Weekend Link Love – Edition 470

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

Prenatal fluoride exposure (albeit higher than occurs in most municipalities whose water receives fluoride treatment) linked to lower offspring IQ.

You’re seasoning your food with plastic.

Fat dogs have fat owners.

High triglycerides and poor glucose control are responsible for most of the risk associated with being overweight or obese.

It’s not just how much total time you sit each day. It’s the length of your sitting bouts.

Whole eggs are better for vitamin D status than vitamin D3 supplements.

Patients without heart disease who took antidepressants experienced greater mortality and more heart attacks.

“Healthy” low-fat “spread” infused with plant sterols has no effect on inflammation or endothelial function in subjects with high cholesterol.

Even breastmilk has a circadian rhythm.

MUFAs, found in olive oil and avocado oil, are important for brain function.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 187: Evan Brand: Host Elle Russ chats with Evan Brand about finding the root causes of depression, fatigue, obesity, and a host of modern afflictions.

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Interesting Blog Posts

On “supergenes.”

I know what I’m giving out for Christmas.

Weeds you can eat.

Media, Schmedia

Now that’s branding.

There’s a lot to admire about Tom Brady, but there’s plenty to discard, too.

Everything Else

Not even vegetarian dinosaurs could resist meat.

Macaques hunt shellfish using tools, and they’re so good that they’re threatening shellfish populations.

Neanderthals likely lived in small, genetically-isolated bands.

If you’ve ever wondered about nootropics, this great new 30-minute documentary is a must-see.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Podcast I just appeared on: The Balanced Blonde, where I discussed Primal living, keto eating, and how I built the Primal brand.

Oldie but goody: Woman goes on gluten-free diet, her metabolic syndrome completely resolves.

Racy title aside, I found this article made good points: “The iPhone X proves the Unabomber was right.”

Concept I’m pondering: The trouble with Facebook is that it provides content without context.

I’d love to visit some of these: The 12 oldest wineries in the world.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 24– Sep 30)

Comment of the Week

“Mark, you put ‘get yourself a little butane torch’ immediately after warning ‘you will fart.’ You had to expect our brains to put those two things together in a rather predictable and childish fashion…”

– I was hoping for and expecting it, Rambler.

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