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Can’t afford Vibrams? Want some stylin’ kicks? InvisibleShoe shows you how to make your own huaraches! (originally found by CrossFit Marin)

You may have read my post on P90X and Crossfit earlier this week. For a little more perspective, read Sterling Advice‘s article: Can a person be Primal while following P90X?

If I ran network television, I’d fill up all the prime time slots with TED speeches. You’ll find a couple gems this week in Jamie Oliver’s food speech and Daniel Kahneman’s discussion of two versions of happiness.

What does a Primal kitchen look like? Mike Meire at Apartment Therapy bends the norm to create the Farm Project Kitchen.

Weight Watchers and McDonald’s are teaming up; what a perfect match! Now you can eat McNuggets and watch your weight… go up.

What do G.I. Joe, Mr. T, and the New Kids on the Block have in common? They’re all coated with high fructose corn syrup! Now That’s Nifty rounds up almost a hundred retro breakfast cereals – the stuff that kids have been raised on for years. Here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

Two years ago (February 28 – March 6, 2008)

  • Dear Mark: Vegetarian Protein Possibilities – If you just won’t eat meat, here are a few ways to get protein (note, fish is on the list, I’m not sure what kind of vegetarian you are, but I implore you to be the fish eating kind)
  • Getting Canned: Is Canned Soup Really – You can probably guess I’m not a fan of Campbell’s chicken with stars. Besides talking canned goods, this post offers up a few tasty soup recipes including Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi’s Crab Bisque, which is quite Primal!

Comment of the Week

I installed f.lux yesterday after reading the article!

Yesterday evening, for the first time in living memory, I spent a couple of hours on the computer, and by 9:30 p.m. I was bored with the computer and wanted to curl up with a good book in bed. By 10:00 I was ready to turn out the light. I had read years ago in “Lights Out” that sleep before midnight is worth much more than sleep after it, but never was able to get to sleep until almost midnight.

This f.lux program is WIZARD! Mark gets a real vote of thanks for mentioning it!

I’ve also decided not to watch TV after dark except on Saturday night. And I changed the reading light above my bed for a “soft white” compact fluorescent, yellower than an incandescent bulb.

-piano-doctor-lady from How Light Affects Our Sleep

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. AGREED with the f.lux!

    I am looking for orange glasses to wear at night too. And Ive switched one of my lights to a yellow one. WORKS!!!

    1. Found some orange/amber tinted “reading” glasses at Staples. They were sold as ” driving” glasses for sitting in front of the computer.

  2. I installed F.lux the day of the post as well. I SWEAR I get sleepier at night now when I’m on my computer. Thanks for the link love today, Mark.

  3. I passed on the F. Lux last time but with all these success stories I am going to have to give it a try tonight!

    SO wearing glasses while sleeping doesn’t bother you? It sounds interesting.

    Those huraches sound interesting. I think I am going to have to make some this spring/summer!

  4. Todd the glasses are orange tinted and you just wear them before bed to filter out all the blue light from lightbulbs. You don actually wear them to bed! 😉

    Maybe I should get a blue lightbulb to turn on in the morning to wake me up too!

    1. Haha I feel like a complete idiot. But, I don’t mind feeling that way once in a while 😉

      I think I may have to try the orange tinted glasses out. I am using the F.lux for the first time… AMAZING!

      Everyone here reading this comment… download F.lux NOW! That’s an order! Lol.

      I have my computer on and a nite lite in my bedroom right now… should get a good night’s sleep!

    2. Tara, in the kitchen I have a recessed light fixture with three sets of fluorescents (six 4-foot bulbs) and a plastic baffle underneath. When I moved in these were not all the same color, and they hummed. I replaced the three balasts with digital ones, and bought daylight bulbs for them. In the dim rainy winter mornings I turn on that light, and the kitchen looks like bright daylight, as if it were a skylight instead of fluorescent bulbs. In the evening, I use yellower lights and don’t turn on the overhead. I think it does do some good, to keep from feeling down in the wintertime for lack of morning sunshine.

  5. I listened to the Daniel Kahneman speech earlier this week – it’s full of fantastic insights from the father of behavioural economics. Great stuff.

  6. yes f.lux definitely makes me more sleepy more quickly than before. i go to bed at 10:30/11pm now instead of 1am! i used to have bad insomnia but now i can settle down alot faster.

  7. Watched Jaimie Oliver’s speech on teaching kids about food–passionate and inspiring. But then I went to his website: filled with pasta, bread, and
    pizza recipes. And plenty of sugar added! If only somebody would teach Jaimie Oliver about food.

  8. I installed Flux on my work computer to experiment with it, but fortunately wasn’t at work late enough to fully experience it (although it did start to make the 1-hour transition i set it to).
    pretty cool! 😀 It’ll be set up at home soon too.

  9. made some of the shoes!! they rock. I used floor mats from a car to do it. I can’t wait to wear them the next time i run.

    1. A few years ago, before I was truly primal, I made a similar pair of huaraches out of vibram. But it’s not REALLY primal. I had a few pair made with leather that I tanned, but now I make a similar huarache but I make the sole out of woven grass. If you’re wearing anything else, then you’re not really getting the full experience of walking in footwear that we evolved to wear.

      1. Okay, Jack.
        I gotta know how you wove the grass.
        Please tell me you posted pix somewhere…

  10. I am so flattered, Mark, that you chose my reply for “reply of the week”. It is that much better when I see so many others trying the f.lux and having it work for them just like it did for me.

    Old Swedish saying someone told me a long, long time ago: ‘”Oh I’m so tired, if only I could go to bed!” said the old woman as she sat on the edge of the bed.’ Fiddling with the computer hour after hour till 1 a.m. feels just like that — and the more tired I was the longer I would do it.

    I loved the TED speech about the two kinds of memory — one of those ideas which is obvious when one thinks about it, but without the speech one would never have thought about it.

    I’m going to make some huaraches. Watched the videos, read and saved the directions. Sent the link to my sister. She’s just getting into Primal Blueprint, which I sent her after she broke her wrist. She is very impressed with it, agrees with so much of it. We’ve been trying different kinds of paleo for a long time. We like this version a lot.

  11. oops — speech on the two versions of _happiness._ That didn’t come out quite as planned.

  12. F.lux is pure cool. It makes my whole room more comfortable at night. It just seems warmer. Being in college sometimes prevents me getting to bed before midnight anyway, but this definitely helps me give it the old… COLLEGE TRY? Couldn’t resist.

  13. I didn’t notice much effect from F.lux 🙁

    I would love to see all these ideas synthesised into one article/post regarding artificial lights, melatonin, circadian rhythm, glasses, etc.

    Is there one about that anyone knows of?

  14. Jamie Oliver is BRILLIANT.

    I really think that everyone should share this video with at least one person and ideally as many as possible because there are some really AWFUL truths (and I’m sorry for the rant, I’m just passionate about food):

    1.) the foods in schools are determined by accountants (hell, if they didn’t use them as a cash source you wouldnt see vending machines…) This means cheap rubbish gets served to kids. My wife ran a breakfast program in a school for a while – and until she got there and changed things (and secured a little extra funding) the kids were served orange tang, white bread, and cheese whiz because that is what was “in the budget”. THAT’S NOT A BREAKFAST. There isn’t anything nutrtrionally present except for sugar. No wonder the kids have a hard time concentrating in class…

    2.) Food labels are really effing hard to read and interpret. Fat free, no trans fats, sugar free, carb free… All that junk and usually some chemical that you can’t pronounce is added to make up for it. People aren’t interested, educated, or taught what all this means. What ever happened to fresh, natural food? It’s been slowly replaced in the stores. When you walk into older stores in the city I live in (ones that were built like 2 decades ago) you walk in and they have large produce sections, in store butchers, large delis, big fresh bakeries, a reasonably sized dairy section, with everything else in the middle. The newer ones (built in the last 5 years or so) are a different story – there is a small meat section, a deli, and produce section relegated to a relatively small secton of the store – three or four frozen food aisles packed with convenience dinners, SEVERAL aisles of junk food (one for chips, one for pop, one for cookies… seriously?) sugary snacks at the end of each aisle. Bulk sections which were once full of baking goods, nuts, dried fruits…etc are now stuffed with jellybeans, chewy candys, hard candies, salt water taffees… No wonder people aren’t able to make good choices.

    3.) “Lunch foods” are TERRIBLE – Parents have this misconception that it all has to come from a box (see above) for the kids to want to eat it. The most shocking story I’ve ever heard was from my mother-in-law and here’s how it goes: She’s shopping in the grocery store and this family has a cart full of “lunch things” (pop tarts, lunchables, dunkaroos, fruit roll ups…etc) and this kid asks for apples in her lunch – and the mom says “no”. This kid wanted apples in her lunch SO bad, she started to cry. Can you imagine seeing a kid begging for fresh fruit and veggies instead of junk – it breaks my heart to know that she was denied this BASIC NEED.

    4 – People also have no concept of where food comes from anymore. (I would like to just state that it is only kids, but can’t actually do that – you’ll see why in my story…) Ask a kid today where food comes from – milk comes from the store, veggies come from the store, eggs, come from the store – there is no concept of milk comes from a cow/goat/sheep/buffalo, there is no concept of veggies and fruits are grown in the ground or from trees, there is no idea that eggs come from a chicken. It’s a generalization, but its kind of sad and like I said it really doesn’t stop with “kids”. When I was in university a couple years ago, my wife and & were talking with a bunch of friends about my wife’s family farm in Saskatchewan. One of our friends, while eating a burger & some potatoes for dinner, interjected, “WHoa whoa whoa, people don’t actually still farm, do they?” She was so astounded that my wife’s family grew oats and raised sheep for a living. She was even furhter astounded when she found that my wife’s uncle raised cows, and grain pasture as well. Anyways, she’s going to be a doctor one day (shes currently in med school now) and I hope that she remembers food is primarily grown and raised when she has to tell someone how to eat healthy one day…

    5 – Gardens. I read somewhere on here about the cube garden being used as a teaching tool. I believe there is a program (I want to say united nations funded, but can’t remember) where you can purchase, for schools, planter boxes to grow local area produce in to teach about food production, sustainability, and responsibility. I think it’s a brilliant program. But why rely on a school program – grow your own. Tear up some yard, grow a container garden on a balcony, use a bright window of your house to grow food. Anything, really. I met a dietician once who had never eaten garden fresh veggies because she’d always lived in appartments. That was a shame really, so we taught her how to grow veggies in containers on her balcony. She raves about them.

    I know its a bit of a rant, but I feel extremely passionately that jamie oliver is on to something and people need to be taught. Please share the video if you can (post to facebook…etc) and open up some eyes.

  15. I’ve been using flux and it’s helped I think. The nights I spent on the PC before bed definately had me more sleepy. I think on saturday it was 10:45 and I just went to bed….wow.

  16. f.lux seemed to work well, but it’s a resource hog on my laptop, so I had to uninstall it. I’ll try it on my desktop to see what happens.

  17. So what would be comparable to f.lux when it comes to your bedside lamp?

  18. Farm Project Kitchen?
    I love you Mark, but that kitchen’s dumb.
    And phony.
    Orange snow fence, bales of straw (still in bales) a manure fork and a potted lemon tree?
    Exactly what type of farm animal are we expected to believe stays in that enclosure?
    I’m all about harmony with food, but after looking more closely at that “project” I’m pretty sure Mike Meire hasn’t butchered many chickens in that kitchen. Interesting concept, but.. I’m not buying that one. Gimme the mudroom sink for cleaning fish… I’ll keep the animals outside and the meat processing activities to the shed.

    1. “The Farmhouse is still a conceptual project but may one day be a reality as we turn to more sustainable ways of living.”

  19. Hi Mark,

    I have a question that maybe you can help me out with.
    My left leg is approx 1,3 cm shorter than my right leg. This causes an imbalance and for the last 1-2 years my lower back has been stiff/aching.

    I wear an extra sole (0,9cm) in my left shoe to offset the imbalance a bit.

    Say i would go for more primal footwear, do you know any tips/shoes i could use keeping my imbalance in mind?