Weekly Link Love — Edition 114

Research of the Week

TG/HDL ratio is the best predictor of heart disease in women.

Low cholesterol, higher mortality.

More fluoride in drinking water, lower vitamin D, calcium, and parathyroid hormone.

Adult neural stem cell activation requires a healthy circadian rhythm (in mice, but probably in people).

Alcohol consumption studies might be inaccurate.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 465: Max Lugavere: Host Elle Russ chats with author and speaker Max Lugavere.

Primal Health Coach Radio: Yours truly appears on the podcast.

Media, Schmedia

More meat, longer life (in Japan).

Interesting Blog Posts

Finding THE one decision.

About that new study

Social Notes

Lovely stuff.

Everything Else

New WHO diagnosis guidelines mean to qualify as COVID-positive, you need two positive tests and symptoms.

Interesting paper on conflict and human development in the “anarcho-capitalist” society of medieval Iceland.

They’re really coming out hard against meat.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Sadly not surprising: The “autoantibodies” of severe COVID.

Who could have guessed?: Measures against COVID are likely adversely affecting our innate immunity via excessive sterility (the hygiene hypothesis).

I had no idea this even existed: Korean “artificial sun” reaches a higher temperature than the real sun.

If I were 18 and living in Britain…: Who wants to be a bison ranger?

Interesting piece: How food engineers engineer everything about processed food, not just flavor.

Question I’m Asking

Is this a good idea?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 15 – Jan 21)

Comment of the Week

“Never got in to the whole Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter thing. The internet is, for me, a tool to research and learn about things that interest me. I’ve seen nothing to change my mind. For the last decade what I’ve seen and heard about the goings on on social media makes me think it drives people further apart rather than bringing them together. Some of that is probably driven by the lack of cues, such as tone of voice and facial micro-expressions, that text communication lacks.”

KLL makes an interesting point about the lack of cues.

About the Author

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