Weekly Link Love — Edition 27

Research of the Week

Third party research confirms that a pasture-based cattle operation in Georgia is securing more carbon in the soil than it releases.

The influence personality has on longevity might be modulated by its influence on sleep habits.

Higher inflammation, more impulsivity.

Exercise improves sperm quality, and this quality is transferred to offspring who are lucky enough to be conceived with said “exercise sperm.”

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 333: Arielle Ford: Host Elle Russ chats with Arielle Ford about the law of attraction mindset for love and life.

Episode 334: Keto: Introduction to Keto and How to Do It Right: Host Brad Kearns starts from the beginning.

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Media, Schmedia

What happened at uBiome?

Zuckerberg builds his wife a special glowing sleep box for easier, gentler wake-ups.

Interesting Blog Posts

Are mountain climbers selfish?

Everyone sings.

Social Notes

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Everything Else

You’ve gotta fight… for your right… to LIIIIIIIIIGHT.

How the Thai government invented pad Thai.

Visualization of wolf pack territoriality.

Denisovan jawbone discovered high up in the plateaus of Tibet.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Video I enjoyed: Dave Feldman’s “A Deep Dive into Cholesterol and Risk.”

Article I found interesting: “Busting the myth that depression doesn’t affect people in poor countries.”

Good move: College student leaves university to become a deer huntress on a remote Scottish island.

Post I enjoyed: The Carnivore Diet for Mental Health?

I’ve heard this before: Skipping breakfast could help you lose weight.

Question I’m Asking

What would you choose—politics major in college or remote island conservationist culling deer?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 28– May 4)

Comment of the Week

“‘When we sleep, our brain distinguishes between important and unimportant sounds.’

They needed a study to figure that out? Ask any parent. Mom can sleep through the show on TV, or the noise of big trucks passing in the street. But just let Baby whimper, or the teenager try to sneak in late, and Mom’s wide awake. Dad, OTOH, will totally sleep through a baby’s earsplitting wails, but wake up if someone tries to change the TV channel he’s “watching” with his eyes closed and mouth open.”

– Pretty funny, Bet Rob.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. What would you choose—politics major in college or remote island conservationist culling deer?
    Remote island conservationist in a heartbeat. Politics is nothing but a divisive nightmare from both sides

    1. I am a remote island conservationist : ) Its a good life. As Paul Chek says, we don’t have a government, we have a corporate headquarters.

  2. Hello Mark!

    Does anyone know if Ubiome still exists? I got a basic test done a few years back. I learned a few things about my gut bacteria but nothing beyond ‘you should ear more banana’s’ to feed the good bacteria in your gut… Little did I know that banana were huge players in my histamine intolerence!

  3. I’m surprised you did not mention VIOME far superior to uBiome

  4. Loved the deer huntress video!! Also found the “fight for (natural) light” article so intriguing, as I’m visiting a smallish city this week and have been finding the extra artificial light after dark REALLY messes with my sleep. No skyscraper canyons where I am…but still, what an impact urban light patterns have on wellness + wellbeing!

  5. What’s the deal with Soylent?
    I have my teenage son take these daily as a healthy snack at school (vs. buying the junk available at schools these days).

    Any info would be appreciated!


  6. Thanks, Mark. What is quaintly called “health care” is a business model which has little to do with health. It requires everyone to be a patient. While modern Medicine is amazing and wonderful in many ways, such as trauma care, it is truly broken, captured, along with the regulatory apparatus, academia, medical journals, and the media, long ago by industry, which today is immensely profitable at the expense of the health of the population. Little wonder that tech people, such as these, are eager to get in on the gravy train.

    1. Big Pharma has a lot of dirty little secrets. One of them: once a drug is approved for any purpose it is much easier to get approval for secondary uses. Many if not most mental institutions today are encouraged to participate in drug studies to test a wide range of drugs for possible help to mental patients. In effect their populations are human lab rats.

    2. Agreed. I’m 68 and just read my newest medical records from an esteemed medical center in Los Angeles.
      I was shocked. I have been told one thing but the records reflect many others. My doctor friend says these stronger diagnoses are used to justify billing. I’m appalled.

  7. Outstanding Sunday message this week, Mark. It is difficult to articulate healthy skepticism of technology without coming across as a dinosauric Luddite. But you nailed it.

  8. Just want you to know that I look forward to your SundaywithSisson every week and enjoy them whatever the topic!

  9. I have invested in a whole body red light and near infrared light therapy device. (72” x 19”) This device is FDA approved and clinically tested. What is your valued opinion on these devices?

  10. Thank you, Mark, for being the light for the heavily confused and abused population on the planet. Carefully designed and heavily engraved in our mind processes like those labeled as “education” and “health care” generate millions of victims daily. Getting out of the box, out of that very well built matrix for manipulating and enslaving is impossible without the rays of light people like you share with those who had enough and want to enjoy that precious gem called LIFE. Thank you.

  11. Just an observation about our Healthcare System: I recently went to my doctor w/ many of the symptoms of Lyme Disease ( I had been bitten by two ticks). He wasn’t convinced I had it, but wanted me to test for it and several other tests for metabolic and thyroid function and the like. I had to take take the tests the next morning in a fasting state and had plenty of time to realize that he was looking for a chronic problem when I obviously had an acute problem. That morning I didn’t have the headache/body aches associated w/ Lyme, but did have the shakes. That’s when I realized I had Zinc Poisoning – I have been welding a lot of aluminum lately. After my tests I started looking for Iodine to help excrete heavy metals, but no one carried it anymore. I finally found out from a Pharmacist that Calcium binds w/ Zinc. I went home and drank a lot of milk, ground up a lot of eggshells and was feeling better in a matter or hours. I was saved from a potentially life threatening situation by Knowledge. I’m glad I didn’t take Doxycycline when I didn’t need it, but my doctor didn’t have a clue. Most docs use a cookie cutter approach, you must take charge of your own Health Care. Thank you Mark for providing the best Keto Based Knowledge on the Internet. With your help I can hopefully avoid chronic problems in the future. And I will upgrade the fan in my Vent Hood for welding!

  12. Item #1 :: I am 70. I’m lifting heavy things but muscle bulk stays the same. Add to that, a gradual loss of 30 pounds on Primal has my skin looking like a Sharpei. Is there anything that will tighten skin and/or help with muscle bulk to fill out the loose skin?

    Item #2 :: What are your thoughts on Jordan Peterson’s near perfect numbers while being totally carnivore?

    1. carnivore seems to be working for Jordain -I can’t see doing it unless I get an autoimmune hit

      Mmm my skin at 60 is still firm but definitely noticeably less firm in last couple years. The Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt has my interest peaked.. trying it 2 months now -it’s definitely beneficial

  13. Hmm wondering what effect allergy pills have on gut biome? I’d love to know track optimize the metrics of all, the digestive systems and processes.. It’d be healthful to world..
    Thanks Mark!! You really kick ass -spark great thought and conversation..

    1. using IT they are now looking at the profiles of gut biome.
      Look at Viome’s site.

  14. so… Viome is deeply based in science. I am going to do their gut analysis to see what pathways I am / or am not, using.
    Will let you know. Just one way to see if I am using all my ancient gut chemistry correctly, or if it has fatigued due to my crazy indulgences in my 30’s and 40’s. If inadequate microbes , meaning if I am lacking in some essential food breakdown pathways, I am still not prepared to take oral fecal tablets that are now available (from healthy individuals) as my understanding is that the screening for viruses in this donation has still not adequate. Just my understanding…. let me know you thoughts please

  15. Thank you for the article on the study of pasture-farmed meat production. Too bad this type of assessment doesn’t get the same level of attention as was given to the Beyond Meat IPO last week.