Weekend Link Love – Edition 1

Link Love60 in 3 shares healthy ideas for how to spend your weekend.

I ate a pie offers up the good, the bad, and the delicious on fruit treats to enjoy this summer.

The IF Life explains why you can healthily (and naturally) skip breakfast.

Modern Forager dishes up ten common/uncommon cooking oils (and how to use ‘em!).

Conditioning Research suggests some great alternatives for full contact twists.

Fitness Black Book rants on “core” obsession.

Robb Wolf highlights paleo diet vs. multiple sclerosis.

FitSugar demonstrates the elbow plank with donkey kick.

and check out these sites for some extreme CrossFit type fitness routines:

Straight to the Bar proposes a healthier use for beer kegs.

Pioneer Valley CrossFit announces CrossFit junior varsity.

Recreate Fitness explains the whys and hows of hip mobility.

Crossfit Rockwall offers up a “Black Jack” workout.

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  1. Thanks for the link love 🙂 I visited the other sites listed here. I gotta say, the “keg press” made me laugh. I used to do a lot of “keg carrying” back in my fraternity days. Basically would carry them out of the back of a truck to our basment. A decent forearm workout. The problem was that after this short workout, I would followup with 8-9 beers!

    Great Stuff Here!