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Weekend Link Love – Edition 66

Do prisoners deserve a Primal diet? The Food Renegade covers a developing story about Illinois inmates battling to get more meat and less soy [1] in their prisons.

New York did it, now it’s L.A.’s turn… The Los Angeles Times features the barefoot revolution in three new articles:

And if Vibrams aren’t your think, here’s something to add to your close-to-barefoot footwear arsenal: Soft Star Shoes [5].

Zen Habits gets wise with 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior [6]. I particularly like #3: “Do a 30 Day Challenge.”

In the Primal-substitutes-for-junky-snacks category, Pay Now Live Later makes butternut squash fries [7]. Ore-Ida just got served!

This will make you smile: Swedes figure out a creative way to get people to choose the stairs over the escalator [8] (thanks, Derek!).

I’ll admit I haven’t joined in iPhone mania, but this little food scanning app [9] from 4 Hour Work Week Blog looks groovy.

Flu season? Have no fear. The Onion, an extremely legitimate news source, has some extremely legitimate tips for beating the flu [10].