Weekly Link Love — Edition 84

Research of the Week

Split brain, no split consciousness.

High circulating ketone levels reduce cardiac inflammation and inhibit the progression of heart failure.

Psychological distress and loneliness are way up.

Analyzing the genetic imprints of the animal skins used for the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Why weed makes you go, “Whoa.”

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 426: Mark Sisson: Host Elle Russ chats with yours truly.

Episode 427: Ron Sinha: Host Brad Kearns chats with Dr. Ron Sinha about the “Covesity Pandemic.”

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 63: Laura and Erin talk with Amy Berger about the primacy of context.

Media, Schmedia

Glad to have the Nutrition Coalition on the job.

It’s not so much the chlorinated chicken that disturbs me, but the reason why chlorinating chicken is necessary.

Interesting Blog Posts

On quoting Hippocrates.

Why does sleep deprivation kill? Might be the gut.

Social Notes

Many such cases.

What’s old is new again.

Everything Else

Should saturated fat intakes be reduced?

Oyster worms.

76 acre farms are about the ideal size by some measures. Agile and productive and resilient.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

While we wait for a long term study on carnivore health: Somatic health in the Indigenous Sami population.

Interesting paper: The one exploring the interactions between vitamin D and the coronavirus.

Video I liked: 3D reconstruction of Australopithecus sediba walking.

Some of you will enjoy this: Beer probably good for cardiovascular health.

More “paradoxes”: Butter beats margarine, again.

Question I’m Asking

What has you excited?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 31 – Jun 6)

Comment of the Week

“Can’t wait till I’m 130 years old. Max aerobic heart rate will roughly equal resting heart rate so I can finally burn maximum fat in my Barcalounger.”

– Great idea, Neanderchow.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. What am I excited about? Put all the crazy in the world aside I am hoping to get selected into the Primal Health Coach LV II training. I was one of the first ones to complete the original and am excited about this next step!

    Also really hoping PaleoFX goes again would love the break and to hang with Mr. Sisson once again. I must say every year he is so approachable!

  2. Oyster worms…. kind of grossed me out until I read they live in the shell…whew!
    Question for you… does a smoked oyster have the same nutritional benefits as a fresh oyster?

  3. Does it matter that the butter vs margarine study was funded by the National Dairy Council? No conflict of interest there.

    1. Margaret…

      First…. look at the data and decide for yourself.

    2. Makes it suspect, yeah.

      Also need a control without intake of either.

  4. Before we get too excited about the small-farm model, remember that the majority of farms are not close to the majority of people.

    Remember also that farming productively and sustainably often requires considerable investment…. and a small farm does not always provide the income to feed the farmer.

    As for being “nimble”, changing enterprises and methods is expensive. Economies of scale work better on large farms than small.

  5. Gardening has been my go-to de-stress these last few months. I didn’t even know I was stressed until I started having more anxiety nightmares & more neck stiffness, it just goes to show how much stuff is processed in the subconscious. I’ve been finding myself consuming far too much online news & digging around on Twitter (really not a good idea!). To stop myself turning into a complete misanthrope, I’ve been trying to read one positive news article a day. It’s hard because the negative stuff grabs our attention so it’s been an interesting experiment. Thanks Mark for reminding us of what’s important! Stay safe everyone 🙂

  6. Man, I love you! Thank you for what you bring to our world.

  7. I agree with you totally. I was watching the news all the time and was so depressed. Now, I only watch it periodically and have gone on with my life. What a difference ?

  8. Your intellect and wisdom are so important and refreshing. Thanks for these words. The world is better because of your work and spirit. Also, the chipotle lime mayo has brought me more happiness than a mayo really should.

  9. Your message, though very thoughtful and helpful, came a week late. There’s a rift in my family that’s going to take awhile to fix.

  10. 100 percent Mark! I removed Facebook from my phone. I call this #socialmediadistancing

  11. How are you taking care of yourself during all this? How are you recovering?
    As of our first “Stay at Home” order, I revived a movement practice I have loved since the ‘90s, called Nia, a fusion fitness practice for mind, body, spirit which combined dance, martial arts, and mindfulness. I am energized, soothed, and focused by the practice; so grateful to be dancing and moving my body again!

  12. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to hear. Side note: You know you’ve watched too many episodes of Burn Notice when you see the acronym RPGs and think of rocket propelled grenades rather than role playing games…

  13. Thank you, Mark, for you timely advice. I have decided to keep away from social media for a few days because I have felt such duress and even physical sickness. Your words are confirmation that we do, indeed, need to pull back a bit from time to time to stay in the fight.

  14. I agree, to much news can really do you in. I watch local news with my breakfast and then it gets turned off. I go out and work in the garden, I quilt and then work on other projects. No news, no Facebook, no tweets, until the next morning. I dumped my Facebook page and did a new one up with family only. A quick check each morning keeps me up to date. and no updates needed. Am I deprived of things going on? No, an hour each morning keeps me up to date.

  15. Hi Mark, Seeing your picture every Sunday morning, coffee mug in hand, has such a calming effect for me. I am reminded to relax and do some movement and self care. I shut out the world for a while and focus on good things in my life and I am energized to get out and do some good or create something beautiful. You couldn’t have picked a better image to represent health, in my mind. Thank you.

  16. Mark, Your sentiment are valid but not the reality for many who experience the issues now coming to light on our screens. Mine has been subtle but can’t say the same for many I know.

  17. Mark, I was just deeply disappointed to read this week’s Sundays with Sisson. For years, I’ve looked to your writing and your products to improve my health. I have come to trust your perspective and leadership. However, today you let me down by not directly addressing anti-Black racism. I hope you will give some thought to your motives here, and take meaningful actions in the future.

    While I appreciate your suggestions to manage stress right now by throttling media consumption etc., you could have at least acknowledged a simple truth: we are privileged with the ability to turn down the volume of this difficult time. A stress gap exists: we get to choose what we focus on, while so many Black people are living in constant fear that they cannot escape. The MDA community knows well how much fear and stress adversely affect mind and body.

    You also could have led your community to take action by rallying for Black primal coaches, supporting Black-owned businesses, or giving to Black health resources. Just a few ideas.

    Mark, how will you put to work your resources and your pulpit to promote health for all, rather than few?

    1. Holy animal foods! One article can’t broach every single topic, ya know?

      Here comes this incredible life coach, Mark, and he doesn’t push your favorite button and therefore it’s inadequate.

      Take some deep breaths……

    2. Just remember that the end result of tribalism is genocide. So stop it with the tribalism already.

    3. Wow! Lighten up dude and disengage for a few days! Not everything is political. Go for a walk.

      1. All the negative, lighten up commenters…watch out. Your privilege is showing.

  18. Thank-you for your Sunday message! At times it seems we (collective we which I am part of) are focusing on what they can’t do, the pain and sorrow of the world and others, feeling out of control,.. Then there are the emotions and sometimes the disconnect that is stirred up with social media. Somehow we have forgotten the simple pleasures, simple pleasures which you mentioned in you Sunday message. The pleasures of turning off social media – taking care of ourselves, emotionally and physically. The simple pleasure of a walk, exercise, childs play, talking with a friend, reaching out to your friends and family to let them know you care and that they are OK. Remembering respect, kindness, caring, and being grateful.

  19. Thank you, Mark! I’ve gotten rid of fb off my phone but I think Instagram is next. I’ve often and recently mentioned how I miss the 90s – where all the kids in the neighborhood congregated “at the lot” to play basketball, capture the flag, red rover… the simpler times. If there were disagreements, we just handled it as kids. Easy. Then we commenced playing. Now there has been an unholy influx of tmi over the years from social media that conversation that are more appropriate for in-person, have been blasted all over these platforms – and of course, because we can’t always understand the emotion behind the words, misunderstandings happen. Anyway, this email is great, it’s just a reassurance that I am ready to push that pause button.

  20. I have found myself to be really emotional lately, I’m usually one that lets things roll off my back. I decided to unplug from social media yesterday. This article was perfect timing and confirmed I’m overwhelmed by all going on and then not taking care of myself. I will stay informed but I’m going to make self care a priority again.

  21. Hi Mark,
    So said “in what feels like a life and death issue.” This is indeed a life and death issue. Also, this Mark Sisson follower would love to hear how you’re helping fight it. It’s not political; it just human. Don’t be afraid to lose followers—speak your truth on race and Black lives.

    1. Not everyone needs to make a statement in order to be doing something. Actions speak louder than words- when time passes all the platitudes will have done nothing but actions still remain. Raise your children to be compassionate and color blind. Treat the people that you come into contact with in a respectful, kind way and speak to your elected officials about what you believe will help. Most of all put down your phone and look beyond the masks and skin color and really SEE people. Please stop demanding sameness from everyone in their response to what is going on- we are all individuals who will go about this differently.

        1. Oops. Meant to say that about Kate’s response to Wendy, but clicked the wrong button. Right on, Kate! 🙂

  22. Best way for me to disconnect from all the ‘information’.
    I put a canoe (solo) in the river and paddle up river. I like to use an extra-long kayak paddle, against the current. I’ll generally go 45-60min up river, turn and trade a bent-shaft for the kayak paddle to go downriver. I’ll end up back where I started, with a good workout and being on the water, having to read the currents and waves, forces your mind to concentrate on your stroke…

  23. Thank you for this post, and especially for NOT giving us your political views! Your post was just what we needed today. A little calm in the storm

    1. Agreed! Anyone who spouts political views at this point offends 50% of the population.

      1. Really?? Expressing even just basic support for black lives would offend 50% of the population? In 2020? Good to know. If that is what counts as ‘a political view’ in this crowd then I really don’t know why I’ve been here for over a decade ;(

        1. Yeah, I’ve started distancing myself from this crowd. I’ll read the content and Mark has some good products, but the comment section has turned into a community I no longer wish to be part of. Anti-vaxxers, Covid deniers, racial inequality deniers seem to be par for the course. Or, maybe they just stick out like a sore thumb.

      1. Thank you HealthyHombre and good to see you here. It’s all so disheartening… and revealing… on so many levels. Thank you for still being around and speaking up. Be well.

  24. Wow Mark! What a well timed message. Thanks for the great post. Everyone needs a break from all this crap.

  25. I do a lot of things to keep myself on an even keel. I am learning Spanish for free on Duolingo. I found a free app for online jigsaw puzzles. I added the Smithsonian daily news letter to my email, so now I have an interesting article to read every morning when I check my mail and the news. I limit my online time. I joined a watercolor class. Amd, i walk. I walk outside a lot. I walk every day to clear my head and center myself.

  26. I enjoy Sunday with Sisson. It is not overdone, takes only a minute or two to read, always timely in what’s happening in our lives. Thank you and keep it up, it’s worth the read.

  27. Eleven years ago when I was fat, fat, fat, Mark saved my life with his then new Primal Blueprint. My weight has gone up and down several times since then, but like now, once again hewing to the low carb and exercise dogma, I’m looking good. Quite something to be said at 74.

    While I don’t need today’s advice, because I don’t have a TV or “do” social media, I recognize the same solid wisdom that I did in 2009.

    Social media is a cancer. Surely some day not long in the future social psychologists will recognize SM as a changer of the likes of the printing press and the internet. Only this time it will be negative, not positive.

  28. This was perfect for me this week. I deleted my most used social media app. I have vowed to not stay away from it for the summer. I am going old school and will catch up on the news, by actually reading a newspaper!

  29. Garden, garden garden! God will bless us with good and beautiful plants if we tend them properly! As he will do with a beautiful world when we tend it properly!

  30. Love your advice to “pet your pets.” Recently I’ve fallen upon a way to pet my dog that is relaxing for both of us. As with many primal things, it’s obvious in retrospect but yet something that might need to be mentioned in order to try.

    I sit on a step so I’m lower than in a chair, but not on the floor. I gently and slowly move my hands over my dog, while closing my eyes. My eyes are closed both for me to go by feel, and for my dog because it helps her relax, as eye contact is usually an action trigger for dogs. It seems to be a necessary component.

    Anyways I just go slowly, by feel, not trying to accomplish anything (like, massaging the whole dog, or working on one area, or ‘must-do-this-for-x-amount-of-time’). That said, it doesn’t have to take more than a minute or two. Together we just relax and I really can get in The Zone, and the bonus is that I believe that my dog is in The Zone with me.

  31. Mark,

    I read Sundays with Sisson this morning. Thank you for it. Turning off and going for a run is a perfect destress. That is what Ahmaud Arbery was doing, so I am conflicted. Sometimes confronting the issue is needed to reduce the stress and start healing.

    My Sundays also include listening to Krista Tippett’s show, On Being. This week was especially poignant. She spoke with Resmaa Menakem, MSW, LICSW, SEP regarding how to start the healing (see podcast episode 842). Among other things, they discussed the effect of trauma on epigenetics in relation to the stress of living in a culture that values one race over another. This stressor is difficult for an individual to reduce on her own.

    After listening, I had to ask myself whether the reason I am still overweight is this stressor despite eating a paleo diet, intermittently fasting, and getting my 10,000+ steps a day. I do not have enough information to say yes. Let us, as a community, start a conversation about the science by having this man speak at your conferences. Maybe think about playing a part in starting the next movement to begin the healing.


  32. If you are not coming out in complete support of BLM and acting like both sides of the issue have validity and weight, you are on the WRONG SIDE of the equation my friend.

  33. Thank you for bringing wonder and delight to my Sunday morning, Mark! The cannabis + novelty article made me go “whoa!” I love how the author points to other practices that similarly affect the amygdala. And there’s also something that he doesn’t mention (directly), which is that novelty is one way to promote neurogenesis – as do the practices of movement and mindfulness, which he also talks about!

    Also super appreciated your Sunday newsletter. Previously and now, I’m committed to daily internal practice that doesn’t show up on an insta feed or check the the boxes of “performative activism.” It is what helps me find ease…AND be of service to others and needed change.

  34. One of your best messages.
    So appropriate and needed right now.
    If everyone would take your advice, things would de escalate.

  35. Was curious about the caveat mentioned at the end of the article on cannabis. The followup was interesting.
    Look it up:
    Psychology Today. Search the article title
    How Cannabis Defeats Itself When Used Too Frequently June 5, 2020

  36. My husband of 48 years and I are learning new ways to love and honor each other. We celebrate every day of getting to be together and healthy by doing crosswords, walking the driveway to our rural cottage, playing gin rummy, and patting each other’s shoulders when we pass each other in the kitchen or hall. And, when I get overwhelmed by the news, he holds me and says it will be all right. Thank you for all you give all of us with your words of wisdom and kind advice.

  37. I enjoy your posts – Re: Your latest.

    I believe a large part of our stress is believing too much about ourselves. I am one, but I am not all. I am learning (gradually) to observe with as little emotion as possible each day’s events. It’s not that I don’t care because i do, passionately , it’s more a reflection of what I can really do about it – I am not all. That said, I still have a responsibility to do what I can – I am one. Thanks & Blessings!

  38. Are you serious about telling people take a break from the violence? From social media?

    I’d love to be able to do that, and will, when black lives matter to ALL PEOPLE. When the knee on my neck is lifted. Because if it’s on my neck, it’s on yours too. Oppression oppresses all but the those at the top. If those at the top aren’t ripping apart the systems and replacing them, from the local level up, then NO ONE CAN BREATHE.

    When will you use your considerably influential voice for change ? Your country is crumbling into squalid violence that can change when EVERYONE denounces the inequities and systemic racism that has allowed YOU, as a white person, to profit.

    The corruption of power in the United States is astounding. But what amazes me is that you could seemingly post such inane trivia without blinking an eye.

    Be anti-racist. That’s an active way of being. You like being active. Right?

    I’m black. In case that matters to you. It matters to me.

    1. I think the point should be that NO police officer should be treating ANY HUMAN BEING the way he treated that man.
      The violence is the problem. It seems to be quite common for police officers to abuse their power. I think monitoring police officers’ mental health on a regular basis would be a step in the right direction, but these are just my thoughts about it.
      I know racism is still a big problem, but I don’t think everything involving a person of color is immediately a racist issue, though it definitely could be the case.
      Either way, that officer was a cold hearted, mentally ill person, as no sane and healthy person could do such a thing to another soul. That’s probably something everyone could agree on.

      Anyway, I’m sure Mark has strong feelings on the subject, but I don’t blame him for not directly addressing it. Mark has helped so many people of many different colors to find health and happiness. My children (who are mixed) are healthy and eat the most nutritious diet that can be afforded through foodstamps, thanks to Mark providing health information for free for so many years. I personally think he’s done his part.

      I hope you have a lovely everything.

    2. Catherine, it DOES matter to me. Most of the people on here, albeit decent and well intentioned, have their head buried in the sand, and don’t realize how clueless statements like “ALL lives matter” is an attempt to highjack the conversation about institutional racism. I remember years ago my friend (black) and his girlfriend (white) and me and my girlfriend were walking down the street minding our own business, went past a pool hall and out came a bunch of angry people swinging pool cues at us, chasing us for two blocks. My friend said “welcome to my world!” Lately I’ve been talking to POC and they have told me about some of the indignities they’ve faced in their life, some of their stories bringing me to tears. I THINK I’ve been fairly woke for a while for an old white guy, but know I have not done enough. There are many more white allies stepping up for the cause now. And, there are individuals and companies coming out who have had the courage to stand behind the BLM movement. This is a far more important health issue than “here are six exercises for your core”.

      1. Thank you. I needed to hear at least one healthy, and positive response.
        The other response was far from that. My evening is now better as I feel less isolated. Thank you, @HealthyHombre.
        I’m curious to know how many people have left this group. Sadly, someone mentioned in a comment above that not everyone had to speak out, that actions speak louder than words. Sisson actions ARE WORDS. and his silence about BLM is mind boggling. And seriously disappointing. I’ve been here about 10 years and recall when the membership was small. A community of likeminded people who seemed genuinely concerned for, and supportive of, each other. And then this community grew. And a whole new vibe happened. And that original community was swallowed up and silenced. It would be gratifying to know that Sisson would lead the charge, take a risk, and punt the punters who demand our silence.

  39. In your Sunday with Sisson, today, 6/7/20, you mentioned ‘table top RPGs’. I don’t know where you get the table top kind, I’ve always used the shoulder mounted RPGs. 🙂

  40. Mark, I’ve been following you for a long time, but never took the time to comment. Great post today 06/07. We do not watch TV nor do we follow social media. Keep up the good work.

  41. Hi Mark,
    I have an article idea/request… I’m struggling with histamine issues, and started Keto a few months back with some great success (weight loss, reduced swelling overall, increased strength.) I’m wondering how your thoughts about histamine resistance or overload have changed in the few years since your last article on it, and if the results people are having with keto may be connected to histamine as well? Thanks!!

  42. Gardening!! Yoga!! Meditation!! We live on 10 acres,I carved out a path and walk with my weights doing punches, lifts etc… It’s getting hot here in Texas so I’m sweating, I feel great!!!

  43. Hi Mark.

    With the world in such upheavel I have decided to finally commence reading a book that I have had sitting in the bookcase titled
    “The Laws of Human Nature” by Robert Greene. Mr Greene is an internationally renowned expert on power strategies according to the books inside flap. It’s quite the page turner. Excellent resource for those wishing to delve deeper into studying our basic human constitutional makeup. A terrific resource for self understanding and positive constructive interpersonal communication.

  44. Thank you for your view. I think what you wrote is ignorant and hollow. You have the ability to put things down and “take a break”, not everybody has that ability. Black people cant “take a break” from racism. Essential workers, who get paid minimum wage at the grocery store, can’t “take a break”. A single parent who is sheltering in place alone with kids can’t just “take a break”. Taking a break is a privilege and it is a privilege that fewer people are being able to enjoy in the United States.

    1. Well, everyone can take a break from news and social media, I think that was Mark’s point. I don’t watch news or have any social media accounts anyway, so I actually had to search this on YouTube to know about it. It is horrendous. Unacceptable. And unbelievable. But Mark is doing his job, trying to give advice to the audience he has to help them stay healthy throughout the emotional stressors. You can’t expect every person who blogs to voice their opinion about things going on in the world. This is a health blog. And regardless, nobody should be constantly glued to the news or any media. It will break you eventually. His advice was well taken for a lot of people.

      I first heard about this atrocity in the monthly email from Timber Hawkeye, author of Buddhist Boot Camp. He always handles matters gracefully and is the embodiment of peace, in my opinion. For every book you buy of his he donates one to the prison library project. He’s really an inspiring, outstanding human being. Check out his blog or book if you so please 🙂 best wishes to you.

  45. Quality sleep,consuming enough quality water,quality supplements & whole foods as well as mediation/yoga/exercise all play a role in maintaining our health in these challenging times.

  46. You just gave the best advice for free! And you didn’t have to but wanted to Thank You! Now I for one is going to go for a long walk Be Safe

  47. Hey Mark, agree 10000%. I start my with early rise, meditation, Taichi and a walk. If time allows a sauna and then cold shower.
    Once I start work, I set timers to walk away from my computer, leave my phone and all electronics in the office and try to catch some sun. This has been a kinda sacred thing …more so since the lock down. I do not watch the news…i research once a week and have some active feeds. I also created a quick web site of good news which forces me to look for that.

  48. I think this Sunday’s email had some good tips while tip-toeing around the issue, calling the battle for racial justice “stuff.” We need to support Black lives. Yes, take a break, but also acknowledge that us white people have HAD a big, long, multigenerational break where we got to live in priviledge of not worrying about being killed by our environment.

    1. All white people do no have this ‘privilege.’ There are plenty of white people who grow up in poverty, lacking safety and security, harassed by police, left behind, and struggling with many of their own barriers. Try telling them how privileged they are.

  49. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sharing your health-minded, balanced and common sense perspective. Here is how my husband and I are making a positive change in a tough time. My 83 year old mother has lived in long term care since August 2013. She thrived up until Covid-19 hit, which has since kept her sequestered and isolated in her one room studio apartment. By God’s grace she has not contracted the virus. On July 18th, Mom is moving in with my family and me. I’m leaving a 17-year legal career with a tool manufacturer, and going to be mom’s full-time care giver in our home. Reading your weekly newsletter, and other positive sources of relevant information, has brought me to this decision which I know in my heart, is the right thing to do for my mom’s well-being. Thanks for all you do and God Bless you and yours.

    1. My father is in that situation as well and it is tough. We visit on face time. But i am looking forward to a window visit which is a visit in person one the other side of a window where we will be able to see his whole person with out an embarrass. Heart breaking but will travel 600 miles non the less and bring neccesites.

  50. Be not afraid, the world is awaiting. This is media and politics. This is big city bull. Go out and enjoy yourself. help others and avoid the stress and media. You will see you can avoid the rage that is projected and love one another.

  51. I did watch the ESPN feature on Bruce Lee tonight – Be Water. Very education though a bit sad as i didn’t know he died so young.

  52. I love your perspective on this! In order to go out in the world and be a better human, unplugging and feeling grateful for what (and who) is around you is essential! For me it is much more difficult to be patient, compassionate and take positive action when wound up by social media!

  53. Thank you, Mark, for you timely advice. I have decided to keep away from social media for a few days because I have felt such duress and even physical sickness. Your words are confirmation that we do, indeed, need to pull back a bit from time to time to stay in the fight.

  54. Powerful and wise words! These are terribly stressful days..from the virus to these violent destructive riots. They say your mind is a powerful thing and if you are constantly filling your mind with this stress you will eventually be consumed.

  55. Thanks for your solid advice. The only news I watch is the weather, it’s the most accurate and helpful… imagine that. I am in recovery from treatment and I have learned how important self-care is and the need to continually build ourselves up and not tear ourselves down.

  56. I realy like most Americans I’ve met in my long life and extensive travels and work overseas. But I’m SO GLAD I don’t live in your country. You all deserve better.

  57. Hi Mark

    To be honest, I’m a little head in the sand with all that’s going on in the world. I hear snippets, but don’t like jumping to conclusions with limited facts, so I choose to stay neutral.

    Sometimes I feel ignorant for not knowing more about the state of the world, but I know my tendency to become overwhelmed with fear, so I limit my exposure & concentrate more on what’s happening in my own backyard.

    I am currently making the move to off grid living beside a river. I can’t wait to immerse myself in nature, limit technology & just breath!

    Thank you for your Sunday Sessions. It’s always nice to read your very grounding thoughts.


    Lisa (Australia)

  58. I’m lucky enough to have a community garden plot and trails and woods within blocks of my house. Been spending lots of time outdoors.
    Thanks for the reminder, usually I try to take on only a little news and this past week I have gone waaay too far into the news world.

  59. Hi, Mark. I’m excited about a new book by James Nestor (mentioned ~6y ago on this site, talking about free diving), called _Breath_.

    If I could sum up what I’ve read so far, it would be: Breathing through your nose and mouth are not the same, and you should breathe through your nose as much as you can, including while exercising. And also: Breathing (in)correctly / in different ways can have an unexpectedly large impact on one’s health, both positive and negative.

    I think anybody that wants to be healthy/ier should read it.

  60. Thanks for your words in latest Sunday email. It’s refreshing and I agree with the lot of it.