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Want to spice up your pullups? Head over to Ross Training and learn how to make DIY softball grips for about $10.

No woman should ever lift more than 3 lbs? You can either starve yourself or do tons of cardio? Uh… working out with Gwyneth Paltrow.

I’ve featured Meatpaper before on MDA. This week Michael Eades shares his thoughts on a couple great meatpaper articles: Delicious, sexy schmaltz, and soy as agriculture’s kudzu.

Mattesons stole my motto! Seriously though, hats off to the marketers who came up with this commercial for the British meat snack company.

Dodgeball on a court made of trampolines = Very cool place to have a kids’ birthday party. Or an adults’ birthday party.

Finally, I’m a fan of bacon and all, but I’m honestly not sure what’s going on with this baby formula. (and why is the baby pig eating it?!)

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One year ago (April 4 – 10)

  • Medicine Ball Workout – Unwieldy, heavy, a close approximation of a rock. Learn what to do with a medicine ball.
  • Shooting Down Excuses – Can’t find a gym? Don’t know how to cook? Stop whining! This post shoots down 17 common excuses that get in the way of health.

Comment of the Week

My father’s story about Bone Marrow Soup that saved his brother’s life and leg:

When my father (born 1915) was a kid, his brother had a bad bicycle accident and broke his leg. It was set wrong and there were lots of problems including spending months in traction in a children’s hospital in another city. He became very weak and sick. His family brought him home because the hospital wasn’t helping. At home their mother made him bone marrow soup. That was about all he could eat. My father fed it to him because he was so weak that he couldn’t even feed himself. He got better, stronger and the bone healed. He always walked with a limp because of the damage done, but the bone healed strong. It was the bone marrow soup that saved his life and healed his bone.

-Lee Edwards from Bone Marrow: Delicious, Nutritious, and Underappreciated

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  1. No woman should lift more than 3 lbs? Ha, that Gwyneth Paltrow thing made me laugh. She should get Rachel Cosgrove as her trainer to teach her a thing or two.

    I’m a real believer in bodyweight exercises over barbells; however bodyweight involves a ton of resistance, and the 3 lbs pink dumbells just don’t. I’ve also been told that the people who walk or jog with those things tend to mess up their shoulders.

    “I work out six days a weak and work out freaking hard.” I really think you don’t have to do this and it is easy to overdo it.

    Gwyneth hates steady state cardio as she should. Starving yourself? Doesn’t work because your metabolism rathcets down. Eat + cardio doesn’t work eaither because steady state cardio doesn’t actually cause weight loss or EPOC. Ask Alwyn Cosgrove and he’ll show you the 3, 6, and 12 month studies on that.

    Overall the advice here is ridiculous in terms of getting you where you want to go FAST. Favorite line: “We’re going to do some butt work now.”

  2. Paltrow’s trainer makes me so mad! 3 lbs?! I haven’t lifted that little since I was 15 and I have nothing close to a “bulky” build. I suspect my arms look more sculpted than that over-paid trainer. Gr! And as Paltrow points out herself, we women can carry at least the weight of a child around with us for hours. We aren’t little flowers to be protected.

  3. Poor Gwenny.. Shes a gorgeous woman but no offense, I wouldnt want to look like her or her trainer. I guess I go for more of a functional look (lean but muscular, could lift a car off my baby) rather than a darwinian failure look…

    1. I love this description 😉 Neither look like they work out 6 days a week.

    2. omg darwinian failure, too funny.

      is the bacon forumla a joke? i find the whole way the company puts the benefits to be really creepy. what about the usual “breastfeeding is way better” warning the other formula companies always have? at least they pretend to care.

  4. My son had his 8th birthday party at one of the SkyZone locations (Rocklin, CA) and I can confirm that it’s a whole lot of fun. Of course, it didn’t really help that I was a huge grain fed tub of goo at the time. I’m looking forward to going back now that I’ve lost 60 lb and once I do some strength training. Unfortunately, the dodgeball court wasn’t open at the time, so all the dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging will have to wait.

  5. The Seattle Group just had our last meet up at Sky High. It’s the same thing as Sky Zone.

  6. OMG.

    Seriously, what do they think 3 lb weights are going to do when she “carries a 30 lb child all day” ?

  7. “Less weight = less bulk”

    Holy boneheaded ideas, Batman. I thought we were past that. Back years ago when I was a devoted iron jockey, I had to explain this to so many girls (I say “girls” because the real women weren’t afraid of doing ass-to-grass squats 🙂 ). Making a statement like that isn’t even logical. If putting on mass were as easy as lifting a weight, would there even be a market for anabolics?

  8. Gwyneth Paltrow, she should be a comedian – that was a comedy sketch right?!

    ‘I work out frigg’n hard’…

    Ha ha ha

    ‘We’re gonna work the butt now…’

    No, I think your trainer is working her way through your wallet.

    Self delusions anyone?

    The only thing ‘hard’ about her workout was watching them completely deluding themselves…

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed working out gwwyyynth paltryow.

    In stead of all that hot work, she might be better off with, erm, some cold play.

  10. No woman should ever lift more than 3 lbs!!!!

    Are you listening girls!???

    Don’t ever lift more than 3 lbs!!

  11. My 5 year old can lift 8 lbs. dumbbells (just for fun! I don’t make her train or anything!). I didn’t realize she was stronger than some adult women.

  12. Wow is my wife gonna be mad!!! All this time she thought it was cool to out lift guys in the gym. The only problem is if she is to bulky at 110lbs and 5’3″ when she drops down to 3lb weights she’s gonna blow away…

  13. Wow, this is the Tracy Anderson that everyone talks about? The millionaire celeb-trainer being profiled in newspapers and all kinds of media?

    FAIL. I thought she’d be bad, but this is low. Hmmm..now that I think about it, her claim to fame is Madonna and she resembles a skeleton.

  14. Unfortunately we can’t say that Gwyneth Paltrow is being misled by an ignorant trainer. Success in personal training involves a high sales component, and too many settle into a comfortable living by projecting the preconceptions of their clients, rather than educating them on true fitness. Gwyneth simply found someone to write checks to that validates her own flawed understanding of human form and function.

  15. 3 lbs? No seriously, 3 lbs? When was the last time I went through an entire day without having to lift something that weighed more than 3 lbs? Lets get some real world action here!

  16. I am SO GLAD you called out that stupid Tracy Anderson/Gwyneth Paltrow 3 lb dumbbell thing. i have been ranting about it since I got the e-newsletter a couple of weeks ago. Hilarious.

  17. Re: Tracy Anderson…I actually gave up heavy weights for a round of Tracy last year. I practiced her “method” from March to September (7 months) and I did lose inches and a little weight.

    Sounds good? NOT! I ended up with a flat butt and very narrow hips. It was very strange because I have always had a very curvy body. I was obsessed with being small but had lost sight of performance. In all honesty, I REALLY wanted to believe that I had found the holy grail.

    The 6 days a week x 7 months = eventual boredom. Plus like I said, the flat ass narrow hip thing wasn’t looking too great!

    I am now back to lifting heavy and have started Oly lifts (thanks to Crossfit) and am happier than ever.