more Primal for women _especially women over 40 _! Thank you.

  52. My vision is: more development, in everybody, of the Real Self. That is the curious, creative Self that is so often repressed in modern life. And to be honest, the Real Self is subversive. It usually doesn’t want to work for The Man. It wants more spontaneity, more laughter, more dance, more music, more physical activity, more sex, more leisure, and more time to work on its own projects than life in capitalist patriarchy usually allows.

    To that end, I am not going to make any young person/student/kid do anything they don’t want to do, other than their fair share of household work. I was a teacher for years and years and recently quit a job tutoring home schoolers. These kids were demoralized. They did not like any aspect of academic work. They were not free. They had little acquaintance with their Real Selves, and the adults around them feared and repressed their Real Selves. They had little time during the week to nourish their true passions.

    Also they had little ability to structure their time toward the goals of the Real Self, whatever those might be. The Real Self needs passion and engagement with compelling projects, but it also needs some structure and ability to Get Things Done. When you put those things together–passion and self-discipline–you are unstoppable.

    Let’s nourish passion, direction, focus and structure in the service of Real Self goals in ourselves and each other this year.

  53. Thrilled at the hint of a podcast by you. I followed your plan to a T a couple of years ago but then went back to my old ways and was in a brain fog until Thanksgiving when I took a tough look at myself and started going back to eating Primal and doing some daily exercise. Feel like a million bucks and back to my old self and a lot of that has to do with your website and writings. To have a weekly podcast would be such a treat.

    Thanks for all that you do and Happy New Year.

  54. I think MDA is a superior site that I refer to often. I don’t have time for another podcast, though I’m sure you would do a great job. That is a huge undertaking which Angelo Coppola and others are doing quite well. What I would love to see more of is mainstream acceptance of healthy choices and support from health care professionals. When those two things start to change the benefits could be tremendous.

  55. i dont understand what type of diet this. what type of protein do you eat. can you eat raw food without cooking it?

  56. glad to see my milk-toast/milquetoast correction was noted 🙂

  57. A buddy systen, I think, would be beneficial. I find there is a big difference between choosing to read MDA frequently and someone asking me how things are going. Maybe it could be an opt-in part of the forums or something like that so readers could choose to participate and how they wanted to pair/team up?

  58. It has been a year since I went primal. I lost 40 pounds and reversed my Type 2 Diabetes. My goal for 2014 is to lose another 40 pounds and to lower my blood sugar by another 30 points. Thank you for your inspiration! Let’s do this!

  59. Hi Mark

    God bless you and your extended MDA family with love and good health always! Please come to Sydney to present some primal seminars!

    I started my primal journey 7 months ago and lost 18Kg in the first 5 months. Unfortunately I haven’t lost any weight in the last 2 months. I have about 5Kg more to lose. I’m stupidly blaming the plateau on breastfeeding my 10 month old baby. I’ve heard that breastfeeding women’s bodies hold on to fat. But honestly, I think it’s because I eat too much fruit and dried dates. Have you ever eaten dates squished with a big slice of butter??? It’s heavenly!!! My goals for this year are:
    1. try crossfit. I have arthritis in my lower back so I’ve been terrified of trying anything other than my outdoor fitness classes that I do twice a week. I have to modify the exercises so that I don’t do anything asymmetrical that would hurt my back eg I do squats instead of lunges;
    2. eat less fruit and stop eating dates and honey; and
    3. most importantly, be grateful for all my blessings, live in the moment, worry less and be more loving and generous. These are all different ways of saying the same thing. I just didn’t want to have too long a list lol!
    Thank you for everything you do!

  60. Mark, I love the post … very profound and relevant! Thank you.

    There is a plenty of misinformation out there for athletes with a strength focus (Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, etc.). I have been following a Primal lifestyle to support my recovery from lifting and general well-being. The impact has been profound, especially on my performance in the gym. I would love to see more posts that deal with tailoring the PB to various specific athletic pursuits.