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Weekly Link Love — Edition 2

Research of the Week

The latest MDMA trial [1] finds it’s 76% effective at treating PTSD. Full FDA approval expected by 2021.

As many as 500,000 years ago [2], Arabia was green, and hominids were living and traveling through there.

Scare yourself to recalibrate your emotions [3].

Increased frequency of global travel may actually reduce [4] the danger of global pandemics.

CoQ10 is good for type 2 diabetics [5].

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 287: Victoria Field [6]: Host Elle Russ chats with Victoria Field, a world-renowned expert in high-performance and cancer-centered keto nutrition for people and dogs.

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Media Schmedia

New surgery students haven’t the manual dexterity necessary to succeed [8].

Reader Question of the Week

Marek asked [9]:

Hi Mark
This article hit home for me as I’m 57 and living with a slightly enlarged prostate. One of my favourite activities is getting out on my road bike for a good 50 to 75 km ride. I’m wondering if you would know if that is aggravating my prostate? I’ve read so many conflicting reports I’m hoping you may have some insight. Thanks !

Great question.

There may be short-term increases in prostate stress. In men 50 or over, a long bike ride (55-160 km) transiently increases [10] PSA levels by an average of 9.5% when measured 5 minutes post-riding. The longer the ride and the older the rider, the larger the increase. In a sample of 129 riders, just two men had elevated PSA levels before the ride. After the ride, six men had elevated PSA levels. All told, it isn’t very significant, and the authors suggest 48 hours is enough for PSA to return to baseline.

But there probably isn’t any chronic effect. A 2015 meta-analysis [11] of the available research suggested “that there is no effect of cycling on PSA.”

Large observational studies [12] have found road cycling to be linked to increased genital numbness, urethral stricture (where the urethra is blocked or obstructed), but not to any actual sexual problems or impaired urinary function. Oddly enough, cycling-related numbness of the butt was linked to worse sexual function. Padded seats, raising the handlebars to be even with the seat, and using padded shorts seem to improve the symptoms.

I wouldn’t worry. Exercise itself is good for prostate health, as I explained in the prostate post [13] a couple weeks ago. So my gut feeling is that cycling is probably a net plus for the prostate.

Interesting Blog Posts

Paleobiologists attempt to debunk the paleo diet, fail miserably [14].

Ketosis and arthritis [15] (or the lack thereof).

Social Notes

Went to the doctor [16].

Halloween has passed, but these NomNomPaleo Halloweenies [17] we made are a great way to get kids involved in the cooking (and eating) process.

Brad Kearns’ last couple podcasts have been great. First, his interview with Vinnie Tortorich [18] and then a “breather” episode [19] where Brad chats about Deepak Chopra insights, longevity, and high-jumping.

Everything Else

AI-created painting fetches hefty price [20].

Why did thousands of usually-solitary deep sea octopuses gather in the waters outside of Monterey [21]?

I’d vote for him based off this [22] alone.

Wristbands to predict and eventually regulate mood [23].

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was causal: More screen time, less psychological well-being [24] (among teens).

You know what they say: “Lie with Neanderthals, wake up with HPV [25].”

Article I’m loving: “Why Forests Give You Awe [26].”

Result you might not have expected: Those who are struggling benefit more from giving advice than receiving it [27].

Miscellaneous topic I enjoyed: The smell artist [28].

Question I’m Asking

Will AI-created art—paintings, books, music, etc—ever replace or surpass human art? Or will “something” always be missing?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 28– Nov 3)

Comment of the Week

“Imagine if our ancestors had internet news and smart phones. All day long, they’d be getting alerts. ‘Ging of Siberia was mauled by a polar bear.’ ‘Huge attack by Comanches kills 100s. Slaves captured.’ ‘Viking ruler overthrown by brother. Bloodiest battle in Katagut.’ ‘Child goes missing in the bush. Feared eaten by dingos.’ ‘Mayan leader Xocolatte accused of once throwing a cup of coffee at ex-girlfriend.’ ”

Becky [33] imagines if our ancestors had access to the global news cycle.