Weekly Link Love — Edition 33

Research of the Week

Distracting yourself to get through unpleasant but important activities doesn’t work.

Cereal is still full of glyphosate.

How estrogen protects bone.

A very low-carb diet is effective and sustainable (over 2 years) for type 2 diabetics.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 348: CJ Hunt: CJ Hunt returns to chat with host Elle Russ about misleading health studies and media headlines.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 15: Laura and Erin talk with Reed Davis, Nutritional Therapist and founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification course about the power of lab assessments and the commitment to be the last person his clients need to see in their healing journeys.

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Media, Schmedia

Russian man discovers a prehistoric wolf’s head half as long as a modern wolf’s body.

The Pentagon considers keto.

Sociologist goes back to school to learn genetics to disprove “nature over nurture,” ends up confirming it.

“Beyond Meat” stock tumbles.

Interesting Blog Posts

The advice people would give to their younger selves.

Testing your own genes creates a genetic profile for your entire family.

Social Notes

Adventures in eFoiling.

Great Twitter thread full of ideas on how to maintain the love of movement in kids (and adults).

Everything Else

2500 years ago in China, cannabis was used in funeral rites.

Chimp meat reportedly being sold in British market stalls.

European officials warn against the damaging effects of light at night.

The Savory Institute responds to claims made by the makers of the Impossible Burger.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Great line in a very interesting article on the attempt to save the Japanese tradition of eco-friendly “minka homes”: “Lie on the ground; you’ll be a different man.”

Race I might come out of retirement for: The Marathon du Médoc.

This doesn’t sound healthy to me: The average person consumes a credit card-worth of plastic each week.

This is cool: Type A blood converted to universal donor blood using bacterial enzymes.

This shouldn’t be happening: Osteopenia is one the rise among younger men.

Question I’m Asking

What advice would you give to your younger (any age) self?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 9– Jun 15)

Comment of the Week

“I cut down from 2 glasses of wine to 1. I also switched from a regular wine glass to a pint glass… but hey, that’s just details.”

– Those are some details, Nibbler.

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