Weekly Link Love — Edition 1

Research of the Week

Keto enhances fat loss without compromising performance in powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters.

Space travel compresses the brain, and the effects linger for months after returning planetside.

The shape and size of birth canals differ by population.

Youngsters with type 1 diabetes tend to have gut biomes that are low in the bacteria that produce short chain fatty acids and ferment human milk oligosaccharides.

APOE4 carriers who want to avoid dementia should consider taking a phospholipid form of DHA (or eat fish eggs or fish, which are natural sources).

Pretty much everyone is pooping out microplastics these days.

Aerobic exercise, especially exercise performed while standing, enhances visual working memory.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 285: Andy Hnilo: Host Elle Russ chats with Andy Hnilo about the near death experience that triggered his creation of cutting-edge natural skincare line.

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Media, Schmedia

We’ve all got ten minutes.

Reader Question of the Week

‘What is ‘Sundays with Sisson?'” — Dozens of people in the last week or so.

Sundays with Sisson, or SWS, is a new feature of the newsletter that I send out every Sunday. It contains my thoughts that don’t quite belong on the blog or deserve a dedicated post. It’s not going to be as formal or “well-referenced” as my feature posts on the blog, but that means the possibilities are wide open. It’s where I explore new hypotheses, describe new self experiments, and talk about personal things going on in my life that I think people may find interesting or useful. Not everything is health-focused. I also talk about books I’m reading, products I’m loving (or not), movies and TV shows I’m watching. There may be some rants. Perhaps even a rave or two.

To sign up for the newsletter and get SWS every Sunday, scroll down to the bottom, fill in your email address, and hit “JOIN NOW.”

Interesting Blog Posts

Regarding the microdosing of magic mushrooms for creativity.

Strength training to beat depression.

Social Notes

If you’ve ever wanted to see me in normal shoes, check this out.

If you’ve ever wanted to try our Chocolate Hazelnut collagen bars, check this out.

Everything Else

Well, I’ll be: Vaginal jade eggs are not a traditional practice in ancient Chinese medicine?

Rare birds find sanctuary at Polish churches.

Salmon carcasses and guts stimulate tree growth.

A silver bullet for deadly amoebae.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

In case you needed another reason to avoid grains: Dozens of grain-based foods test positive for Roundup.

Study I found interesting: Nature exposure (even just pictures) linked to reduced impulsivity.

Article I’m pondering: “The Selfish Dataome.”

Concept I support: Muscle mass as vital sign.

News I found interesting: Researcher discovers the oldest spear heads ever found in North America.

Question I’m Asking

Every Monday, I’ll be asking you folks a question.

More than ever, people seem fixated on current events, the 24-hour news cycle, and everything that’s going wrong in the world. How do you stay focused on health, life, love, community and everything else that you can effectively have an impact on?

Answer down below.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 21– Oct 27)

Comment of the Week

“I guess I’ll have to put this device down and go outside and enjoy this beautiful day”

– That’s the spirit, Jack Lea Mason.

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