Weekly Link Love – Edition 64

Research of the Week

The environmental footprint of different diets is not what we’ve been led to believe.

Genetic analysis of ancient Hungarian conquerors.

Men on a low-fat diet may have lower testosterone.

Glucose metabolism takes center stage in Alzheimer’s.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Primal Blueprint podcast

Episode 399: Kate Cretsinger: Host Elle Russ chats with Kate Cretsinger, who after defeating her own serious health problems through nutrition, became a coach, helping others do the same.

Primal Health Coach Podcast

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 43: Laura and Erin chat with Anna Fruehling, a practicing health coach living in Grand Island, Nebraska. In her small town, local physicians refer patients with metabolic syndrome to Fruehling because of her unique approach.

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Media, Schmedia

What are the consequences of constantly eating microplastics?

Turns out that many common medications affect our brains, and even our personalities.

Interesting Blog Posts

Remember all those researchers who rushed to criticize studies that suggested red meat probably doesn’t cause heart disease and cancer? Turns out they have strong financial ties to the plant-based industry.

Localism starts with you.

Social Notes

Watch me make deviled eggs.

Now that’s fishing.

Everything Else

Did Thoreau’s diet do him in?

Dr. Oz on breakfast: a “ploy” that we should “cancel.”

Is carb loading necessary for an athlete? How one type 1 diabetes athlete manages to avoid it.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Funny how that works: Human brains got bigger right before the (delicious) megafauna started disappearing.

Article I found interesting: The people trying to save scents from extinction.

Bad for you, bad for the environment: Obesity.

I know people like this: Addicted to exercise.

Unintended consequences: Brazil wanted to get rid of daylight savings time. Now they miss it.

Question I’m Asking

Should cell phones be outlawed for anyone under 21?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 11– Jan 17)

Comment of the Week

“‘C’mon, people. The experts have spoken. Isn’t it about time you stopped with the keto nonsense?’

Um no.”

– Exactly, Angelica.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    I’m not surprised at the glucose/Alzheimer’s link…
    AND not at all surprised on the connections between all the anti-meat preachers and the processed food companies.
    On obesity being bad for the environment, read “The Fat Man in History” by Peter Carey… (It is fiction, and good reading).
    And a question. With all the discussion on the health effects of fermented foods, and all the sturm and drang about meat, why is nobody talking about fermented meats? All salumi (including prosciutto, bresaola, culatello, and all salamis) is fermented meat. And I strongly suspect that old style slow-cured salumis have many health benefits.

    1. Great point! Personally I eat prosciutto crudo quite often mainly because it’s one of the few ‘processed’ hams with no dodgy additives- just the meat and salt. But could this actually have positive health benefits? Over to you Mark!

  2. I don’t understand the Thoreau commentary. The author posits that Thoreau developed tuberculosis due to a low-protein diet, yet admits that Thoreau was never in contact with a tuberculous individual. So is he saying that Thoreau was infected with the organism Mycobacterium tuberculosis from food?

  3. No, I definitely don’t think it should be illegal for those under 21 to have cell phones. I’ve been a mom since 18 and couldn’t imagine not having a cell phone on me in case something happened. I do think there should be a BIG pamphlet that comes with every cell phone telling of the potentioal dangers and risks of using phones long term, correct ways to use them to minimize said risks, etc.
    Oh, I also wouldn’t have read your site if I hadn’t had a phone before 21. And who the hell knows where I’d be now if that hadn’t happened…

    1. TGJ, parents and kids survived just fine without cell phones before the 2000s — with better mental health to boot.

  4. re seed oils – do you put Tahini in that category? I always make my salad dressings with an added spoonful of tahini.

  5. I love this story! There is an entire body of research showing that cholesterol accumulation in the bone marrow drives the immune response by up-regulating myelopoiesis; a topic I am studying myself. I’ve always said when my daughter gets sick I’m going to blend up egg yolks for her to drink to boost her immune system. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I was reading the latest Sunday with Sisson, specifically about the milkshake for the lady on bed rest. I thinks that’s incredible she was able to pull through and last like she did! One thing I was curious of though, the egg yolks, were they raw egg yolks? If so, is it safe to eat raw egg yolks?

    1. Well, it’s just anecdotal (and n=1) but I eat raw yolks all the time, with the caveat that I buy my eggs directly from the farmers who raise the chickens.

      I know the chickens are pasture raised, fed non-soy feed when necessary (not a lot of pickins’ on the ground in January in Bozeman!), and not packed into battery cages.

      I have never had an issue in about 8 years of eating the yolks raw (milk shakes, home-made mayo, etc.). But I would hesitate to eat eggs from the grocery store raw, since I had no idea what conditions the chickens were kept under.

    2. I have never had any issues eating or drinking raw egg yolks, even store-bought ones. Used to put that in my protein shakes.

  7. Interested to see credible references that show organic, expeller pressed sunflower oil to be as bad as the industrial chemically extracted version.

  8. Mark thanks for all you do & share with us. I am really struggling. I have been on a seeking health journey for 10 years. Non stop chronic pain & yo yo weight gain/loss at its worst.
    I have been on a low carb/keto lifestyle for a year. I am off of most of my meds, but still in chronic pain & not losing weight. I received multiple cortisone shots in the past few months which probably explains the stalled weight loss. I am wondering what you would suggest for me to try? Do I just keep plodding along on my low carb lifestyle & hope that at some point I feel better? I am a 54 year old female, post menopause. Thanks again for any advice you can offer.

    1. You might want to combine your low carb/keto lifestyle with Intermittent Fasting (IF) along with some Extended Fasts (EF- usually 3 to 5 days) for health reasons. Check out Dr. Jason Fung and his videos on YouTube and his books The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code. On a personal note, I have had great success in lessening my pain from arthritis with IF. Information on fasting and the process of autophagy and the health effects is most interesting and promising. Good luck.

    2. Robin, you should check out the book “Brave New Medicine” by Dr. Cynthia Li. Food is extremely important, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle. This doctor has suffered with an autoimmune disorder, and this book is a beautiful narrative on the steps she went through to heal herself. I read it in one weekend and couldn’t put it down 🙂

  9. Re: going your own (“wrong”) way: many examples from my own life came to mind, from throwing away the sunscreen to embracing animal fats. But your readers know those. The example that inspired and instructed me was my scientist mother’s diagnosis in 1994 with breast cancer. Surgery revealed 37 involved lymph nodes, a “regional metastasis,” and a stated 50% chance of being alive in 5 years. She was advised to have a bone marrow reservation procedure, with a then 10% mortality risk from the harrowing procedure itself. She spent a week at the UCLA bio-medical library reading the research and decided not only to eschew the recommended procedure but not to have any chemotherapy. I was terrified and couldn’t believe she was not going to do what her doctors recommended. Much has happened since then, including my finding MDA and changing my life (and her food). Last week, my mom celebrated her 93rd birthday. She still drives her Mazda Miata 6-speed, with the top always down. Always. Cold thermogenesis, anyone?

  10. I completely agree that seed oils should be the next major target in the food industry. I hope Rogan helps out.

    If PUFA really is the culprit of so many health problems, it seems that keto/primal/paleo will need to adjust a bit, as well. Many readers here, myself included, have been intrigued by the Croissant Diet in recent weeks, largely because the author has challenged people to examine PUFA content in meat, not just the usual suspects (soybean oil). Many of us have been chowing down on bacon and chicken for a while now under the assumption that we were eating something healthy.

  11. Mark,
    Following you for a long time, love your Sunday w Sisson emails.
    Are you familiar with the works of Brian Peskin?
    I’ve followed for years and benefited from his works.
    Thanks for all you do.

  12. I have always been uncomfortable with cell phones and how easily concerns regarding radiation is dismissed. My daughter would keep her phone turned on and carried it in the front pocket of her pants while she worked. Within weeks we saw the colour of the pocket on her dark pants begin to fade to white and into the shape of her phone. That visual made a big impact on us and now we only use our phones to text or with headphones.

    When I was a kid, when ever we were on the mend from and illness or injury my father would make up his special blend of milk, egg yolks, vanilla and a scoop of ice cream to help us gain our strength back. It sure seemed to work and always made us feel better. Also, thanks Mark for mentioning the use of egg yolks in coffee, what a great addition to my morning routine!

    1. It was a different color because it was wearing that spot of her pants.

      1. Exactly … you see the same thing with men who carry their billfold in their back pockets.

  13. I was nodding my head as I read Mark’s story about the elderly woman being nourished by whey protein milkshakes. My dad was diagnosed with stage lV esophageal cancer two years ago and the tumor was so large he was on a liquid diet for 4 weeks while undergoing radiation to shrink it. I took him to the top two cancer centers affiliated with world-renowned universities and when they asked what he was “drinking” to sustain himself, I told them I was making him shakes with the best whey protein, organic milk, powdered greens, organic berries, spinach, and kale, and they looked at me like I was insane and told me to buy him Ensure shakes! Both oncologists at these major university hospitals told me this and neither mentioned anything else about nutrition and cancer. No one at either center told him that if you take Zinc supplements while undergoing chemo, you can diminish the effect that the chemo has on your taste buds. The Naturopathic Doctor specializing in oncology told him that among other helpful things to lessen side effects. As a side note, the vending machine at the cancer center was filled with processed junk food and soda. Good to know we have come so far in cancer nutrition in the mainstream. My father passed away one year after his diagnosis as his treatments were palliative.

  14. I bucked the system and got off of my antidepressant by using essential oils like frankincense and lemon on a daily basis in my water. The energy it gave me, plus the happiness and sense of well being, not only got me exercising, I felt better and weaned myself off of my Wellbutrin….without consulting my dr until I was sure I was fine without it. When I told them they all agreed I seemed great and congratulations ensued. I also lost weight, started following a Paleo (now I’m keto) lifestyle, and added bulletproof coffee to my daily regimen. Now I’m also off of my anti-viral medication (replaced it with L-Lysine) and I only take my hormone and low dose bp medication. I also added fish oil, turmeric, cranberry supplements to my daily regimen.

  15. I’m in the process of trying to do something different and shirk the “right” thing. I’m 37 and not as healthy as I’d like to be. I have been having hip pain and an mri showed that I have a cyst in the acetabular joint and some cartilage deterioration. The doctor wants to do arthroscopic surgery. He said it will help me possibly avoid a hip replacement in the future. I wanted to start seeing a functional medicine doctor (for this as well as a couple other things) but the price is way too expensive. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and he’s skeptical of me having surgery but there’s so much different info I’m not sure which way to go. Wish me luck and any advice would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post!

  16. Years ago my brother was placed on a drug for high blood pressure. Within two weeks he had a heated disagreement with his neighbor and code enforcement at his home that led to a SWAT team being called. Fortunately one of his neighbors was a cop in the same city; he was able to de-escalate the situation and no one was harmed. The next day my brother realized his outrage about many things had begun after taking the drug. He discontinued it. Three years later his wife was put on the same drug; due to constant arguing, they ended up divorced. They had been high school sweethearts.

  17. The founder of Findhorn, a grower of giant vegetables, once fell ill, and she intuited that what she needed was a steak and a stout whiskey. She recovered rapidly.