Weekly Link Love — Episode 44

Research of the Week

Statins increase Lp(a).

In mice, a high-fat maternal diet protects against Alzheimer’s in the offspring.

Neanderthals ranged into western Iran.

Among Chinese seniors living in an elderly community, higher LDL predicts lower rates of dementia.

Heated canola oil worsens gut inflammation.

Dairy still has no relation to mortality.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 368: Bela Gandhi: Host Elle Russ chats with dating expert Bela Gandhi.

Episode 369: Q&A with Brad: Host Brad Kearns answers questions about gaining weight on keto, a military success story, and more.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 24: Andrew Sillitoe comes on the podcast to discuss practicing what you preach, structuring effective client offers, and the importance of taking action.

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Media, Schmedia

Because it has a few grams of saturated fat, olive oil misses out on a “healthy” rating in Australia.

Extreme athletes tend to have bad teeth.

Interesting Blog Posts

Peter wonders if “loss of the gene for lipoprotein lipase, or similar loss, might not have been a big deal when humans lived by eating elephants. Or even until corn oil took off as a cholesterol lowering scam.”

Social Notes

I agree with some of these “healthiest pantry staples” on Amazon.

Interesting thread on atherosclerosis.

Everything Else

Turkish beekeeper makes lemonade.

Dutch consumers form a “people’s farm.” Good idea.

Viking winter sports.

Worrying figure.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Study result that people need to hear: Protein intake has no effect on kidney function in healthy adults.

Concept I found interesting: Human emotions as personal narratives. And how aging affects the narratives we create for ourselves.

I can see it now: Statins for crows.

ATM I’d use: Salmon ATM.

This was a cool podcast: The ultimate lipid podcast with Dave Feldman and Siobhan Huggins.

Question I’m Asking

Have you noticed a shift in the way people in everyday life approach health, fitness, diet, and lifestyle?

Recipe Corner

  • This doesn’t get a link because it’s incredibly simple: frozen watermelon slices. If you want to get crazy, dip them in a mix of salt, cayenne, and lime juice.
  • Carnivore pizza.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 25– Aug 31)

Comment of the Week

“Good work Mark – Why is TMAO linked to kidney and heart disease?
The TMAO that is soi linked is being made from trimethyl-lysine, TML.
TML is formed in the body when cells are trying to make carnitine,
If this doesn’t happen, the TML can be converted to TMAO.
TML seems to be a better predictor of heart disease as TMAO.
It looks to me that TMAO can be a sign of diseases that lead to carnitine insufficiency, rather than the other way round

– Great work, George. You always find interesting connections.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Brilliant roundup.

    I get so frustrated at the amount of ‘healthy’ restaurants and delis in Sydney that cook in blended vegetable oil. They always tell me it’s olive until I push, as I’m really unwell- that yes it is indeed a ‘blend’ 🙁 We need a ban on industrial oils in food production here.

    Thanks for keeping things sane in this mad world Mark?

    1. Same here in Los Angeles. Even the organic touted restaurants like Sweetgreen and Tender Greens use either a blend of rapeseed oil for both cooking and salad dressing. My $17 salad should at the very least get me a tablespoon of olive oil ?

      1. Gotta bring yer own! 3-4 decades ago, I used to bring milk with me to the pizza parlor, cause I didn’t like soda.

        Nowadays, on those rare occasions when I go for a slice of Costco pizza, I bring ground (by me) Locatelli (the world’s BEST sheep’s milk grating romano cheese!) so I can avoid the cheap-crap parmesan with ‘flow agents’ they offer. ( I also GET the Locatelli at Costco — ’bout 10#, grind it up, dry it a bit on the counter, then freeze and pull out amounts to thaw for immediate uses. (Same when I go to my fancy-schmancy downtown Italian place for the chicken parm.)

        There’s this Mark-guy on the web who sells healthy salad dressings? Just carry your bottle in with you and order you salad bare! (This isn’t rocket-surgery, folks!! {wink})

    2. Having cooked in several restaurants in my time, I trust none of them. You are always better off making your own food! And that extends to growing as much of it as possible, too…
      Remember that every food source other than yourself is just looking for your money, not your health.

  2. Cool idea with the Salmon ATM.

    I’m thinking of starting a fasting ATM. Put in a dollar…and nothing comes out. Talk about easy money!

  3. Great idea with the salmon ATM.

    I’m going to start a fasting ATM…put in a dollar and nothing comes out.

  4. I like the concept of a fasting ATM. But the concept could be taken even further to be used as a prosocial tool. Imagine a vending machine that dispenses the usual items, but also includes an option to donate to a cause rather than receive an item (soda, water, candy, pretzels, or whatever the machine has on offer)? One good cause would be to address food insecurity, such as by donating the proceeds to local food kitchens that serve the disadvantaged and homeless population. I wonder how much money a single vending machine could generate over a year, and how this would depend on the constituency who frequent the machine?

  5. As consumers, we need to use alternate search engines: Startpage, DuckDuckGo are two. Switch to private email servers like Proton mail, get emails from our preferred outlets like MDA and Mercola and Save Our Bones. Buy products direct from the manufacturer when possible, not through Amazon. If I have to use Amazon because I don’t live in the USA, I use Amazon Smile so a portion gets donated to the organization of my choice, such as NVIC.
    lastly, we need to get off Facebook and get onto MeWe which doesn’t harvest or keep users’ data.

    Mark is correct, we are over the target and they are using over-the-top tactics to protect their bottom line in true bully style.

    Truth will out.

    1. Agreed. As a person of faith, it is easy to see the big internet gorillas are edging out those who don’t think like they do. Now it seems they edge out those who don’t pay as much. While search engines are useful, real growth happens when we as humans connect with another human directly. When my friend the health nut talks about Primal, I listen. If it’s just one more line on an internet search, meah. DuckDuckGo is good, and I’m already looking at MeWe. Sooner or later my blog will move off a gorilla’s “free” site.

    2. Agreed. Though I switched everything years ago due to Google’s (no) privacy policy. Have not nor will I ever join Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

    3. Agreed! I’ve deleted FB, Instagram, and Pinterest… I’ve used DuckDuckGo for years. Just need to get my husband off Gmail and all will be well.

      Mark, I’d love to see you add a presence on MeWe!

    4. Health related searching on DuckDuckGo and Startpage has been less than stellar for me, unfortunately. It’s not just the swamp of webmd/mayo type hits, there’s always at least one Quackwatch (how poetic, from DuckDuckGo) and an infernal blogger named Orac from “Science Basesd Medicine.” I think I’ve jumped from the Silicon Valley frying pan into the skeptic fire.

      1. Orac, that’s hilarious! How anyone could take that guy seriously probably also thinks Snopes is okay.

        If you want info on health issues and how to treat most things naturally, go to Mercola.com. This site has taken a big hit from the Google beast but again we know why. Mercola aims at the target, has done for years. Mercola.com also has links to other healthcare professionals and alternatives. He left FB last month. Sign up for his emails which have interesting articles on everything from the ‘flu vaccine hoax to how to grow radishes to learn the perfect pushup.

        We are making the monster angry so hold on! it will be a wild ride.

  6. Fascinating about the Lp(a) and statins. There’s so much detail in the statin data and so much controversy that I didn’t grasp what that meant right away. Apparently there’s an Lp(a) Foundation?! https://www.lipoproteinafoundation.org/page/UnderstandLpa

    Interesting that it seems to only change in the lifetime of women, and now, apparently, when a person takes a statin. I really can’t imagine taking one, but life is long and I don’t believe in absolutes.

  7. Greetings: Just keep doing what you have been doing
    because the information that you provide for us comes from the “HEART” and that is the location where the “HUMAN SPIRIT” resides at which give us
    intelligent, intellect, Bye for now

  8. Is it possible that you have been so successful that there are many more people engaged in this world with their own websites, blogs and IG pages. This may be dividing up the audience. Whereas in the past everyone came to you because you were a pioneer there are now more websites to read. The audience may have grown but you each have a slightly smaller share by % perhaps? Overall you have grown the (keto) pie which is brilliant! Thank you for everything

    1. That could have been the case of it was an organic change, but this was overnight. I.e. a change in their algorithms.

      1. From the examples of search hit ranking I’ve seen and read about, it seems that Google is favouring what their algorithms determine to be mainstream, with a bias against voices that challenge the status quo (whether left or right politically). This is disappointing, but being aware of such search engine behaviour can at least encourage healthy skepticism of claims and lead to deeper research. Unfortunately, there are still many who forgo such skepticism and can be easily misled.

  9. I wasn’t really surprised to see the fall in Google traffic to the diet and health advice via websites like your own Mark and Robb Wolf amongst others.
    I’m really fed up with seeing ‘fake meat’ ads being pushed almost continuously before watching any of my favs’ – Paleo, Keto, Carnivore.
    Whatever they’re up to – it’s just so annoying.

  10. Dr. Mercola and GreenMed have been talking about this for months now. The fact that google is burying natural health in searches. Dr. Mercola also did his last Facebook post a few weeks ago and won’t continue on it. Mailchimp closed greenmeds account abruptly. I’m starting my health coaching business now so I’m trying to be conscious of what companies I’m using as far as email marketing, etc. . (PHCI yeah!) I know I’m small in comparison but I believe that’s what it will take to make a difference.

    1. The last thing any decent website should be trying to do is to be associated with sites like mercola or paleohacks. Not a good comparison.

      1. What’s your point? Mercola has a lot of good information and a lot of good work, but do you need to agree with someone 100% of the time? I don’t think so. I applaud someone who takes a stand against Facebook’s heavy hand.

        1. Mercola is a quack and if you think his site is a good source of information then I’m not sure there’s any point. All he does is sell supplements by writing biased click bait articles. I’m glad he’s gone.

  11. I was pleasantly surprised to have tentatively dropped the term “primal” into a conversation with someone who seemed to mean that way. I dropped it like a code word and the guy said, “Sisson!”

    I think you’re becoming mainstream, man.

  12. Health and nutrition, medicine, and even lifestyle and living. We can’t have people thinking for themselves and reading how crappy our safety studies and research was conducted. So we’ll force people into our religion of “science”. When the science is flawed people will question their overseer’s.
    And year down their veil of lies.

  13. It’s no secret anymore that the large social media/tech companies intend to leverage and exploit their girth to influence what they like or deem “best” for the rest of us.

    1. You mean best for themselves. That is the best for the executives.

  14. Hey Mark!
    Keep the info coming and all your efforts!!
    Can we all start switching to another search engine and is there one we can start making it out default. Let’s squeeze the EMPIRE

  15. I left Google years ago when they started weighing in on cultural and social issues that I disagreed with, and when they fired an employee for having the opinion (which he used data to argue) that the reason for the gender imbalance in the tech industry had more to do with the preferences of careers for women than it did discrimination. This was perceived as such a threat that the CEO dropped what he was doing to apologize to the world and fire the employee. Whether you agree with the issue or not, the response of the company shocked me. I realized that as a Christian and a social conservative, these people hate me. How can I entrust all my data to someone who hates me and was willing to fire a guy for having opinions?

    I switched to DuckDuckGo and have not missed Google in the slightest.

  16. Hey Mark thanks for your consistent effort to reveal truths and misconceptions all these years! Always a joy to read your daily apple!
    Best regards from Greece

  17. I’m sorry, but not surprised that alternative sites are “more difficult” to find..thankfully..most of us have the sites bookmarked in our files!!

    The powers that be simply are running scared that some of us are taking out health into our OWN hands..and they can’t make money on that!!
    Carry on!!

  18. I’m sickened by what I see Google doing, and I for one DO believe it’s nefarious!

  19. What if the community of nutritionists, researchers and health pioneers standardize and publish a “resources page” on their websites with links and recommendations to each other’s website for those they believe are reliable sources. Teamwork within the community could grow the healthy keto, paleo, Whole30 nutrition movements. The user finds one and follow leads from there outside of the google.

    1. It’s still more or less an echo chamber, I don’t think a lot of this reaches people who aren’t already into it or are explicitly searching for it. If you search for any health problem usually what will show up is all the same advice in different words, at least on the first two pages.

  20. Keep up the good work Mark!! I have been following a keto diet and have been able to go from type 2 diabetic to now pre-diabetic my Doctor has only cudos for me. I have never been on any medication just a new diet and exersice projram. I look dorfward to your letter every Sunday!!

  21. The comparison of google dropping your visibility is like going to the grocery store and finding all the healthy food at ridiculously high prices and all the junk food cheap as dirt. They just want you to stay sick and fat so you have to keep going to the doctor and getting on prescription meds. It’s so obvious. Just keep up the good work and we will keep on sharing the news.

  22. Good morning Mark and the Primal Team! Thank you so much for the work you do and for “living the lifestyle”! In regard to your post Sunday with Sisson, Health Sites Decimated by Google, thank you again for bringing this out! I’ve been around the “wellness movement” since 1981! We were growing wheat grass for juicing back then…to say our family and friends thought we had lost our marbles would be an understatement! Fast forward a decade or two and a lot of those folks are eating healthier! I have benefited from the traditional western Medical community many times over the years, broken bones, stitches and acute illness; so I’m not totally anti medicine. However; I do believe that there is so much money at stake and that “healthcare” is so large an industry that alternative healthcare (real preventative wellness) can be seen as a threat to the bottom line. Keep on keepin’ on Mark and Primal! We need your voice, wisdom and experience!!

  23. I wonder if the search engine stats cited in the Sunday mailer are a byproduct / overreach related to vaccines and media companies’ efforts to respond to measles outbreaks.

    Thats the kind of question that should be answerable — there should be a ton more transparency about search algorithms.

  24. Thank you, Mark! Just in my everyday conversations I try to insert that food is thy medicine. I get some very interesting comments. It makes for good conversation. Keep up the good work . I’m so glad that my son turned me on to you.

  25. Dr. Mercola pointed this out a couple months ago. No worries, we are smarter than Google – we personally spread the word!

    1. Just as we are all realizing that our food sources are awful and dietary advice wrong, we are also smart enough to realize google is a problem!! I do my best to stay away from using it. More people should do the same.

  26. I suggest reading a recent book by Scott Galloway, that shows how the big 4 apple, amazon, google and facebook are too big and have become part of the evil empire. Keep the sheeple in the dark, uninformed and sick. Money the root of it all.

  27. Curious indeed. It wasn’t until I got to “MDA da” that Google suggested an auto fill-in of “….daily apple”. And even then it was the third choice.

  28. re: Google shadow banning on Sunday With Sisson

    Big Tech, including Google, has sold out shamelessly to massive corporate interests in every facet of information sharing — news, politics, you name it. It’s much “safer” in a corporate sense and more profitable for these giant tech firms to collude with the giants of other industries than simply host a neutral platform without bias. Same issue on YouTube (owned by Google), Facebook, and Twitter.

    We all should have seen this coming, but most of us were wearing blinders of naivete, myself included.

    Keep your eye out for alternative platforms, search engines, etc. There will be a correction, and an innovation from left field to catch these narcissistic sellouts with their pants down.

    In the meantime, keep on keeping on. Thank you for all that you do and have done.

  29. Corporations and oligarchs run the show in the states. Big pharma and the allopathic health care system are firmly cemented into the structure of our society and are huge monsters to try to slay … or even sway. I do see some major hospital systems introducing alternative and holistic practices, which I hope will become a trend. It’s discouraging how unmitigated greed and suppression of information by those in power helps prevent us as a planet and a species from realizing our true potential and ability to remain in balance in our precious ecosystem. As far as doing internet searches, I mostly use DuckDuckGo and I typically add keywords such as “natural” to my search strings. Pretty smart, and professional, of Mark to include references in many of his posts.

  30. Your,,,,,,,Our community rocks! We are indeed fighting a battle in many ways. We will stand together to regain better health and make this world a better place for those that follow. There are those who do not want that. Keep up the great effort! KETO WARRIORS we are! God bless.

  31. It’s a shame.
    I started to use DuckDuckGo exactly because google started to mess with the results. At the time it was the filter bubble that got me to switch.

  32. As always, thanks Mark for your thoughtful email. Personally, I am outraged but somehow not surprised. Being a veteran California public school teacher nearing the end of my ordinary (yet extraordinary) career, I’ve witnessed others having similar experiences (I.e., types of information “hidden” in Google’s burying of truth) with regard to what’s really happening in education and our classrooms. Big money (politics) trumps the truth I suppose! Keep the faith!

  33. This is unfortunately nothing new. Google, the goody-two-shoes do-no-evil company, have been building up and then suddenly destroying people’s livelihoods for many, many years. I guess that’s why monopolies are dangerous; now that they’re in control, they want to impose their degenerate ideas on the whole world.

  34. Mark, here’s a foreign saying that describes best the challenges faced, when trying to argue against confirmation bias or refute twisted science,; as this is what most people read, when running a google search that is limited to the 1st page,. “And now go prove that you do not have a sister”.

  35. I would much rather read information from you or Robb Wolf than from most of the “experts” I hear quoted on the news.

    And deliver me from the “Impossible Whopper”!

  36. Over the years I have frustrated my husband to no end. I served in Vietnam and had severe exposure to Agent Orange. I knew it was a death sentence to most of us so I went with alternative treatments. My husband has called me insane but here we are over 40 years later and I’m still here where all my old friends are long gone. When my husband got cancer 12 years ago he went with the regular treatment. Surgery and radiation and next came chemo. He came to me and said he didn’t want to die yet. So we went with alternative treatments instead of chemo. Here he is strong and healthy cancer free. He still gets checked every 6 month’s but he has joined me with using alternative treatments realizing they work better than conventional medication. Diet, exercise and plants can indeed provide miracles today.

    1. a friend is down with breast cancer. i would like to help.

      wondering what did you do? i have some ideas but would like your input. thx!


  37. Love this Mark. Respect and appreciation for all you and your teams are doing. I’m noticing the same thing and am in the process as I write this of getting all my digital legacy, data, and email switched over to Apple and out of Google for this very reason along with quite a few others.

  38. Sorry to hear the impact google rating changes have on your site. Do other search sites such as DuckDuckGo do the same thing?

  39. Hi Mark,

    Perhaps you, Robb, Mercola, Green Medicine, Axe, etc. can form a new search engine and we will all use it for our alternative health and nutrition research. Just an idea.

    1. Mercola?? You can’t be serious. Quack sites like that should go down. It’s a bit of a romantic idea to think there’s a way to compete with google. Look at their competitors now. All of them suck and their market share is non existent. Good luck with that

      1. It’s possible. Look at other industries that lost a sizable chunk of their market share due to their business practices. Cable comes to mind.

        1. With all due respect I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. No one can touch google.

          1. Time will tell.
            I ditched them and by the looks of the comments here and elsewhere, I’m not alone in that.

        2. The look of the comments doesn’t matter when Google’s market share grows. What matters is facts and numbers and they don’t look bad for google. If you look at how much DuckDuckGo and the others own it’s peanuts and is unlikely going to change. Plus the other search engines still suck at their job.

  40. Big fan of this community but this claim of targeting by google feels a bit under-researched, especially for a community that prides itself on digging deeper than the headline. Are there other, good reasons for this change in search result hits? Are there a million other new “alternative health” sites that are taking search market share? Could this list be cherry picking?

    I’ve got no doubt that you can use a giant pile of money to affect search results, and maybe that feeds into these result. But it would be good to provide a fuller picture before you encourage your readership to decry big pharma and evil corporations for conspiring to squash the good guys.

  41. I very much doubt this is just about some conspiracy against keto. It is plain and simple profit optimization. It’s not rocket science. Why else would a non-biased, fact reporting site like Examine go down? In their eyes you are biased no matter how right you think you are, and I personally think you are. Examine.com do not favor any particular way of eating and still lost almost all of their traffic. They posted about this too but were very very careful with how they approached Google. these drops have absolutely noting to do with E-A-T. Here’s their post on Twitter and the response from Google: https://twitter.com/Examinecom/status/1160939853778956289 Nothing has changed for them and they are going down.

  42. How can we stop the insane connection from Big Pharma
    To getting health care from HMO ? Since they can’t peddle drugs to those of us that are doing alternative
    Medicine , many folks could benefit from IF/PC,
    And reversing medical conditions that the HMO “ manage” and they allow Pre-Diabetes to progress to Diabetes, with all the complications of heart disease, amputations etc.
    I’m currently found success reversing Pre-Diabetes.
    As my HgbA1c decreases , it irritates me that healthcare is built around Sick people, slaves to controlling but not reversing these health conditions.
    It’s a crime.

  43. Thank you for re-visiting the “What Can Heat Do For Your Health” article! In Connecticut, the warm weather is just ending, and I am dreading the long cold season. This is a good reminder to do periodic heat soaks through it!!
    It is certainly one way to relax and to bring robust circulation back to frozen peripherals during the winter.

  44. About the shift in how people approach health: Most of my history is as a daughter of a successful business owner. Most of my friends and friends of my parents were vigilant to prevent health problems. They were almost religious about daily exercise and Mark reminds me of them very much. Most of them had a wild theory or two about longevity. It wasn’t whacko to think that ginseng was good for you, especially for those who did martial arts (I was one of those, I drank a lot of little bottles of root juice). It wasn’t wild to try being a raw foodist to see how you feel. However if you start to struggle, then it’s not good for you and you were going to follow your truth.

    What I see has changed now is dogma. Instead of the much lampooned local health food store with the hippy owner and Champion Juicers, we now have Whole Foods and Sprouts in that space. Bigger isn’t better. With the internet and with “corporate lawyer effect” we’re being exhorted repeatedly and with mind numbing force to follow “science” and use “evidence based” techniques to keep or regain our health. Our “still, small voice within” doesn’t come into it because our intuition is now suspect.

    I’m forced to wonder if I was healthier back then because I was younger, or if it was because I was listening to myself. But here’s a solid fact: I have only one life that I’m sure is mine to live. And in that life, I will decide whether or not milk thistle or any other herb is dangerous or healthy. Studies, if available will be part of that decision, but historical use and books will also be part of it.

    Another shift is that it seems almost unthinkable now to have a garden and grow your own food. As late as 2003, I was visiting a hippie commune in the northeast where they grew everything they ate and built every building from local trees on the property. The only plastic I saw in that place was the hot tub, and I think it was fiberglass. I think such places still exist but maybe my age is insulating me from it. I don’t know him, but a man who wrote a classic book on Fermentation, Sandor Katz, I think he lived on a commune similar to that. This kind of “make your own life” feeling is conspicuously absent from modern life.

  45. Hi. Is there anyone out there that can direct me to a forum or give me some direction into where to fine natural cures or treatment for “Palindromic Rhumatism”. I have hunted the internet and everything that I find is all pharmaceutical medication. Hope someone can help? Colleen

    1. Your best bet for a rare disease is to see a functional medicine MD. The number of things that ordinary MD’s are taught to ignore is increasing each day. I’m not a doctor though, so I don’t know what that is.

      1. Sally, I agree when you say “MD’s are taught to ignore.” Recently I asked my Dr. at the VA if she would test me for nutritional deficiencies and she replied that it was not standard of care. I was shocked, to say the least. To ignore the basic building blocks of DNA, to me, is irresponsible and criminally negligent. But what do I know, I’m not a Dr. either. I feel so cheated and betrayed.

  46. Hi Mark & Crew
    Responding to your Sunday with Sisson email on Google controlling visibility of Alternative Health Info Sites.
    Google’s algorithms are the enemy of fair, balanced, non-bias, information. It’s all Google agenda and dollar-driven; hopefully “J.Q. Public” is learning quickly. The power we have is indisputable. Unfortunately, we have given over the freedom to search for our own answers while Google amasses $Billions on our backs. Fight the Good Fight & keep us informed.

  47. In Sunday with Sisson : Google isn’t the only search engine. Folks can shop around.

    1. I mean it’s frustrating and sad also but soo happy that we have many people on board and trying to make a change

  48. Mark et al, deep thanks for speaking truth to power, and acting on your principles. The new google algorithms also hurt other smaller (less well known ), alternative sites such as JW Labs. When talking with them the other day, it turns out that google actually OWNS some pharmaceutical companies now; they’re not just in bed with big pharma, they are big pharma…

  49. Conservatives and libertarians have experienced similar forms of decimations for some time now, in my humble opinion .

  50. Bold move criticizing google but to be frank I don’t know what you think you’ll achieve by doing this. For google it’s just greed and profit. I run a website that has been affected too, totally unrelated to health, they went ballistic over the last few years pushing everyone to pay for ads. It’s not just a keto conspiracy. At least you stay true to yourself unlike others who are now going vegan. Diet Doctor is now recommending soy.

  51. I think this is a sign of fear in the traditional health care system and suppliers of products people no longer need when their health improves. I’ve been aware that this is happening for a while. I started using other search engines. However it is happening on You Tube as well.

  52. Sunday with Sisson response: Yeah this has been going on for a while now. I think the way they leverage corporate power is by terrorizing Google with lawsuits if anyone gets hurt. So they’re basically saying, “if anyone is trying to get healthy and does any google search and does something unconventional, and gets hurt, then you’re liable.” So Google folds. Ignoring the obvious that millions of people do the conventional and get hurt and that’s just “a sad tragedy” because the medical establishment “did their best.” And thank heaven it was “evidence based.” Because you wouldn’t want any of that stinky intuition on you.

    Doctor: Says here you should be on the DASH diet.

    Me: I get UTI’s if I eat too many carbs and my pancreas becomes endagered with a TG level that breaks 500.

    Doctor: Evidence based science is never wrong, switch to DASH.

    Me: (turbo mooning in my mind) Yes sir.

    Next month

    Doctor: OMG your TG are so high you need 50 medical tests and 135 drugs NOW!

    Me: No I don’t, I am returning to Keto. Told ya what would happen. Don’t blame me that “evidence based” is code for cherrypicked science.

    Disclaimer: my current doctor isn’t like this, but my previous one was

  53. Idk why you lump crossfit with paleoprimal living, crossshit emphasizes meme exercises, ego lifting dangerous form and is horrible for health.

  54. Does the Chinese higher LDL study Mark cites at the top tell us anything about cholesterol with relation to APOE4 or was it just a control?

  55. It’s a pity that, relatively speaking, so few folks out there yet today realize just how much they are being manipulated by tactics like this. Not only do we have to fight big food and big pharma to create positive change, but we have the social media giants totally complicit in their propaganda wars. This ultimately does great harm to all of us.

  56. Hi all, Just connecting re Mark’s “Sunday with Sisson” of the 1st September, where you shared, Mark, Robb Wolf’s post about the shocking decline in Google Search Visibility for “alternative health” websites. I was also hit really badly. On the 2nd March 2018 I excitedly took a screen shot of my analytics because my blog had hit 10,000 page views a month – nothing on the scale of you big guys, but I was wrapt to that my efforts had reached that point. And then bang. Within a few months it bombed, and, yes, the programmer who was helping me out alerted me to the changed in algorithms. It’s full on, and while we don’t want to get caught up in conspiracy theories, it seriously makes you wonder who is paying who’s pocket. It sucks. My blog has never recovered. It means fewer people are receiving the information and inspiration which we’re putting out there. I really encourage everyone to support the Primal Health coaches and bloggers – click onto our sites every now and again, leave comments when you can, share our posts on Social – just to keep them active and alive in Google’s search light. Thanks!

  57. I’m sorry this happened to you Mark, I love your website and I don’t need google to find it! It’s just sad to see examine.com reaching for desperate measures by trying to devalue other “typical keto blogs” that have a lot more to offer than they do. They tweeted something along those lines a few days back. I think they are getting desperate because they lost more than anyone else. Their arrogance has finally caught up with them.

  58. I’m with you on your thoughts.

    …anyone who gives a toss about the analytics as reported by a big business such as alphabet soup (sic) may as well live their lives in instakillergram (sic) and faceplant (sic).

    1. instakillergram would be a good name for a cannabis strain.
      I like that name faceplant. I’ve called it something similar to skunkbook. You just have to replace the u in skunk with another letter. Maybe try an a. I have to censor myself because that term didn’t get through mods here before.
      Speaking of strain names, turns out I’m not the first one to come up with the term “wacky tabby” (is anything original anymore?), which I think would be a great brand name for catnip (the feline version of wacky tabacky).

      1. Actually I was thinking of maybe collecting a bunch of catnip and making a Wacky Tabby sign and giving it out for free at the local farmers’ market with heirloom organic apples. There’d be a catch: if people want free catnip and/or apples they have to sign my petition for apple and other fruit trees in the parks.

        1. There’s a possible idea for a post: a petition template or recommendations and encouragement for people to turn extra space in parks into orchards.