Weekly Link Love — Edition 40

Research of the Week

12 weeks on a ketogenic diet normalized metabolic and psychological health markers in a 65-year-old woman who’d had type 2 diabetes and clinical depression for 26 years.

The magic of kefir.

Rewiring the brain with gratitude.

Higher protein intakes may save senior bone health.

Oh, good! They’re making “advances” in tech for reducing the cholesterol content of egg yolks.

How sleep loss tanks memory.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 361: Josh Perry: Host Elle Russ chats with Josh Perry, a former pro BMX athlete, current motivational speaker, and certified health coach who’s using a ketogenic diet to fight four brain tumors.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 20: Hosts Erin and Laura chat with Kate Jaramillo about the necessity of creating it if it doesn’t exist.

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Media, Schmedia

Government panel of nation with thousands of years of history eating cheese, butter, and meat rule that cheese, butter, and meat are terribly unhealthy. And some people have commented on the report.

Here’s what happens to your organs in extreme heat.

I still chuckle at the notion that not eating between meals is a “fad.”

Interesting Blog Posts

Good tips for urban foraging.

Yeah, what if?

Social Notes

I had a great time with Shawn Baker, Paul Saladino, and Brian Sanders discussing meat on Brian’s Peak Human podcast.

Don’t forget about the humble, mighty pushup.

Everything Else

Not all restaurants are buying into the Beyond Meat hype.

What fish can teach us about regenerating limbs.

Man bedridden for 11 years invents a surgery to cure himself.

The curative potential of mastic, ancient Greek medicinal shrub.

Here’s what you’ll be allowed to buy at the grocery store in our glorious future.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

What I mean by “Live Long, Drop Dead”: This.

I think we all knew this: Trees are better than grass.

Story I enjoyed reading: “The Death of a Chimpanzee.”

I marvel at human ingenuity: The innovative new process converting vegetables into meat.

This is wild: One of the longest-lived “organisms” is a 6000 year-old sexually-transmitted dog cancer.

Question I’m Asking

How do you intend to “live long, drop dead”? What will you be doing, and does it involve an escalator?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jul 28– Aug 3)

Comment of the Week

“My nemesis is the lone star tick, here in rural TN. I created a repellent that I actually tested on a tick. First the recipe: rose geranium oil plus citronella oil, diluted in jojoba oil and a bit of alcohol. I put this in a sprayer. The alcohol makes it easier to spray and less thick.

I tested it by spraying it on a table, and putting a tick next to it. The tick tried to get away from the sprayed spot as fast as possible, repeatedly. Every day, I put this stuff NEAR but not ON the places you never want to get a tick, when I get dressed in the morning. (Mucus membranes should not be exposed to essential oils.)

Also I spray my hat and shoes with permethrin and let it dry overnight. This lasts a few months as a repellent and is relatively non-toxic.

Inspect yourself every evening for ticks. If one bites you, but you get it off within 24 hours, it is unlikely to infect you with any diseases.”

– Good tick tips, shannon stoney.

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