Weekend Link Love – Edition 437

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

300 cups of coffee is excessive.

More dietary protein, less breast cancer recurrence.

Banking extra sleep before sleep deprivation improves physical performance.

As agriculture spread, dog amylase genes changed to enable more starch consumption. Or was the causation flipped, with farro-hungry Fidos forcing owners to adopt agriculture with sad dog eyes?

Grazing can speed up aging.

But honey, it’s science!”

A sleep health program reduces injury and disability among firefighters.

Two thirds of modern European men come from just three Bronze Age rulers.


Episode 153: Ryan Hurst: Brad Kearns chats with Ryan Hurst, founder of GMB Fitness, a system designed to help people from all walks of life become more comfortable with their bodies, stave off injuries, gain confidence, and become better movers and athletes.


Why our current treatments for chronic illnesses create more problems than they solve—and a better way forward.

No way in hell this person will take statins.

Should we try to rein in the default mode network?


Our very own Elle Russ penned a piece for Prevention Mag about fixing thyroid issues using ancestral health practices. Congrats, Elle!

The growth of A2 milk.

Try not to fall. But if you do, here’s how.


Teeth tell time.

Baby brains are organized like adult brains.

Without alcoholics, the alcohol industry would fall.

What’s your sleep animal?

Human biology is really quite remarkable.

They’d make for good salsa dancers if it weren’t for the cold reptilian murderousness.

To be fair to the mountain, it really does get quite cold up there.

Best PEDs for chess players: modafinil, adderall, caffeine (in that order).


Upcoming online summit you’d love: The Autoimmune Revolution Summit. It starts tomorrow, and I’m giving my talk on Wednesday. Sign-up is free, but those who buy lifetime access to all 35 talks also get extra talks and eCourses plus a free bottle of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil.

Award I was honored to receive: An innovation award from the Fancy Food Award Show for Primal Kitchen Macadamia Sea Salt Collagen Bars.

Podcast I enjoyed: How to manage your iron status (and why).

Studies that I liked: Two new studies explored how LSD interacts with neurons in the brain.

Turn of phrase I liked: Humans as the “indoor species.”

Fake news that probably isn’t far off: Americans most physically active when getting comfy.



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“Barry my wife likes to say “everyone is normal until you get to know them!” ?”

– Amen, HealthyHombre.

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