Weekly Link Love — Edition 56

Research of the Week

Binge drinkers have a lower prefrontal cortical response to alcohol.

Implanting fecal matter from people with colon cancer into healthy rodents gives them precancerous lesions. Fecal transplants from people without colon cancer have no such effect.

Vegans have more sick days.

Creatine may treat depression.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 390: Rob and Kendra Benson: Host Elle Russ hangs out with Rob and Kendra Benson, owners of Explorado Market, a keto grocery and bakery in Fort Collins, CO and creators of Fat Go Fit, the healthy keto energy packets and jars.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 35: Laura and Erin chat with Barbell Physio’s Dr. Zach Long.

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Media, Schmedia

Once again, waiting for the authorities to “do something” is not the answer.

The controversial chemist behind the BALCO scandal is reinventing himself as the “ketone guy.”

Interesting Blog Posts

Baleni salt sounds downright magical.

Dopamine fasting.

Social Notes

Good enough.”

Everything Else

Close your eyes and listen to this talk on plant toxins and you’ll think that Jeff Goldblum is the newest carnivore convert.

In areas where bison graze, plants contain 50 to 90 percent more nutrients by the end of the summer.”

The bacon situation.

Inuit cooking show.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Podcast I loved doing: The Ready State, with the inimitable Kelly and Juliet Starrett.

Blog post I found interesting: Did “Why We Sleep” overstate the benefits of sleep and drawbacks of inadequate sleep?

Article I found interesting: The universality of music.

This is quite the fact: 90% of what cattle eat is inedible to humans.

Video I enjoyed: Amy Berger on reacting to red meat studies.

Question I’m Asking

Can babies learn to love vegetables? How important are they?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 16– Nov 22)

Comment of the Week

“Growing gardens? Going to the local market? Teaching kids to cook? Preparing homemade, real food for a family? Sounds like the job description of most every mom or grandma until a couple generations ago. ‘Hm,’ says the society with skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity and chronic disease, desperately scrambling to implement expensive government programs that repeatedly fail to solve any problems, ‘Maybe traditional women’s work was less meaningless and retrograde than we thought…'”

– Really makes you think, Erika.

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