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Weekend Link Love – Edition 79

The Food & Dining section of the NY Times talks goats, fainting goats [1]. And if you want these goats to live, eat them. That’s right, eat them to save them.

Not to be outdone by Food & Dining, the NY Times Business Section talks docs – documentaries about obesity [2]. And who’s funding the latest fat doc? Why, Glaxo, the makers of the explosive-diarrhea weight loss pill, Alli [3]! No conflict of interest there.

Green Guide created a beef label decoder [4] which shows you just what those little “certified,” “verified,” and “approved” stickers mean. (thanks @ the 8 readers who emailed me the link, and Lifehacker [5], who found it)

Feasting on Fitness read my reading list [6] and decided to make an addendum with several more great Primal blogs, books, and webstores [7]. I second Kristy’s picks.

Fitness Spotlight recently started their own 30 Day Challenge [8]. They’re already a week in, but it’s not too late to begin. Each day brings a new post with information on transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, plus a specific task to accomplish.

Looking for a Primal comic strip? Sheldon Comics illustrates a love letter to almond butter [9].

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Comment of the Week

Amen to that! I have recently developed an allergy to mascara and I’m learning to like my face without a lot of makeup (this from a 36 year old former teenage goth queen). I only wear concealer and lipstick most of the time, and I’m seeing beauty in myself that I never saw before simply from not being conditioned to expect the look of makeup.

It’s most definitely a reflection of emotional security and self-love more than anything else. The more wisdom I get under my belt, the less crap I put on my face.

-Emmay from Off-Label Cosmetic Prescriptions [15]