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Weekend Link Love — Edition 505

Research of the Week

Mice with breast cancer who do yoga (there’s a visual) have smaller tumors [1].

Chess grandmasters enjoy longer lives [2], just like elite athletes.

Throwing could be primarily a male adaptation [3].

More and more kids are overusing ADHD drugs [4].

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 247: Dr. Alvin Danenberg [5]: Host Elle Russ chats with Primal Health Coach and dentist Dr. Alvin Danenberg about the interplay between modern technology and ancestral health when treating gum disease.

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Interesting Blog Posts

One side benefit of the fracturing of society into thousands of weird subcultures is that there are more opportunities for prestige [7] than ever.

Media, Schmedia

Are farmers still using [8] antibiotics to increase animal weight, despite the FDA banning it last year?

While I still recommend you sit as little as possible, being fit makes it less bad [9].

Everything Else

Medieval peasants took more vacation [10] than the average American.

Weight loss is 80% diet, 10% sleep, 5% exercise, and 5% whether or not you wear shoes inside your house [11].

I still hold out hope for Nessie [12].

Changing weather patterns has California farmers placing uncertain bets [13] on the future.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Keto breakfasts I’d eat: This guy’s [14].

Study I found interesting: Another reason [15] not to skip leg day.

Article I’m pondering: Why New Antibiotics Are So Hard to Find [16].

This is very cool: Yin and yang types have different brain activation patterns in depression, and the fMRI results look incredibly similar to the traditional yin and yang symbol [17].

Heard in the Roman Empire: “What about barbarian-on-barbarian crime [18]?”

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 20 – May 26)

Comment of the Week

I love how you ended this article. So many people hug but don’t really *feel* the hug. My granny would hug very tightly for a very long time, and she always told me I gave the best hugs. Hugging my granny is a great memory I hold dear.

  • I agree. There’s nothing quite like a grandma hug, Tiffany [23].