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Weekend Link Love

Fitness Spotlight talks cardio with a dozen bloggers [1]. You’ll find a myriad of varied, smart opinions  (mine included!).

Are personal trainers useless [2]? The Lean Saloon thinks so. Sort of.

Life Isn’t Over discusses Chip & Dan Heath’s book, Switch, with an explanation of emotional and rational decision making [3]. Good stuff.

You may have seen John Durant [4] on The Colbert Report. But did you see the Vegan/Paleo throwdown backstage [5]?

Fidelity started up a great forum post this week on non-olive oil based salad dressings [6]. Hit it up for some tasty ideas, or contribute your own recipe!

Grok never checked the expiration date. Should you? Slate confronts the near-pointlessness of the “use by” date [7] on many products.

I don’t use an alarm clock, but I have to grin when I see something like the Wake ‘n Bacon [8]. (thanks, Steve!)

Don’t want to go Primal? No worries, just get one of these [9]. Totally works.

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Comment of the Week

I’m not an “endurance athelete” but I am a hawaiian pig hunter. Pig Hunting with dogs in the dense, mountainous rain forests in Hawaii is a very rigorous, endurance-based activity. We often can start the hunt before the sun rises, and get out of the mountains long after it’s set…oftentimes covering up to 14 miles of mountainous terrain. If we catch a good size hog, it also involves taking turns with your partners carrying the hog out on your back. I think it’s safe to say, Carrying 150 lbs. of dead hog on your back up the steep side of a thick-brush mountain certainly requires endurance.

I’ve been hunting for over 16 years…and over time, I’ve noticed a significant difference in my endurance from before and after going primal with my diet.

When I was younger, I would often fill my pack up with all sorts of foods, so that I could constantly eat while exerting all the energy when we are out on an all-day hunt. My friends and I would also “carb-load” before hunting. We’d eat a lot of pasta and rice based dishes the night before.

Within the past three years, after going Primal, things are much different now. Instead of “carb-loading,” I protein-and-fat load. I’ll cook up twice the amount of bacon and eggs, sausages and mushrooms – all fried in grassfed butter – and eat until I’m positively stuffed before heading out on the hunt.

I now no longer have to carry any food in my pack. Eating like that gives me the energy and endurance to walk all day long, and I don’t even begin to feel hungry until evening time. I also find I no longer feel so exhausted the day after a rigorous hunting expedition.

Meanwhile, my hunting partners are all still carb loading and continually eating while we trek through the mountains. They don’t understand how I can hunt all day without eating, and how I easily keep up with them.

I know it has everything to do with my diet.

by Dave from Hawaii [15] on Can You Be an Endurance Athlete and Primal? [16]