Weekend Link Love

Into sledgehammerin’? You’ll love Urban Primalist‘s shovelglove 101 guide.

Still not convinced that grass fed meats are better? Fitness Spotlight lays down the data; a post loaded with easy-to-read charts comparing grass to grain-fed.

Paleo Princess creates a Paleo alphabet. B is for boobs. Yeah, she goes there.

A little savory, a little sweet, Nutty Kitchen serves you a Thai almond pork recipe..

Reader Eric emailed me this Kroger ad. Notice anything unusual about how they categorize their foods?

Hershey’s Syrup: An excellent source of calcium…?

Recipe Bacon Corner

Bacon is one of the oldest and tastiest internet memes. In honor of this week’s bacon guide, I’ve rounded up some of the best baconizations out there…

Did I miss any?

Time Capsule

One year ago (April 11 – 17)

  • Considering Cookware – A guide to the basics of building a Primal kitchen. What types of pots and pans to use and when to use them.
  • The Allure of Crock Pots – Yes, Crock Pots are Primal. Learn how to use them, and try out the included Puerco Pibil recipe.

Comment of the Week

My brother and I talk in Grok terms all the time now, it appears to be a noun, a verb and everything in between!

I’m seriously thinking of having Grok tattooed somewhere on my person to celebrate when my brother reaches his goal weight (he’s currently 56 lbs lighter and 6 inches off his waist since December) – Kelda from When Science Trumps Grok


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  1. haha hersheys chocolate syrup + calcium


    also a wtf going out to that grocery store…probably bad graphic design and header placement on their part.

  2. I don’t notice anything unusual about the Kroger ad other than, in isolation, it seems to be vegetarian oriented. Or are we supposed to derive something dirty from the asparagus?

    1. Look how they categorize the water and potato chips as “natural foods” but all the *actual* natural foods are all listed above the category.

  3. I sent the following email to Hershey’s. I will post any response I receive from them:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am writing to express my grave concern about Hershey’s false advertising. I recently saw the following image on a blog. https://failblog.org/2010/04/02/epic-fail-photos-calcium-fail/

    It is a picture of the back of a container of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup +Calcium. As you can see, the container clearly indicates that there is “+Calcium” suggesting nutritious calcium has been added to your chocolate syrup. However, upon closer inspection, it appears there is ZERO PERCENT of the RDA amount of calcium in your product.

    How does Hershey’s explain this clear inconsistency? As a consumer, I am deeply concerned about Hershey’s egregious misrepresentations to the public.

    I look forward to hearing your response.


    1. Here is Hershey’s response. Weak.

      Thank you for contacting The Hershey Company. Your comments about HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup with Calcium are important.

      I am sorry for the issue. 0% is a misprint. The number 1 before the zero was inadvertently dropped; the actual number should be 10%. Our packaging development department is in the process of correcting this mistake.

      Thank you for your comments.

      Your interest in our company is appreciated.

      Susan Harris
      Consumer Representative

  4. In everything bacon, you forgot Kansas City’s Bacon Festival. Not only were all the dishes bacon (including bacon explosion), they also had the bacon-cooking band Bacon Shoe

    The grass fed to grain fed beef comparison is truly frightening and it makes me want run down to Whole Foods right now.

    Problem with Hershey’s syrup is of course the sugar. Just like a large milkshake at Whataburger has calcium and 4g of fiber, but it also has 200g of sugar. Maybe we should just cook up one of those bone soups from earlier in the week.

  5. “Reader Eric emailed me this Kroger ad. Notice anything unusual about how they categorize their foods?”


    The fact that the ironic twist was at the bottom after scrolling down made the punchline so much sweeter.

  6. Oh my god I am going to have many sleepless nights staying up thinking about tasting that bacon explosion….!

  7. Mo’s Bacon Bar. I had a square today. Not exactly primal but I had to try it. I felt like my long sprint and bike workout afforded me the taste 🙂

  8. Kitchen tools: Where do I find the vegetable tool that Mark referred to awhile back. The tool made spiral like strips from a carrot and other veggies that would entice kids to eat their veggies.

  9. Kroger ad is unfortunate, but I notice things like that all the time in advertising.

    And Ms. Paleo Princess just got herself some new readers.

  10. Either that ad is from 1988 or I have been in California too long. Those prices are unreal!

    1. Heh. Yeah, I was going to comment on that as well, but I’ve come to realize lately that food prices here in Florida must be above average, too. I’ve been reading a couple other blogs lately where they talk about food prices, and it’s always at least 30% less than what I pay.

      Given the Smartwater in there, I’d have to say it’s a relatively recent ad.