Weekend Link Love

I must warn you. This week’s linkage is all about food grotesquery, not to be discussed in polite company and certainly NSFV (not suitable for vegetarians)…

35 ingredients in a chicken mcnugget? I’m not the biggest fan of the Eat-This-Not-That guys, but they cut a mean little article on fast food secrets over at Yahoo Health.

I’ve posted about this place before, but this video on the Heart Attack Grill is quite a gut buster.

Some of you probably remember the controversial bacon explosion. In a similar vein, the folks at Smoking Meat Forums just plain violated culinary etiquette with a wad of Jimmy Dean sausage and creativity gone evil.

For another quick food blasphemy, check out the bacon turtles. (thanks, @suz38487)

Not weird enough? The River Front Times cooked up 20 unholy recipes, dishes so awful they just had to be made.

After eating that unholy jellied chicken, those bacon turtles, that sausage-wrapped Taco Bell burrito, and that quadruple bypass burger, you may be a little worried about your cholesterol. Before you drop three hundred bucks on a doctor’s visit, check out Griff’s cholesterol primer, posted in the MDA forum.

And finally, for fun, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball…

Disgusting Recipe Corner

  • Don’t be the umpteenth person to bring green bean casserole to the church picnic. Impress the Chatty-Cathies with a sure-fire hors d’ouevre win;  try Scooter Schmillowitz’s Pork Rind Fondue!
  • If you’re not a one-twinkie kind of person, enjoy a full box of twinkies mashed into a pie, courtesy of cooks.com.

Time Capsule

One year ago (February 14 – 20)

  • Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau – Your first month of Primal went great, but suddenly your scale flatlines, no change in two weeks. Or perhaps you’ve been Primal for months but can’t seem to kick the last five pounds? Here are five great tips to jump start the weight loss.
  • Blood Test Markers – HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Fasting Glucose? What do all the numbers on your blood test mean, and what are they worth? This post explains.

Comment of the Week

BOOM! First Comment!

by Ben, who cleverly pointed out he was the first person to respond to my laser fat removal post. Well done, Ben. You’re not only the first person to comment on that post, you’re also the first “First!” commenter ever on Mark’s Daily Apple.

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  1. Don’t know that those ingredients that Yahoo points out are shocking to any of us, but ALL Americans need to read that story. I’m especially fond of the 35-ingredient BK Chicken Fries…just a tad south of a whole food.

  2. Throw that bacon turtle in between some ‘whole wheat, fiber enriched’ shells and you’re good to go!! These recipes are ridiculous. I can’t imagine the fatties that sit around and come up with this stuff.

  3. BOOM! Third comment! Sorry, couldn’t resist! Although, thankfully, I won’t have a problem resisting Pork Rind Fondue. I think I just threw up a little…

  4. Thanks for the front-page boost, Mark! 😀 I hope the primer helps folks relax about their cholesterol numbers.

    1. My pleasure, Griff. Thanks for the cholesterol post and for being an active, regular forum member. The forum is nothing without members like you. Grok on!

  5. Weekend Link Love is one of the things I look forward to on Sundays.

    I read the fast food article, then researched “propylene glycol.” That chemical is used in a whole bunch of non-food stuff… like killing beetles. Um, yum.

  6. Hey Mark–
    I’ve been an athlete my entire life and just started crossfit 6 weeks ago (4-5x/week) and found your site about a month ago. I can’t thank you enough for the positive effects your site has had on my life!! Your posts on the horrors of grains were the nail in my coffin-going cold-turkey after reading them! Being raised in an Italian-American family and eating pasta and bread at almost every meal I was VERY skeptical your claims would prove truthful. WOW– was I wrong! The effects are amazing, and my feelings of health and wellbeing are beyond anything I imagined!
    I wanted to pass on a website that was related to this weekends link love: http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com
    Thank you for changing the way I eat, the way I perform athletically and my lifestyle!
    Keep the articles and (quite literally) life-saving recipes coming. I’m definitely hungry for more…

  7. Idunno about anyone else, but making those turtles with Grass-fed beef hot dogs, grass-fed ground beef, and uncured, pastured bacon sounds heavenly to me.

  8. Is it really any wonder the vast majority of Americans can’t cook when 3 going on 4 generations + grew up on /cooked recipes like those in the post about the 20 unholy recipes? The thing they all have in common is:
    #1 lack of fresh ingredients- so people don’t learn to figure out if something is fresh or what it looks like uncooked/prior to canning.
    #2 lack of real ingredients. No need to learn how to bone a chicken or baste a roast if your meat comes in a roll or a can.
    #3 you don’t need any skills to put the recipes together. Who needs to know how to use a knife when you can vaporize canned xyz into oblivion with your blender then throw it into the fridge to set?
    #4 These take hardly any time to put together (unless you take into account chill time for aspics, etc) Who has the patience or will to make a beef roast and roasted vegetables topped with homemade beef dripping gravy when you’re used to opening a can, throwing it in a pot and heating it on the stove with a bunch of Pillsbury biscuits peel out of their can and placed on top of the soup mess in 15 minutes?

    Unless you have a very old great-great grandparent (I’m 22) who cooked real food, you wouldn’t learn real cooking skills at home from your family. Is it any wonder that people don’t give a care if a “food product” has 35 unpronounceable ingredients or a McDonald’s burger patty looks like a cake of dryer lint pressed together with industrial oil? Honestly, America’s terrible eating habits and lack of kitchen skills can be traced back to 40+ years ago to these recipes.

  9. are you trolling us mark? those turtles look delicious, as does a quad burger. (I’d toss the bun, but those lard fries look pretty nice.) and I can easily see pork rind fondue coming up next holiday season.

  10. I absolutely LOVE that Ben got a shot out for his comment 🙂 Also, I would have never imagined that they could manage to pack 35 ingredients into those little things! That’s repulsive! MDA has become my new favorite website in the past two weeks! It’s so inspirational, I now have four days “Primal” under my belt! Thanks for all the informative posts, Mark!

  11. In one article they say avoid the Chicken McNuggets. In the article they link to, called “The Healthiest Foods in America,” they suggest a McNugget Happy Meal at #11 as the Best Fast Foods Kids Meal. Something’s adding up to incorrect!

  12. I just want to say that you should all laugh at the dodgeball link… I went to the U of A, I was there when the dodgeball craze started and I have to say I am not at all suprised to see them setting this kind of record!

    Dodgeball is so primal :oP

  13. At least the Heart Attack Grill guy said they fry their fries in “healthy lard”. Better than “healthy canola oil” even though I’m sure he was trying to be facetious.

  14. i actually would eat at the heart attack grill. then do a 24 hr IF! Has anyone seen the new Staufers frozen food comercials where they site all the benefits of eating dinner with ones family? insidious. food corporations are always trying to sell us back something we have lost like homemade family dinners and the quality time they provide. “they rally round the family, with a pocket full of shells” RATM

  15. I swear to God I had a dream I was being force fed chicken nuggets last night after reading this article. It was pretty frightening.

    1. I’ve never been so proud of my my friend Ben and his sound effects 😉


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