Weekend Link Love

Whole Foods wants you to be a vegetarian. Jimmy Moore doesn’t. In his Whole FooLs piece, Jimmy rounds up responses from the low-carb community (including mine) on Whole Foods’ new push against meats and fats.

Many of you may remember Tom Greenwald‘s popular forest sprinting video. Tom has a blog with some good thoughts on living Primal, check it out!

Half a bowl of soup? A third of a muffin? One eighth of a pop tart? Read the NY Times piece on the FDA cracking down on ridiculous serving sizes. (thanks, Ben!)

With all the Tiger Woods drama, it’s good to watch an actual inspiring golf story. (thanks, Carole)

Dora the Explorer isn’t making your kid fat. It’s the food advertisements your kid watches every time Dora takes a break from exploring. Food Renegade interrupts your regularly scheduled programming with a staggering report of commercial gluttony.


And finally, the Olympics have begun. If you you need a refresher on bobsledding and speed skating, read The Onion‘s creditable and entirely unsatirical sports guide to Team USA.

Recipe Corner

  • You may remember the amazing transformation story of Grokstar Diana Renata. Hit up Diana’s blog, The Wilderness Childe, where you’ll find a great recipe for creamy cauliflower soup.
  • It’s not a pizza, it’s a Meatza! Make Justin Owing‘s Italian grandfather’s meatza pie.
  • Eat This! keeps pumping out winners. This week Kelly Greco makes a chicken cordon paleo bleu. How’s that for fancy?

Time Capsule

One year ago (February 7 – 13)

  • A Visual Guide to Peppers – Can’t tell a poblano from a serrano? This guide contains pictures and descriptions of ten tasty peppers you’ll find at your local market.
  • The Dirt on Dirt – No need to start slamming down mud pies by the dozen; but it turns out when kids eat dirt they are actually ingesting bacteria which spur the development of their immune systems. So get a little dirty!

Comment of the Week

Being sexy is a full-time job, and there ain’t NO vacation or overtime pay.

-Gabe from Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

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