Weekend Link Love

It seems as if Ms. Grok and Mr. Neanderthal were more than just neighbors. Wired talks about new findings of Neanderthal DNA in modern humans.

The China Study. Bane of Grok. Have you ever explained Primal living to someone only to hear, “But the China Study says meat will kill us.Feasting on Fitness takes the China Study down. Thoroughly. In multiple parts. Read the massive dissection of the research and reviews behind The China Study: Part 1 & Part 2.

Get Primal. Eat Squirrel. But not these squirrels.

Cocoa Puffs is no longer a heart healthy cereal. For shame. The Heart Scan Blog updates us with the AHA’s new list of “heart healthy” cereals. For those previously achieving health through Cocoa Puffs, you’ll have to make do with Berry Burst Cheerios and Cinnamon Life.

Take a ride on the beef train. Then ponder what would happen if the beef train and the gravy train collided.

Recipe Corner

  • Veteran Grokker Joyful Abode just came out with her entire recipe index. Bookmark it.
  • Paleotron makes feta and beef stuffed mushrooms with tapenade. From the post, “These guys may not look the best, but you’re going to love the way they taste.”

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 2nd – 8th)

  • Barefoot Alternatives – What to wear when Vibrams are just a little too weird for the occasion (job interview, meeting your fiance’s parents, giving a speech to the United Nations, whatever)
  • Is All Olive Oil Created Equal? – Really, who came up with the term “extra virgin?” That’s just not how virginity works. More to the point, read this post for a run down on the various forms of olive oil.

Email of the Week

Mark’s Daily Apple readers email me pics all the time. I welcome every one of them. They’re usually moving and inspiring success story photos. Often they’re “Grok in the Wild” pics. But nothing quite like this. Talk about a commitment. What can I say but Grok on!

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