Weekly Link Love – Edition 76

Research of the Week

An IL-6 inhibitor shows benefit in slowing down the coronavirus cytokine storm.

Researchers laying the groundwork for a meat tax.

Mice “pre-loaded” with corn oil experience an “extended course of lung injury” after being exposed to endotoxin.

Peter Attia (and colleagues) wonders if we’re missing a readily available treatment option.

How the lockdowns are affecting the earth’s seismic activity.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 416: Debbie Mirza: Host Elle Russ chats with Debbie Mirza, an expert on covert narcissists.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 54: Laura and Erin chat with Darren Cash, who brings an analytical mind to his health coaching.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 55: Laura and Erin chat with Robert Notter, who wants you to understand that your thoughts create your life.

Media, Schmedia

Coronavirus may “reactivate” down the line.

Researchers sifted through sewage to determine that Massachusetts could actually have upwards of 100,000 coronavirus cases.

Interesting Blog Posts

What’s the deal with our dental issues?

What we can learn about metabolic syndrome from the current situation.

Social Notes

How to stay occupied.

Everything Else

The FDA approves direct oxygenation of the blood for coronavirus patients.

A new antibody tests gives results in 10 to 15 minutes.

Olive tree map.

The beginnings of an accent.

The loss of taste and sense of smell are early symptoms of coronavirus.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Video I found interesting: Could nitric oxide be used to fight the disease?

Question I found interesting: Could statins worsen coronavirus outcomes?

Stat that makes me wonder: Back in January, Wisconsin serious flu rates were up 3x the previous year.

This would be good to know: A new study examines how early coronavirus got to California.

This is a powerful story I’d never heard: The Calusa, who ruled South Florida for hundreds of years without ever farming—just fishing.

Question I’m Asking

How many of you had or knew someone who had a really bad cold or flu-like illness late last year and early this year?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 5– Apr 11)

Comment of the Week

“Uncanny valley: I live in an ultra-progressive city with one of the highest rates of vegetarianism in the country. And yet, when the coronavirus panic-buying on groceries began, the meat counters and frozen meat sections were empty, and the Beyond and Morningstar “products” were plentiful. That plant-based diet is really catching on …”

– I’ve noticed the same thing, Margaret.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Yup, both my girlfriend and I had a bad case if the flu, still have mucus a month or so later. Spoke to people as I used to travel for work and people complained the flu was brutal this years, taking a couple of weeks to get over. We are talking all healthy people, except girlfriend who is immune compromised due to pregnancy. Makes me wonder about it having been with us and whether the destruction of the economy has been worth it.

  2. I had something like the flu this winter-beginning of March-and I’m wondering if it was “just the flu”. I was sicker than I’ve been for a long time. And yes, I self-quarantined.

    1. I was able to take one day off. Then back to work and traveling by car for work. In my working life, that has been par for the course, due to sick leave policies.

  3. I’m thinking a friend had it the first week of March, before NC had recorded cases. Just based on symptoms, no known contact.

  4. Myself and a few colleagues were terribly ill (fever, chills, headaches, cough) in January. We all tested negative for the “flu.” The only way to know for certain now would to look for antibodies for Covid-19.

  5. In answer to your question, in early March, I ran a low-grade fever, had shortness of breath in my upper lungs, and lost my appetite for 5 days. I’m extraordinary healthy for age 41 and I NEVER get the flu. I am also in law school at a school with a large international student body. So, I’m now wondering if it was a mild case of COVID.

  6. My husband and I are pretty sure we had it. On our daily walks here on Maui, in November and December we kept seeing Asian visitors, families, where the adults were hacking and coughing, and the kids seemed fine. It was unusual enough for us to notice.

    First week of February, we both had malaise followed by a lingering cough. I had a fever to 101º for a couple of miserable days, and loss of taste. We both had a cough for about 10 days. But recovered just as for a bad cold. We joked about coronavirus, but there was no option to test for it here and we survived (we’re both over 65). Would be nice to know if we have convalescent antibodies…we’d donate blood if it would be helpful. But again, no testing for us…

    Our go-to remedy for all things viral is standardized extract of elderberry (contains a natural neuraminidase inhibitor with mechanism of action similar to Tamil ). We took it double-dose for the first week or so and credit that (along with regular exercise of the moderate variety) for keeping us out of trouble. It’s on hand now for that nasty re-activation possibility.

  7. I had a really bad cold the first part of January and then my husband had an unusually bad case of the flu that lasted three weeks in January.

  8. My brother (lives in Florida) was incredibly sick over Christmas. Extreme fever, fatigue, body aches, cough. This went on for about 10 days, and after two Z pack subscriptions, when he started feeling better. He had the cough for about 3 weeks. He was swabbed for the flu but it was approximately 6-7 days after his symptoms started; it came back negative. I don’t know what he actually had but it was the sickest I’ve ever seen him.

    1. I too had fever for 4 days, fatigue, horrible body aches, but it was a wet cough that hung on for weeks. This was after Christmas and was the first time I have been sick in 8 years. Nasty, nasty stuff.

  9. Here in Seattle, both my daughters were ill in the beginning of March. My youngest had distinctly red eyes, which she had never had before, and we all took note (much to her displeasure).

    Weeks later I read an article noting that anyone in Kirkland working in the doomed nursing home who exhibited red eyes was immediately assumed to have the virus.

  10. My aunt (47)died in February from a respiratory illness. Coughing ,trouble breathing, high fever. She had a heart condition.

  11. I have not had the flu nor any flu-like virus since starting Primal >10 yrs ago. The year before that, I had three and many colds. Now I rarely have colds, never more than very mild ones. Thanks Mark!

  12. Oh gosh, I had it fer sure in Feb, I can say that my son brought it home from HS, he was down for five days. Then I was down for two weeks, with a cough for four. And every time I say that, people look at me like I am crazy because I haven’t had the official word from the establishment, but I had a flu shot in December and that was about as sick as I’ve ever been. I had it. Once we invented airplanes a virus can move at the speed of the travelling human. Flattening the curve is one thing, stopping a virus is another. It will continue to move through the population, hopefully a little slower?

    1. I feel like my kids and I had it in January. Started with a sore throat, dry cough, fever, and then turned into the worst chest congestion I’ve ever had. Went to the doctor thinking it could have been strep, but that and flu were negative. It took me 3 weeks to fully recover. It took my 5 and 6 year olds about a week. They go to small school and every child had it. I’m looking forward to the antibody test.

  13. I had a fever, fatigue, and dry cough in early March about 5 days after attending a crowded event. I live in MN. I felt sick for a good 10 days. Fever came and went. Fatigue was pretty constant. It took another week after that to really feel back to normal. I don’t get sick very often either. The cough with this one was different from a usual flu or cold. It was dry and unproductive, and my lungs were sore when breathing for a few weeks after I recovered. I kept wondering if I was developing pneumonia, but eventually it resolved on its own.

  14. A meat tax, that will save us! Solid work, with high utility, fellas. I can’t wait to start paying more for meat which keeps on making me sick, and supplies me with all of that terrible saturated fat, while everyone else keeps getting healthier from all that soylent the government recommends. Tuesday is Soylent Green Day!

  15. I don’t quite understand, if the bad flu season earlier this year was actually Covid why wasn’t there a flood of hospitalizations and a spike in death rates like we’re currently seeing?

  16. What the heck is a bovine/porcine surfactant preparation ala Peter Attia article. Even a description doesn’t say much to me. I get the bovine and porcine ?

    I haven’t had a real cold since 2017 during an Alaska cruise. Primal paleo and now Keto since 2011 after the last time I had an antibiotic. Some years I get a flu shot. Sometimes I don’t. I too thank you Mark. 72 yo woman staying home. But got my bike down yesterday!

  17. I had something flu-like in early January. Fever, loss of appetite, headaches. I rarely get sick. I work at a Salon/Spa in Downtown DC and I come into contact with MANY professional travelers.

  18. Also thanks for sharing the article on dental issues, for which I have many. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea last year, for which I chose an oral device as my “remedy.” My dentist recently recommended Invisalign for my recent dental crowding and clenching that has my front teeth crooked, when they had always been straight. So interesting to see the connection between everything.

  19. In late January/early Feb, hubby and I both came down with a very strange flu-like illness. Both of us had a mild (100 degree) fever to start, then really intense dry cough. We are healthy people in our 60’s and usually don’t get sick every flu season. Colds are mild and gotten over quickly. This bug was easy for my husband, over it in about 7 days. I kept coughing and having recurrent fever (worse in the evenings) for over 2 weeks, kept having mild chest congestion for another week. Very odd. We didn’t go to the doctor and basically just did what we always do: lots of vit C, zinc, copper , Elderberry, etc. Feel fine now. Really would like to get that antibody test to see what went on, if it shows anything at all. Lots of people around here in our area experienced the same symptoms. All are pretty well now.

  20. I’m in San Diego, and starting late November, through early January, I experienced a persistently bad, metallic-like taste in food and wine. It was on and off, but I had no other symptoms. I also recall a friend battling a flu that lasted several weeks, he sometimes had to take time off work.

  21. I’ve had flu several times, and have often half seriously told people that flu isn’t a big deal — you’re bed-ridden for three days and then life gets back to normal. The one I got around Christmas was the worst ever by far and didn’t really seem to be like any flu I’ve had before. It took me about three weeks to get back to normal. My husband got it first. He coughed about 10 hours straight one night and continued to have bad coughing and sneezing fits for the next month. He’d been doing a lot of travelling in December, meeting with people who travel internationally, which has made me wonder if it was actually the flu or not.

  22. My 8-year-old neighbor had a super cough that they thought was pneumonia in February. It was a terrible cough and they just listed it as a viral infection. Now we’re wondering if he had The Virus since the flu test came back negative. He had a fever and digestive stuff.

  23. I was ill the first week in March (in central Florida.) It presented as a cold but was accompanied by a change in sense of taste for several days. I followed my usual protocol for suspicious cold symptoms, zinc acetate. But, it was all just five or six days long and I was more fatigued than having cold symptoms. No temperature. No cough. Fatigue, sleepy, change of taste. The worst was for four days. My impression was the zinc knocked it out. I am long term keto (and 70 and male.) I’ve had the flu shot for every year since 1983.

  24. Re the article on Dental issues. I just finished reading Weston A Price’s “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.”
    Amazing detailed information from various cultures around the world done in the early 1930’s!!!! The pictures tell it all!

  25. Re: Olive Tree
    Just finished reading Olive Odyssey by Julie Angus. A wonderful accounting of the story of the Olive. I even got into some Olive Oil tasting sessions! And the recipe for “40 garlic clove chicken“ is The best roast chicken I have ever tasted!

  26. From northern Europe, started at early March.

    I am still recovering, but my experience is as follows: first some slight headaches now and then for 1.5-2 weeks, then 1st day: feeling in lungs, 2nd day some mucus and some blood specks in spit, 3rd day feeling in lungs, 3-4 day night first fewer that lasted whole night and I slept 13h, 4th day stapping pain in lungs, 4-5 night fewer whole night and slept 12h, 5th day slight feeling in lungs, 5-6 night fewer whole night and slept 10.5h, 6th day slight feeling in lungs, 6-7 night light sweating and normal sleep time, 7th day slight feeling in lungs, 8th day very light feeling in lungs, 9th day feels OK so light and slow walk by the lake 2km, 10th day feels OK light walk 3km with some stretching to get stiffness away, 10-11 night sweating and normal sleep time, 11th day in now. I am feeling fine with slight feeling in lungs.

    No cough, no sneezing, no nothing else but feeling in lungs. I have taken vitamin c, resveratrol, NAD, multivitamin (zinc in it), aswagandtha with ginger/garlic tea, omega3s. Lots of sun light. This thing is tough to get rid of, but I will beat it.

    45 years old physically active male with years of keto and lately carnivorish diet.

    Kids went through it with ease, one has headache, one slight stomach issues, one had nothing. My wife had fever for two days and slept 18h *WOW*, then 2 days of slight tiredness. All this within last few weeks.

  27. Let’s change preconceptions about. toilet paper. When you clean your car do you use a dry sponge and cloth to try wipe away the dirt ? Best of luck with that, we all use earth’s magic substance water for the best result. So what about cleaning our own body ? You rub around with dry paper ? Heck why ? Americans spend $6 billion on toilet paper every year, more than people in any other country in the world. And the environmental cost of production? Annually, it takes 1.7 trillion liters (437 billion gallons) of water, 253,000 tons of bleach, and 15 million trees to feed America’s toilet paper habit.
    Use water instead. Install a bidet in the bathroom, or use a personal bidet. These are very low cost, and the result is far superior. Mine is a Happypo. Happy me.

  28. “What’s the deal with our dental issues?”

    Weston Price pretty much answered that question nearly 100 years ago, and yet we haven’t been able to fix it since. At this point, I don’t really believe we ever will.

  29. Mark, I have an exercise at home question. I am not a hard-gainer with fat or muscle…is an easy-gainer a thing? Anyway, I don’t particularly want to gain mass, and I had been avoiding that by lifting really heavy (for me) at the gym by failing between three and six reps. I seemed to be getting stronger without putting on much size or weight.

    Without access to heavy weights at home I’m left with body weight exercises. I’m sure they work because I’m getting bigger from the hundred or so squats/push-ups/pull-ups whatever else it is that I do over the course of the day. However, that’s a bit antithetical to my goals of strength without too much size.

    Any thoughts on how to tackle this? Creative ways to reach failure sooner?

    1. From what I have seen, I would suspect that the opposite approach would be your friend. Lower weight so that you reach failure around 18 – 20 reps.
      I am female, however, so I know I have less available testosterone in my system, so this may not work for you… However, when I began lifting, I followed a male friend’s advice and aimed for failure below 6 reps. I gained a lot of size. Several elbow and shoulder injuries later (!!), I tried the lower weight higher rep approach. I found it increased my strength and tone, but did not increase size. Try it!

  30. A flu went through my family in late February and early March. The kiddos both had coughs and fevers but no respiratory distress. My wife and I both had fevers for 12 hours or so and a cough for a couple of days. My wife and I each had a few days of just feeling off with no real symptom. We live near Boston and I wouldn’t be surprised if that covid. Stay healthy, everyone!

  31. I’m very suspicious of the Stanford research linked here. It seems to me to be a part of a campaign to suggest the quarantine has not be necessary (“coronavirus went through California without anyone even noticing because there wasn’t all this hype”).

    The hypothesis fails for a few obvious reasons. There was no overwhelming of the medical system as seen in Spain, Italy and New York. (The idea that this is because people in Spain, Italy and New York only overwhelmed the medical system because of hysteria is entirely counter-factual).

    Likewise, there are no bodies from this supposed pre-hysteria outbreak.

    Moreover, there was no experience in California in people having severe flu like symptoms (resulting in hospitalization or death) with NEGATIVE flu virus tests.

  32. I loved your post on micro workouts! I do sets of pushups during my day. As a Holy Yoga instructor I encourage my clients to take a 3 minute yoga break every hour. Doing a down dog for 1 minute really opens up the legs and back, or a warrior pose. Sitting in a chair doing a set of cat/cow is great for your spine. But my favorite thing to do for 1 minute? Breathe! Deep intentional breathing with focus on expanding the chest, it’s like a mini meditation. If you are somewhere you can’t do a down dog, do a wall dog, keeping your hands on the wall at hip height, step back, extending your arms, until your back is flat.

  33. Hey great to see your emails on a Sundays.
    I’ve been running as usual, a day of speed work, a day of hills, long/slow run and then sprints one day a week if I’m feeling well and rested, also doing yoga a few times a week.
    Need to start some strength though
    Been trying to eat well and doing some more home cooking
    Tried my hand at getting back into venison jerky and also pressure canned some turnip, carrots and potatoes – all healthy and all natural

  34. Yes, very odd “cold” back in early January. Fever for about the first week, no nasal symptoms, sore throat, and a constant dry cough that lasted 3-4 weeks with some tightness in the chest. I never get sick, so this was super unusual. P.S., at age 61, I have all of my wisdom teeth and never needed braces. I can thank my mom’s tougher cuts of meat that she used to feed 8 people on a budget, I guess.

  35. My daughter started getting sick at the beginning of January with a terrible cough and fever. We took her to the doctor three Mondays in a row and she was finally put on an inhaler and more. She passed it to me about middle of January; I went to the doctor twice. It was probably the easiest on me, but I’m a teacher and have a pretty rocking immune system. My husband got it towards the end of January, and his was the worst. He told me on more than one occasion that he felt like he was dying. He went to the doctor twice and was put on an inhaler. He coughed so hard that he bruised ribs. He’s still struggling.. end of January to mid April is a long time. Every doctor we saw said they were seeing a lot of this strange virus that was causing a cough that lasts for weeks…

  36. Mark, I’d appreciate your help. My father in law has been diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, abdominal wall and lymph nodes. He has very little body fat. He starts chemo this coming week with the aim of extending his life to 12 months or so. What are thoughts on a diet that will aid and help him be energised through the next few months?

  37. I work full time from home and feel blessed every day. I intersperse microworkouts with work most days. When it’s not raining, I have sanity bike rides after work. It is so glorious to be outside. Life goes in for Mother Earth, she’s in full spring mode here in Chicago. My fav microworkout: walk down 6 flights of stairs, do a plank on the lawn (bunnies everywhere) and sprint up the stairs. Blessings to you!

  38. James nailed it with his post above.

    We didn’t see the spike in deaths prior to the main outbreak, and doctors are reporting a different symptoms and patient treatment responses than the regular flu.

    Also this cornavirus spread like wildfire. There was a company meeting of 150(?) people for two or three days where two thirds of the people were infected at the meeting.. IF it was here undetected for so long we would have much worse results.

    The news stories I’ve seen on this seem to lack critical thinking in an effort to be the first to report on a new angle to the outbreak.

    For instance, if we have a test that can be done in a short time, how many of those patients have tested positive for having been infected with Covid-19?

    A story that asks and answers that question would NOT be news.

  39. I was spearfishing pretty regularly and taking the kids down there to walk every evening. Then they shut down the beach. Now we bike riding through the Marina. I’ve discovered our neighborhood is not as bike friendly as it could be. IT’s terrifying to have 7 yr old riding next to the traffic.

    I walk by myself quite a bit. It’s great to explore all the paths I’ve never tried in the decade I’ve lived here.

    I damaged some cartilage next to my rib cage so no upper body work out yet. BUt I think I can start back up with some weight training this week.

  40. Yes – something like a bad, feverish cold in March. I was already isolating here in BC so continued doing so. It passed. Before and after, I continued doing what I always do: prioritize real food, daily movement, sleep, meditative/gratitude/spiritual/yogic practices. This is the best thing I know to stay well. I take Chinese herbs too, but those are extra.

    Love the canned fish recipes in today’s email, Mark! Also the inspiration to move throughout the day. Thank you!

  41. My mom developed a flu-like illness during the last week in January. Flu test was negative but doctor sent her home with Tamiflu anyway. She didn’t improve and passed away unexpectedly on February 2nd. She was immune compromised with long term rheumatoid arthritis and also had heart issues. They told us her heart couldn’t handle whatever virus she was fighting. Our family now wonders if it could have been Covid 19. My brother and his wife also developed a flu like illness the week after the funeral and it was pretty bad and caused my sister in law’s asthma to flair. They were both tested for flu and it was negative for both. They have both recovered and no one else has gotten sick including my father who was with my mom the whole time. I guess we won’t know unless we all have an antibody test.

  42. I live in the UK and my daughter who is 16 became really ill with flu like virus in early February. She’s never been sick like that before and she was wiped out for 10 days.
    It had left her with a dry cough early morning and again early evening.
    I introduced her to Liquorice tincture by Biomatrix 2 days ago. Liquorice acts as an expectorant and within 24 hours her cough was breaking up into a more phlegm based action and her lungs at last showing evidence of beginning to clear and detox themselves.
    This is so important because the persistent cough that Covid stimulates might be difficult to dislodge if it hangs around and gets deeper into the lung pockets and will really tire us out. So anything that can break it up and get the lungs cleaning themselves is a thumbs up for us!

  43. Sounds like you are dealing well with the quarantine; we are also (Tucson AZ). I will tell you that kettlebell workouts are saving my conditioning (and sanity!). Have been following Pavel for about 10 years now and am currently doing his protocol in “The Quick and the Dead”; his best to date! Stay well. I still can’t do sardines!

  44. All aboard with the canned fish.
    Regardless if circumstances, it has been a staple in my diet.

    One essential is missing though: anchovies.
    Delivering a vibrant and unique flavor, you have like seafood to relish those due to their honest and bold fish profile.

    My favorite way to enjoy them is to rest them, nicely tucked in next to one another, on an avocado bed. Make that an open faced sandwich with any sourdough style bread (always wanting to minimize gluten intake) and heaven just knocked on your door.

    Speaking about heavenly bodies, let’s not forget my favorite snack: baby peeled carrots with pitted manzanilla green olives …
    I’ve got no superlatives to describe such combination !
    Just give it a shot: one baby carrot, two olives. Start chewing, slowly but surely …


  45. We are in our mid-70’s and healthy today with isolating ourselves . . . We each walk every day, eat well, and feel comfortable in our separate homes. I am an artist, so am used to working at home (getting ready for a solo show in Yosemite) and I also spend time in the garden. My boyfriend had a terrible flu in December and so sick he stayed in bed for 3 days. Stomach issues, headache, fever but recovered just fine, if a little weak. I feel great. Thank you!

  46. I live in the US but when this broke out of China and started spreading into South Korea, I bought $250 worth of canned salmon, sardines, herring, sweet potatoes, olive oil, nuts and raisins. Eating all this omega-3 rich fish has nearly eliminated the arthritis that was starting to appear in my 62 year old hands. So when this all blows over I will continue eating a fish heavy diet. Fish and red onions withs lots of olive oil is quite tasty!

    Exercise has been no problem as I have a pull-up bar, 200 pounds of weights and live in a heavily forested and very rural area.

  47. Canned fish, I like it if I soak it with milk first. Not very paleo, but hey I really don’t like fish unless it’s super fresh. I would love to know how people prepare fish liver. You can buy cod livers canned. But I’m honestly too scared to try them. I don’t want to overwhelm my willingness to try strange food. Any ideas?

  48. The ‘flu’ season was so nad in the Mansfield, Ohio area in late January- earlt Feb, that school districts were closing schools. I never remember that happening.

  49. I had a very bad flu Jan 8th for about a week, with a terrible dry cough, fatigue, weakness, low fever for a couple of days. I remember remarking at the time that I thought I would pull a muscle in my chest from the cough.
    Some less generally healthy friends had a cough-based flu (or so they thought) for over a month around the same time.

  50. I want to try these methods and I hope to be successful
    some of these podcasts that you introduce are very nice
    thanks a lot

  51. About “new projects”: What about a portable treadmill to use with a stand-up desk, with a similar mechanism as Trueform®?, design just for walk.

  52. Haha canned fish!! Genius people think of the same idea the same time;) Was having my sardined today on top of savoury oatmeal (soak oats for 24 hours, slow cook then in chicken stock). I am very lucky in that I can forage outside of my door! Another day brought a little snack from the forest – fiddleheads. I noticed the amount of exercise I do creased, but the variety – increased. Where I used to walk or bike commute, I now do 3-5 songs of Wii Just Dance dancing madness, which charges me with lots of positive for the day and makes me move in novel ways; yoga is on menu as well and at-home strength training with whatever furniture that creativity allows me to see as a gym equipment. Thanks for sharing your exercise routine, what a grate and easy way to do it! No schedule and complicated work outs! Had been watching my on-screen time including boscoso media browsing – that gets stressful with all the news and heated conversations. These affect my elogiable and mental state and I’ve had some of the worst sleep ever!! Any primal tips for sleep in stressful times?

  53. Podcast 416 was very interesting, would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!

  54. That’s good advice, Mark. I’m vehemently opposed to all the protests, rioting, madness and mayhem that’s going on all across this country, but you are right. If you let it, it can consume you. The policeman who killed a black man, starting all of this will be prosecuted and will pay for what he did, and that should be the end of it, but it won’t. I’ll take your advice here. That is good advice.

  55. I’m thinking a friend had it the first week of March, before NC had recorded cases. Just based on symptoms, no known contact.