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Are we “safing” our children to death? Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids, writes an incredible piece for Salon about the war on childrens’ playgrounds. (thanks for the find, Hunt. Gather. Love.)

Can bacteria make you smarter? Discovery News has the answer.

Bug time. Watch National Geographic‘s insect eating video. They hit you with the money shot 13 seconds in.

Grow some tomatoes. Upside down. (not you, the tomatoes)

World of Mysteries posts an incredible pictorial of sugary drinks next to their food equivalents. I wouldn’t agree with the “drink this instead” choices. But the pictures are just too stunning not to link.

Walking on a water… The next great sport or just a bunch of dudes charging into a lake?

Recipe Corner

  • The Bacone?! I wouldn’t call it Primal, but I must respect the diabolical creativity.
  • Nutty Kitchen‘ makes a coconut ginger salmon that puts most other salmon recipes to shame. To shame.
  • Visit Mary’s Kitchen Adventures for a lamb, orach, and cashew soup. The cashews aren’t 100% Primal, but the soup is 100% delicious.

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 23 – 29)

Comment of the Week

I got my cookbook, I was so excited! I read it from cover to cover and can’t wait to try every recipe. I think I’ll do a “Julie & Julia” number on it, and go through the entire cook book and make everything in the entire book!

The book is beautiful!

– Louise from Announcement: New Recipe Theme for the Cookbook Contest

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  1. Unfortunately I am unable to view the video of the insect eating on my MAC via google chrome… I don’t wish to download anything to make it work.

    I read the playground article (well most of it) and agree that we are beginning to go out of line. I plan on doing playground workouts any day now… will there be a time where they are all gone?! I want old style playgrounds back please.

  2. Great set of informative and interesting links, as always. Not that I need another reason to avoid sweetened beverages, but I think that article will be a useful tool as I slowly get each of my friends and family to drink the Primal Kool-Aid. (there’s a pun in there I’m not quite grasping)

  3. Looked at about 10 of the sugar pictures ad now i just want some candy. lol. 🙂

  4. Last week I ate grasshoppers soaked in lime and chile- For the first time in m life, I actually had grasshopper breath- smelled like a cross between abdomen contents and dirt. Honestly, each bite got weirder and worse. Maybe they weren’t fresh grasshoppers?

  5. The bacone would be a great delivery device for a scoop of FAGE Total or a stick of cultured pastured butter. Such a concoction would make an ensuing 24-hour fast a breeze.

  6. While the walking on water video looks cool, its actually a guerrilla marketing for new balance shoes.

  7. My garden has huge, organic, and very sweet and tasty tomatoes right now – growing fine, quite upright, and properly pruned.

    Growing a tomato has nothing to do which way the nutrients flow, it has everything to do with proper feeding and pruning. Why change something millions of years have told plants? The sun is UP not down. If tomatoes wanted to grow down, they’d be called a carrot (have plenty of those growing as well).

  8. -I have considered trying the upside tomato trick. We have ravenous golphers. I once decided to grow in pots with screen on the top and those fang faces actually chewed holes in the pot bottoms to get at my tomatoes!
    -As for grasshoppers, I heard a rumour they taste like nuts, not guts. I’d be way more interested in trying the former than the latter.
    -As for water walkers, there must be a ramp and planks under the water. Notice how they enter the lake at the same place each time, so much so that there is a muddy track on shore at that point. Pretty hilarious though! You have to really BELIEVE you can walk on water! Musta been hard to say that with a strait face..

  9. Just change the innards (and lose the biscuit) to make the Bacone a primal delight, the possibilities are truly inspiring!

  10. Running on water? There are some Chinese martial arts applications using “chi” that I’ve seen done that are about as unlikely, but hell, if you get enough speed, you might be able to skip off the water like a stone.

    That said, I think Eva’s right and there’s some planks under the water. Those guys seem to keep running the same number of steps (12-13) each time before they sink.

    Those pics of drinks & sweets together actually made me feel queasy.