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Want more evidence of a positive sea change? Slate joins the cause with a call to end the war on fat.

The British Medical Journal catalogs instinctive sleeping postures. Courtesy of Jon from my sleep guide, this one is seriously worth a look.

Don’t want an aftershave full of unpronounceable chemicals? Head over to The Art of Manliness to learn how to make your own!

The brains at Princeton have discovered that HFCS prompts considerably more weight gain. Considerably. I do believe the brains are right.

The happy meal is neither a meal, nor happy. But McDonald’s will never stop trying to hook your kids on them. Read Alternet‘s piece on the shady world of marketing junk food to children.

It’s time to play “Is it Primal?” This week’s item: the Pork and Fruit Bar. Is it Primal? How about the excited cowboy on the package, is he Primal? You be the judge!

*Special Note: For the folks who took advantage of the Amazon #1 push, you can still use your codes along with the provided Ustream URL sent to you to access the recording of my live Q & A session from Wednesday.

Recipe Corner

  • Avocado pudding?! Yes. The Wilderness Childe went there. Avocado pudding, folks. Avocado. Pudding.
  • This week Free the Animal unabashedly filled his blog with food porn. Pepporoni meatza, Tex Thai lamb chili, Primal pasta with smoked salmon. Head on over for the money shots.

Time Capsule

One year ago (March 21 – 27)

Comment of the Week

…I’m reading it at 3am.

Tweeted by @BrandNewTommy about my Sleep and Oxidative Stress post.

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  1. Saw the Slate article earler. Great to see more people talking sense!

  2. From the sleep article:

    “If you are a medical professional and have been trained in a “civilised” country you probably know next to nothing about the primate Homo sapiens and how they survive in the wild.”


  3. Just posted the Slate link on my forum – keep trying to spread the word – eating and enjoying fat is a big bonus for going Primal – get the taste back into eating and do your heart a favour too – a total no-brainer 🙂

    Met a guy at the gym today that I told about PB last month – he’s bought into it 100%; has lost an inch from his waist and gained 4 lean kgs (desired, he is a recovery skinny fat marathoner!), he was positively bouncing around the place! Another result!

  4. Don’t you think that Princeton study looks suspicious?

    It seems like they only have sucrose controls when it suits them. And the effects of 24h access vs. 12h access are mixed.

    Anyway, yes, HFCS is bad, but sucrose is just as bad…

  5. Been loving your website and been primal for going on two weeks. But please, never use the term ‘money shot’ in a post about food. Please.

  6. The article about sleep posture is very interesting to me. I’ve always preferred a firm bed and have never minded sleeping on floors or the ground when no suitable bed presented itself. Just recently I – unexpectedly – spent the night at a some friends’ house. They had no extra bedding ready for me but offered to make up the sofa for me. I said, “nah, I’ll just crash right here on the floor”. It has always seemed perfectly comfortable to me.

    In fact, I often find myself naturally assuming a few variations of those postures when sleeping on rigid surfaces. And I always sleep on my side anyway, even in an actual bed.

  7. Oh, and thanks for that link to the Art of Manliness article. It’s great! I have a new site to add to my favorites list now.

  8. So much great info in these posts. I like coming here and reading these things because they just confirm my common sense. Which is a funny point, it takes Princeton researchers to confirm that HFCS makes you unhealthy and overweight. Well duh, that’s common sense. Just a funny thing about Western culture, we won’t even believe the most simplest of things until some big wig expert tells us to.

  9. So I was reading the article about the kids and advertising, and the second comment came from s dad who said they are vegetarians and and disliked MD and BK but stop there every once in a while because they have BOCA burgers. This is how far gone this society is when we think Boca Burgers are good for us. The ingredient list on this stuff is outrageous.

  10. i love how the article on advertising says:

    “Marley and Patrick are normal, apart from his cooking skills and their home’s lack of TV.”

    really? so people who can cook and don’t spend 6 hours a day in front of a tv are abnormal? i’m glad to be a weirdo then.

    1. ditto here, although I have to admit. I can name the amount of people who’ve ditched TV entirely with me on one hand. And they can’t cook 😉

    2. Maybe we can make “weird” the new “normal”! 😀 Goodness knows the current “normal” isn’t working out too well…

  11. Concerning the sleeping posturing article, I think he is making too big a leap of the benefits these positions do for the spine, the foot, the wrists, etc. I’m a PT and I just don’t buy it. I do think he’s correct in recognizing these people groups have much less musculoskeletal dysfunctions then we do but I think it’s because of they’re every day lifestyle, and not due to sleeping postures, not that they hurt, but I don’t see it as natures manipulation to the body for correction.