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The hunter-gatherer lifestyle made the Colbert Report. Gaining traction in the mainstream!

If you’re a regular, you may have seen grass fed beefsters US Wellness pop up in the MDA forum (or occasionally as an MDA prize). They recently came under attack by a blogger making claims of GMOs in their beef. I highly suggest reading Cheeseslave‘s incredibly thorough investigation into the matter and ultimate defense of US Wellness.

Via the Washington Post, the FDA wrote letters of concern over Camel’s dissolvable mint and coffee flavored tobacco strips. Hold on a sec. Camel is making tobacco candy?!?! And I was just being cheeky with the whole Marlboro Health Packs thing.

Thank you, Pay Now Live Later, for mentioning some truly disgusting pharmaceutical news happening right now.

Primal blogger Life Isn’t Over writes about his recent successful stats. Well done, sir.

Another Primal blogger, The Iron Disciple, goes Primal and packs on the muscle.

Six Until Me is a smacking good diabetes blog, and it was recently nominated for a medGadget award. Give the blog a read, and then give the blog a vote if you like it!

If you’re looking for a laugh, check out megacorp Unilever’s (don’t they make shampoo?) petty attempt to make “soft spreads” sound okay. I can’t believe they actually photoshopped flowers growing out of the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter spread. (thanks for the find, Matt!)

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One year ago (January 31 – February 6)

  • Real Primal: Hunting for Dinner – A reader shares his experience shopping at a grocery store called “The Great Outdoors” and paying for his food with bullets. Okay, that was a bit silly. It’s a post about hunting; health and ethics.
  • Eating Habits and Memory Function – Some eat to remember, others eat to forget.

Comment of the Week

When I was in elementary school, the school cafeteria used to offer a discount of 75 cents on lunch when you got milk. That isn’t to say the milk was cheap, it means that it cost more to buy lunch without milk than with it.

While the jury is certainly out on milk, the point remains that schools are teeming with illogical policies that do not have childrens’ best interests in mind.

I staged my first protest over that milk policy (and won – not bad for 3rd grade). But saving 75 cents just meant I could buy a candy bar. Oh unintended consequences.

Dave from this post.

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