Weekly Link Love—Edition 87

Research of the Week

Yoga promotes stress resilience.

Adipose tissue is limited by the number of embryonic progenitor cells.

Relying only on antibody testing may not capture everyone with coronavirus immunity.

Birds who swallow fish eggs whole may deposit them intact and viable into isolated lakes.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 430: Shawn Baker MD: Host Elle Russ chats with Dr. Shawn Baker about all-things carnivory.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 66: Laura and Erin chat with Tara Garrison.

Media, Schmedia

What happened to schools and daycares that remained open despite the pandemic?

Interesting Blog Posts

How one man thinks we can solve the pandemic, and quickly.

Plastic rain is here.

What Mel Joulwan is up to these days.

Social Notes

What we’ve lost (but can regain).

One opinion on differences between China and America.

Everything Else

Gambling on shark migration.

Viking colors.

Macaques take over a Thai city.

When did the chicken cross the road?

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

I’m not surprised: There is a strong bias in which antidepressant trials get published.

Interesting finding: It’s not that power poses work. It’s that slumping is bad for your mental health and fortitude.

Video I liked: The power of swimming in wild open water.

Counterintuitive result that might not be so counterintuitive when you really think about it: “Enrichment” activities are probably bad, or at least neutral, for kids.

Now I’m worried: A computer describes the Mona Lisa.

Question I’m Asking

How are you playing these days?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 21 – Jun 27)

Comment of the Week

“You missed the most important part…how to eat it! You have to pull the bottom of each leaf thru your teeth. I’ve seen people trying to bite and chew the ends.”

– Indeed, Cate. Sidenote: I would support a GMO artichoke whose leaves you could eat in their entirety.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Southern Hemisphere here, so we have just passed our winter solstice. I have a private bet with myself that I can wear shorts and have my sleeves rolled up for the whole of winter, where comfort is the only factor. I haven’t had my Vitamin D tested, and probably won’t get around to it, but it would be interesting.

    The effects of cold exposure are discussed in the alternative health community, but generally in terms of full-body exposure. Is anyone aware of information relating to partial exposure of this kind?

    I’m a farmer, work outdoors (obviously) and I’ve found that bare limbs are both tolerable and prompt me to move at a higher cadence. Coverings to the head, neck and hands being more essential to cold tolerance than covering to forearms and legs below mid-thigh.

    How does this fit with ancestral clothing patterns?

    Cheers…. Peter.

  2. I was excited to participate in another keto month with Mark’s daily emails, until I read that you have to purchase a $40 canister of some latte thing. I don’t have that kind of money (i don’t have *any* money actually). I’m really upset that I won’t get to be a part of this one. I understand of course, it’s just unfortunate for those of us with no spare money.

    1. TGJ, you can do your own “keto month” without group participation or daily babysitting. You don’t need to buy anything. Learn the basics and just do it.
      MDA is free until it isn’t. Keep in mind that while it’s a treasure trove of great information, it’s also Mark’s livelihood..

      1. Yeah, I understand why and I’d love to buy his products if I could. I once asked for a box of his dark chocolate almond bars for Christmas back when that was his only PK product. I know I can do keto myself, I just really like Mark’s daily advice and tidbits. You might have a point though, I do get a bit irritated with all the mentions of keto products or keto recipes with ingredients that I don’t have the luxury of buying. I liked it for the exercise, play, sleep, and stress challenges he suggested. I do intend to do keto this month myself regardless (mostly because I can’t keep eating all my kids’ bananas before the end of the week).

    2. You must not be in America TGJ. We pay millions of people monthly to do nothing and stay at home. What a country! LOL

      1. lol I do, I’m a stay at home mom of 2 little ones. I live on foodstamps and Medicaid but I spend most of my monthly ebt on my children to make sure they eat the best primal diet I can afford for them which leaves $100 for myself each month. When I have succeeded with keto I wasn’t eating enough and lost my 14 extra lbs, this time around I don’t want to drop weight because I’m low enough and weak enough already… Thinking of not worrying about carbs and just trying to gain muscle so I can stop feeling so tired and weak.

  3. The dream thing is interesting Mark. I have noticed that as I approach eighty my dreams are becoming more vivid and strangely, more narrative, often with a surprising twist at the end, and then I wake up. Very entertaining. Just not possible to order up on demand sadly.

    1. Ross, have you tried keeping a dream journal? If you write them down, perhaps you’ll see a pattern or better yet, a message! I love dream time!

  4. Fully agree on the Pilsner after exercise! Even tough I prefer a cold IPA.
    Sadly I can’t do more strenuous exercise right now as I am recovering from COVID19… but I allow myself the luxury of a cold IPA a little bit more often then normally… gives me a very satisfying feeling and also a few extra kilos to get rid of soon.

    1. Sorry, Mark, gotta go with an IPA. Although I would not turn down a good Pilsner if an IPA was not available….

  5. I agree with the fire part. Great way to end the night with a glass of wine (or two)!

  6. Always be kind
    Tell the people you Love, that you LOVE them!
    Choose to be Happy!

    If this COVID-19 isn’t enough… my husband of 47yrs, survived a “Widow Maker” heart attack this week!
    This has my mind spinning. I feel numb. ????

  7. Mark,
    I was wondering if you have time for a vitamin D refresher/update. It seems like one of our best defenses against covid (and anything else for that matter), and I’m curious about supplementation in the summer. I get at least an hour of midday sun every day (in Massachusetts), and I’m wondering if additional vitamin D would be helpful. I know a blood test is the true way to find levels, but are there any other indicators of ideal or less than ideal levels.
    Thanks for all you do,

    1. Yes, your take on Vit. D supplementation would be helpful, Mark. The article you linked to suggests that a blood level >75nmol/L is desirable to achieve good protection against COVID-19. Other articles I have read said that a level of 40nmol/L is high enough. What say you?

  8. My brother bought a farm years ago, and started selling raw milk. He has more milk than he can sell. He also built a food truck that never leaves the farm to sell farm to table as much as he can. Long story short, I asked him for some cream so I could make butter and ghee. He asked to try some ghee, and fried potatoes and sweet potatoes in it, and he and his wife couldn’t believe how much better they tasted. He asked me how to make the ghee, so now he fries with ghee. He says it takes about 100 gallons of milk to make enough ghee to fill his 5 gallon fryer. But since it’s free, and just costs him some time, it makes him happy.

  9. I live in Canada and therefore cannot buy your collagen. Do you recommend any particular brand that can be purchased here?

    1. Primal Kitchen is available in Canada! I’ve found it lots of PK products at Whole Foods and a local co-op, and you can order from Amazon.ca too. Otherwise, I like the Organika brand of collagen too!

  10. There is no time on the spiritual plain only on the earth plain. In life as we blend these two together we experience time as going faster or slower.

  11. I require your oven brisket recipe that is as good as smoked brisket please! 🙂

  12. Just turned 65 this week…toke week off from work and the theme is: Summer fun Camp….lived in a bathing suit..went boating, beaching and swimming every day. No agenda but to be FREE and HAPPY… it was a most wonderfully relaxing week. Will keep the theme going the rest of year…between regular work. Add Yoga and sauna…

  13. Could the Vitamin D factor be the reason why the black community seems to be disproportionately affected by COVID-19?

  14. I’ll loan you one of our alpacas next time you need to pack your bags on a hike:-)


  15. Great post! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has a brain full of random yet meaningful thoughts!

  16. Random thoughts:
    1. Why is it that people rarely contemplate one’s own suffering in any serious way?
    2. On happiness: what brings us a brief, fleeting moment of experiencing this as opposed to something truly lasting and fulfilling? They are often different and the same.
    3. I would love it if all of us were to unite as one and stare down hate into non-existence together.
    4. I’m dying to taste black garlic Mark! I wonder where I can find it?
    5. Why am I so driven to workout intensely every day at my age of 62?
    6. I don’t understand why more people don’t love broccoli.
    7. I’m really loving listening to Wynton Marsalis lately.
    8. Give > Take; Give as much as you can, Take as little as you must. It’s not linear, but it helps to keep in mind the former always greater than the latter.
    9. Love somebody today if you are able.
    10. I’m out of soy sauce. Yikes!

  17. Off topic…I decided to read “White Fragility”. I have to say it has been a mind opener. I am half way through and have to say I see clearly and understand the non-white perspective. I am sorry for my ignorance, participation and silence. I have benefited from being white and I can’t take back the lifetime of an easier and safer life but I will use my new voice and consciousness. I am only one person but if enough of us acknowledge and act, we become an aggregate and will be noticed and heard.

  18. Eating my raw beef liver pate with sticks of organic celery. ( human certified,100% grass fed/pastured beef liver, with human certified pastured very fatty bacon , real salt, raw garlic in the summer, raw onions year around and apple cider vinegar that deglossed semi cooled bacon pan. Whip it up with an immersion blender in a quart mason jar. Sometimes olive oil too. )
    Teaching farmers market shoppers about regenerative agriculture and The Savory Institute. Even vegans!!!!

  19. Such a fun Sunday email, Mark! Loved your list! And huge YES to yoga and resilience. I’ve practiced for 20+ years for many reasons, and that’s near the top. A few thoughts on my own brain dump list this morning:

    1. My child self was so in touch with “magic” – why did it take until age 45 to consciously practice getting back there?! (Also, so glad I did!)

    2. Unless we address (and stop causing) the disease afflicting our beautiful planet, pandemics (or similar) will become the norm. How could it be otherwise? Look what we’ve done to other species.

    3. The more uncertain and loud the outside world becomes, the more I find myself eating a few simple foods for both my daily meals. I even feel pulled toward mono diets. The simplicity soothes me.

  20. I had a small Alpaca farm for six years – I highly recommend them! Easy to care for and lovely to sit in their paddock with a good book and just ‘be’.

    1. I have friends who raise alpacas for their wool and company. What sweet, curious and gentle beings but they are somewhat small and I don’t think they would be suited for carrying one’s pack/supplies on long hikes. To me it would be similar to using your dog, they are more similar to lap dogs than pack horses, imho.

  21. The article you linked to that suggested antibody testing alone is not adequate to determine whether someone has been exposed to the virus (and has some immunity) was interesting to me. I am virtually certain I had COVID-19 back in March (had all the symptoms, including loss of my sense of taste), yet my antibody test result was negative. But it is possible that I do have the T-cells mentioned in the article, as the current antibody tests do not test for T cells. Unfortunately, we still don’t know enough about this virus to test for immunity in any meaningful way.

  22. That was one of my favorites! Appreciate the little things every day!

  23. Backpacked years ago with llamas and my then 73 year old mother. The llamas happily carried most of our stuff and are easy to care for on the trail. Very highly recommend!

  24. I love reading your Sunday posts. My all-time favorite was “you be the rock” from a while ago. It’s etched in my memory, and an important attitude to always maintain, especially during the covid. I am the rock!

    I get my vitamin D levels checked every year. I’m 77 with a thin frame and need the right level to help ward off osteoporosis. My first test revealed a level of only 21 – WAY too low. I supplemented with 10,000 – 20,000 units and the level spiked too high. Since then I keep the optimal level going with summer sun and D3 supplements in winter. I determine the dosage I need according to what the tests reveal. I live in the SF bay area, so I only need @ 10-20 minutes of daily sun exposure to keep my levels >75.

    Since kicking grains and dairy out of my diet, I haven’t been sick in 10 years. Not even a cold. The micro-nutrients in daily servings of cruciferous vegetables has given a huge boost to my immune system. The trick is to make everything taste so good that you don’t miss the old diet. You have to plan meals and snacks ahead and be on the lookout for good recipes. Mark, your recipes and food products help this a lot!

    Thanks for posting the Thai Macaques video link. Watching that gave me a good laugh!


  25. I listened to a podcast yesterday that Ari Whitten did with a gastroenterologist who said that there is NO SCIENTIFIC evidence that brone broth heals guts and the same goes for collagen supplements.
    What is your take on this ? Is there evidence?

  26. I loved the random thoughts email today!

    I noticed that most of the recipe links that Mark posts week after week are either from paleomg or nomnompaleo. While both these women are fantastic, there are so many other paleo/primal food bloggers out there. Perhaps next week you can highlight a woman of color or two?

  27. I recall you doing a whole entry on collagen vs various protein powders. You ended up stating that Whey protein was the best choice for actual absorption. Now I see you are really promoting collagen. Do you have an explanation you can share? I would really appreciate it.

    Sue in Phoenix

  28. What’s been on my mind lately is why do I hate the scale? Is the number on the scale really important if I know I’m staying the course of health and well being?

  29. This was my all time favorite post. Deer hooves on the roof!!!! Excellent!!!!

  30. Alpacas are not suitable pack animals. I have both Alpacas and a Llama. Llamas are what you want for your pack. Plus, llamas are a bit more laid back in general. They are both great though.

  31. I loved the Sunday thoughts and tips!

    The dream-time comment is super interesting.

    I also love the reminders to question conventional wisdom and to disrupt the norm.

  32. 1. I never do this-answer blog requests for more-but had an itch so I am scratching it!
    2.. I believe time is very relative-it is never too late to try something new.
    3. Laughter really is the best medicine.
    4. “Thoughts” are definately things, and if you don’t like something, you just need to change the way you think about it, and it will change too.
    5. Chickens are not dumb animals like I was told as a child.
    6. I know I probably shouldn’t eat it because it is a carcinogen, but I love the “bark” on a deliciously smoked brisket.
    7. I am going to look into Pavel Tsatsouline and his workouts and start doing them Tues-Thurs. this week in my gym and go to @fitfactorysc today and Fri.
    8. I hope New Mexico does not close its borders so we can go to the Gila wilderness this July to camp.
    9. My favorite dessert is ice cream, and I am so thankful you can now buy keto icecream!!
    10. Our bodies are fricken amazing in that they can heal themselves from anything if they are given what they need!

  33. Hi Mark

    The one about ending every night around a fire. I’ve been wanting to get a fireplace for a little while but I’ve been put off by reports of the ill effects to health and the environment. Yourself and other health and fitness enthusiasts often talk about real fires and their appeal. Are they as bad as I’m reading. Hoping you (and others) can shed some light on the matter.


  34. Hi Mark, the link to the posture article is a copy of the antidepressant link. Can we get the link updated to the right article?

  35. Great list! Items 2, 8, and 11 really hit a chord for me. One of the seminal days in my life was when I realized that I was weird, and that was okay. Runners typically spend years and years thinking, “if *only* my family understood, they would love running too.” Or some such lunacy. No. You are weird as hell, and that is fine! Do. You. (To hearken back to your Father’s Day post, my kids accepted their weirdness almost without prompting. …the apple and the tree and all that.)