Weekly Link Love — Edition 107

Research of the Week

High sugar diets may cause “persistent” epigenetic changes to an animal’s appetite for junk food.

Vitamin D improves cognitive function in older adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Keep sprinting, folks.

Starchy and sugary foods linked to cavities, especially when consumed as snacks.

Convalescent plasma appears to work in COVID patients.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 455: Dr. Cheyenne Bryant: Host Elle Russ welcomes Dr. Cheyenne Bryant to talk health, happiness, and community empowerment.

Primal Health Coach Radio Episode 84: Laura and Erin chat with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum about the importance of having a mission.

Media, Schmedia

It’s been out.

This Neolithic farmer from Germany had terrible teeth.

Interesting Blog Posts

Is Epicureanism a better alternative to Stoicism?

Call your grandma.

Social Notes

Send this to someone who says salt is bad for you.

Beautiful and tragic.

Everything Else

The most effective anti-COVID medicine in one recent analysis? Melatonin.

This must have been a hard study to conduct.

Human kin detection.

Hell yeah.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

With Thanksgiving approaching: Native Americans (some of them, at least) had domesticated turkeys.

I am not surprised: Better cattle management begets output and climate gains.

Makes you wonder: A doctor’s experience with seed oils in his patients.

Gorgeous art: The cell.

Cool new study: Women hunted, too.

Question I’m Asking

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 7 – Nov 13)

Comment of the Week

“Media fast: The news is like caramel corn – after the first bite you just keep eating. I have been limiting my exposure to the news – actually since Covid started. The media moguls try to get us to hang onto their every word by telling us that each news segment is, “Breaking News.” It’s not all “Breaking News.” It’s their way of training our taste buds to keep coming back for more or to never leave. We need to step away from the TV. You are so right. Our brains, our bodies, our spirits need a break.”

-Great analogy, Barbara.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I’ve taken low-dose (1 to 3 mg) melatonin off and on for years for frequent insomnia. It works, and there are no known side effects that I’m aware of. Interestingly, I don’t get sick either. I don’t catch colds, or the flu, or covid19 (although I do take appropriate protective measures for that). I wonder if there could really be an immunity connection. Maybe some of the other melatonin users out there can weigh in on this.

    1. I wonder if the advantage lay in the fact that you are getting good sleep. I have started taking melatonin in the last two months and my sleep quality has improved dramatically. I also have not gotten sick.

      1. Yes, I think good sleep could be a definite factor. I can’t even remember the last time I got sick. It has been many years. I don’t take melatonin every night, just when I need it, and I stick with a low dose. More isn’t necessarily better.

        1. Just curious – What’s a good form of melatonin that you guys take? Tablets from nutrition shop or melatonin gummies with CBD?

          1. I do the tablets. They got me through three years of needing to be at work at 4 a.m. I usually get them at a local health food store. Any place that sells vitamins will probably carry them. I’m not opposed to CBD but I really don’t have any reason to use it.

  2. My plans for thanksgiving are f***ing nothing because life’s a b**** right now. There’s no way for me to sugar coat that, not gathering with my family sucks more than anything and I’m going to spend my thanksgiving bawling my eyes out.

    1. Most of us are in the same boat, if that’s any consolation. Yep, it’ll suck, just like the rest of the year has sucked. But if you aren’t sick and no one in your family is sick, then there’s much to be thankful for. And there’s always the phone.

    2. That’s your choice then.

      My children are deceased – the last, my daughter, died of leukemia last year at the age of 32 – and for various reasons I am seeing none of my grandchildren this year. The rest of my family is also deceased save a few cousins that live hundreds of miles away and whom I don’t know well in any case. I’m flying completely sola this year.

      I am making myself a beautiful feast of deviled eggs, pickled vegetables, raw Brussels sprouts salad, turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, creamed peas, cranberry sauce, and a pecan dessert. I’ll eat early, go for a long walk, and enjoy a movie in the evening with a cup of tea.

      There is so much to be thankful for and I am truly fortunate in all that I do have.

      1. That’s inspiring, Lisa! It sounds like it will be a special day for you, and I hope you have a lot of happy memories too. 🙂

        I will be making a small feast just for my husband and myself, and if my mom feels up to it, for her too. If Mom is not up to it (she’s 86 and has some heart issues, so she tires easily), I’ll bring her a little version of the feast later.

        I’m looking forward to it being “just us” this year and enjoying cooking without any pressure or stress. I might try making something “crazy” just for fun. I too have so much to be thankful for.

        Having a grateful outlook is so important for one’s happiness. I watched my MIL become miserable about what she didn’t have (when she seemed to have so much!), while my own mom (who in some ways has very little) always feels like she is so blessed. I don’t always live up to my mom’s example, but that’s my aim.

      2. I appreciate your comment. That sounds very nice. You’re right, it is my choice. I realize that. My emotional and mental state is breaking down without my family’s support. This is the longest I think I’ve ever been apart from my mom and we are very close. (I’m only 24) I’m also consuming caffeine at a higher rate than ever and escaping through video games, and doing everything to care for my 4 and 5 year olds. Everything is rough right now. I know I could gratitude my way out of this hole, it just feels beyond my capacity right now. Again, thank you for sharing your plans, it brought a brief smile to my face. Have a lovely holiday.

        1. I’m sorry if I came off as harsh initially. Sometimes you must work to find the gratitude but I promise it’s a skill that will serve you well. Make a plan for the day, set limits for yourself on both the caffeine and the video games (they will dull and obscure your best self), and immerse yourself in as much of the season as you can handle. Buy some grocery store flowers for the table and make the day as special as it can be. It’s a good example for your kids too. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your holiday even under the difficult circumstances.

      3. God bless you! Now that’s what life is about. Joy is truly birthed from deep inside the soul. No one and nothing can alter a truly thankful spirit!

    3. Don’t believe the hype brother. The government does not control your happiness. Get together for thanksgiving with family. You’ll be glad you did.

      1. Right on Kevin…time to just say no to the ridiculous crap we let government foist on us. I have never worn a mask & never will…does anyone read anything about the fact they are a symbol of submission and nothing more..at least the mass masking of the nation has accomplished nothing…the so called positive case numbers are dubious….can’t believe what pussies Americans have become and how easily we let our liberties be stolen.

  3. The tooth erosion doesn’t surprise me. When I went to the King Tut exhibit decades ago, they said his father (Akhenaton) was probably in excruciating pain due to the stone ground bread he ate. His teeth were worn away.

  4. I never bought the idea that stoicism and epicureanism are rival philosophies. While the largesse of the stereotypical epicurean is at odds with stoicism, so is it at odds with truly embracing life’s pleasures – decadence without temper becomes cloying and, ultimately, unsatisfying. Constant orgies (of any flavor) act counter to the actual epicurean ideal.

    A true stoic, guided by discerning taste, can grasp Epicurus’s goal of modest and sustained pleasure more than anyone who just heaps indulgence upon indulgence as they become stale.

    1. We plan on celebrating like we normally do using common sense. Glad to hear you are too! I’m grateful I have the freedom to choose. 🙂

  5. Driving to Seattle to have a celebration with family and allow quality time with my nieces and five month old daughter.

    Can’t let the fear of life and nature bring you down. These are times you won’t get back, so spend them with those who matter. After all, if we can still work all hours, it seems silly not to make time for those who are important, hint- not your co-workers.

    1. I’ve been waiting all year to drive to TX to see family and see my family I will. All the family is ok with the plan and if anyone wasn’t they would choose not to attend. It’s that simple. People make risk based decisions every day. The 9 hour drive to see my family is more risky than the odds of getting coronavirus, then getting deadly sick, then dying from coronavirus is. I risk driving 55 miles to work one way every day. These are all risks adult individuals are free to weigh and decide on.

      1. Just got back from TX! Happy to report that this senior spent 3 amazing weeks with the grandkids! (Flew from Canada). My 14 day quarantine ended today and celebrated with a hike in the sunshine. Please everyone, go visit your family.

  6. Re: omega 6 oils in dressings

    How happy we will all be when some product line finally starts selling healthy omega 3 based salad dressings in “to-go” form packets!

  7. I agree, it seems to me that stoicism, epicureanism, and cynicism each have valid perspectives within their scopes. I think the big problem for Epictetus is that epicureanism and cynicism do not acknowledge the active role of divine providence in the world and for him that is an essential difference.

    1. I am not familiar with any portion of the thoughts attributed to Epictetus that outright credit divine providence as the agent behind external variables, just that we don’t have personal power over them. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      Not that Epictetus was ever the sole arbiter of what it meant to be “stoic,” but the Enchiridion has certainly had a significant impact on our modern understanding of the philosophy (perhaps even undermining Epictetus – while we may not have absolute power over any external factors, we have significant influence on many).

  8. ENJOY!!! Have a wonderful time with your family. Life is short and no-one knows what the future holds.

  9. Thank you Mark! I whole heartedly agree. My family is still getting together, however, taking precautions. We are limiting any activity other than work (with masks) starting today. We are in NJ so too cold to eat outside. My perspective is this, my father passed away in 1996, there had been a family argument that kept us apart Christmas of 1995. We didn’t spend my fathers last Christmas with him. This isn’t keeping me from my family.

  10. We live in Minnesota and the odds of it being nice enough to be outside are not good.
    I also work in a senior living campus so I am doing everything I can to reduce the odds of me bringing it to work. So this year we are keeping it small. My wife and kids plus my mother who lives alone.

    If it ends up being one of those really nice Minnesota November days we will go see the in-laws outside for pie!

    I love thanksgiving it is my favorite holiday too but I feel obligated to try and keep my exposure low due to the nature of my work.

    1. Hi, Anthony, I hope you get outside for your pie. I’m not American nor in America, but for the past 7 months I’ve watched, horrified, as Americans have just gone ahead and done what they liked, not really thinking of the risks of catching or passing the virus on. I live alone in France. I haven’t touched another human being since February. In that time I’ve met up with a maximum of 5 other people, not all at the same time; one I’ve been for a weekly walk with, wearing masks. At the age of just 72 I do all this, and am on our second lockdown, because it’s my contribution. I’m lucky as I don’t need to work and have no close family to feel isolated from. I don’t like it any more than anyone else would, but I know it’s the right thing to do. But it makes me cross to see so much selfish behaviour and entitlement from so many others. You sound like a responsible person, good luck to you. Just don’t let your guard down!

      1. Kate, thank you for your very wise words. We shall see how people feel in America when their own beloved family members pass from Covid alone in the hospital. Thank you too for continuing to do the right thing, we are choosing this route as well in our family after watching the extreme suffering Covid has brought to people we have lost. ?

      2. That’s why you live in France and not America. We are free people and will never let a government tell us how to live our lives. You enjoy your way of life and we’ll enjoy ours.

        1. Thanks again Kevin, but we have lost so much freedom now, I don’t know how much of a revolt it will take to regain what we have lost. Sad to see this nation of lemmings..drink the kool aid happily, I guess.

  11. It will be just me and my husband for Thanksgiving. I’m choosing to lean in to the positives of spending quality time as a couple, and we can Zoom before or after dinner with family and friends we would normally visit. I think a lot of people are going to blow off the warnings and recommendations and we’ll get another bog wave like we have gotten from Halloween and the election. It’ll happen again at Christmas. We had a chance to beat this when it first showed up. Our leadership decided not to take it seriously, and now we are stuck in rear-guard action until vaccine and herd immunity can start managing it. It sucks. We primal people have a little better odds than most of experiencing no symptoms or mild symptoms, but assuming we are immune is unwise. Whatever you choose to do, please do it with sense and care. Limiting our risk is all any of us can ever do with anything. “Safe” is a fantasy.

    1. Yes to everything you’ve said. It’ll also be me and my husband for the holidays this year, with phone calls and FaceTiming to the rest of our families. Living in the northeast negates the possibility of outdoor celebrations at this time of year. I’m also a public school teacher, and our district has already had to return to all-remote teaching and learning, thanks to the rising number of cases within our building alone! (Unfortunately, faculty still has to report to work, which keeps the risk higher than I’d like, since my husband happens to be a cancer survivor.) While I appreciate the “life is too short” mindset of many, I also don’t want to make it any shorter for those I love when it can be prevented.

  12. Our plans are the same as last year. Just me and my husband and now 6 kids (added one more this year). We will smoke our Turkey and half my kids won’t eat anything. Being a military family we spend most holidays away from family so this year is no different.

  13. and as I’ve written before, there is very little evidence that COVID is a real risk outdoors (I’ve looked and asked around and haven’t seen any good evidence that it is; if you have any please let me know). The Rose Garden, Sturgis, several of Trumps super spreader events across the mid west the in the last two months, so there is plenty of evidence outdoors is a false panacea buy all we have. Mask up

    1. I noticed you failed to include all the riots. Oops. I meant peaceful protests. If you want to talk about outdoor superspreader events. Maybe we start there?

    2. Outdoors is certainly no protection if people don’t wear masks, crowd together, and aren’t vigilant. Everyone needs to remember that. You’re right to point it out.

  14. We are having our normal big Thanksgiving. We’ve missed other holidays, birthdays, bbq days on the lake, and game nights. I am probably the most vulnerable in my family, but enough is enough. You can’t hide from life. I miss baking with my grandchildren and they miss me. Family is important to us and the lockdowns have left a big, sad hole in all our lives.

  15. Hi Mark, It sounds like a great plan you have for Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. My plans are low key compared to usual. Both my husband and I come from large families. We usually celebrate with both sides. Each gathering is over 30 people. My mom is 90. She usually hosts , but this year she has asked to forgo the event. I will be having dinner at home for my husband and kids. I’m actually looking forward to being home. It will be the first time in my life I haven’t had to run out the door on a holiday. Thanks for asking.

  16. Limiting my exposure to media was surprisingly hard for me. Hate to admit that I am addicted to it but I managed to cut back by more than half and I really do feel better. When I do check in I have a more discerning attitude and it is easier to spot fake news. I highly recommend cutting back on media exposure. And, when you do check out the media, try to listen to the side you don’t agree with that much on a regular basis. doesn’t have to be for tool long, just get a sampling. Only then can you get some real perspective on what is going on. It’s not easy but at least you will know what they are saying instead of blindly trusting the side you like. If all you know about the “other” side you learned from your side, then you may not really know the other side. Multiple source/side news and some fact checking from even more sources is prudent these days.

  17. We all need to give thanks and also keep using common sense when it comes to mandates. Thanksgiving should be celebrated as normal. As always if you have the flu, fever or some other ailment stay isolated. Covid is another spreadable one. This should not gridlock the world, life is a one shot timeline use it wisely.

  18. We all need to give thanks and also keep using common sense when it comes to mandates. Thanksgiving should be celebrated as normal. As always if you have the flu, fever or some other ailment stay isolated. Covid is another spreadable one. This should not gridlock the world, life is a one shot timeline use it wisely.

  19. Good Morning Mark:
    Our family feels the same way you do about Thanksgiving. We even get together with my Mom’s two brothers and their families along with my siblings and our children and grandchildren. About 30 of us. Not this year. I am from RI. Others from CT, MA and NH. So many rules and restrictions, not to mention, folks in their 70’s and 80’s. I am in my 60s and still enjoying my parents and uncles and aunts, along with cousins and their families. Yes, Thanksgiving is most important of the holidays, we feel the same about Easter too….it reminds us all to be grateful. We have, so far, been able to escape Covid19. Even our elderly family members. This year will be very different for our family. As soon as this crazy time is over, we will have our Thanksgiving even if its in summer and 80 degrees!!!

    1. Ha! I love that. My dad says we’re probably not gathering until a vaccine is widely available. I’ll tell him we should make up for thanksgiving whenever that is, thanks for the nice idea : )

  20. Hi Mark,

    We live in MN, so no outdoor options. We have asked our family to quarantine, (i.e. no eating in restaurants) so that our immediate family can be together. I’m curious about your choice to use the language “crack down”. It seems to suggest you oppose states offering guidance.

  21. I am a huge fan of your Newsletters! I’d like to raise a few points about today’s newsletter regarding Thanksgiving gatherings. You have a large platform to influence people and it is important to get it right. Cases are surging right now with no end in sight and our healthcare system is a finite resource.
    1. 40% of COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic. So while symptom screening your guests can help it will miss 4 in 10 cases. Symptom screening at airports was cancelled after screening of 766k travelers over 8 months yielded just 9 positives ( MMWR Nov 13 2020).
    2. SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted both indoors and
    outdoors ( think Rose Garden Event). That is why masks are recommended even outdoors if you are gathering with people from outside your household.
    3. Look at Canada- They celebrated their Thanksgiving in mid October and have seen a large surge in cases since then.
    4. Small Gatherings with people from outside the household are increasingly recognized as a source of spread.
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too, but postponing it for one year is not the worst thing in the world; getting COVID could be.

    1. Thanks for a dose of common sense, Cid. You are absolutely correct. There will be other holidays. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving (and most likely Christmas) within our small household unit, as the governor has suggested. Contact with extended family and friends will not be in person. Meanwhile we will give thanks for our continued good health and do whatever is necessary to protect it.

    2. Yes. Please. Let’s get it right. Can we switch to a metric that means something? The “cases” metric is getting so old. It has been toyed with and manipulated so bad that the data is meaningless. While the death rate is only slightly better, i.e. death by motorcycle accident chocked up to COVID, it is a better indicator. In early spring the cases shot up and the death rate followed. Good correlation. Now the cases shoot up but the death rate is not correlated. We need to get back to a metric that makes decisions easier about how to destroy everyone’s lives.

      1. Hi Dave — Physician here. I diagnose and treat COVID daily. COVID, disinformation, and the lack of a meaningful response is what is destroying lives. Dismissing metrics as meaningless to you and manipulative doesn’t change the fact that every minute people are being infected, dying, and in many cases surviving with dangerous, long term impacts to their health. If you get to escape that reality, good for you. But do your part please.

        1. Neither you nor anyone else gets to dictate to me what is “my part”. I reject the narrow minded bleeding heart liberal politically correct worldview utterly. I reject the bleeding heart liberal Democrat propaganda mainstream media cabal. If you think what is going on is done in the name of safety, you are far more uninformed than you think I am. You who submit to this nonsense richly deserve what is coming next. But don’t worry, it will all be Trump’s fault.

          1. Go David! Everyone giving up their rights for fear mongering. You are being lied to so go live your life now because it is going to get much worse. Have a happy thanksgiving.

          2. Hurrah for David!! There are a few of us fighters left, around 70 million I think..hahaha

        2. Dr. Lara,
          Thank you for the work you do now and always. The politicization of a pandemic is the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed. Arrogant, ignorant, self-righteous humans are not doing what needs to be done. The only political part is the lack of a national response and indifference shown by the so-called President. This is a global pandemic which some Americans fail to grasp and whine that somehow their lives are being subverted while others are sick and dying. SMH.

        3. Lara are you truly a physician who is seeing infected dying Covid-19 patients or is it possible that these people are sick from the flu, pneumonia, and other respiratory illnesses and dying from those ailments and other comorbidities? Are you a believer in the PCR testing results? Even though the accuracy of this test is completely ridiculous, and never meant to be used for this purpose! Just listen to Fauci he has said as much, multiple times and by all means, please follow “the damn science”!

    3. Thank you, Cid, for your measured response. I agree. I have Covid. I have been in bed all morning because I’m too tired to get up. I have felt terrible for a week, and I don’t know what the future will bring. Perhaps I only have a mild case! No one wants this. No one wants their loved ones to have this. Besides health consequences, I’ll lose at least 2 weeks pay since I cannot work. I am a person who has been careful.

    4. Thank you for posting your comment. My thoughts and fears exactly. There will be a surge after Thanksgiving, because people will push things to the limit, and not make allowances for asymptomatic cases. I don’t think Mark’s got it quite right, and I hope nobody suffers because of it, either in his family or from following his example. And I speak as a huge fan of MDA.

    5. 100%. Thank you for pointing out the common sense perspective that is evidence-based.

      For those who love celebrating Thanksgiving, as so many of us do, the conclusion to draw is simple: if you love your family, mitigate risks and try not to kill anyone.

      That pretty much means don’t interact with people outside your household, or if you absolutely must, wear a mask and limit the number of people breathing in the same pocket of air.

      Covid is highly contagious, airborne, and evidence is indicating that small gatherings of 10 or fewer people is what leads to massive spread and spikes. How many “small, intimate” weddings have there already been this year where a guest who was asymptomatic passed the virus to other guests, who then came into contact with people it eventually killed? Too many. People are dying from events they didn’t even personally attend.

      If you are going to take those risks, at least BE AWARE that it is a real risk you are taking for yourself and unsuspecting strangers.

      The well-being of my family and the community at larger matter to me and I will not be gathering with people outside my household in person this year because of it. Zoom and the telephone can bring connections without compromising anyone’s life or health.

      I would also raise this to people: even if COVID doesn’t outright kill you in a gruesome way, it leaves your brain forever altered. I’m surprised that people who care so much about brain health would willingly compromise this, the ability to form memories, while risking increased likelihood of dementia. I mean, isn’t that one of the primary reasons people go primal—? To preserve their health exactly so that they can enjoy life with their loved ones? I’m totally baffled by people ignoring this.

      1. Yes yes yes! Thank you. The complete disregard from people at some grocery stores and gas stations especially is really annoying. Like, it’s not hard, it’s literally just common courtesy. I don’t understand either.

    6. Canada here, it totally gone bonkers since Thanksgiving. I made a post in this, friends had 22 at dinner, and they thought they were careful, whatever that means, 13 ended up C19 +, and then it took off from there in their “cohorts”. Hockey and ringette are done, because the parents cant help themselves form having team parties. This is an IQ test people.

      I you do t care, dont go to the hospital when you are dieing, stay at home.

    7. I do hospital pulmonary medicine and have cared for many COVID-19 patients. Most of these patients having the more severe courses of illness (or death) were not healthy to begin with…most have been morbidly obese with insulin resistance/T2DM/metabolic syndrome, and those who were not obese had other underlying health problems like lung disease, renal disease, etc. Yes, I know of a case or two of seemingly healthy people who had severe complications from COVID or post-COVID (such as thromboembolic events) but these are outliers as far as I’m concerned. The majority of people I know who’ve had COVID were either asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic. COVID is exposing the poor underlying health of our nation. Mother nature will always find a way to put survival pressure on a species where survival of the fittest is the rule….and we, collectively, are NOT a fit species. Add to that a large elderly population who are, by default, already at higher risk of death due to age and pre-existing conditions and what do you have? You have a pandemic. Has every one read the the Great Barrington Declaration? If not, read it. Not all experts agree on the extreme measures we are taking in our society about this COVID pandemic as there is a ton of collateral damage we are doing to many members of our society with the severe restrictions, namely our children. My family will be meeting for Thanksgiving. We will meet in person, no masks, about 20 of us. My 99 year old grandmother will be there too. “GASP!”. “That is SO irresponsible! You might kill her!”. She’s 99….she could die at anytime from anything. Guess what? She WANTS to meet and is willing to risk it. Why? She might be dead soon (because she’s 99!). Heck, any of us could go at any time so we are CHOOSING to meet. This is a free country, don’t forget. We can be made aware of the risks and should be allowed to choose to do what we want without any stink-eyes from people with a different point of view. Guess what? COVID is here to stay. It is a seasonal virus. I’ve seen other coronaviruses every cold and flu season for years… this is just a more virulent one because it’s novel. Let the healthy live there lives and develop herd immunity. If you are ill, elderly or otherwise scared then you can CHOOSE to protect yourself however you see fit.

  22. I like Thanksgiving too, for many reasons. Beyond the wonderful food and community, it’s a remembrance of family and friends who have passed from this life. We relive the smells and sounds of Thanksgivings past, and give thanks for all who have shared our lives.
    Celebrating with a Thanksgiving meal outdoors works better in Miami than in Colorado, or elsewhere further north. Where I live there’s no way to plan an outdoors event more than a couple of days in advance, as it might be warm and sunny or it might be a blizzard. I do completely agree that the risk of Covid-19 transmission outdoors is minimal, especially with reasonable distancing. So, if the weather allows, an outdoors Thanksgiving is a great idea.
    Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and other video meeting platforms provide a reasonable option. With family spread across the country, we have had weekly FaceTime dinners with some of our kids and kids-in-law these past months. It’s not the same as being together, but it sure has made a difference. For Thanksgiving we’re planning a family Zoom meeting, one hour or so set aside where people can check in and share greetings and check out as schedules require. Not sure how well it will work but it’s worth a try.
    The other change we’re making is with our budget. Since our celebration will be just my wife and I and one daughter still at home, we will splurge a bit more than we would if entertaining a large group. I’m thinking the best seafood we can find, and wine beyond our normal price range. Maybe some good champagne.
    A toast to life, in the midst of the year from hell.

  23. We are testing tomorrow and are in self quarantine until we leave next Monday.

  24. I relieve that this so-called pandémico has been exaggerated, and for good reason, which I will not state here. I’ve read that 90% of the test are false positives and the reasons why. We are celebrating as usual. We always do it outside and our family is pretty large. Here in Puerto Rico, the Governess has no clue about the reality of the pandemic, I believe she is siding with the evils of our world by imposing strictor rules among us. Either she is ignorant, stupid, or is being paid to ignore the truth.

    1. Thank you for posting your comment. My thoughts and fears exactly. There will be a surge after Thanksgiving, because people will push things to the limit, and not make allowances for asymptomatic cases. I don’t think Mark’s got it quite right, and I hope nobody suffers because of it, either in his family or from following his example. And I speak as a huge fan of MDA.

      1. There will be a “surge” after Thanksgiving, whether there is actually a surge or not. This is all a wonderful narrative prepared for you by your slavishly devoted Bleeding Heart Liberal Radical left wing extremist Democrat activist propaganda media cabal. They tell you a story 24 hours a day and you follow along as though it is reality. It’s interesting to watch, but very frustrating to live around people who have been marinating in the koolaid from birth. This is just the beginning. Once the radical leftists have control of the US government and military, you ain’t seen nothing yet. But don’t worry, it will all be Trump’s fault.

        1. David, I absolutely agree with you. This Covid-19 event is a cover for the Global Reset as said by Globalist Klaus Schwab in his book titled Covid-19: The Great Reset.

          In 1969, when I was 13 y/o in 8th grade, there was a Hong Kong flu epidemic and I fell ill being in bed for a week. I was never so sick in my life. School was closed all week because half the school came down with the flu. We did not have lock-down, wear masks, closed businesses, social distancing and around 1-2 million people died worldwide from this epidemic. This flu was was worst than Covid-19.

          And lastly, the Covid-19 virus is just a common cold!! All flu/colds are part of the Corona Virus family.

        2. Love you David, I can’t begin to, nor will I try to match your eloquence…I called this a fraud from day one..met a few people who said they had the China Flu, pretty inconsequential for them…did you notice we don’t have deaths from anything else? Yeah and the hospitals get nice bonuses for positive cases admitted, and an even bigger bonus for putting you on a ventilator which is pretty much a guarantee the end is near…what were the CDC’s figures, let me see, 6% actually supposedly died of China Flu, the rest were fat, diabetic, heart diseased,, old, one foot in the grave, blah, blah, blah..wonder how long my post will last..hahaha.

    2. Exaggerated? Try telling that to the overflowing hospitals that are bringing in mobile morgue trucks to haul off the dead.

      1. Part of the problem is that there’s too much “I think” and “I believe,” and not enough “I’m following the science.” It beats me how people “believe” stuff on the Internet but not the evidence of their own eyes, in the form of mobile morgue trucks and exhausted, desperate health workers.

  25. Family time is more important than ever. Our family is celebrating Thanksgiving as usual no one is sick and we are all using common sense. There is plenty of car accidents on the road that doesn’t stop us from driving just have to be careful same applies here. Live life there is no guarantee for anything, Happy Thanksgiving every one.

    1. No one is sick, you say. But please remember asymptomatic cases. Don’t make assumptions, please talk all precautions. Yes, car accidents don’t stop us from driving, but we don’t do it with our eyes shut.

  26. Mark, I made a typo on my comment, but you give no way to edit. I wrote ‘relieve’ instead of ‘believe.’ Please find a way where posters can go back and make corrections. Thanks.

  27. Our plans for Thanksgiving are similar to yours. We plan to still get together outside and enjoy some delicious and creative appetizers and wine before we all head home to enjoy our own traditional turkey dinners indoors. If it’s chilly, we’ll wear a hat and scarf and we’ll put on the fire pit! Cheers!

  28. I’m SO glad to hear you say you still plan on celebrating Thanksgiving! I totally agree with everything you said and we plan on the same. Life is too short to be scared of the “possibles” so lets live and love while we can!

  29. Mark, I’m a big fan of your writing on diet and health but have been dismayed to see how that writing has wondered into politics. It’s tone deaf at best. You know much about aspects of health, but you’re no public health expert. I am not at all here to criticize your personal choices, but keep it at that. Personal. Your commentary on the virus like this isn’t needed. It’s like a pediatrician giving fitness or diet advice—usually not as great that doctor thinks it is. You’ve also avoided statements affirming basic human equality, while speaking out on issues like this that are much less suited to an everyday guy. It’s your voice and you’re allowed to use it however you want, I just hope you pause to consider where it is the most useful.

    1. I don’t know how celebrating Thanksgiving is political. If it is to you then that tells me a lot about your attitude.

  30. Thank you for sharing your plans. I hope you have a successful Thanksgiving gathering (meaning no Covid results from it). It may be years before ‘evidence’ is sufficient to convince doubters of the many Covid transmission vectors. The survivors can discuss it. The ‘herd immunity’ approach sacrifices the vulnerable sick and elderly. Outdoor gatherings without masks and social distancing (not mentioned in your post) still have a ‘risk factor’, especially for the vulnerable population. In our family, the younger ones are gathering and the older ones are stopping by for brief, masked ‘hello and takeout’.

  31. I really like the sound of your article! I envy you and others in warm climes, as it makes it easier to get together outside. As someone who’s getting older, I don’t know how many Turkey days are left on the table? My family is in AZ. and I in Oregon. So this one I am passing on. And hoping for a “Spring” Turkey day! I am trying to figure out how my son 19 yrs old and can go around and do something…Thx giving carols? Large reader cards to the elder friends and loved ones in the state to let them know we appreciate them. BTW, I appreciate your column and “Thank you” for the what you do. I enjoy this Sunday read every week! Cheers

  32. My husband and I won’t notice any difference in Thanksgiving this year. We stopped celebrating the winter holidays years ago. We keep in touch with family friends. Prior to this pandemic we saw them frequently but the stress of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas has always reduced our quality of life to the point that we just decide life is too short for such nonsense. We will be eating a yummy, mostly vegan meal, same as every day and we wish all of you on this blog and everywhere the very best with gratitude and joy!

  33. I LOVE this…..my family and I will be doing much the same…Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  34. Yes, another American tradition under attack. The longer people go along with this nonsense the more these little tyrants will keep up this pandemic BS. Resist. Celebrate. Only the godless fear death.

    1. I’m not afraid to die. But I’m not ready to. I want to see my grandchildren grow up. So as I’m laying here in bed with Covid, your attitude seems arrogant.

      1. Hi, Marian, I hope you recover soon and without after effects. It must be galling to anyone suffering from Covid to read some of the surprisingly selfish and tone deaf comments here.

  35. For folks like me with eating disorders, Thanksgiving is not a very enjoyable holiday. I’m outside the US this T-Day and I’m glad of the reason to be able to stick to my keto way of eating without batting an eye.

  36. In Alberta where I live we had Thanksgiving with the people we lived with only. That was the recommendation. The covid19 cases are increasing fast even so. It’s so difficult but necessary to social distance and where masks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  37. We’re not changing anything! We don’t live in fear! We have immune systems and we are healthy. We just keep the TV off and try to keep the government and media out of your lives.

  38. If anything, I’m reminded of just how important family connections are. Having lost my dad a few years ago I cherish every opportunity that I get to spend with family. I look forward to our Thanksgiving gathering this year, I’ll hug my family a little bit tighter and I’ll be thankful that we have this time together.

  39. I am a big fan of your no-nonsense and well-grounded philosophies, where you use your voice for good. But as an exhausted public health worker, that is fighting an uphill battle in my community, where our healthcare system is about to break under the pressure, I have to tell you how disappointed I am in you right now. Your opinion and actions, like many others, will cost us. Our infections spiked after Halloween and all of the outdoor pumpkin patch/pumpkin carving/candy swapping festivities. That was a small holiday. Can you imagine how it will be for Thanksgiving and Christmas? All the travel? How do you envision your dinner going? Who will be handling all of the food and utensils? Will plates be passed? How about when it is time to go to the bathroom? Where will guests go? Through the house? What will they touch? Will they breathe in the air of an unknowingly infected guests airborne droplets? Yes, you will have symptomatic folks stay home. The others? Well, we are infectious 48 hours BEFORE symptoms. And well intentioned people are spreading the disease not knowing they are sick. The majority of them are NOT reckless, just misinformed. So please. I beg you. Lets do Thanksgiving different for one year. If we don’t, our healthcare infrastructure will buckle under the pressure. And more lives will be lost, for non-COVID related issues – simply because we refuse to do things differently for a bit longer. If there is anyone that can encourage us to make it through this marathon of 2020, and finish strong, it is you. I know you can be a voice of reason and creative solutions during these last weeks of the year. What benefits might exist? How might it be good to stretch our personal growth, reflect on past year holidays, and have a greater appreciation (or decide to revamp) for next year festivities?
    Please everyone. Stay home for Thanksgiving. Plan for something small, with just your household, and different – challenge your beliefs on what makes the holiday traditions important. It can go into your family memory books and history.

    1. Thank you Happy Camper. This is the article I expected from Mark. My sister-in-law has to wear a full hazmat on the Covid ward where she works as a nurse. My 97-year-old aunt has Covid in assisted-living. Thankfully, my 98-year-old father is still safe in the nursing home where he lives. And I… Who am a careful person… I’ve had Covid for a week now. Thank you for your articulate response.

    2. I’m right there with you Happy Camper. This is the first time in my long public health career that I feel so hopeless. There are many examples of outdoor transmission events, if Mark hasn’t found them, he isn’t looking hard enough. There are also several examples of gatherings leading to deaths of people who were not at the event (contacts of attendees). It’s not about personal choice when your choices affect your community and everyone you come in contact with. Right now, one person is dying of COVID every minute of every day in the US, and it’s only going to get worse.

      1. Yup. Happy Camper has it right. Ask the health care workers on the front line. If you personally have to go to the ICU during this recent explosion of cases…you don’t want to be on a waiting list while dying in the hallway of some hospital.

    3. Thank you, Happy Camper. You’ve said exactly what I thought when I read Mark’s article. I’m really worried by these rather unthinking erosion of safety guidelines. Well said.

    4. Thank you happy camper for your service and words. I agree with you ? ?.

    5. Thank you Happy Camper! Well said! Your comment is what I expected to hear from MDA. Mark has the platform and respect of the community and is able to influence many people during this Marathon of 2020. We need encouragement to finish strong, as we approach the finish line.

    6. Thank you. And thank you for your important work. Very grateful for the daily actions of the brave people working at the frontlines of this public health crisis. Mark would do well to amplify voices like yours rather than drown them out with more confusion.

  40. II agree with some of the comments about checking out alternative news which has turned me on my head. Mainstream tv lead me to believe that someone was the bad guy , taking time to study the other side totally forced me to ,begrudgingly .understand and see the truth which like the Bible verse says “the truth will set you free” I hope more of us will , for these are confusing times. May God have mercy on us all. Happy Thanksgiving.

  41. …why does anyone bother to listen to these hilariously delusional and impossibly fictionalized doomsday apocalyptic messages and the manic movement away from a psychologically sane human reality..?! If Governor Newsom were to have repeated this to a mental health expert a year ago with this type of gusto, they would have thought about how far out on the scale of delusional narcissistic behavior that this person had strayed. California is a huge state, how in the world could it be enforceable..?! My question… to what end are these liberal governors and officials pushing these lockdown mandates on their constituencies, I’m sure it’s all about their overwhelming love and care for human health matters dealing with a virus that isn’t killing at any rate beyond 0.074% (not even 1/10 of 1%).. 99.926% of our entire USA population is still alive ..right..?! To what end, and when is the ruse up..?!

    1. Stop exaggerating. Try pouring your Kool Aid down the sink and thinking about the overwhelmed hospitals and hospital workers. There is no plot to rob you of your liberty. There is a virus. It’s serious, but just wearing a mask and being careful can keep it in check. It’s not much of a sacrifice to wear a mask. All the posturing about freedom and rights makes me sick. This is serious. Be responsible. It’s not that hard.

    2. Your numbers are incorrect and dangerously misleading. You can’t calculate a death rate based on the entire population of the US, because not everyone has caught COVID. The correct mortality rate currently stands at about 2% and 1000+ people are dying of COVID every day in this country. Politics has nothing to do with it.

  42. You affirm all that’s wonderful about Thanksgiving-its my favorite holiday too. But I don’t think that’s a helpful message right now. An outdoor Thanksgiving is not at all possible for most of us at this season. I wish you had instead urged everyone to, at least this year, release attachment to the idea of a big, in-person dinner. That attachment, this year, is just too dangerous.

  43. For this year we are celebrating but doing something different. My father is 88 years old and had a series of heart attacks this summer. No way am I taking any risks with him. But he loves to cook, especially thanksgiving. So I bought the turkey (from Butcher Box) and I’ll bring it to him (gloved and masked). He’ll cook it and the stuffing and gravy. I’ll go home and make sweet potatoes and pie. Mid day we will make an exchange. I’ll take home my half and give him his. He will eat with his gf and I’ll eat at my home with my son who lives with me. Then we can chat on FaceTime. We are having fun having phone calls about our recipes in advance.

    1. Good thinking. Reading your post made me smile. I hope you all have a lovely day.

  44. Gratitude celebrations anytime and anywhere! Thanksgiving is placed where it is in the year because of the harvest; but perhaps we’ll have a new, international Day of Thanksgiving when we’ve gotten a handle on COVID, and people can meet in large groups and close proximity again. I’ll be cooking an organic turkey with the other members of my household, then delivering leftovers to some people who are alone or unable to afford their own turkey.

    1. Nice, Margi. Thanks for not lecturing others when you gave your opinion. And nice you are delivering dinner ! Cool. Great idea.

  45. One more option, Mark. Hold Thanksgiving earlier. We held our family Thanksgiving yesterday. I am facing heart surgery and the family gathered in advance so that I wouldn’t miss out. We had the MOST WONDERFUL TIME with kids, grandkids and great-grandkids enjoying sumptuous fare amidst hours of songs: our best Autumn get-together ever. The last to leave wandered off around 11 pm but not before the family had ample time to interact and enjoy. And with so many people attending, it had to be held both outside AND IN with even the weather cooperating to provide the most beautiful evening. And so now, despite what may come down the pike in 2 weeks, we’ve enjoyed our annual Thanksgiving time together as a family, with our utmost gratitude and thanks-given … and nobody can take that away from us.

  46. thanksgiving: borrowing a dog to share my meal with. no drinking, no fighting, but plenty of singing!!

  47. I am traveling from California to texas to be with family. We have scaled back the celebration and will eat outside. I had my covid test on Friday and will isolate until I leave. My dad is 80 and I don’t know how many visits we have left so I don’t want to miss. Family is important. I really feel like we need to learn to live with the virus and I am taking precautions like a face shield and mask in the airport and on the plane. Hugs tbd. ?

  48. Hi,
    We are only 2 people this year. My husband and me. Our family will Zoom our homes and dinners this year. They feel protective of us. We are 85 and 74 years young. We have been Zoom meeting since March and it works for us. Christiane

  49. We rented a large home in Santa Rosa and will meet our daughter, her hubby, our new grand baby and their Siberian Husky 10 month old pup there with our son from Seattle and we two from Kirkland, WA. We are minimizing risks these two weeks prior, quarantining of sorts and we will have much of the activity outdoors. Around home we all wear masks when out in public (even outside and while I am on 5 milers – just don’t feel the “outdoor” evidence is thorough or conclusive and really, its no big thing). We will miss 91 year old Gma and hubby’s brother’s family who choose to keep to themselves this year.

  50. No one is sick, you say. But please remember asymptomatic cases. Don’t make assumptions, please talk all precautions. Yes, car accidents don’t stop us from driving, but we don’t do it with our eyes shut.

  51. Don’t forget that there is a huge shortage of medical personnel and hospital beds and equipment. People’s “choices” do not just affect them, it affects the lives of the people who are destined to care for them. It may also affects the quality of medical care that will be available to them should they become ill. Our medical providers are talking more and more about the hard choices that they will inevitably have to make as the pandemic grows.. those choices include selecting patients that they can save to treat. What if you or a family member is not on that list due to co-morbidities.

    1. Oh please, the death rate is still very low. People have to weigh it all out. And decide. Spare us the lectures.

  52. We are taking zero “precautions” for a virus with a 99.6% recovery rate. Then again, we reject anything and everything we see from the bleeding heart liberal radical left wing extremist Democrat activist propaganda mainstream media koolaid machine. We assume everything the leftist media cabal tells us is a lie, and in that way we are right almost 100% of the time. They are ramping up their fear machine for round two right now, and predictably the sheep are growing more terrified by the hour. Once again toilet paper shortages are creeping up all around us. So much better to consider the leftist media cabal to be the enemy of the people. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  53. Of course I am celebrating this quintessential American Holiday. I will have family and my tradition if inviting people who don’t have family in US or are alone to our dinner table.
    Life in-fear is no life at all. To this date I do not know of anyone who has caught virus and not survived its flu like symptoms.

  54. I have to say, Mark, this Sunday article about Thanksgiving sure turned me off. It seems irresponsible to me.
    My partner and I are in pretty good shape for our ages (68 and 73) but I will tell you, we sure don’t want covid. Our respect for this virus has nothing to do with reading too much media, living a fear-based life, politics – whatever.
    We also live in a state with winter weather. Right now it’s raining and cold with 25-35 mph wind gusts. We love to be outdoors but I can’t count on dinner outside in November in the Pacific Northwest.
    I do hope all of you gathering for the holiday come through it with no illness. I truly do.

    1. Bologne. It’s NOT irresponsible. Do as you please and leave others alone. Good for Mark. I’ll keep reading him. Yes, he took a chance saying this and getting ripped by people like you. He’s very apolitical and positive which is what is nice about him. You ought to appreciate that and do your own thing. It all depends on your location, your specific risk factors and more.

  55. Once upon a time, people celebrated “holy days,” meaningful rituals that have been forgotten and denigrated into “holiday.” I resurrect this tradition and restore it to it’s proper place of sacredness. I choose freedom and sovereignty this Thanksgiving and every day that follows. I choose to be thankful for my body, my health, my soul, my Highest Self, my mind and open heart of love. The very breath I breathe is the song we all sing as we inspire until we expire our last. I choose to disengage from the constant barrage of lies from the corrupt oligarchies that steal our energies and scream at the world through the MSM, their megaphone of hate and discord, a fallen profession once made of those who sought to uncover truth. I chose to stop participating in my own demise. I choose to think my own thoughts generated from within my own self, and celebrate the Beauty Way. I control my life and my destiny AND THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN SO!
    The real virus is what has been implanted in your mind. Take it back! Stand up and stop participating in lies! You and I, the human race are powerful beyond all measure, AND THIS IS THE REALITY THOSE SOUL-LESS BEINGS DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW AND WAKE UP TO!
    TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Now is the time to be who you have always been created to be. You are infinitely supported and loved. It is written in your DNA and being re-activated as you read these words! Awaken to your highest potential now and STAND!

  56. Love your posts, except this one.
    You’re a public figure on health.
    Hopefully you’re right and nothing happens. But, you or someone close to you might get sick or worse from this get together. That someone might take a bed at a hospital that is probably at capacity. Or maybe someone undecided who reads this post will now get together with their family “because the daily apple guy said it’s ok” and get sick.
    Just a few more months of making sacrifices. #inthistogether

    1. Agree 100%. And the comments here – wow. Just wow.

      I’ve followed MDA for years, but I’ve lost interest with this article. I’m clearly not a member of this “club.”

      I’m all for freedom and rights, but geez, how about your fellow humans?

      1. Yes, same, but don’t be too put off by other commenters. There appears to be plenty of people concerned about the well-being of others here, too. I hope Mark reflects on his dubious guidance and his attitude in general—people in the health community may be driven by personal health challenges but we would do well to remember, too, the people who have lost their jobs, their homes, the health, and indeed their families this year. I see none of that in Mark’s post and the silence is deafening.

        1. We would do well to remember, too, that people lost their jobs, their homes, their health, and indeed their families EVERY YEAR BEFORE THIS ONE. I see none of that in your post and the silence is deafening. People have been dying of the flu in droves for untold centuries. There is nothing special about this year other than the powers that be have seized it as an opportunity to control your life. In your wokeness you deserve to lose your freedoms, but you don’t get to impose the false narrative of your moral compass on anybody else.

      2. When the rights of your fellow humans are dictated by the bleeding heart liberal Democrat activist propaganda mainstream media cabal, it means nothing. Everything the media tells you is a lie. Everything. They have motivations that have never entered your mind to conceive. You are putty in their hands. When you see something in the bleeding heart liberal television or Internet it never even occurs to you that you are being played. You deserve to have your freedoms taken away but you don’t get to dictate a moral compass for anybody else, sheep.

      3. What about my fellow humans? I hope that my fellow humans feel free to live their lives as they see fit and not walk around on eggshells for fear that I may catch the flu virus that has a 99.6% survival rate. People have been dying of the flu in droves for untold centuries, but this year is the first that the powers that be have decided to seize the opportunity to control the population. If you want to be a sheep, go ahead, but don’t you dare assume that you have any place in my life to dictate my choices. If you want to be a sheep, then be a sheep. Leave the rest of us out of it.

  57. Hi Mark, I’m not sure yet what my family will do. We are in Michigan and have high risk folks. We don’t have a big family, but my daughter is a teacher and my grandson in preschool so they get a lot of sicknesses. We aren’t sure if they can be tested first. BUT I am happy to see you believe it’s our constitutional right to make the choice. We are capable of it and do not need a nanny state. Happy Thanksgiving, Mark. I LOVE your blog. You always give me a life–especially those Sunday ones. I am a writer, so I think they are especially good. XO p.s. we do take supplements, vitamin D and zinc, C, and I have famatodine around. I eat carnivore mostly with a few keto veggies on occasion.

  58. Lived in Chicago all my life. Wishing in times such as these that we lived in warmer climate. No option to eat outside. Usually get together with all extended family. Limiting celebration to immediate family, under 10 as dictated by our city protocol.

  59. Bologne. It’s NOT irresponsible. Do as you please and leave others alone. Good for Mark. I’ll keep reading him. Yes, he took a chance saying this and getting ripped by people like you. He’s very apolitical and positive which is what is nice about him. You ought to appreciate that and do your own thing. It all depends on your location, your specific risk factors and more.

    1. Not ripping. Just wondering. There’s a difference.
      You’re telling me what to do? That’s almost funny!

      1. Don’t you realize that the bleeding heart liberal woke Democrats are qualified to be your moral compass? Fall afoul of their supremely qualified judgment at your own peril.

  60. My husband and i are spending the holiday with another couple, and we won’t wear masks. This draconian approach to covid has ruined all holidays and will be used in the future to control Americans.This pandemic will never recede; if it does, another more virulent one will be introduced to keep us all as sheeple.

  61. I’m celebrating with my family and not letting the fear mongering take away my freedom to live my life and celebrate Thanksgiving.

  62. Finally…something to totally disagree with you on. Been following and reading you since 2009 and I attribute you with me “curing” my diabetes. Docs wanted to install an insulin pump on me and then I found you. No more diabetes.Eating 10-20 carbs per day, I don’t need no stinking pump (or any meds at all). Anyways back to TGing – no don’t do it! Have you not seen the latest fall surge numbers. Sure outside is better (if your not downwind of someone talking) but it still too risky. Zoom it. Encouraging this is just plain irresponsible.

  63. Absolutely agree with you!! The mental health costs of the shut downs and the loss of freedom to assemble either in church or with friends and family are not acceptable. We plan to continue meeting in small groups, attending church and MOST CERTAINLY gathering for the traditional meal though we may be smaller. Thank you for putting that out there. I am afraid the supposed “cure” has become worse than the disease, though I am not minimizing its impact. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  64. I’m not doing all this primal lifestyle so I can be afraid of covid-19. Giving thanks per usual with the fam.

  65. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, I’m not sure it’s about being outside actually. It’s more about swapping air with someone else whether it’s outside or in. Fans at a football game or at a rally for that matter are outside but if they breathe in air that someone who has the virus has already breathed, they are at risk.

  66. Just my wife and I this year. Others (our children and my brother) are reluctant to travel and my wife would prefer nobody come as she has underlying health conditions.

    In regards to salt consumption which I know Mark feels is not a problem, it definitely is for me. My BP is normally 115/60 but twice I’ve added more salt into my diet only to have the BP rise substantially. I think some people like Mark are not sensitive to it while others are.

    1. It definitely depends. I have usually 90/60 blood pressure though often as low as 80/50 and adding a lot of salt, as Mark suggested for those with postural hypotension, almost cures my lightheadedness but never puts me over 110/70 blood pressure. I’m fairly certain he has acknowledged before that some people are indeed salt sensitive.

  67. In normal times, our three adult children, their spouses, and 6 grandchildren (ages one to twelve) would all be here in our home on Thanksgiving Day. The two families that live out of town and state would be here overnight for one to three nights. Not this year.

    One daughter, her husband, and their two children, who live 20 minutes from us, will be here. I have twice weekly contact with them because I am one of those grandmas helping with on-line school care. Our other daughter’s family will have only the other grandparents with them. Our son’s family will be by themselves.

    We are planning to have a family Zoom time and are brain storming ideas for an activity the children can do during that time. And all but the toddlers will be telling one person not in their family something they like or appreciate about that person.

  68. If I lived in Miami or some warm southern city I would be doing as you are doing. BUT since I live in Philadelphia and one would expect it to be better cold we are definitely not having a large gathering. I am not sure what will happen. I might just be by myself or with a few family members/friends if we know for sure that everyone is virus free. We have already done some last minutes tests even though we are symptom free because this sneaky virus can be transmitted by an asymptomatic spreader. I want to make sure everyone is here for Thanksgiving next year and the year after. There will be plenty of future Thanksgivings!

  69. Truer words were never spoken. Inspirational and to the point. Just having my mother and father in law over, simple but heartfelt. I might even go out and get propane deck style heater just to make it is more cozy. Thank you for some simple yet meaningful words of wisdom. Most of all just give thanks for the most important ,our family’s health. ENJOY

  70. We’re going to Jamaica for plenty of Vitamin D, rest and relaxation.

  71. I’m going to spend the holiday as I always do. I’ve never been a big fan of celebrating Thanksgiving, so it’s a bit non-traditional:

    Short of an ice storm or blizzard, I’m going to climb a mountain. At the summit, I’ll pour a beer into the ground for all my friends who can no longer join me on such a hike.

    Afterward, I’ll hit up some bar for football and whatever spread they’re putting out.

    If I’m lucky, despite the best efforts of over-anxious COVID precautions and my own personal awkwardness, the celebration will continue at the hotel with some lucky, random girl.

    The traffic, and hunters shooting at movement, concern me much more than any virus. Also, as a single guy at the bar, SARS-CoV-2 is NOT the virus I’m worried about.

      1. I never joke about la vie dansante.

        Except, of course, when joking fits that life. Wasted days lead to wasted years and wasted youth. Embrace life, for all its risk. Be discerning about it – but never reluctant.

  72. I am a cancer survivor and not a single day goes by that I am not reminded of that fact. I don’t know how many more holidays I will have (nor does anyone for that matter) so I plan to enjoy life now. I am not sick, my family is not sick, and if we were, we’d stay home. But that not being the case, I’m going to see them for the holidays and love doing so.

  73. Will be just my daughter and her Dad. We will sit far apart. I may be the only one touching serving utensils. November in Illinois is not nice, except we had some flukey 75 degree days at the beginning, so outside isn’t a pleasant option. We will eat and rest and that will be the extent of it. My daughter is 21 so she will want to go spend time with her group of 1-2 friends the rest of the time so we won’t be breathing each others air space very long. I will open windows as able since we will have some heat to dissipate from the oven.

  74. Well, up here in Canada we had Thanksgiving 2 weeks ago. Friends planned to have immediate family, their children and grandchildren, 22 of them all together. All were just fine, then they weren’t. 13 of the group were C19 + within days, and the gift kept giving exponentially.

  75. Our family, like yours, looks forward to giving thanks for all life’s blessings. Every day is good, but a special time set aside to give thanks together is richer still. Our three generations will gather as is our blessed tradition, enjoy, be glad and give thanks on Thanksgiving Day.

  76. You read 90% false positives? You believe it,…. you’re stupid. If you read that pigs fly you’d probably believe it too. Mouth breather.

  77. Folks, there are some bigger things going on here than wanting you to be safe. The pandemic provides a chance for governments to impose a “New Reset”, an opportunity to impose new economic systems that address inequality and climate change. This is just the beginning of a leftist transformation.

    1. My God, you really believe this?

      It’s a virus – a global pandemic.

      1. Virus have been around for millennia. New ones become endemic each year. This is nothing special except our collective political response to it.

        1. This isn’t a political blog, Jeff. Most of us would prefer to keep it that way.

  78. I agree! However, for those of us in places where eating and gathering outside aren’t quite as inviting, I think it’s critical to think of others instead of yourself. Postpone your gatherings for the safety of your family and for the safety of your community. Be smart. Follow the science.

  79. I agree, it’s hard to think that I won’t be spending thanksgiving with family this year. And, I haven’t read any science that says people are catching the virus when they’re hanging outside. However, for those of us in places where eating and gathering outside aren’t quite as inviting, I think it’s critical to think of others instead of yourself. Postpone your gatherings for the safety of your family and for the safety of your community. Be smart. Follow the science.

  80. I am with you Mark, there is no real reason not to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. The draconian measures the so called experts are using to quell the Coronavirus are in my opinion, far worse than the virus itself. The psychological, emotional, and economic ramifications of this pandemic are going to follow us for many years into the future. If people would stop and think for themselves, follow the “science” and refer to the pages written by the so called experts, ie: the WHO, NIAID and the NIH, they would see that almost every mandate they have given us, they themselves have contradicted and or reversed. This includes information regarding wearing masks, the virulence of the virus, the fatality rate, and the accuracy of the PCR testing they are using to diagnose the virus, are erroneous and or completely overblown! Our lives and our world have been completely turned upside down and for what reason? A ‘virus’ that amounts to a flu bug??? I am not saying that this virus isn’t dangerous because it can be for a certain segment of the population that are at risk due to age or comorbidities but this does not differ from the seasonal flu that has a similar or greater yearly fatality rate! Could there be something more going on here? Another agenda possibly??? Time to wake up people!

    1. I agree-actually, I think the flu is much worse and we didn’t shut the country down for that! The whole thing is ridiculous in my opinion. Look at the symptoms of flu vs COVID-19. (Then again, maybe we did shut the country down because of the flu and they are just calling it COVID so people will take the proper precautions…) Who knows the real agenda here but I guarantee you there is one.

      1. Yup. And the 240,000 people who have died from covid in the U.S. aren’t really dead. They are just up on the mothership enjoying some of that good alien DNA.

    2. Absurd to treat this as anything different than any other ILI. That said everyone is capable of self autonomy and has their God given right to either abstain from Thanksgiving or have a huge family gathering they attend. Your choice. Take personal responsibility for your own health if you are fearful. Buy some N95’s, get curb side and home delivery, avoid public places….ect. There are ways to support our vulnerable population (we know who that is…) and still proceed with life as normal. Read the Great Barrington Declaration and follow the three scientists who wrote it. They have given numerous interviews and debated their recommendations vs the devastating health consequences of continued soft or hard lockdowns.

  81. “regular” Thanksgiving meal will be cooked…only 2 friends coming, masked inside, windows open, fans on, fill plates and either go out on porch or down to fire pit, depending on the weather. Grateful for even that…but in the end..for us..it’s the “traditional” meal, grateful we have the means to do it and even the option of friends who isolate at home..

  82. Mr Sisson
    After enjoying Sunday with you for so long, I will now part ways after reading your TG column. No wonder your country is in its present state.
    God forbid you have your precious gathering!
    Best luck for your future (and happy TG)

  83. On Thanksgiving:
    I have not let the pandemic affect what my family does except for the very first week. After that I decided no one was keeping me from taking care of my dad. If someone in the family is sick, of course, they stay at home. We have been well and perfectly fine all year. Maybe because we take care of ourselves in general, we have good immune systems. Who knows, but we will be getting together as usual for Thanksgiving!

  84. Yup. Thanksgiving on. Haven’t read the recommendations from would be dictators and don’t care to. Half my family are HCWs. We know the risks/reward of spending time with family and friends during flu season vs that of any ILI. There is consequence to isolation. By far is my favorite holiday!

  85. We are a military family, so each year our location has varied; some years we’ve spent it with family, others we’ve spent it with friends. One year, in SanDiego, we had 62 Marines at our home, overflowing to tables in the yard and garage; another we spent in my husbands office with the drill instructors, while they babysat the recruits.

    Since expanding our family from my husband and myself to a brood of six, we have stayed home. In fact, I believe we have spent Thanksgiving in our home for the last ten years. Some years my husband has been deployed, others he’s been with us. This year is no different for us as the theme continues: new home, new state, same family. We are thankful for our continued good health; our time spent together, the love we share, and the life we live. We may have new faces around our table, as we always invite others who may be alone for the holidays; but Thanksgiving in our home is cherishing those close to us, calling family far away…. and eating too much turkey.

    1. Nice, keep inviting people that don’t have a place to go!

  86. So glad you are having Thanksgiving. We must, we cannot let the government dictate to us how we will celebrate a holiday. We know the precautions we need to take, we too will have Thanksgiving with 15 of our close friends and family. Humans cannot live in isolation, give me and mine liberty or death. ,

  87. Hi Mark, et. al.,

    My immediate family are up for gathering for TG feast. Two of my three siblings’ pods are also up for gathering, so we will join for a safe-distance meal, and the fourth gathering will join on Zoom. The fourth will not benefit from food sharing, but they will be enjoying in a safe space. Cheers.

  88. We live near a state park in north Texas, Palo Duro Canyon. We will hike during the day and then go to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving dinner. This will be the easiest Thanksgiving for me.

  89. I read the research on Plos regarding melatonin results regarding covid – it states it only showed results in diabetics only.

  90. Getting together with my “very large” family for Thanksgiving. We’re not missing another holiday. I actually think the separation did more harm then good, both mentally and physically (and financially).

  91. I’ll be with family for Thanksgiving.

    As I read many of the comments here, what I hope many people realize soon is that 2021 and beyond might not be better. 2020 might be better than any year in the next decade. Don’t just wait for good times to return. Build good times In your life right now.

  92. Just curious as to what a primal thanksgiving spread looks like at your celebration?