Mineral Makeup, Michael Moore and More


8 Glasses of Water a Day? Theory Springs a Leak

Thanks to Calorie Lab for mopping up this “urban legend”. (Dartmouth Medical School)

Mineral Makeup Is Mostly Made of Marketing

We blogged about this earlier this year, and now WebMD has just come out with a thorough analysis of mineral makeup (popular brands include Bare Escentuals and Bare Minerals). The verdict? Not only are these “minerals” no different from the minerals that have always been used in makeup, there’s absolutely no proof of any health benefit.

There’s a Culture with No Word for ‘Worry’?

It’s always valuable to gain some healthy perspective on our own culture by learning about another. See why “worry” and “want” aren’t essential to your vocabulary. (via Vital Votes)

High-Carbohydrate Diets Linked to High Blood Pressure

Brian of That’s Fit notes this news piece. (Though he writes that diets high in carbs are high in monounsaturated fats, which cause high blood pressure. This is a bit of a garbling, as refined carbs are not typically high in monounsaturated fats, and in fact that’s the problem: these fats are very healthy. Think olive oil and nuts. Oops, Brian!) (Reuters)

Pharma and Michael Moore: Clash of the Cooties

Big Pharma is none too thrilled with Moore’s latest celluloid polemic, Sicko.

The Future of Medicine: the Internets!

You were just learning about Web 2.0, and along comes Web 3.0. Or you have no idea what we’re talking about. Scoot over to this interesting post detailing the exciting technological future of online health.

Court Must Decide if There Is Autism-Vaccine Link

Now that’s a fun job. No pressure. Check out the news, then visit our favorite autism blog, Autism Vox, for a good perspective.

Get a Room: FDA and Drug Companies Are Cozy

And you thought Dick Cheney met with the energy corporations a lot. It turns out the FDA and drug companies meet so frequently, it’s one big campfire kumbayah.

Introducing Nanofood

Forget “natural” (so 80s!). And “lite” (hello, 90s). “Organic”? Whatever. The really hot food is nanofood.

Alli Folly

Mark has blogged about the unsafe, ineffective, we-really-need-a-blockbuster-drug Alli from GlaxoSmithKline. It’s hitting shelves, so educate yourself.

FDA Cracks Down on Body Part Harvesting

The dark side of funeral homes. Unbelievable. (Note: sensitive viewers may want to skip this one.)

Possible Link between Genetically Engineered Foods and Allergies

The debate continues.

Better Than Bypass: the Expanding Gelatin Blob

Our friends at Diet Blog chat about the hilarious implications of this ball of industrial goo.

New blog: Burning the Scale by Claire

Mark will be in later answering your health questions. Have a great weekend, Apples!

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