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December 13 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 75

By Mark Sisson

Want it raw? Don your trench coat and shady shades, and beware of the cops when purchasing black market milk. Natural News has the scoop on the shake down of the underground milk market.

School lunch meat vs. Taco Bell meat and the winner is… Taco Bell? USA Today discusses the abysmal health standards of grade school nutrition.

You may have heard of a banana hammock, but I suggest the simpler, more effective banana bag.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on diet as dogma. Free the Animal says there’s nothing authoritative or dogmatic about Primal living, and he’s right.

Last year Crocs were all the rage at mall kiosks. This year it’s shoes that give you a workout. The NY Times separates the truth from the trash when it comes to butt firming brands like EasyTones and FitFlops. As a side note, I know the old marketing adage “sex sells,” but EasyTone’s ad campaign looks like it was designed by Larry Flint.

Grains aren’t good for you. Nourished Kitchen has published 10 reasons to give them up.

Are your friends ugly? Show them how much prettier they could look with a little plastic surgery. That’s right, there’s a (disgusting) app for that.

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Time Capsule

One year ago (December 6 – 12)

  • Oprah Hits 200 Pounds. Again. – One year ago Oprah discussed her unexpected weight gain. I wonder how she’s doing now?
  • Should I Get a Flu Shot? – It’s been almost a year since the Swine Flu made it’s inglorious debut. The flu shot debate is as topical today as it was back then.

Two years ago

  • Sugarholics – Watch this classic Jack Lalanne video. Good advice has been around for a while. It’s just a matter of listening to the right person!

Comment of the Week

It’s all about correlation vs. causation.

I have good anecdotal evidence suggesting a strong correlation between shopping in Costco and Type 2 diabetes. It can be concluded that, therefore, frequenting the grounds of the store produces a strong sustained insulin spike in its customers.

– SerialSinner on Cell Phone Health Hazard?

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 75”

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  1. “dawn” your trench coat? Is that a pun I’m not getting?

    Lots of great links here! Always post them to my facebook page.
    And I kinda sorta really want a banana hammock…

    1. Fixed! thought it was a joke…it made me read the article twice though 🙂

  2. Any Australians that show up here are going to be really amused by the “banana hammock” reference. Threw me off for a second before I remembered that it means something much different in the States! 😀

  3. Kara, I’m pretty sure it means the same thing here. I was surprised by that link myself.

  4. Kind of surprised that that article didn’t mention the opioid effect of grains. In any case, there’s another reason not to eat them, as if you needed any.

  5. I know it’s tough to be shocked by advertising these days, but I was definitely pretty taken aback the first time I saw one of those Easytone commercials on TV…

  6. I think the banana hammock product (which is, indeed, a hammock for storing bananas) is a play on the slang term for Borat-style speedos. Heh.

  7. Woh – they needed to pay a little more attention to the womans reflection in the glass on the Easytone site.

  8. musajen–
    hahahaha I just noticed that too! Wow, can’t believe they miss that… 😛