Weekly Link Love – Edition 68

Research of the Week

Among the working urban poor of Chennai, naps are more effective than more sleep at night.

In the Netherlands, those drinking between 5 and 15 grams of ethanol—or one standard beer, glass of wine, or drink—each day had the highest chance of reaching 90 years of age.

Of milk and health.

Tone deaf? Blame your parents.

Brown fat linked to better metabolic health and lower blood pressure.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Primal Blueprint podcast

Episode 403: Dr. Mark Hyman: Host Elle Russ chats with the man himself, Dr. Mark Hyman.

Primal Health Coach Institute podcast

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 47: Laura and Erin chat with Sam Miller, who likes to keep it super simple.

Media, Schmedia

A medical imaging office goes vegan for a month and loses weight, mostly muscle.

Interesting Blog Posts

Did the rest of the world luck out because the coronavirus hit China first?

How to reduce deaths on the road.

Social Notes

Important reminder.

How to eat in a Chinese city on medical lockdown.

Everything Else

The latest Alzheimer’s drug trial fails. “We don’t have anything now.” Maybe try the root cause?

Researcher explores the origin of the common Inuit genetic variant that inhibits ketosis.

I get that IPAs are getting out of hand, but this is ridiculous.

Ancient dates sprout.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Podcast I enjoyed doing: Max Lugavere’s Genius Life, where we chatted metabolic flexibility.

Sad news: Dr. Richard Veech passes. RIP.

I simply can’t get my mind around this: A third of British dog owners hope to feed their dogs vegan meals.

Some good, albeit preliminary news: Coronavirus does not appear to affect pregnancy.

Interesting article: Does the nuclear family need revamping?

Question I’m Asking

Do you think the nuclear family model is outdated? How would you update it, if at all?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 8 – Feb 14)

Comment of the Week

“Plus workers have to get up so damn early to milk all the almonds!”

– It really is a terrible industry, Lisa.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Great article on the nuclear family. It didn’t quite touch on this, but our families are also so spread out, thanks in part to the increasing ease of travel throughout the 20th century. My mother (born 1936) and her 5 siblings spent most of their lives living hours apart from one another, thanks in part to the interstate highway system that my grandfather was a worker on. That trend continues, particularly among the college educated, going forward. We leave home for college and rarely go back.

    Although I appreciate the freedom aspect of this shift, I do think we’re losing more than we gain, overall. After living 4+ hours from both of our parents, my wife and I moved much closer (45 minutes from hers and an hour and a half from mine), and even though it’s still a pretty considerable distance, it’s been good for us and our kids to have more contact with family. I’m not sure I would actually want us all living within a stone’s throw of one another, but there are at least times where that sounds more appealing than appalling!

    1. Great article and love how people are forging families. My parents moved from their home state when I was young and I envy my cousins who did not move and have their big extended family intact.

      Maybe forged families are the way to go.

  2. “The latest Alzheimer’s drug trial fails. “We don’t have anything now.” Maybe try the root cause?” <– This is so awesome!!!!

    1. I would welcome an expansion of that statement. Are we positive lifestyle management (sleep, diet, exercise, social interaction, avoiding toxins, controlling stress, cognitive-enhancing activities) are a guarantee that one will not get Alzheimer’s?

      1. No, there’s no guarantee because there are dozens of “insults of modern life” that Dr Bredesen suggests need to be addressed to slow the progression. But progress has been made on root cause of Alzheimer’s by looking outside of the blinders of single drug treatments, and in many cases people have recovered personality and abilities and even gone back to work.

        1. Thanks Jeff! Just looked up his protocol and bookmarked it, very interesting, nothing about it I would disagree with.

    2. Some of those root causes being prescription drugs, perhaps? The internet is chock full of info regarding drugs that can double or triple the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, particularly in older individuals.

      A good rule of thumb is to avoid drugs (both prescription and OTC) as much as possible. That means take them if you absolutely must, but beware of long-term usage and do your own research. That quick fix prescribed by your doctor could have a very dark downside.

      1. My father had an arterial blockage that was found at the time of his two strokes, in 2013. Previous to that, he had been given Lipitor, a statin drug. Otherwise, he and my mother had been eating healthy for years. I don’t believe he needed the statin drug.

        He developed Alzheimer’s and got progressively worse and he died in 2019.

        Anyway, I saw a study that showed that statin drugs deplete coQ10 and vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is important in efficient calcium distribution, making sure our calcium is distributed to where we need it, our bones. And vitamin K2 prevents calcium maldistribution, that is, preventing our calcium from being distributed to our heart or arteries. That could cause calcium buildups or blockages, a.k.a. calcifications.

        In my opinion, this is important because when there is a blockage in the arteries, nutrients and oxygen are slower to reach the brain through the bloodstream, and thus cognitive disorders can develop, including Alzheimer’s.

        So, that is what I believe happened to my father and caused his suffering (such as it was, because he didn’t really know or understand his decline), but more caused my mother what I would say was needless and preventable suffering that she went through.

        1. All real science is pointing to the fact that statins do no good and much harm. Since the thing they’re supposed to treat, high cholesterol, has been pretty conclusively shown to not be the cause of heart disease, or any other medical problem, the fact that they are still being prescribed to, and killing, so many people is a crime and a national disgrace.

      2. There have been cases where people in hospice, and hence taken off their drugs recovered and went home and iIRC back to work.

  3. YES the nuclear family is a breeder of society’s ills. it takes a village.


    more emphasis on socializing in schools (and less on academics). if it can be looked up on a smart phone in two seconds, it probably doesn’t need to be memorized.

    a social currency that parallels the federal dollar (youtube “time-banking”) that individuals use to exchange favors with other individuals. illegal to use it for goods or for established commercial enterprise, taxable upon conversion to regular dollars.

    a universal basic income, so that nobody needs to be desperate. it means more good neighbors, lower barriers to being a relevant member of society, less dictation of lifestyle around the fear of criminal activity, will breed more local influence over local economies, will allow people to take more risks and invest in themselves in ways that they otherwise could not, especially young people.

    a domestic exchange program, where high school students trade places with others within this same country, and see how other nuclear families operate.

  4. Do I need to start drinking a glass of wine everyday if I want to live to be 100?

  5. coronavirus – I’m a long-time MDA follower and primal enthusiast, and I’m writing now from Wuhan, China, where I’ve lived with my family since 2011. We’re on quarantine, stuck at home, and we’re healthy.

    It’s easy to get sucked into the media’s depiction of this virus and what China and Wuhan are like. I’m not going to comment much because I don’t want to get sucked into the media hype again. Just writing because I’m glad you brought it up. Glad you addressed something about this virus. And I appreciate the respect with which you wrote.

    I’m an American citizen, and Wuhan is my home.

    Keep up the great writing and open and respectful platform, Mark!


  6. Nuclear families: its bullcrap. And the article wants a return to 1800s. Really just have basic income so nobody needs to depend on anyone.

    1. I agree. The extended family culture isn’t some perfect way of life that we killed off because of some modern neurosis. It’s dying for many reasons that aren’t going to go away. The nuclear family isn’t an ideal replacement for it, I agree, but we need a new model that works, not a return to the past. Scandinavian style social democracy is certainly a promising one.

      1. Please explain to us how government bureaucracy is any sense a replacement for the family. Will the social democratic party potty train your child? Can you call the social democratic party when your basement floods? Or when you’re in bed with the flu?

        You and your friend Kelli simply want to be freed of normal human bonds. That is, you want somebody to take care of you without having to sacrifice anything.

    2. You’re not mad at the nuclear family; you’re angry at your father.

      1. Basic income is a notion that isn’t well thought out, to say the least. While receiving enough money from the government to be somewhat independent (a minimum of, say, $12K per year, likely in return for doing nothing) is a nice concept, it would be totally unaffordable. It would cost more than twice the national budget.

        Consider, for a moment, that the American taxpayers ARE the government when it comes to supplying the money this country operates on. The idea of a basic income–as a freebie–would go over like a lead balloon with people who actually work for a living.

  7. I love your Sunday news letter. Question: In your book you you talk about it taking about 21 days to get fat adapted. I know there are variables but is there a way to speed up the process?

    Also, does eating fermented foods strengthen your immune system and if so, would that protect your from the Corona virus?

  8. The best way to reduce your likelihood of injury or death in a motor vehicle accident is to reduce your time spent in cars.

    Organizing your life so you are not car dependent has a ton of advantages, financially, health wise, environmentally and community wise.

    It’s worth the effort to organize your life so 80-90% of the things you do require 0 time in a car. imo.

  9. Corona Virus: Create a vaccine program. Create a virus. Now, create a vaccine from the virus you just created (which doesn’t cure anything) Release the virus. Use these media to promote the virus YOU just released. Then promote the vaccine as the Solution. Then watch the people line up like sheep. That’s Big Pharma.$$
    And no more protestors in the streets.

  10. G News is sending out news from China and it’s a lot worse than they are saying. I’ve heard over 20,000 deaths. They bring trucks to the hospitals to take the bodies to the incinerator. They have run out of body bags. There is a video of three kids being out into one bag

  11. I love these tidbits of new info regarding every imaginable topic and the research that goes with it. Thanks so much for passing this all on to us!

  12. Surprised you didn’t mention vitamin D in how to defend against the Coronavirus! Our innate rapid immune system depends on it, and given the age distribution of those getting infected and seriously injured, this virus may be particularly vulnerable to it. I’ve been making sure to get my 1/2 hr of sun every day since the Wuhan lockdown.

  13. Yes, extended families are great and ideal IF they are functional and healthy. But god help you if you’re trapped in an abusive one with mental illness or addiction problems that you’re supposed to pretend aren’t there, or if you’re the family scapegoat, or if you’re gay in your big, close Italian Catholic clan, or with gaslighting narcissists, or I could go on. Nothing is perfect all the time. Far better to get out on your own and try to form your own support group of friends than to live with mental or emotional abuse.

  14. The Chinese are going 24/7 at the incinerators, trying to cover-up all the dead from the Corona Virus. You can’t believe the communist news coming out. The US news media is also worthless, they are repeating the communist propaganda, instead of investigating.

  15. “The latest Alzheimer’s drug trial fails. “We don’t have anything now.” Maybe try the root cause?”

    Sugar or Processed Food Disease in general. The idea of drug research is to find a way for people to eat a junk fud diet and not destroy their health.

    There is too much money to be made in junk food.

  16. You should have said: “I get that IPAs are all the rage these days, but this is ridiculous.”

    This quote from the vegan article is a whole lot of ouch: “I’m a skinnier, fatter guy than I was before.”

    Although, it is worth noting the one person who actually exercised reportedly didn’t lose muscle. That only one out of these seven people actually exercises, and started doing so *during* the challenge is another subject entirely.

  17. Gene testing tells me I have a problem identifying tones. Really? I have a degree in music and have played professionally for over 50 years.

    As for nuclear family I am convinced the human family is what it is and why because the family is the most efficient basic foraging group. He hunts creatures, she forages plants, kids do a multiple of small tasks like cracking nut shells or picking dirt or bugs out of what’s been collected. Put some families together and you get a tribe. That is human history and the basis for society. No doubt when the modern family is defined it will intentionally exclude dad and marginalize boys.

  18. I wonder if the positive relationship with alcohol consumption is marker of stronger social networks?

    1. Probably . People, myself included, would love a prescription for wine. But probably the cause of the longevity is the same cause for a person to be able to drink a beer or two. Consumption of alcohol, sugar, bread, hotdogs…whatever can spiral rapidly out of control. I’ve always thought the alcohol has nothing to do with it but the person relaxed enough to have a beer or two and stop is predictive of their lifestyle. Not too uptight to have a beer or occasional cake but even keeled enough to keep it too a minimum.