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Weekly Link Love – Edition 80

Research of the Week

We forage for information in our minds [1] the way we foraged for food as hunter-gatherers.

Full lockdowns don’t seem to have had much effect [2] in Western Europe.

Deep genetic history of the Andes [3].

Factors most associated with death [4] from COVID-19 in the UK: maleness, old age, uncontrolled diabetes.

More fitness, less dying [5].

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 421: Mark Sisson [6]: Host Elle Russ chats with Mark Sisson, Miami mayo merchant.

Episode 422: Ben Greenfield [7]: Host Brad Kearns chats with Ben Greenfield, biohacker and author of Boundless [8].

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 59 [9]: Laura and Erin talk about the advantages of small, simple coaching businesses with Karin Rozell.

Media, Schmedia

Another reason [10] to be suspicious of Beyond Meat and other alternative “meats.”

Interesting Blog Posts

How a thru-hike changes [11] your mind, body, and mitochondria.

How to slow down livestock growth [12] in the event of meat packing plant closures.

Social Notes

Frozen dinners are coming [13].

Do stuff like this [14].

Everything Else

One doctor’s thoughts [15] on flattening the curve.

This [16] is true.

Why methane is different [17] from other greenhouse gases.

During heart failure, the heart reduces glucose utilization. Restoring that glucose utilization prolongs and worsens the damage [18]. Too bad there’s nothing else hearts can use for fuel…

Turns out car commuters who now work from home don’t miss the commute at all [19]. Bike commuters stuck at home, however, do.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Podcasts I loved doing: The one with Brad Kearns over on his Get Over Yourself podcast [20] and the one with Elle Russ on The Primal Blueprint Podcast [6].

Been wondering the same thing: Why are meat-packing plants coronavirus hotspots [21]?

Study question I found interesting: Were World War 1 helmets better at blast wave protection than modern helmets [22]?

Blog post I found to be important and relevant: Metabolic health in the time of COVID-19 [23].

Podcast I enjoyed: The BBC one [24] where someone actually reveals that livestock are probably carbon neutral.

Question I’m Asking

Are things opening back up where you are?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 3 – May 9)

Comment of the Week

“I’m part of the Berkey cult. Before I bought mine about 5 years ago, I searched YouTube, and there were a whole mess of videos available, many by survivalist/prepper types. Some of them did send water samples to labs, which verified all the info on the Berkey website. I figured if the Berkey filter was good enough for crazy survivalists, it was good enough for me.”

– You make a strong point, Naomi [29].