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Weekend Primal Health Challenge

Just so you know, the workout and recipe posts I publish aren’t just for show. They’re meant to inspire and inform, and although I know most of you take them to heart, I suspect a lot of people take mental notes while reading them without ever actually trying them out (it’s only human, after all). While the actual workouts are grueling and the prep work for some of the recipes takes time, the real difficulty for most people lies in mustering the resolve to get up and just DO it [1]. “It’s the weekend” (So? Fuel up for the coming week.), “It’s such a nice day” (Exactly! Get outside and enjoy it!), or my favorite, “I’ll work out tomorrow” (Even you don’t believe that.) – excuses are a dime a dozen [2]. But making excuses becomes far more difficult if you actually get up and try the workouts and eat the food. You’ll realize living Primally isn’t bad at all; that it’s actually a rewarding lifestyle that allows you to eat great food and get great results (I guess listening to your genes and thousands of years of evolution will do that).

With that in mind, I have a simple proposition for you.

Instead of taking today off as a rest day [3] or a “cheat” day [4], how about trying a mini-Primal challenge?

Pick one of our workouts and complete it – no half-assing it, either… this is a formal challenge!

Walking Workout [5]
Bodyweight Workout [6]
Prison Workout [7]
Kettlebell Workout [8]
Slosh Tube Workout [9]
Sandbag Workout [10]
Sprint Workout [11]
15-Minute Workout [12]
Ultimate Frisbee [13]
Clubbell Workout [14]
Upper Body Plyometric Workout [15]
Lower Body Plyometric Workout [16]

If you’re injured, you’re allowed to take it easier [17].

Next, fuel up. Pick a Primal recipe [18], make it (or get your better half to help if you’re clueless), and eat it.

Pepper Recipes [19]
Game Meat Recipes [20]
Primal Comfort Food [21]
Primal Chili [22] (you might want to get this started before you work out)
Thanksgiving Redux [23]
Thai Coconut Soup [24]
Son of Grok’s Famous Primal Pizza [25]
Mackerel, Halibut, and Egg Recipes [26]
15 Minute Primal Meals [27]
Stir-Fry Adventure [28]
Primal Iterations of Classic Salads [29]

Or browse through our recipe archives [18].

Sounds pretty easy, right? It is, with the right mindset.

Are you up for the challenge?