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Weekend Link Love – Edition 77

What if junk food manufacturers injected cancer-fighting drugs into fried fare? And what if this wasn’t some new marketing scheme but a federal government’s proposal [1] instead? Sheesh.

Apparently when you produce 83 million donuts a year, you clog more than just arteries; you also clog your entire city’s sewage system [2]. Go, go, Krispy Kreme!

Meatpaper [3] – Your Journal of Meat Culture. Classy, sophisticated, and enjoyed by vegetarians and omnivores alike! Check out the NY Times feature on this new, trendy meat mag [4].

If you’re a typical MDA reader, you probably don’t see too many Snickers or TastyCake banner ads on the sites you frequent, but your kids might. That’s Fit talks about the new internet predator: Sugar [5].

A nice morning workout routine [6] (VIDEO) with salsa and lindy hop.

Conditioning Research found a nifty little video that teaches you how to work your way up to one arm pushups [7].

Here’s a pic of a reader’s friend’s daughter’s homework [8]. Kids understand. (thanks, Bibi!)

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Comment of the Week

Over the past couple of years I’ve been measured, using the hand-held resistance devices, between 25-35% body fat.

I’m 5?6? and weigh 120 pounds.

It would be comical, except that my employer determines how much I pay for health insurance in part on my my measured body fat pct.

Ted Durant [13] from The Value of Lab Values [14]