Weekend Link Love – Edition 68

You may notice a few adjustments to the regular Weekend Link Love. I’ve decided to add the Recipe Corner as a permanent fixture (including perhaps the best link in the history of MDA linkage, Grok chefs will know it when they see it). And I’ve added a new “Time Capsule” section which contains posts that were popular on this week one or two years ago. It’s a great way to find hidden gems in the annals of MDA history!

What is The Roman Box, and how will it help you lose weight better than any diet or fitness plan? Head over to Pay Now Live Later to find out.

Early in the week I discussed the importance of muscle balance and symmetry. Someone needs to pass the message along to this German armwrestler.

Free range cows. Free range pigs. Next up: Free range foie gras? Cheeseslave discusses the ethics and mechanics of letting geese stuff themselves without our help.

The Primal/Paleo movement is spreading to the Sunday comics!

Satisfy your zen craving with Hybrid Medical Animation’s demo reel. No pertinent news here, just a couple minutes of beautiful, weird, digital exploration through the human body. Can you name all the bodily functions featured?

Primal Recipe Corner:

Time Capsule: The best posts this week last year…

  • Dear Mark: Glycogen – Glycogen is stored glucose and is the body’s first-line energy stockpile for hard physical effort and other specific body functions. Learn how and where glycogen is stored and how and when it is used.
  • Plyometric Exercises for Everybody – Not everyone can break into a 40 yard dash at the drop of a hat. These lower and upper body exercises are designed to accommodate all ages and sizes.
  • Health Engagement – With such a saturation of available medical knowledge, the public’s need for personal attention and interaction with medical professionals is more important today than ever before. A 2008 study highlights the details.

And finally, don’t let people photoshop your face.

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