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Weekend Link Love – Edition 69

Hope you filled your pillow case to the brim because the days of meats and veggies are over. Follow Paul Rudnick’s plan and just eat candy [1]. Via The New York Times. (L.A. Lakers’ Lamar Odom does it too [2])

Fitness Spotlight explains how a modern lifestyle leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies [3].

Are you a chicken necker? Conditioning Research helps you improve your chin up [4].

Halloween is over, but Zombies are still on the loose and they want to eat your brains (a Primal food). Pick up a bat and head for the emergency exit, it’s time for the Zombie Attack Preparedness workout [5] from The Clothes Make the Girl.

Are you a person who dreams of falling or a person who dreams of flying?  Cranky Fitness lets you choose with a guide to Lucid Dreaming [6].

Scarier than H1N1 is hypotrichosis, or short eyelash syndrome. Brook Shields has teamed up with Latisse to offer a prescriptive medication for people suffering from this horrible affliction. Little do they know there’s a new competitor on the market: Lashisse [7].

Primal Recipe Corner

Time Capsule: The best posts this week two years ago.

And finally, spider dog [17].