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January 17 2010

Weekend Link Love – Edition 80

By Mark Sisson

Primal is spreading. If you haven’t already seen it, the New York Times ran a piece on modern cavemen in the big city. You’ll probably recognize a few of the people they interviewed.

Zen Habits included me in his recent post about health bloggers’ favorite blogs. Even for the hardcore Primal fans, there may be a few blogs you haven’t heard of.

If you haven’t read Good Calories Bad Calories yet, I’d suggest heading over to Higher Thoughts where you can read extensive notes on the entire book.

Barefooters gain the upper foot after more research comes out on the ineffectiveness of high tech running shoes.

Here’s a great comic strip illustrating the science news cycle. Funny, true, and sad.

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1/4 c coconut milk
a little water
1/4 c pumpkin
1/2 banana
1 egg
1t. vanilla

Jan’s bonus smoothie recipe from 5 Sweet and Savory Primal Shakes

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 80”

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  1. Wow. They hardly could’ve chosen 3 better-looking people in that NYT article to represent Primal/Paleo. Love it.

  2. Loved the Science News Cycle comic. I laughed. I cried. I’ve been there. Rats are rational. They’re little furry white humans, haven’t you heard?

  3. Mark,

    I read the article about the barefooters.

    I was wondering whether you had any links/books/recommended sources of intel related to the way people walk in their everyday life.

    For my part, I know I can walk pretty fast on a regular basis. I mean that “without” much effort, I walk at 8km/h. That’s my everyday pace, when I go to work, when I stride through the corridors of the subway, etc.

    However, having experienced some minor knee injuries in gymnastics a few years ago, I had to “rethink” my walking : I had to learn to use consciously my hips and my abdominal muscles to “ease” the landing of every step I took.

    (I guess that’s enough talking for now… I’d be glad to share, if anyone wants to read on.)

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Great links… esp the one against techie-trainers. I keep fwd-ing barefoot links, I hope the message is being received.

    The news cycle only caused me to go “hulk smash” an empty can. A twelve-pack later, quite calm again… in developing news, Obama provides cans for all.

  5. WooHoo the NYT!!!!, sorry lol I get exited every time I see primal/low carb getting some good media xD

  6. That article left a smile on my face. I’m definitely the carnivore dude.

    But, I have to ask.


  7. I LOVE Tabata intervals. I’m starting doing them in March every day to really whip my body back into shape. It’s a great feeling to totally exhaust one area of my body each day and it comes back stronger. Cheers!

  8. Regarding the almond mayonnaise: Agave nectar? Surely, you don’t think that’s a primal food, Mark?

    You’d be hard-pressed to find recipes at that website that do NOT contain agave nectar.

  9. Was anyone able to find the article in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation? If so, please post the article name so I can find it.

    The NY Times article said “this month” there was a study in that journal but I did not find the article in January or December. I could have overlooked the study because I’m not familiar with all the jargon.

    1. It wasn’t NY Times it was the Telegraph article on bare foot running.

  10. Regarding the barefoot article, I thought it was almost impossible to get rid of plantar fasciitis, but I did it.

    Because of this website.

    I’ve been Primal since late August, and my feet are fine for the first time in years. I’m having the other benefits of the Grok lifestyle too, but the foot improvement has really surprised me.

    Thanks, Mark!

  11. Ich möchte Ihnen für diese Hinweise danken. Sie sind sehr nützlich.