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Looking for a way to add more sprinting to your kids’ (or your own) play? Reader Jamie found a cool toy called Hyper Dash, sort of a sprinting version of Simon. Check out the explanation video. Seems like you could play an extreme version of this game by setting the markers up atop trees, in crawl spaces, or on rickety bridges suspended high above crocodile infested waters.

Cows aren’t just for eating. You can draw on them too.

If you’re looking for Vibram alternatives (or footsies for the kids), Barefoot Ted suggests Soft Star Shoes. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they look peachy.

It’s time to cook some bacon. With a machine gun.

Patenting human genes? Sure you can! Or perhaps you can’t, according to a New York judge who ruled patents on several human cancer genes to be invalid. Via the NY Times.

Tired of walking on dirty ground? Try the treadmill bike. It wins prestigious awards.

I’ve got an App! If you own an Android phone, you can now travel with Mark’s Daily Apple in your pocket. Here’s a basic rundown of the app. And don’t fret, Apple users. I’ve got an iPhone app in the pipelines as well.

Also, if you haven’t visited the forum lately, take a peek. It’s been upgraded!

And finally, what do vegetarian zombies eat?

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To quote BaconFreak, “Bacon is Meat Candy.”

TexasPrimalSurfWahine from How Much is Too Much?

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