Weekly Link Love — Edition 111

Research of the Week

Men who use fish oil have bigger, better balls.

A junk food diet reduces the amount of hedonic reward we get from other sources.

Less shoe, more stability and mobility in people with a history of falls.

Men vary more in their cooperativeness than women.

Chimps don’t show evidence of cumulative cultural learning.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 460: Kara Collier and Dan Zavorotny: Host Elle Russ chats with Kara and Dan of NutriSense.

Primal Health Coach Radio Episode 89: Laura and Erin chat with Dr. Jane Tornatore.

Media, Schmedia

Is this progress?

Now that’s my kind of defection.

Interesting Blog Posts

It does a Viking good.

Social Notes


Everything Else

Researchers uncover a new Aztec skull pyramid.

France may be building GMO super soldiers.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

This is good to know: Asymptomatic spread within households is just 0.7%.

Great news: Vitamin D therapy improves COVID mortality.

How did they do it?: Wuhan is recovering nicely.

Interesting: A COVID vaccine grown on tobacco plants.

Can any Australian readers confirm?: Kangaroos can communicate with people.

Question I’m Asking

Is this Primal?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 11 – Dec 17)

Comment of the Week

“In the midwest you get a different kind of bath in every season and time of day. Currently I live near a river and it is winter. Many types of birds have gone south for the winter or animals hibernating. When I walk now it’s more restful. There is almost a hush over everything with the snow. It smells crisp and fresh, exhilarating. Leaves crackle under foot barely covered by the new snow. Towering, gnarled oak trees standing guard here. Enormous branching maples like big hug there. A stand of pretty, white peeling Birch on another slope. Evergreens dotting the woods and permeating the air with minty freshness. The feeling is of strength and timelessness. Bathing in dappled sun through the trees, sounds of river flowering by and birds flitting from bough to bough. Feeling steady and at peace and full of life no matter what happens in the rest of the world.”

-I can see it, Josie.

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