Weekend Link Love: Brain Teaser Edition

The Prize:

Tanka Bars. Snack food made of buffalo. That’s pretty much all that needs saying. In the pursuit of quick-fix meat-chunk eats, Tanka is offering up a variety of Tanka Bars, Tanka Bites, and Tanka Wild Sticks (valued at around $100) to the winner of today’s post. BONUS: Enter “30DAYCHALLENGE” when ordering from TankaBar.com for a 15% discount off of regularly priced items. All caps must be used when typing in the coupon code. Coupons won’t work on SPECIALS, only regularly priced items. This contest is only open to U.S. residents.

The Contest:

Today’s WLL contains a clue hidden within the text that begins with this paragraph and ends at “Recipe Corner”, a series of words that hints at an answer. Everyone who finds the clue must then figure out the answer. Don’t keep it to yourself; instead, post the answer to the comment board. A prize goes to the first poster. Nothing after and including “Recipe Corner” is fair game, but everything before (excluding “The Prize” section above) must be considered. Delay no more, for others are already figuring it out!

I watched in utter amazement as an Indonesian freediver made entirely of sinew, muscle, and bone and wearing only goggles took a breath, slipped out of his boat, and casually flutter kicked through 20 meters of ocean to reach the bottom, where he proceeded to walk along the ocean floor in search of his target, utilizing his negative body fat to keep him from floating. Not done yet, he spotted the fish, speared it, and swam back to the surface, where he finally took his first breath in almost three minutes. Ah, just another day of punching the time clock!

All this gateway drug stuff always sounded like nonsense to me, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that bacon is the premier gateway meat for vegetarians. Now let’s just hope this one stays legal.

Dr. Kurt Harris emerges from hiding (in the real world doing things that don’t involve the Internet) to appear on the longest episode of Robb Wolf’s podcast yet, so go listen.

“Knowledge acquired from recent studies indicate that standup desks are superior to traditional office chairs.” Employees at Facebook (and other Silicon Valley tech companies) like this. Not a bad “Facebook like” joke, if I do say so myself (okay, it was pretty bad).

Art of Manliness asks whether you could you keep up with a World War II GI. Read the post and try the fitness test (and enjoy those old-timey graphics, especially the one for squat jumps).

Experts regularly suggest laughter is the best medicine, but are they right? They may be, but it’s definitely a pretty decent Vicodin.

High-beaming might be doubly effective at waking sleepy nighttime drivers, as new research indicates that white light LED bulbs suppress five times more melatonin production than bulbs that give off a yellow-orange light.

It’s never been more clear that proper nutrition is contextual than now: fish oil reduces the effectiveness of chemotherapy by increasing the cancer cell’s resistance.

Side effects, shmide effects: are you Havidol-deficient?

Recipe Corner

  • A Worker Bee just got back from Hawaii, and he’s been raving about the Kalua pig. So, here’s a recipe, from nomnompaleo.
  • Chorizo mini meatloaves sound like they’d be good for portion control, but then you just end up eating the entire tray because they’re so good.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 13 – Sept 19)

Comment of the Week

>insert classic soap cliff-hanger organ music here<
“Learn the answers to these & many other questions on the next episode of ‘All My Bacon'”

Courtesy of reader Peggy. I’d watch that show so long as the centerpiece was a pastured pig farm owned by two twin brothers, one kindly and sweet, and the other cunning and ruthless. They would be played by the same actor, of course, and the lack of budget would probably never put the two characters in the same room at once. The meaner one would have a press-on goatee.

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